Where to Stay in Alicante

Where to Stay in Alicante

Located on the southeastern coast of Spain, the city of Alicante is all about white sandy beaches, water activities, Spanish history and fun. With a beauty that is one of a kind, the Spanish city and the Alicante province’s capital attracts tourists from all over the world throughout the year.

Being an old city that has stood the test of time, Alicante has modernized itself quite a lot. While on one hand, some neighborhoods are all about those old historical structures, historical sites, monuments and museum; on the other, some neighborhoods are all about beautiful resorts, lavish lifestyle and an active and fun nightlife. Being a city that has held on to its old charm and culture alongside the modernization, it can be stressful to decide where you should stay in the city once you visit here during your vacation.

Keeping all your preferences in mind, your budget limitations and your accommodation choices, we have listed out the neighborhoods to help you decide where you would like to stay on your visit to Alicante.

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Old Town

Alicante Old Town
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If you are visiting Alicante for the first time, you would like to get the most of this wonderful city in your visit. Well, for that the neighborhood of Old Town is perfect for you. Once you step on this neighborhood, the first thing that you would like to do is taking a catamaran tour from the port near the Old Town to Tabarca Island.

With most of the historical sites being in this part of the neighborhood, this district lets you experience the authentic Spanish culture and traditions that are a huge part of the city. With the Santa Barbara Castle, being located right in the centre, this district is mostly built around it.

The city is more than just historical sites and buildings as right next to the neighborhood you have the city’s waterfront and white beaches. With an experience of the Mediterranean and the white beach, your vacation will become all the more exciting. Tourists often make sure that they take a trip to Tabarca Island to get a complete experience. The waterfront also gives a stunning view of the city which mesmerizes tourists as well as locals.

The neighborhood is all about fun, enjoying your time here with beers and great food. Here in this area, you will find several dining spots and joints where cheap food and drinking options are available. If you are visiting in October, make sure you befriend the locals and interact with them at the Moros y Cristianos celebrations. It’s a grand affair with people dressing up for the parades and participating in them.

You can explore the art culture of Spain by visiting the Asegurada Museum of Modern Art, where several artworks are displayed. There are several other museums which you can visit, like the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, where you can spend a lovely time and also brush up your history. It would be a crime to not visit the Santa Barbara Castle, once you are out to explore. Since we are talking about exploring the city, make sure you look for the hidden cafes and restaurants laid out in the city.

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Elche Alicante
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If you are on a budget and you are visiting Alicante, this neighborhood is perfect for you. This vibrant neighborhood is massively underrated and is often overlooked by tourists even though it has several major attractions and is quite close to the city centre. With cheap accommodation options, affordable dining and drinking options this neighborhood is loved by the backpackers and the tourists on a budget. Even though being in such a low price range, Elche provides an authentic experience of Spanish culture and tradition.

Being the neighborhood where historical sites like UNESCO World Heritage Site, Palmeral of Elche and the Elche Mystery Play call their home, Elche is an important neighborhood in the city’s cultural history. The Elche Mystery Play during the festival season happens to be almost half a century old tradition that attracts locals and tourists alike.

If you are interested in learning the local history, Museo Arqueológico y de Historia de Elche would be a nice place for you to visit. The facilities, food, drinks and accommodations are amazing in this locality and also are comparatively cheaper compared to other districts in the city. Even the beaches around this district are special as they are less crowded but offers an excellent experience.

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Postiguet Beach

Postiguet Beach Alicante
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With an active nightlife, Postiguet Beach is a popular destination in the city that is loved by the tourists and locals. Being a coastal resort predominantly, Spanish visitors flood this neighborhood and has been their favourite place to enjoy for decades. Its location close to the international airport and the train terminal acts as a boon to the neighborhood’s popularity as they are a huge plus in this district’s accessibility.

While going through the golden age of tourism, Alicante got most of the hotels in the neighborhood designed. Needless to say, the hotels and accommodation options in this area are luxurious, visually appealing and family-friendly as well. Even with modernization making its subtle presence felt, this neighborhood has made it a point to keep its authenticity intact and preserved. With such modern aspects making its presence felt, and the neighborhood being all about luxury, the district’s accommodation options aren’t exactly cheap or budget-friendly but mostly starting from the medium ranges.

In spite of that, the beach, the hotels, the nightlife and the shopping scene attracts tourists as well as locals to this neighborhood where they are promised to experience a nice time. Along with great luxurious facilities, the hotels here offer a great view of the Mediterranean and are mostly located close to the beach.

Along with its great accessibility and location, which helps in travelling around the city, its most interesting feature is its close proximity to the Santa Barbara Castle, which happens to be just an elevator ride away from a tunnel.

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El Campello

El Campello Alicante
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If you are visiting the city with your family, El Campello would be one of the safest places for you. Being quite close to the city centre, its location is a huge advantage for those who choose to stay here. Being just a quick tram ride away, families staying in El Campello gets to explore most of the city easily because of the easy commute while enjoying the benefits of staying in an area like El Campello.

