Where to Stay in Ibiza

Where to Stay in Ibiza

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Hippie gatherings, a burgeoning music scene, beach parties are what characterised the now popular holiday destination of Ibiza, a small Spanish island in the Mediterranean sea, in the late 1960s and through most of the 70s. But an ever increasing fervour for attracting travellers from all across the world saw Ibiza adapt for a wider audience. Resorts and tourist villages came up in large numbers, nightclubs and bars on the island became major attractions, and the crowds began flooding the pristine sandy beaches of the island. Ibiza had become a dream destination in practically no time.

And amidst all of that, the historical town did not lose touch with its rich past. The culture and history of Ibiza are just as lively and vibrant as the island's famed nightlife and have attracted their own set of travellers for long now. Museums, churches, and fortified city walls as well as the lush green avenues, promenades and open air marketplaces all add to the unmatched charm of the island. There are just so many layers to the facade here and a single visit cannot do justice the Ibiza. Therefore, it is best to pick up a smaller part of the island and explore it to its full potential. And we are here to help you pick the one that best suits your idea of a perfect getaway. Let's get to it then, here are our picks of the best neighborhoods to stay in Ibiza!

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Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town
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The municipal town known synonymously with the Island, Ibiza town is the capital of the region and is situated in the southeastern part. It is by far the best known neighborhood if all of Ibiza and for good reason. The nightlife district anchored by the best known clubs including Amnesia, Pacha, Space, and Ushuaïa, is what attracts the major crowd from all over the world. Not only that, the newer waterfront cafes and bars and other establishments like local shops and small stores near the Plaza del Parque make Ibiza town just as vibrant and dynamic during the daytime. A day cruise or one around the time of sunset is also a very popular activity for travellers in Ibiza.

On the flip side, Ibiza town is a quaint historical town with unique architecture and several museums and historic sites that will keep you invested all day long. Catch a view of the fortified town of Dalt Vila from the very top to start off your day and then find your way to the smaller museums spread across the neighborhood (the Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art, the Necropolis del Puig des Molins and the Museo Puget are must-visit spots). The lush green spaces and huge public squares lend a village vibe to Ibiza town. And what better way to spend an afternoon than on one of the sandy beaches of S’Estanyol or Playa D’en Bossa after a morning stroll through the streets and promenade of the picturesque neighborhood.

Ibiza town has the highest concentration of hotels and staying options on the island mostly because of its status as the capital and central district. Finding your ideal lodging should not be difficult in Ibiza town.

Best Hotels in Ibiza Town

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San Antonio

San Antonio Ibiza
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Second only to Ibiza town in terms of area and footfall of travellers, the western coast town of San Antonio, much like the capital at Ibiza Town, a lively neighborhood. If Ibiza town had Pacha and Space, San Antonio has El Paradis and Eden Ibiza to boast of. Aside from the nightlife, there are plenty of exciting sporting activities to indulge in around the beach. You can go scuba-diving or jet skiing or even go parasailing to get the adrenaline running. But above all, the beaches in San Antonio offers the best setting for surfing activities of you feel up for taking up the sea adventure.

Also home to the now popular Sunset Strip, San Antonio offers another picturesque walk at the Western end. The walkway is also the venue for the best cafes and restaurants in Ibiza, including the iconic Cafe del Mar. The nearby West End neighborhood makes for the centre of musicians and indie bands on the island. Visit for a quick drink and a live music performance during the evening. From there on out, you can head to the major promenade of San Antonio, the Passeig de ses Fonts. A popular meeting point, the area is covered in tall palm trees and is the venue of the lights and fireworks show as well.

You can find great homestays and villas for rent in San Antonio. For the best experience, find an ideal pick from the many available options over staying in a hotel here.

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Playa d'en Bossa

Playa d'en Bossa Ibiza
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Just a walk down from another lively nightlife district of Sant Jordi is the beach resort of Playa d'en Bossa. For years the resort and the neighborhood has attracted crowds looking for the best beach vacations. Amongst the longest in all of Ibiza's sandy beach strip, it is a vacation paradise with all of the beach activities at your disposal. You might as well be tempted to not step out of the beach resorts all day. The likes of Playa d'en Bossa and Grand Palladium White Island Resort are among the best in the neighborhood.

