Where to stay in Jeju

Where to stay in Jeju

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This picturesque Island of South Korea is located in Jeju Province. Jeju Island is infamous for housing countless natural wonders, the breathtaking sights have resulted in it being listed as one of the 7 wonders of nature. Being the largest island of South Korea, Jeju not only attracts large amounts of tourists each year but also continues to build its reputation as a fantastic holiday destination. Jeju Island is considered to be the “Island of the Gods”, adding even more depth to its rich heritage and culture. With captivating views and endless activities, tourists from all over the world are bound to fall in love with its captivating scenic beauty.

This Island is often the first choice for many tourists as it offers everything you are looking for. No matter what your preference: a romantic getaway, or a fun-filled adventure, Jeju appeals to all preferences. You can find everything within this Island- starting right from beautiful waterfalls, theme parks, incredible beaches, museums, volcanic mountains, to magnificent sunsets. The landscape in itself is one of Jeju’s finest attributes, offering scenic views of beautiful coastlines, flower fields, and sandy beaches. In regards to entertainment, Jeju Island also offers some fabulous activities. For those more adventurous, you can enjoy hiking along Mount Hallasan, South Korea’s highest mountain. However, if are the kind of person who loves a calm, composed environment, then spending a relaxed day admiring the magnificent sunrise is definitely an option to consider.

Jeju Island offers endless opportunities for an unforgettable trip here’s where to stay in Jeju.

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Jeju City

Photo by kichan ki / Unsplash

This neighbourhood marks the very entrance to this beautiful Island. Located in the north, this city offers some exciting sightseeing and activities that are worth staying for. You can find in this city some historical locations, great places to shop, and most of all, great food joints. Jeju City is the heart of the Island, and home to a wide range of activities simply cannot be missed. The most beautiful landscapes drive tourists from all around the world into this city. You can enjoy a calm and serene evening sitting peacefully near all the gorgeous beaches surrounding the area. Also, in regards to scenery, do not fear about missing out on the beautiful skylines as here you can never miss the magnificent sunrise in the morning and the lovely sunset during the evening. For those who prefer a more spontaneous, adrenaline rushing trip, the city also offers the opportunity for hiking.

The two most natural landscapes that you can explore in the city are Mount Hallasan and Manjanggul Cave. These landscapes are a must-see when in the area. You can enjoy watching pristine views from the top of Mount Hallasan. Aside from this, you can pay a visit to the marvellous Yongyeon pond, which showcases exquisite landscapes and a mirage of beautiful colours through its turquoise blue colour scheme. If you are visiting this city with your partner, then you should not miss visiting the sculpture park, Loveland. The theme of love is integrated into the activities and the environment of this place. It will undoubtedly contribute to the ambience of a romantic getaway. Alternative options include The Halla Arboretum, which is a theme park that one must wander around. The park also offers rare and extensive varieties of plants for all those who love nature. It must be said that all those who visit should also try out the great Chinese and Korean cuisines in Jeju City.

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Seogwipo City

Seogwipo City
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If you are all about a rustic landscape, then Seogwipo City should be your destination to stay. This neighbourhood is an excellent stay if you are planning a trip for more than three days. This is the second-largest area after Jeju city and is filled with splendid landscapes where you can spend a relaxing trip. This neighbourhood welcomes you with various accommodations at a budget. It is ideal for young travellers who desire to have a fulfilling trip without all the expense. You will find around here some inexpensive restaurants and hotels that can offer the best quality and comfort. Seogwipo city is known for its lush topography that includes beautiful waterfalls, volcanic hollows as well as some huge mountains.

You can roam around this entire neighbourhood and enjoy the magnificent views. The orange farms, along with the beautiful flower gardens, turn the entire surrounding fragrant and vibrant. You can walk along the beautiful streets in the evening and visit a variety of marketplaces. The streets of Seogwipo city showcases various restaurants with new food to try. It offers the most exceptional nightlife one can ever experience elsewhere. This neighbourhood is a must-visit for the attractions that it has to offer to its tourists. You can visit the O’sulloc Museum, that is quite famous around Korea.

There is a beautiful lotus pond within the Museum, which makes it so unique. The tea fields nearby this Museum can be eye-catching in itself. Seogwipo neighbourhood also has a hunting ground called the Daeyoo Land, which offers an excellent adventure for its tourists. The two most enchanting natural landscapes of this neighbourhood are the Jeogbang falls, and Cheonjiyeon falls. You can enjoy taking pictures here and or just soaking up the sights with your very own eyes. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the Seogwipo submarine tour and experience views of aquatic creatures.

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Jungmun Tourist Complex

Jungmun Tourist Complex
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This neighbourhood attracts the most number of tourists, and there are countless reasons as to why. The Jungmun Tourist area provides a great vacation spot that can be ideal for relaxation and for lounging along the sandy beaches. The white sandy beaches provide a calm and serene surrounding perfect for a rejuvenating break. Whether you decide to travel alone or in a large group, Jungmum beach accommodates to all. The opportunity to watch the beautiful sunset and sunrise from the beach and take a nice evening stroll is something all visitors favour.

