Where to Stay in Austin

Where to Stay in Austin

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Enriched with a panoramic view of the skyline, Austin, Texas is full of skyscraping buildings and towers that not only gives the city a sense of being highly developed and economically stable but also beauty and subtlety that not many people acknowledge. Being the capital, Texas, it is also the seat and the largest city of Travis County. The people in the city comprise of a diversified mix of employees, students, musicians, artists, workers in the technical departments, and blue-collar workers.

Many people often attach the term ‘weird and a-city-not-worth-the-time-to-go-to’ to Austin, and every time they do, the city surpasses all the expectations people have and exhibit its beauty and cityscape with a unique and sober poise. The city now envelopes expanses of picturesque places and spots for recreation that can fit into any type of vacation a person wants to plan.

This article will apprise you of everything that you can enjoy while staying in Austin, Texas, that will include all kinds of things pertinent for everyone staying here. It will include parks and even neighborhoods filled with authentic cafes, restaurants and bars, etcetera.

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Rainey Street

Rainey Street
Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The street accommodates houses-turned-bars vivified with colors and decors, with most of them having attached backyards and patios. It is one of the two party areas best suited for people visiting or staying in the city for a bachelors’ weekend or holiday parties. The whole street brims up with food trucks, enjoyable music through bars at night. On weekends the bars, as well as the surrounding hotels, carry on with the party vibrancy.

The restaurants here serve multi-cuisine. From Mexican to French, they have it all. Don’t forget to visit Emmer & Rye, the famous restaurant headed by Chef Kevin Fink. The restaurant is famous for the grain-based dishes that also make it stand apart from normal restaurants that we see daily.

If you want to grab some snacks and treats, Royal Blue Grocery is the store for you. It also stores bottles of wine and fresh flowers too.

And for our beer lovers out there, Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden is the place you would want to hang out in. this subtle and lively place offers one of the best antelope and venison dishes in Texas.

For people with a sweet tooth, Little Lucy’s Mini Donuts is the place you would want to visit. It serves hot and fresh mini donuts with any type of flavored sugar sprinkled over them.

What’s a party without music! Container Bar contains the party (obviously with live music) you won’t ever forget and the Half Step cocktail bar has the drinks you won’t ever forget. Don’t miss the Craft Pride, the bar that serves more than 50 beer on draft, and pizzas that can diminish even Detroit’s are available at the famous Via 313 food trailer.

Austin’s diversified and rich culture is strewn across the whole city rather than just lying idle in the museums. Despite that museums, are the choice of people that may serve as places of knowledge as well as for recreation. Emma S. Barrientos Mexican-American Cultural Center organizes special events having galleries exhibit the culture and art form of Mexican-Americans and other Latin cultures.

Don’t miss the Tejano Walking Trail that begins from the MACC, following the gallery, provides guides to tourists through the city’s Hispanic East Cesar Chavez and Holly Neighborhoods.

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Downtown Austin

Downtown, Austin
f11photo / Shutterstock.com

Founded on a six hundred acre land, but consisting of only fourteen blocks, Downtown Austin comprises of eight districts near the stretch of Colorado River. It is the central business district of Texas but never fails to startle people with the magnificence it encompasses.

Lightstruck with one of the best nightlife in Texas the culture of Austin is concentrated here. It may be the food culture or the activities available, nevertheless, it can never cease to amaze you. And it may be a little next to impossible to do everything here in a week. So, our advice- stay for a month and enjoy it.

You can take a tour of the city on foot and also by boat. The Austin Duck Adventure is not only fit for adults but also for the kids as everyone loves water (unless you are allergic to water bodies). You will start from East 4th street near the Austin Visitors’ Center, getting to know the whole city in an hour. The scenery and birds flying and chirping in the sky in flocks is indeed a beautiful scene.

At Congress Avenue Bridge the sky is lighted with bats, large in numbers. Even if you’re not a Batman fan, you are going to love the scenery, the bats create. This scenery can be seen between April and October against the Texan sunset. The scene contains so much that Alfred Hitchcock could have made a movie with this scene in it.

Famous for its circus-themed cocktails, the Upstairs Circus is a bar on the west 2nd Street, where you can create the drink of your choice. The menu here is so diverse and unique that it will take a lot of time just to choose what you want.

Dedicated to the history of firefighters and even the Services’ inauguration to the present day, Austin Fire Museum is located on the East 5th Street and is home to displays of uniforms from the 19th century and other photographic exhibits and memorabilia. This museum is one of the most visited places in Austin and opens on weekend afternoons only.

