Where to stay in Fukuoka

Where to stay in Fukuoka

Eclectic shopping districts, all of which have their own unique appeal, dominate conversations about Japan's coastal city of Fukuoka. And that's for good reason! Be it the neon-lit Canal City, the ultra-modern Tenjin Centre, or the quaint quarters of Daimy, every single one of these enclaves will not only give you an endless number of shopping possibilities, but a complete experience that you will cherish forever. Add to that the Zen temple complexes and beautiful forest trails in the city's suburbs, and you have yourself a very well-rounded vacation prospect.

Getting around the rather compact business centres of the city has been made hassle free with the addition of the subway transit lines. And you can always rent a bike to explore the city's serene suburbs. But with every part of the city offering a complete change of scenery and vibe, choosing the right place to stay during your vacation suddenly becomes a huge decision. And that's where we step in. Here, we have listed some of the best neighbourhoods of Fukuoka and what they might have in store for you, traveller!


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Fukuoka's central Chuo ward is known to house many of the city's best known attractions. The best amongst those has to be the vast shopping and entertainment district of Tenjin, sitting on the western bank of the Naka river. The sprawling malls and shopping streets of the neighborhood will have you gasping for breath; you will never run out of options to choose from as the area not only offers you a chance to shop at some of most renowned international brands, but also at great handicrafts stores and home grown businesses.

The Tenjin Underground Center is a shopper's paradise, with its many underground shopping avenues and top-notch eateries making for an experience that's unlike anything else in the offing in Fukuoka. Not far off of the Underground Center is the Oyafuko-dori street, home to Tenjin's lively nightlife district. The thoroughfare, which attracts the city's younger crowds in large numbers, is lined with more bars, clubs, and gourmet restaurants than you can handle over a single trip. And talking of cuisine, do not miss out on trying the noodle bowls at one of the neighborhood's many yatai or outdoor food stalls.

And underneath all of the glitz, lies a quieter side of the central district that is sometimes overlooked. The Fukuoka Municipal Zoo and Botanical Gardens, the city's eponymous art museum, and the Tenjin Central park are all great spots to cover on your day-out in the area. The Suikyo Tenmangu and the Kego shrines lend just enough of historical significance to the mostly-urban area. The park adjacent to the latter is another fine venue to visit and interact with locals, who sometimes perform live musical acts here.

The major transportation hub, the Tenjin station, lies on the Kūkō Line of the Fukuoka Municipal Subway and connects the area to most other parts of the city. Hotels are in plenty and range from the top luxury names to more affordable options.


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Across the Naka river from Tenjin is Fukuoka's other major business ward of Hakata. All major transportation hubs including the city major train station and the International airport are located in the vicinity, which makes Hakata the best place to stay for people looking for easy access. Also one of the oldest parts of the city, Hakata has a large number of historic sites that will give you an insight into its rich history. Be it the Sumiyoshi and Tochoji Temple, the Hakata Machiya Folk Museum, or some of Japan's oldest and most picturesque Zen temple complexes, the neighborhood's sites will draw you in with their quaint old-worldly charm.

The district has developed a unique culture of its own over the years, and today is best known for its distinctive cuisine and the traditional clay dolls called Hakata Ningyō (something that makes for a great souvenir). Start your tour of the neighborhood with a visit to the Yanagibashi Market, which sells a wide variety of local produce and prepared meals. You can then move onto the more fancier parts of Hakata to get your hands on the city's specialties in the form of Hakata ramen bowls and mizutaki. Hakata is also known for its many breweries and sake bars, most of which are concentrated around the neighborhood's eponymous train station.

The neighborhood is serviceable through the Kūkō and Hakozaki lines of the Fukuoka Municipal Subway. Intercity traffic runs on the San'yō-Shinkansen line of Japan's Shinkansen high-speed rail network. As the major hub of transport and in Fukuoka, the neighborhood has a high concentration of hotels for all budget ranges.

