15 Best Things to Do in Wisconsin Dells, WI

Wisconsin Dells, WI
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Wisconsin Dells is a city in the south-central part of Wisconsin state.

The city gets its name from the Dells of the Wisconsin River, a five-mile gorge featuring sandstones.

Wisconsin Dells, also known as the Dells, is home to the world's largest and most extreme indoor and outdoor waterparks.

Therefore, it became the “Waterpark Capital of the World.”

Besides visiting waterparks, you can do many other things in this great city.

Here are the best things to in  Wisconsin Dells, WI.

Ride Medusa’s Slidewheel at Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park

Entrance to the Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park
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Located at Frontage Road, America’s first rotating waterslide, the Medusa’s Slidewheel, is in Wisconsin Dells.

Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park’s newest attraction opened this year with a 22,500-square-foot water park expansion.

Medusa's slidewheel in Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park
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Medusa’s Slidewheel is a new attraction that moves like a Ferris wheel but has the speed and thrill of a waterslide.

Its complex twist of tubes on a horizontal axis lets sliders rotate and whip through.

Waterslides in Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park
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This design is why its name is the rotating waterslide.

If you can’t get enough fun during your visit to Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park, you can stay overnight and try again the next day.

View of Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park from across the road
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Ride the Zipline at Vertical Illusions

If you’re afraid of heights, conquer that fear and have a wonderful time amid the splendor of nature.

Located at Wisconsin Dells Parkway, Vertical Illusions has a zip line for you to enjoy.

With up to 18 zip lines, Vertical Illusions should fling you across the forest canopy and through canyons, as you zip line from point A to point B.

But first, you have to climb the summit of Chimney Rock Park.

To help you get your mind off the climb, your guide will share fascinating and unique facts about Chimney Rock Park.

For instance, you'll learn its history, wildlife, and endangered plants and animals.

The zip line tour includes the necessary gear, personal guides, a shuttle to and from the park, and a complementary set of photos.

Children as young as 12 can also enjoy the treetop experience at Vertical Illusions.

Explore the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum

The famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum is also in Wisconsin Dells.

It is a must-stop for those who like to have some fun with various oddities.

In Ripley’s Believe It or Not, you will discover the world's quirks.

It is a three-floored establishment with 11 mind-blowing galleries of puzzling illusions and several oddities from around the world.

Many tourists visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not, mainly during Memorial Weekend and Labor Day.

Learn all the thrilling stories behind over 200 strange and chilling artifacts showcased in the museum, from cannibal skulls to vampires.

Unveil mysteries presented in the museum and decide whether you believe them or not.

Throw Axes at Asgard Axe Throwing and Underworld Arcade

Blow off steam at the Asgard Axe Throwing and Underworld Arcade.

This place is an entertainment venue in Downtown Wisconsin Dells specializing in competitive ax throwing.

Kids as young as ten can also enjoy the ax throwing experience at Asgard Axe Throwing.

However, the staff in this entertainment venue will first teach you how to properly throw axes before letting you do it.

The Asgard Axe Throwing and Underworld Arcade have also become a top choice for bachelor and bachelorette parties in Wisconsin Dells.

Team-building activities and corporate events also happen there.

The place serves food such as pizzas and sandwiches.

Have a blast throwing axes and playing games at Asgard Axe Throwing and Underworld Arcade.

See a Movie at Big Sky Twin Drive-In Theater

You will find the Big Sky Twin Drive-In Theater in Wisconsin Dells.

The Big Sky Twin Drive-In Theater is a family-oriented outdoor cinema offering two full-sized outdoor screens.

It is open from May until fall and plays the same movies in indoor theaters.

The Big Sky is one of the last theaters in Wisconsin that will give you a nostalgic feeling.

Bring family, friends, or date to experience s a seeing film under the stars at the Big Sky Twin Drive-In Theater.

Ride along at Tom Foolerys Adventure Park

Inside Kalahari Resort, the best indoor theme park in Wisconsin Dells, is the Tom Foolerys Adventure Park.

Tom Foolerys Adventure Park is the newest attraction at Kalahari Resort.

It is a 100,000 square feet adventure park that features a challenging rope course, a six-story Ferris wheel, wall climbing adventures, indoor zip lines, bowling, laser tags, and countless arcade games.

The adventure park also offers extreme rides like roller coasters and severe drops.

Kids and adults will have a good time at Tom Foolerys Adventure Park.

Refresh Yourself at Land of Natura

The Land of Natura is a natural adventure park located at the Wisconsin River.

If you have sensitive skin and get skin irritation from too much chlorine, the Land of Natura awaits you.

The Land of Natura is also America’s largest floating waterpark in the world's largest naturally-filtered lake.

Cool off and refresh yourself at Land of Natura’s Zipline Plunge, where you’ll ride a zip line and dive into the water.

Breathe in the fresh air as you walk into the longest tree-top canopy in America, also located in the Land of Natura.

The Land of Natura offers only the best and biggest America.

Take Cool Photos at H.H. Bennett Studio

Interior of H.H. Bennett Studio
Jeff the quiet, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The well-known photographer H. H. Bennett built a studio in 1875.

