Kokomo, IN

Kokomo, IN


Highland Park

Highland Park is the oldest and most historic park in town, with lots of canopy-covered trails, green grounds, and bridges that cross the Kokomo Creek. One of these is the Vermont Covered Bridge, one of the last covered bridges in the county.

Kokomo Opalescent Glass

Since 1888, the Kokomo Opalescent Glass company has continued to create some of the country’s most exquisite decorative glasses. Their products stand true to the company name, with their ever-changing colors, intricate textures, and award-winning designs.  

The Restaurants Downtown

No trip to Kokomo would be complete without trying out the local cuisine  at favorite dining establishments. Downtown is where you’d find the established restaurants of the city,  and they are nearby each other,  so you can easily visit all of them in one epic restaurant hopping tour.

Kokomo Speedway

If you’re one who loves the thrill of watching race cars zooming down a track, then make sure to stop by at Kokomo Speedway. The primary cars that race here are stock cars, with the ARCA series as one of the main events.