Although it is quite close to the city centre, El Campello is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood with a lot of open space. You can visit the Muchavista beach if you want to enjoy your time on the waterfront. With cafes, bars and restaurants lined up along the street, the neighborhood has a family-friendly ambience that attracts families.

The district is also known for the cultural and historical importance in the city map. If you are someone who likes to explore a new city, there are lots of places for you to visit in this neighborhood. You can start with La Illeta dels Banyets. The ruins of this place are more than a century old and have a lot of historical importance. If you are a history buff and want to know more about the Spanish history, Torre Vigía De La Illeta should be next on your list as here you can learn about the historical stories of Costa Blanca. If you want more historical sites and want to know more about Spanish history, you simply catch a tram to the Old Town and set out to explore. Tourists often get back to nature at Guadalest where they enjoy marvellous views of the mountains and the huge fortress nearby. Other than sightseeing, you can also get yourself involved in fun activities in the Muchavista Beach. You can try water sports like windsurfing and snorkelling here at the beach. Because of the El Campello Marina fish market, several restaurants serve excellent culinary dishes. Along with the restaurants and cafes, the bars and pubs are extraordinary, making the nightlife of the locals and the tourists exciting.

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Santa Pola

Santa Pola Alicante
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Quite different from the rest of the beaches in the city that is filled with tourists and crowd, Santa Pola is a lovely beach with a peaceful serene ambience. If you are looking for a romantic time with your partner, this place is perfect for you. Couples often come here and enjoy the bike ride along the coast from Bicimotos Paquito. Needless to say, that is one of the coolest things to do and couples love this romantic adventure.

The beach offers a lovely space and a peaceful ambience. You can often spot people relaxing on the white sands and enjoying the serene locale. The relaxing atmosphere is quite different from the rest of the city. Located towards the southern side of the Elche district, this neighborhood is also known for its fun activities. Along with an energetic nightlife ambience at the Playa de la Ermita, the neighborhood’s beaches has several watersport activities.

Filled with watersports lovers and locals having fun, you too can tag along and get yourself engaged in the facilities available here like the ones that specialize in scuba diving. Here you can try paragliding as well. And after getting tired, you can always fall back to enjoying a relaxing romantic sunset at the beach. On the other hand, if you are looking for a bit of history and sightseeing, make sure you visit the Fortress Castle. There are several museums there which will tell you the stories about how the city was protected from the Berber pirates

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Benidorm Alicante
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The neighborhood that is meant for partying. With over 800 bars being there all over the town, Benidorm is one of the coolest places in the city. A popular travel destination for British tourists, this neighborhood is filled with several modern resorts as the tourism industry flourished here.
With tourists flooding in from all over the world, this trendy party neighborhood has a lively nightlife that makes it all the more fun and energetic. Because of its resorts and accommodation options, this happens to be one of the best neighborhood in the city, if you are willing to spend, of course. The Levante beach is a popular part of the neighborhood as it is a blue flag beach. With two blue flag beaches in the area, the district receives quite a footfall.

Meanwhile, the surrounding villages exhibit an authentic Spanish ambience. Ther lifestyle there is quite different from the up and trendy lifestyle in the city counterparts. The markets in the villages offer a great number of artisans work. You can pick up items of their leatherwork and handicrafts as gifts or as souvenirs. Once you set out to explore, you can visit the Isla de Benidorm by taking a boat trip from the waterfront. It happens to be a wildlife sanctuary.
The Benidorm Palace is famous for the cabaret performances and the dinner scene, while the Poniente Beach alongside gives you a relatively calmer and peaceful ambience, away from the city crowd and noise. With so many beaches in the neighborhood, the area is home to several fun waterparks, where you can spend time with your family and spend a fun time at the pools, water slides and other activities.

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Of all the neighborhood present in the city, Alipark happens to be the coolest and trendiest neighborhood. With the train station right in the middle of it, accessibility is a major plus point of the city, which also makes your stay here quite advantageous.

Being a relatively modern neighborhood, Alipark lacks historical buildings and sites. But with several modern facilities available, modern trendy culture pouring in and numerous food joint being present in the corner of the city, tourists love this neighborhood. With so many features, the district often gets preferred by the tourists as they choose to enjoy the benefits of the area and travel to the other parts of the city for sightseeing purposes.

If you are looking for a quieter neighborhood to stay during your visit with modern facilities in several advantageous aspects, this district is perfect for you. Quite different from the rush and the noisy affair of the districts like Old Town, Alipark is all about local life. This neighborhood will give you a fair idea of how the locals in the city live. With an authentic Spanish lifestyle playing out in front of you, your vacation will be quite exotic and one of a kind.

You can spend a quiet relaxing afternoon in the green spaces of the neighborhood, like the one in Plaza de la Vina where people often gather for a picnic. Backpackers and travellers prefer to stay in this district because of its accessibility and easy commute facilities since it is so close to the train terminal. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants along with fast-food joints around the street corners. You can also spend your time at the bars present in the area.

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