Where to Stay in Boston

Where to Stay in Boston

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Located in Massachusetts, Boston is the most exquisite capital city in the country of the United States. Boston is arguably one of the world’s most-liked cities and it ranks twenty-one among all other popular cities existing in the country. Because this city is rich in its history and culture, it witnesses a huge gathering of tourists every year. The city lies on the Bay of Massachusetts. Therefore, it’s coastal location is what makes this city seamlessly elegant and beautiful.

There are innumerable places to look out for in Boston. This city is surrounded by diverse neighborhoods. Boston is recognized as the largest capital city that holds much colonial history within itself. The tourists from all over the world visit this place mostly to relive the historical past of the place. You can find various fine arts museums as well as science museums. These museums are a real treat to the eyes. Boston also offers some remarkable parks and is home to the Red Sox Team of Boston.

Boston is filled with some stunning and artistic neighborhoods that paint a very pretty picture for the people who stays there. Some of the attractions of the city like the Freedom Trail, Boston Public Library, Castle Island, and the Waterfront are quite easy on the eye. We would further explore various other attractions of Boston while giving detailed information on the neighborhoods. This could help expand your horizon about Boston. Now, without any further ado, let us straight go into discovering Boston’s mesmerizing neighborhoods. Here's where to stay in Boston:

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Downtown Area

Downtown Area Boston
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Also known as the Theatre District, this neighborhood is the first perfect choice to settle in when on a vacation. Located right in the central part of Boston, the Downtown area is considered to this city’s heart. Once you are here, you will have the feeling of being in proper Europe. There are quite a lot of landmarks in this city that are quite exceptional. All of those remarkable landmarks in this area can be perfect to watch if you are new to the city. It can be confirmed that you won’t be able to move your eyes away. Strolling around the neighborhood can be one of your most memorable moments. The most significant landmarks of the Downtown area are the Boston Public Garden, Greenway, Boston Common, Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, and other notable buildings. You can even connect to other neighborhoods from this area via the subway.

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Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Boston
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There are very few adjectives to describe the beauty of this neighborhood. When tourists visit this place, they are simply in awe of the beauty of the Beacon Hill neighborhood. This neighborhood is surrounded by brilliant architecture that is out of this world. You can find some beautiful homes made of bricks in ancient Greek and Federal styles. Wherever you look around you can see nothing but green. With so much greenery around, you can have a pleasant walk through the blocks and streets that are filled with incredible trees. There are many leafy parks around this neighborhood that make it a suitable stay not only for children but also for young couples.

Louisburg Square is the most popular and the most prestigious place for visitors to live in. The townhouses here are magnificent structures with streets that will feel almost like paintings. This narrow lane is adorned with many cobblestones. Another attraction of this neighborhood is the museum called Nicholas House Museum. This museum showcases incredible arts and furnishings from the 16th as well as 19th centuries. Apart from this, you can also find Charles Street on the west where there are a number of boutiques. The northern side of the neighborhood offers you a lot of historical sites. So, get ready to be refreshed with a lot of arts, sculptures, and artifacts.

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Back Bay

Back Bay Boston
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Known for its quiet and peaceful surroundings, Back Bay is chosen by a lot of tourists who spend their vacations in Boston. The serene, picturesque view of this neighborhood will demand your absolute presence.  it is mostly men for high-class people because of expensive residences of the area.  what makes this neighborhood develop into a beautiful picture risk is its brownstones that are Victorian.  in addition to that, this neighborhood is also filled with so much history that pending just one night would not feel like in for any office visitors.  Moreover,  the food in this place attracts all the tourists at its best.  there that.  all these restaurants represent even more quizzes then you can ever imagine.  as a visit,  you will never get bored with their food ever.

The local residents of this place mostly wander near the area of the Charles River and Commonwealth Avenue.  You can surely pay a visit to the Boston public library and spend the day with a silent rid of your favorite book.  Apart from this,  The Other highlights of this place are the Skywalk Observatory, Copley Square, Gibson House Museum, and the Old South Church.

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North End

North End Boston
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Rich in Italian culture, this neighborhood will make all the Italians feel like home. Because of such a rich culture, this place is also called “Little Italy”. Starting from Italian food to Italian structure, this place will not disappoint you with what it has to offer you. Not everyone would have the opportunity to visit Italy but would love to visit at least once in their lifetime. Well, this neighborhood can fulfill most part of that wish of yours. The moment you enter this neighborhood, you can be able to smell Italian food cooked and baked, fresh from the streets. You will get the smell of garlic, basil, and the Italian special pastries.

North End happens to be the oldest neighborhood of Boston that has narrow roads with buildings that have brick-like structures. The most outstanding streets that are a part of this neighborhood are Hanover and Salem. You can get around here all sorts of stores where you can find Italian eateries and other goods. North End is known for organizing many summer events that include parades, folk singing, and dancing, and other processions. You can also enjoy the sights of the Quincy Market and the Paul Revere House. Your stay around this neighborhood will be a very happening moment.