Nakasu and Canal City

Canal City
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While still technically a part of the Hakata ward, the two neighboring sub-districts of Nakasu and Canal City definitely warrant a separate mention. Where one is a famed shopping district, the other has become known for its legendary nightlife scene. So let's start with the latter; Nakasu, which runs parallel to the Naka river is a classic neon-lit booze-heavy entertainment area. Nowhere in Fukuoka will you find as many innovative pubs and traditional izakaya bars crammed up in a street. Bar-hopping is a great way to discover the local scene and mingle with the local crowds, as is a bicycle ride along the river bank. Drop by the stunning Seiryu Park for live music acts and outdoor events.

Onto the famed Canal City then! The city within a city attraction boasts of the largest number of eateries, hotels, shopping stores and entertainment venues all lined up along the beautiful cobblestone streets. Add a meandering canal and an equally stunning broadwalk to the mic and you have yourself a winning combination. Canal City is a splendid place to spend your vacation if you're looking to stay close to the downtown part of the city and are hoping to shop and experience the gourmet pleasure of Fukuoka without having to travel too much. There's nothing that the neighborhood doesn't have; from the best local cuisine to the finest of dining experiences to stunning views of the waterfront, everything's all within a stone's throw from each other and you might as well be tempted into never wanting to leave.

Both areas lie within the central part of the larger Hakata ward and are easily accessible by public transit lines. The best hotels are in the vicinity of the Canal City and are amongst the finest in the city.


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Originally a part of the Nishi ward, the rather extensive Sawara-ku was carved out in the 1980s and made an independent ward. And today, this part of the city has become known for its lush surroundings and mountainous terrain that make for a welcome change in the otherwise packed cityscape. Inland parts of the ward are dominated by mountainous suburbs and offer great hiking prospects. And if you're not up for the challenge of an all-out hike, there's a few great walking trails that you can explore during your visit. You can always rent a bike and go temple hopping as Sawara-ku is also home to some of the city's best Zen temples, all of which have picturesque settings with bamboo forests and vast rice fields in the backdrop.

And the minute you start moving towards the harbour, you will start witnessing a shift in the scenery. The urban area, though not as extensive as in the other wards, still offers a great range of entertainment options. The coast is the venue of the Momochi seaside park and an artificial beach, both of which are very popular amongst locals and families looking for a nice day out. The shopping district at Nishijin, the Fukuoka City Museum, and the Momochi Park are other major draws in the neighborhood. But the best amongst them all is the iconic Fukuoka Tower, standing tall right in the heart of the city. Marvel at the lit facade of the tower during the night or even better so, climb all the way to the observation deck for unparalleled views of the harbour and cityscape.

The Kūkō Line of the Fukuoka Municipal Subway has stops in the neighborhood at Nishijin, Fujisaki, Muromi stations. Finding a hotel should not be a problem in the area, but you might also want to explore the quieter homestays closer to the hiking trails and bamboo forests.


The trendy quarters of Daimyo are the go-to place for shoppers looking forward to a less frenzied experience. Chic boutiques and home-grown fashion businesses dominate the streets of the neighborhood, which has come to be known as the fashion capital of Fukuoka. You will have great time strolling through the streets and going through the collections that the owners of these establishments often personally curate. Do not worry if you're looking for your conventional stores because Daimyo also houses, in its vintage buildings, some top international brands as well.

Daimyo has of late become a hotspot for the Gen Z crowds of the city and is a great place to mingle with them. They can be seen thronging the labyrinth-like network of streets and alleys of the neighborhood. Hipster cafes and casual coffee shops, all with their own picture-perfect terrace sittings, have sprung up to cater to the audience and have emerged as major attractions themselves. You can find the best European cuisine and coffee in practically every other eatery in the area. The odd cherry blossom tree and museum/gallery just add to the offbeat charm of the pastel-coloured district. But that's not to say that you will miss out on the lively nightlife of the city. The bars in Daimyo host several live music events and offer a great selection of beers to choose from. Rest assured, you will never run out of things to do in this part of the town.

The neighborhood is not very far from the central Tenjin district and can be accessed through almost all major stations of the Chip Ward. The Akasaka station on the Kūkō Line of the Fukuoka Municipal Subway is the closest and lies on the northwestern end of the district. You will be able to find a good hotel in the vicinity without having to break a sweat.

That's all from our side, traveller. Choose your ideal neighborhood and get packing, a dynamic holiday destination awaits!