Also on offer is a unique experience at the Hard Rock Hotel at the beachfront, which features big musical acts on a weekly basis. Sant Jordi is also walking distance from the city centre and not too far from the International airport, making it not only the most happening, but also one of the most easily accessible neighborhood for an international crowd. All these things make Sant Jordi a perfect location for weekend getaways and shorter stays.

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Portinatx Ibiza
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If you're looking for a quieter stay in Ibiza, away from the extravagant resorts and nightlife options, the northern neighborhood of Portinatx is your ideal pick. A small fishing village turned haven for beach lovers, Portinatx is unlike any other part of the island. For starters, getting there is harder than anywhere else on the island. The only public transport to Portinatx is a bus service which runs to and fro twice or thrice daily. But once you're in the neighborhood, you wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

The large part of Portinatx still has its green cover intact, but that is not to say that there aren't enough options for leisure and entertainment. Cafes and restaurants are in plenty and while not as glitzy as the others in Ibiza, they are charming enough to give you a perfect vacation vibe. And the beaches are as quaint as they get anywhere on the Island. Go for a long walk on the Playa de Portinatx beach, or watch the sunset, or marvel at the bountiful forest covers and beautiful landscape of the neighborhood with your family or loved ones to cap off a perfect laid-back weekend in Portinatx.

Portinatx has some of the best beach resorts for a relaxing vacation in Ibiza including the likes of Grupotel Ibiza Beach Resort and Sensimar Ibiza Beach Resort. While you're in Portinatx go on a bike ride in the neighborhood or hiking on the hillock that forms the area's natural boundary.

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Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia Ibiza
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Take Portinatx and add some hip restaurants, little bit of history, and socialite crowd and you'll find yourself in the neighborhood of Santa Eulalia. While it's not as gifted in terms of natural bounty as Portinatx, Santa Eulalia more than makes up with a good blend of a modern day holiday destination and cultural and historical sites adding a different flavour to your vacation. Start your day in the neighborhood with a walk up the hill on the western end for not only the stunning view, but also the historical site of the marvelous white-walled 16th century church Puig de Missa. Follow it up with a tour of the Ethnographic Museum that is located not far away to rummage through the island produce and local artefacts.

The major promenade of Santa Eulalia, the Paseo de S’Alamera, is really the centre of all activities in the neighborhood. Lush and lively, the intersection is home to bohemian flea markets, craft stalls, cafes and eateries and further branches into smaller avenues that offer much of the same. The sheer number of options available in terms of eating and shopping options will keep you interested all day long. Also at the centre of the neighbourhood is the iconic townhall, a hotspot for photography. End your day at the waterfront of Santa Eulalia which, with the bay in front, provides a stunning view.

Eco resorts are a great option in Santa Eulalia for a unique experience, but you can always pick others including the synonymous beach resort in the neighborhood.

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Formentera Ibiza
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The smallest of the four Balearic Islands, Formentera is also the closest to Ibiza. Just south of its bigger counterpart, Formentera (which has come to be fondly known as Ibiza's little sister) is one of the most frequented holiday spots for a lot of European travellers and the bohemian crowd. With vast sandy beaches and hip villages making up a major part of the island, it becomes the best place for sunbathing and lazy beach outings. And if that fits well with your idea of a great vacation, look no further than the likes of the Es Trucadors or the Playa de Migjorn. Other than laid-back outings, you can always go surfing or enjoy a quick game of volleyball to cap your day on the beach.

Formentera has a lot to offer for the explorer within you, with numerous pristine sea inlets and coves that are still relatively untouched and secluded from major crowds. While on the island, you can also go looking for the fortification of the ancient town in the form of the Martello towers or treat yourself to a vast range of the best Mediterranean food at one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood's villages that offer a unique old worldly charm of their own. Getting around is easy as you can rent a car, which is the best mode of travelling as most parts of the island are serviceable through a road network.

Es Pujols is the major resort on Formentera, but you can always dig deeper and look to find a few other good accommodations for a more affordable stay.

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That's our complete list then, traveller! We hope that you find your suitable pick to stay in for your next trip to the great White Islands of the Balearic Sea!

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