Jungmun is considered a leisurely destination with many resorts, holiday lounges, and some excellent restaurants. These restaurants offer the best and fresh seafood cuisine. The seafood you get in these restaurants come right from the beaches and therefore are both fresh and of high quality. The Yeomiji Botanical Garden around this neighbourhood is something to look out for. Jungmun offers the most beautiful coastlines, where you can enjoy a luxurious yacht sail with your big group. It is one of the most beautiful moments and experiences that any tourist could have. You can also spot dolphins playing along the coastlines. Some of the most beautiful attractions of the Jungmun Tourist area are Jungmun Saekdal beach, Ripley’s believe it or not Museum, Teddy Bear Museum, Daepo Haean Jusangjeolli cliff, Alive Museum, Museum of African Art, etc.

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This neighbourhood is the coolest neighbourhood to spend a vacation for any tourist. It is undoubtedly one of the most incredible areas in Jeju Island. If you are not looking for a very bustling place and a laid back vibe, then Seongsan is perfect. There are some remarkable features, stunning natural sceneries, and top-class restaurants where you can find the freshest seafood. This place offers quite a lot of activities to experience and a whole lot of spots to visit. The IIchulbong peak is the most magnificent attractions of Seongsan and is also known as the “Sunrise Peak”. You, along with your partner, can share a very romantic memory watching the wonderful view of sunrise and sunset from the peak.

There are some elegant and posh hotels around this area which is ideal for those looking for a more luxurious stay. The local dishes in the restaurants in this neighbourhood are a speciality. When you are finished eating such divine food, you can also enjoy taking a stroll around the Honinji Pond, which is surrounded by some great picturesque views. Visit the Xinyang Beach and enjoy its extraordinary views. The views will most certainly resonate with you long after your trip ends. You can even explore the variety of sea creatures and the various aquatic creatures if you visit the Aqua Planet Jeju. There is also a small temple near this neighbourhood called the Dongamsa Temple, where you can pay a visit. Another attraction of the Seongsan city is Gwangchigi Beach, where you can have a peaceful and enjoyable time soaking up the sun.

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This neighbourhood is also regarded as a favourite. A unique range of natural landscapes is the speciality of this Island. This neighborhood is vast and subsequently might take a longer time for the tourists to explore. It might not be a possible option for visitors to explore this Island by walking. So, there is an option of renting a car and enjoying a good long drive along the vibrant streets and the beautiful sceneries. Many consider the best experience in Udo is the chance to explore the wide variety of beaches.

These beaches range from black sandy beaches, white sandy beaches, as well as some rock formations. Along with that, you can even find picturesque peaks, beautiful flower gardens, and lovely lighthouses. All these surroundings can prove to be very relaxing for most tourists who visit this place. All the amenities and the infrastructure that you see around this place are very inviting and tourist-friendly. Also, make sure not to miss enjoying an exceptional hiking experience at the Jeju Olle Trail.

In regards to cuisine, the black pork recipe is the speciality of Udo Island. You must visit this neighbourhood just to have a taste of it. You can indulge on a picturesque ferry ride to get from one part of Udo to another. For those who love culture, make sure you pay a visit to the Udo museum. It is important to note that there’s also plenty of inexpensive hotels in this neighbourhood where you can spend the duration of your stay, without emptying your pockets.

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Northwest Jeju

Hallim Park, Northwest Jeju
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There are many areas within the northwest Jeju that give all the tourists more extensive options to choose from. Some of these areas include Hallim park, Aewol, Chagwido, Hangyeong, and Biyang-do. There is a beautiful coastline to follow along the northwest Jeju, which can be a once in a lifetime experience for most tourists. This neighbourhood is an excellent stay for all those who are concerned with a limited budget. For students, this area is particularly student-friendly, offering many opportunities.The vibe that surrounds northwest Jeju is quite trendy and nonchalant, making it a perfect destination for laidback and easy-going tourists. The neighbourhood mostly consists of a wide variety of beaches that cover most of the district. Some of the beautiful beaches that you can visit in this neighbourhood include Handam, Gwakji, Hyeopjae, and Geumneung Eutteumwon.

Each beach in this neighbourhood is incredible and offers a different environment. Whether you wish to spend a romantic day with your partner, or a fun, activity-filled day with your family, the beaches here are open to all. All you need to do is spend a wonderful romantic evening with your partner or your family. Relax and sunbathe or indulge in water sports; the choice is entirely yours. For many who visit, most amazing experience that you can have here is watching the beautiful view of both sunrise and the sunset from these beaches. Besides the beaches, you can also explore some splendid sights in this neighbourhood. Some of the places that are must-see include the Hallim Park, the Aewol Hawhaejangseong, and the Jeju Glass Castle.

Hallim Park is one of the most popular destinations of northwestern Jeju that offers some beautiful flower gardens, a bird garden, a garden full of bonsai trees, caves, and so much more. It is the best place to spend your afternoon with your family or friends. Of Course, no stay is complete without good food recommendations. For the more westernised touch, pizza is loved by all here, and it is guaranteed that you will find the best pizza place in this neighbourhood. The most exquisite guesthouses and hotels can be found within this neighbourhood and have the most breathtaking views. So, visit this vast neighbourhood to experience such breathtaking sights!

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