Where to stay in Cologne

Where to stay in Cologne

Located on the banks of Germany’s river Rhine, with changing times, Germany’s Cologne is visited by tourists from all over the world. Being home to tourist spots like the tallest cathedral in Europe and much attractive chocolate museum, Cologne attracts visitors from all over the world. With so much to do and so much to offer, Cologne is known as one of the coolest cities of Germany. With its location being on the West of Germany, its prime position comes with many cultural history and heritage. The city has many historical sites and modern wonders.

The city centre is filled with Romanesque churches, museums, parks, cobblestoned streets, restaurants, pubs and cafes. If you go a bit further away from the city centre, you can visit the theatres, shop at boutiques or explore the city while touring museums. Towards the northern side of the city, you will find the chic neighbourhoods where you can spend your time dining, shopping, with enough options for you to stay. On the western side of the Old Town, you have the Belgian Quarters which is home to quaint boutiques. It is one of the liveliest areas in the city as it is filled with various creative minds, artists and students. Although if you cross the river, you will find yourself amidst the residential neighbourhood of the city, with a calmer ambience than that of the city centre. The neighbourhoods are thus quite family-friendly and are filled with green spots that include parks and entertainment hotspots where concerts and beer gardens pop up during summer.

Filled with gothic masterpieces, the city has a proper blend of historic structures and trend-setting sites, making the city one of the most visited places of Germany. As the Rhine River divides the city in half, the city is officially divided into nine Stadtbezirke or city districts, which are further divided into many individual quarters. With Cologne having lots of options for you to stay, it can be difficult for you to choose. So we are here to help you out.

Old Town

Old Town
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Interestingly, this neighbourhood of Old Town is also called the Old City or Altstadt. Located right in the middle of Innenstadt, Cologne’s main district, this neighbourhood shows off the centuries-old architectural structures, which are maintained well.

If you are looking to stay at the heart of the city at Cologne, its Old Town is the ideal neighbourhood for you. Beautified with 13th-century-old houses, cobbled streets with bars serving beer, Cologne’s Old Town is a treat to any visitor. Along the streets, you will find several small restaurants and quaint cafes where you can have a nice time. The bars here are pretty famous here as they serve local brew of Kölsch beer. There is a lot of history attached to places like Cologne’s old city hall and Cologne cathedral, which happens to be the tallest cathedral in Europe. Showing off the Gothic-styled architectural works, this cathedral draws a fair bit of visitors every day.

With lots of things to do and a lot more landmarks to visit, Old Town is the perfect place for you, especially if you are looking for an entertaining stay at Cologne. If are someone who loves to know the history and facts about a place you visit, you should visit the tourist attractions like Museum Ludwig where you can look at modern art and has one of the largest Picasso collections. You can also visit the fragrance museum, where you will get to know how the world-famous Eau de Cologne was made for the first time. Being right in the heart of such a beautiful city, you might want to get back home with local souvenirs, which won’t be much difficult for you to find as there is the original brand’s shop right next to it.

Make sure you have time in your hands and explore the small quaint streets of the neighbourhood. With Romanesque church and residential-commercial buildings made from fully restored 13th and 14th-century structures, the streets are quite beautiful and will give you a taste of ancient Cologne.

Being the heart of the city, the Old Town has great accommodation options and some of the best hotels in Cologne. With most of them being just a few meters away from historic attractions, your stay here will be perfect if you want to explore the city. Some of the rooms even have a balcony that opens up to ancient cathedrals and churches. With hotel options suitable for every price range, this neighbourhood can be your ideal choice to stay in Cologne, especially if you are in the city for the first time.


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If you are planning on shopping during your vacation to Cologne and hoping to enjoy your time with luxury dining, Agnesviertel is your ideal choice. At Neustadt-Nord’s northern side, this district of Cologne is known for its upscale lifestyle and relaxed and calm ambience.

Agnesviertel has several cafes and bakeries, so quick bites won't be a problem, rather you should try pastry from the neighbourhood’s local bakeries. Agnesviertel does have a lot of green space and public parks, like the Botanical Gardens, where you can spend your afternoon and enjoy the clean air, away from the heart of the city crowd. You can visit the Sculpture Park which has lots of interesting sculpted figures, installations and works of artists that are displayed in the park. With lots of branded retail shops in the neighbourhood, tourists often come here for shopping or just to dine in one of its luxury restaurants.

Although Agnesviertel doesn’t have many historical attractions, yet tourists often prefer to stay here as commuting to and from this part of the city isn’t much of a problem, thanks to the city’s public transport. Being located near to the Old Town also helps, as lots of travellers prefer to stay here because of its ambience as they can travel by bus or walk to the Old Town when they want to go and explore the city.

Saying all that, one must keep in mind; Agnesviertel itself does have few tourist spots like the St. Agnes Church, Fort X and Cologne’s Wine Museum.