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South End

South End Boston
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Now that we have spoken so highly about the North End neighborhood, it is obvious to also mention the South End neighborhood. Where on one hand North End is known for its Italian view, South End offers everything Victorian. Starting from its decorative Victorian style houses to well-crafted art galleries, this neighborhood has got it all. It is quite a famous place to reside in and enjoy the food at some deluxe restaurants. Visitors all around the world visit this neighborhood for its extensive number of parks and art galleries.

The notable highlights that adorn this neighborhood are the Harriet Tubman Square, Union Park Street Ground, Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Blackstone Square, Childe Hassam Park, and Franklin Square. South End is surrounded by some wonderful hotel where you can reside during your stay in Boston. Both Back Bay and Downtown are just a few minutes away from this neighborhood and you can easily walk to those streets from here. Tourists can visit the lined up theatres and boutiques as a source of their entertainment.  The architecture of the tall townhouses are seamless and are an amalgamation of history and culture.

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Allston Boston
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Allston/Brighton is known for being a student-friendly neighborhood and is often referred to as “Little Cambridge”. Stating the obvious, this neighborhood has some of the best educational institutions where many students aspire to study. Two such finest institutions are Boston University and Boston College. It is mostly the graduated youth that will find gathering around this place. With so many college and University students around, this neighborhood resonates with a deep sense of ethnicity and culture.

The main street around this locality is Harvard Avenue, where you can come by plenty of coffee houses, restaurants, and even various shops catering to the needs of this young crowd. If you are a student yourself, then this is a great neighborhood for you to choose from. You can get to meet so many young academicians and gather a lot of knowledge on them.   There are a few attractions that you can visit in Allston-Brighton as well. Some of them are Oak Square, Ringer Playground, Cleveland Circle, Union Square, and McMullen Museum of Art.

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Fenway Park

Fenway Park Boston
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You certainly cannot miss staying in this neighborhood if you are a dedicated sports lover. We have all heard about the Baseball World Champions- The  Boston Red Sox Team. The excitement of their three wins resides in the hearts of every baseball lovers even today. Fenway park includes Kenmore Square and together they are filled with some amazing sight-seeings that are impossible to ignore. The neighborhood continues of some fine academic institutions, museums of both historical and cultural significance, and many sports bars, where the sports enthusiasts can spend the entire day or evening.

In case you are a huge Red Sox lover, you can set your attention to the players when they come to play in the neighborhood.  Make sure to not miss watching them play. You can find a few bars and some incredible restaurants around this area that serve the best food and alcohol. A very important street of this neighborhood happens to be Lansdowne Street, where the youth can party all night long. Some of the highlights of Fenway Park are Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Back Bay Fens, enjoy music at the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston University, and Centennial Common.

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Seaport District

Seaport District Boston
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The Seaport District lies in the district of South Boston. This neighborhood can extend up to the beautiful waterfront of Boston. Throughout this waterfront, you can find some impressive and elite restaurants that are a must-visit if you are staying in this area. There are also some luxurious and expensive hotels in this neighborhood that can provide you with the utmost comfort. Besides that, you can even party along with your family and friends in the massive bars around here. This neighborhood is considered to be quite extraordinary because of the diversified culture, history, and ethnicity that a visitor can find here the moment they enter the district.

You can also find people from different professions and backgrounds staying together in harmony. The Boston Convention Center in the Seaport District is a must-watch warehouse that is quite a few centuries old. The community in the Seaport District believes in a spirit of harmony and togetherness. Visitors who are looking for this and to spend a few luxurious days in Boston should definitely come by this neighborhood. Some of the most loved landmarks of Seaport District are Harpoon Brewery and Beer Halls, Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Fan Pier Park, and The Lawn on D. You can also visit the Boston Children’s Museum with your family and let your kids learn about the place too.

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Brookline Boston
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This town in Massachusetts is all about its culture and arts. So, the visitors who are quite artistic and loves fine arts and paintings can find this place to be a perfect stay.  Brookline is said to be the birthplace of one of the presidents of the United States- John F. Kennedy. Thus, this place has become a historical national site where the visitors still come to see today. Brookline includes many notable places and some incredible sights to watch.  Some of these landmarks here are the Brookline hills, Buttonwood Village, Chestnut Hill, Beaconsfield, and many others.

There is not one single corner of this neighborhood that will disappoint you or your stay. This neighborhood is also recommended to all the visitors who would come with their kids. This is because this place offers a number of parks, restaurants, and playgrounds for you and your family to enjoy. What you can also find in Brookline are some very significant historical structures such as John Goddard House, St. Aidan’s Church, Larz Anderson Park, The Dutch House, and more.

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