Where to stay in Auckland

Where to stay in Auckland

Known as the gateway to New Zealand, Auckland is rich in culture and Maori-an heritage. New Zealand’s largest city is divided into four suburbs- Auckland, Manukau, Waitakere, and North Shore. Being a city full of character, the individual suburbs too have a personality of their own. The fact that people from different parts of the world have settled here, adds a bit to the Auckland’s culture and taste as well.

Although every part of Auckland is diverse and different, you don’t have to be afraid of missing out on any Auckland’s special thanks to its public transport. Needless to which district you choose to stay, you can opt to travel to other parts of the city by hopping on to Auckland’s trains or bus. With that being said, if you have already made up your mind of spending your vacation at Auckland, one of the finest cities of New Zealand, let us help you decide where in the cosmopolitan city you would like to stay and which district is best for you.

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Auckland CBD

Auckland CBD
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Once you step inside the Central Business District of Auckland, you will realize why is it considered the financial centre. Also known as Auckland’s CBD, the skyscrapers and high-rises filled neighborhood is also considered the cultural capital of the city. With an amazing view of the city skyline, Auckland’s CBD has several cultural sights and cultural landmarks all over the district. There is a lot of history to this place and being an old city, the city has a lot of historical places as well, like the Auckland Art Gallery, that is standing strong since 1888 and is home to several artworks dating to 11th century.

If you want to enjoy the view of the city from the district, you can visit the Sky Tower. It is also famous for recreational activities like bungee jumping. You can also visit the Britomart as it faces the port and offers wonderful views. It is one of the trendiest parts of the district as along with sightseeing options like heritage buildings, historical structures, there are several boutique shops selling unique items. You must also visit the Civic Theatre, Viaduct and Albert Park
which all happen to be in this area.

If you are visiting Auckland for the first time, this district is the perfect place for you to stay. Enriched with style, culture, landmarks, sightseeing options, hotel accommodations and eating options, this district has it all. At Queen Street, which happens to be Queen Street, you can find several cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, supermarkets along with your essential stops where you can find your necessary medical and grocery items. Additionally, this district has a station that connects to Auckland’s rail network, which helps you to travel to any other districts easily. The public transport system is also great here, making it one of the most accessible districts of the city, as there are several buses and train that ply from here. Also, this district has sightseeing spots at frequent intervals, making it quite a lovely experience if you choose to walk and explore the city.

If you get hungry strolling around the neighborhood, you can have a quick bite from the eateries present here. As it is a business district of New Zealand, people from several parts of the city, as well as the globe, reside here, making the district multicultural. This ensures that you will find different food options that suit your mood and taste buds. If you are a foodie, do visit Albert Street’s Food Alley food court. Here you can find the city’s best pad thai from one of the shops on the ground floor. If you are looking for entertainment, you can visit the Basement Theatre and watch a play. You have several accommodation options here, which helps the travelers have a lot of choices to choose from. From budget hotels, hostels to luxury stays, you can find all kind of lodgings in this district. This is one of the key reasons why most tourists prefer Auckland’s CBD during their vacation in Auckland.

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Viaduct Harbour

Viaduct Harbour
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Right at the centre of the city and next to Britomart, the district of Viaduct Harbour exhibits urban vibrancy that attracts locals as well as foreigners. It is one of those districts that you visit if you want a taste of Aukland’s best restaurants, interact with the rich and trendy people of Auckland’s society, and have fun at posh yachts or share a drink or two at rooftops bars. Mostly loved by the locals as a sightseeing spot or leisurely activities of the rich people, Viaduct Harbour is where you relax and have a nice time. You can visit the New Zealand Maritime Museum. If you are not really interested in learning the country’s seafaring history, you can just rent a cycle and roll down the neighborhood and enjoy the ambience.

Although there are options for backpackers to stay, it is not really an ideal place for budget travellers as accommodations mostly range from mid-range hotels to luxury stays. Being a rich neighbourhood, here you can find several bars, restaurants, clubs along with several corporate office buildings. It is one of the best options for you if you want to spend a bit of money in the vacation and have an enjoyable nightlife. Being within ten minutes of walking distance of Auckland CBD also is a huge advantage to Viaduct Harbour.

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From Viaduct Harbour, if you travel west you will enter a neighbourhood that is trendy and hip with an energetic ambience. About 20-minute walk from Auckland’s CBD, Ponsonby also has the tag of being a ‘posh suburb’ because of the lavish restaurants and sophisticated Edwardian houses that call Ponsonby their home.

Along the Ponsonby road, you will come across several restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars. If you are someone who wants to shop, you can find your thing of choice at the shops and boutiques that are present here. This neighbourhood experiences a huge footfall during the weekends because of the pubs and bars as locals and tourists come here to drink and dine here. Not everything in this neighbourhood is high-society lifestyle-related as you can simply take a walk around the neighbourhood and marvel at the interesting artworks, sculptures and flower gardens.