Altstadt Süd

Altstadt Süd
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If you are travelling on a budget, Altstadt Süd is the perfect place for you to stay. Located south of the Cologne Old Town, on the western bank of the Rhine river, Altstadt Süd is where you will find several tourist sites.

With several interesting museums calling Altstadt Süd their home, several tourists visit this neighbourhood and prefer to stay here for its affordable lifestyle. Positioned right on the Rhine river, The chocolate museum is one such famous museum. In the chocolate museum, visitors can choose to learn about chocolate making techniques and even see for themselves how cocoa beans are made into chocolate bars.

You can also visit the Rheinhaufen quarter which happens to be the old commercial port. Currently, it has been modernized to be in terms with modern times and developing ages. The Kranhaus buildings are also a major tourist attraction.

This neighbourhood has several churches for you to explore and get in touch with the religious heritage of the city. You can also know a bit about Cologne’s Roman history by exploring the remains of Roman walls and towers present here.

Belgisches Viertel

Belgisches Viertel
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If you want to explore Cologne’s nightlife, Belgisches Viertel is the perfect neighbourhood for you. Also known as The Belgian Quarter, it is named after cities of Belgium and Netherlands, Belgisches Viertel is one of the coolest neighbourhood of Cologne. Often overlooked by the tourists because of its location is outside of the city centre, its party atmosphere is quite stunning and is loved by those who visit the neighbourhood. This trendy district attracts the young souls of the city because of its party options, which includes cafes, bars, clubs and pubs.

If you are looking for unique pieces to own, you should go through the shops around the Belgian Quarter as the shops hold on to items that are a rare find and are not available in many of the high-end shops. While exploring the streets, you get to see the graffiti made by the local artists. Along with all that, this district has several cafés and restaurants which you can visit when hungry. You can also think of trying out the hip food in one of the local restaurants in the locality.

Belgisches Viertel is home to many concerts and beer gardens, especially during the summer season. With lots of trendy clubs present in the area, this neighbourhood is a true party district. Belgisches Viertel is also home to several museums, theatres, along with other amusement activities that can make your holiday interesting. You can also visit tourist spots like Hahnen Gate, Roonstrasse Synagogue, Hiroshima-Nagasaki Park and Brusseler Platz. Brusseler Platz or Brussels Square is a grand piazza that has the stunning neo-Romanesque architectural structure, St. Michael Church, right in the centre. If you are wishing to get the enjoy Cologne’s nightlife, this town square is the perfect spot for you to start as people gather here after sunset.

To complement its energetic and lively ambience, this neighbourhood also acts as a shopping destination for many tourists as well as locals. Likewise, people often gather here to buy a different kind of items that are available in the local shops and boutiques.

As this district is located right on the western front of Cologne's Old Town area, there are plenty of hotels and accommodation options. This also ensures that you will find hotels that suit your budget range.


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If you are visiting Cologne with your family, a neighbourhood like Deutz is the best choice for various reasons. Located right across the Rhine river from Cologne’s Old Town, Deutz was once an independent town until 1888, after which it became a part of Cologne. If you wish to stay away from the rush of the city, Deutz offers a quieter stay compared to other districts. Even though it offers a quieter stay, it does offer a fair bit of entertainment options, especially during the summer season which is when the beer gardens open up. Deutz is a hotspot for Families as they love the laid-back attitude of the district and its serene ambience.

The Rheinpark is a green spot in the neighbourhood and people often gather here to spend the afternoon. You can also visit the iconic Hohenzollern Bridge which lights up at night. It also connects Deutz to Cologne’s Old Town, hence you won’t be far away from the city’s major attractions any time. People often visit the Kennedy Embankment for its stunning view of the Cologne skyline. Deutz is all about modern entertainment and public parks along with Lanxess Arena and the city’s Trade Fair Center which happens to the two of the biggest commercial spots in the city. Various fair, festivals and sporting event such as ice hockey, are often hosted throughout the year.

You can find several pubs, restaurants and cafes near the Kennedy Embankment. Travelling around the district won’t be a problem as there are cable cars which takes you across the Rhine and gets you to the city centre.

Being close to river Rhine, most hotels of Deutz offers great views across the river. If you are looking to stay here, you can find several four-star and five-star hotels at a reasonable price. You can also find other hotels with basic amenities at affordable prices.


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With a trendy atmosphere and hip and energetic lifestyle, Ehrenfeld is considered as the coolest neighbourhood in Cologne. Even with quite a distance between Ehrenfeld and Cologne’s city centre, people gather here to enjoy its nightlife.

If you are someone who loves coffee, you can taste the one of a kind brews created by local baristas, made in the local coffee shops. In this neighbourhood, you will find several streets beautified with street art and graffiti as Ehrenfeld is a hotspot for modern art which attracts lots of international artists. You can explore the streets and marvel at the artwork.

The popular nightlife hotspot of Cologne, Ehrenfeld has several clubs that attract the young crowd of the city. The clubs attract crowds as they play music of various kind, ranging from techno music to party classics. The beer gardens in the neighbourhood also acts as a crowd puller.