If you want a road ride to travel to places in Downtown Austin, the Double Decker Austin Bus Service allows you to explore the part of the city to its fullest. With Six stops in total, you can register the subtleties of the part of the city that can be missed when we travel by boat or with a private vehicle.

The bus also has a guide that introduces you to the environ of the city in one and a half hours only. You can even have lunch getting off the bus and board the next one and continue your journey where you left it.

Other attractions that make this part of the city, ‘Downtown Austin’ are the kayaks at Congress Avenue, Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ, Bullock Texas State History Museum, Frank C Erwin Center, and Austin Panic Rooms if you want to taste the thrill.

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East Austin

East Austin
Roschetzky Photography / shutterstock.com

Having evolved into a prime destination for people who want to enjoy food, lounges, live music, and art, East Austin has one of the best restaurants, bars, museums, and venues for live music.

Having a taco, as your first is ‘the’ way to start an East-Austin-day. The restaurants in East Austin give you the ultimate taste you desire while staying in Austin. Juan in a Million is the place you have to visit. If you want some old fashioned breakfast, you can have coffee and brag bagels from the well-known, Wright Bros. Brew & Brew.

If not the usual and tacos, perhaps you would want to taste the grill at Franklin Barbecue. And if you are not familiar with the food culture in Austin, you might want to try Austin Eats Food Tours which is a company that ensures authentic food guides around the city to everyone. You can also have a romantic date night at Launderette. Colleen’s Kitchen offers the best buttermilk fried chicken.

This one’s to our party-folks, folks. To enjoy the authentic Austin vibes, a walk to East 6th Street is all you want. Most of the bars and live music venues are concentrated here. Scoot Inn and The White Horse are the places you will love to spend some time at. Sahara and Skylark Lounge, are both famous for the drinks and the environment it offers.

Both have backyard patios where you can relax and savor the Austin Vibe, they exonerate. Visit the Patrizi’s and Butterfly Bar at the Vortex for the drink of your choice and premium Italian specials made from scratch.

East Austin brims with culture and to give the culture a more refined look and give people the history at one place, multiple museums fill the city with knowledge and the history on which the new generations stand and wonder at it. Six Square Black Cultural District offers a walking tour through the culture of Austin. It even offers a science-based museum, Thinkery for both adults and kids who love science.

George Washington Carver Museum, Cultural & Genealogy Center displays a gallery full of exhibits on African-American history and culture. And for our tall and broad sport-freaks, Austin is home to Austin Bouldering Project which is bigger than gyms any place can offer. It is a 50,000 square feet facility with a rock-climbing station and yoga classes also. Tejano Walking Trail offers a self-guided tour of more than 20 Hispanic sites.

Laced with Romance is a vintage store for the people who are stuck in the era of our fathers and mothers (in a good way).

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South Congress

South Congress streets
Roschetzky Photography / Shutterstock.com

South Congress or as people call it- SoCo exhibits the peculiar culture and offers a plethora of fun and engaging activities.

Shout out to the readers of the world! It is home to the favorable South Congress Books, which opened in 2011. This library offers books for the reading of ancient and modern philosophies, classical and modern literature, and other conspiracy theories. It is also home to rare and unique posters and artwork.

For our hardcore nerds Monkey See, Monkey Do is the place to go. It is a gift shop that displays items with a rather quirky twist that sometimes is limited to the adults. It is home to the famous and vintage action figures that people would never get their hands on anywhere else.

The streets are full of performers including musicians, dancers, living statues, and beat poets. The crowd on the streets are either encouragers or the performers, showing their skill in the most graceful way possible.

It is home to the well-renowned Yard Dog art Gallery that specializes in artwork from the southern part of the United States. The displays include works from great North American artists now. the collection includes the works of Reg Mombassa, Jon Langford, Camp Bosworth, and many other renowned artists.

The gallery often allows new artists to add to their collections through mailed-in submissions of works they worked on. You can explore the gallery and can even buy the painting and other works if you want. This part of the city is full of food vendors that serve savory candies and benign ice-cream. Amy’s Ice Creams is rated as the best vendor with Big Top Candy Shop.

For the people on the quest of weirdness, the Museum of the Weird displays exhibits of monsters and aliens from famous science fiction movies. People are most welcomed to enjoy the exhibits of the wax sculptures of characters of famous horror movies. At $8 you can marvel at the beauty of this museum (note: you can also take some weirdness home if you want to, from the gift shop.).

This is the wholesome package for our brilliantly nerdy nerds as they can shop for comics and action figures and collect other nerd-stuff. Shout out to the nerds of the world!

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And here it is folks. Now, you know where to stay, where to eat, where to hang out, and where to shop in Austin, Texas. This article has covered everything you will need to see. Have a smashing trip!

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