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East of Auckland’s Central Business District, Parnell is a laid back district in Auckland. This large district ios home to several historical Victorian houses and buildings and like every neighbourhood that has stood the passage of time, it has a charm of its own.

Right in the middle of the Parnell district, there are several cute cafes and bookstores that are set up inside of these restored Victorian structures and villas. If you explore and take a stroll down the Parnell Road, you will come across several art galleries, fancy boutiques, cafes and restaurants. You can find several shopping options here as well as there are several boutiques selling handmade goods, artwork and crafts. Unlike any other district in Auckland, Parnell exhibits a laid back attitude and is perfect for someone who wants to stay away from the city rush. If you want a relaxing time, you can visit the Auckland Domain which is a lovely place if you want to take a walk. Travelling to and from here will not be a problem for you if you choose to stay here as you can’t easily hop on a train from the Parnell train station and visit any other district of your choice for sightseeing.

Being a laid back neighbourhood, the accommodation options available here are quite affordable. There are several quaint guesthouses and lodgings that are in the mid ranges and few of them are quite budget-friendly as well.

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Originally designed as the city’s shopping centre, located south of Auckland’s city centre, this lively district is full of energy and a shopaholic’s heaven. So, as the name suggests, you will find several shopping centres and local shops, along with branded retail shops, local shops, designer shops and boutiques. Along with all that, you find the city’s few of the best restaurants, bars and cafes here, giving you a complete entertainment in the city.

Right next to Rialto cinema, you can find vendors selling authentic Chinese dishes, making this part of the city an unofficial ChinaTown. You can visit the place for Chinese street food or have an extravagant meal at one of the Chinese restaurants. Needless to say, foodies love this part of the city. The city’s transport system makes staying here a bit more convenient as this district has its own train station, ensuring that you can easily travel to the heart of the city, or any part of the city as a matter of fact, while you enjoy the affordable stay that NewMarket offers. New Market is home to several hostels, motels and B&Bs, making it perfect for those who are on a budget and looking for a place to stay in Auckland. This actually makes the best place to stay if the rush of Auckland CBD isn’t preferred by you.

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Mt Eden

Mt Eden
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Known for its architectural structures, historical buildings and artefacts, this part of Auckland takes you back in history and is loved by tourists. Other than Auckland’s historical aspect, this neighbourhood is famous for Mt. Eden. Tourists spend a relaxing time here as they enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the city from the peak.

To cater to the tourists there are several cafes, restaurants, and bars here. It is a peaceful neighbourhood. So if you are looking for a quiet time at night, enjoy the scenic view of the city lights as you enjoy your time with friends. This part of the city doesn’t really have a nightlife, and it adds on to the serene ambience. There is nothing much for luxury seekers, or someone who is hoping for a luxury stay. You can find B&Bs, hostels and hotels at an affordable range, making it a perfect.

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Grey Lynn Neighborhood

Your vacation need not be an expensive one that burns a hole in your pocket. If you are in Auckland on a budget and looking for a place to stay, Grey Lynn Neighborhood is your best option. This suburb district of Auckland is quite creative and has a hip culture. What it lacks in sightseeing destinations, historical landmarks and all that, it makes up with restaurants, diners, cafes, attracting residents as well as tourists.

Having said that, it is important to mention that this district doesn’t lack sightseeing options entirely. If you want to spend a relaxed afternoon, you can visit the Arch Hill Scenic Reserve and enjoy the beautiful views of the city from there. You can also visit the green spot at Grey Lynn Park, People often gather here, especially during November when the annual festival is organized here and several bands perform and workshops, boutiques and vendors set up stalls here. If you want to get a taste of the local flavor, you can visit the cafes as well. Along with the pricing, the best feature of this neighborhood is how close it is to the heart of the city. Meaning, that if you choose to stay here, you can easily commute to the important landmarks of the city, roam around and explore and also enjoy the perks of staying at a reasonably priced neighborhood. This becomes possible as the district has a proper well maintained public transport system.

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Mission Bay

Mission Bay
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Considered as the high-class neighbourhood of Auckland, this expensive locality is located in the central East Auckland. Tourists and locals love this long beach because of its soft sands, where people come to picnic in the open park. Families too love this spot as kids can play around in the neighborhood. Several events are often organized here, creating a lively ambience. It is not only during these events, but people also gather during the weekends to play beach rugby or have fun and get involved in beach activities.

If you want to have beach time during your vacation, this is the best neighborhood for you to stay. You can look for accommodation options at B&Bs or you can look for rooms at the luxury hotels alongside the beach. Also, if you want to explore NewZealand’s beaches, you can step out of the city as you will come across Kohi Beach and Helier’s Bay, which are lovely places to hang out and a bit quieter than Mission Bay.

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