His family owned and operated the H. H. Bennett Studio until 1998.

The H.H. Bennett Studio, located at Broadway Ave., is a historical photographic studio and museum showcasing Bennett’s original photographs, cameras, and equipment.

Since 1875, the photography studio has not closed down, making it the oldest operational studio in the United States.

Over 100 years old, the photography studio and museum not only explore H.H. Bennett’s life but also presents Wisconsin Dells' amusing history.

As a souvenir, you can have your photo taken using the same wet plate photography method that the H. H. Bennett Studio also used.

Jump 'Till You Drop at Knuckleheads Trampoline Park

For a fun family experience, visit the Knucklehead Trampoline Park, an indoor amusement park on Gasser Road, Wisconsin Dells.

Bring all your competitive friends and burn all your extra energy as you jump your lungs out in the open jump court.

The entertainment facility has an 80,000-square-foot area that offers 12 exciting attractions other than its trampoline park.

At Knuckleheads, you can play at ten open bowling lanes daily, so there is no need to wait in long lines.

It’s always your turn if you want to play.

You'll enjoy playing several games and going on many rides.

Enjoy basketball hoops, a roller coaster, a flying tiger ride, Go-Karts, an XD Dark Ride Theater, and more.

Unleash the child in you.

Visit the Knuckleheads Trampoline Park now!

Enter the World of Magic at Wizard Quest

Also located at Broadway Ave. is the magical attraction Wizard Quest.

Wizard Quest is a digital interactive game played in a live setting.

You will need a tablet if you want to play the game.

Travelers in Wizard Quest will enter a maze.

Then, you will need to answer several riddles and questions to help discover hidden sorcerers.

You will play Wizard Quest in a 30,000-square-foot fantasy-themed maze.

Use your powers of deduction with your team to answer questions, interpret riddles, and learn the secret passages.

Each group will have 120 minutes to complete the quest.

Wizard Quest is open all year and welcomes guests who are 16 years old and above.

An adult must accompany all guests younger than 16 before they can play the game.

Stroll along the Dells Scenic River Walk

The Dells Scenic River Walk is a 2.4-kilometer recreational path from Broadway Ave. to Illinois Ave.

Strolling around the Dells Scenic River Walk, you’ll marvel at the fresh air and admire its forested landscape.

Since the riverwalk opened in 2003, it has become a highly regarded attraction in Wisconsin Dells.

It is a free public parkway that puts you near all the tourist destinations in Wisconsin Dells.

During the summer months, birds chirp on the Riverwalk, adding to the serenity of the ambiance.

Check Out the Minerals at the Dells Mining Company

The Dells Mining Company is a jewelry store located on Broadway Ave.

The company opened in 1989, offering a hands-on experience.

It puts you in the shoes of a miner looking for natural gemstones from all over the world.

The Dells Mining Company’s staff will assist you during your whole mining experience so that you won't leave empty-handed.

The Dells Mining Company also allows you to create your custom-made gemstone jewelry.

Likewise, you can buy 14-karat karat gold and silver jewelry at the Dells Mining Company.

Ride the Dells Ghost Boat

Are you ready to experience Wisconsin Dell’s creepiest and most thrilling attraction?

The Dells Ghost Boat will take you on a journey into the most haunted canyon on the Wisconsin River.

Unlike the other wholesome activities in Downtown Wisconsin Dells, this adventure will give you a taste of horror and mystery.

During the eerie moonlit tour, the staff will tell you the legend of Whiskey Jack.

This folk figure is a seven-foot-tall who prowled the Wisconsin River, earning a morbid reputation.

Prove that you’re not afraid of the Wisconsin River’s horror and join the Dells Ghost Boat tour now.

Play Games at Wild Fun Zone

Throughout this post, you should have noticed that Wisconsin Dells offers only the best and biggest tourist attractions in America.

Your last stop on this trip is the Wild Fun Zone, the largest arcade in Downtown Wisconsin Dells.

From Wisconsin’s largest blacklight laser tag to a wild jungle adventure, you and your family will enjoy yourselves at the Wild Fun Zone.

Wild Fun Zone is a 17,000 square meter of interactive games and activities.

If you are ready to have the wildest experience of your lives, visit the Wild Fun Zone now!

Explore the Dells with Wisconsin Dells Boat and Duck Tours

The Wisconsin Dells Boat and Duck Tours on the water
Aaron of L.A. Photography / Shutterstock.com

Go sightseeing at the Wisconsin River onboard an original World War II-era Dells Army Duck.

The Wisconsin Dells Boat and Duck Tours has become one of the most popular attractions in Wisconsin Dells for over 70 years.

The duck tour is a 55-minute tour showcasing over 14,000 years old sandstone rock formations such as the Grotto Island, the Twin Ink Stands, the Sugar Bowl, and the Lone Rock.

The Wisconsin Dells Boat and Duck Tours on land
Dixie Grilley / Shutterstock.com

The Wisconsin Dells Boat and Duck Tours gets busiest during the summertime.

Its Dells Army Ducks depart every 15 to 20 minutes.

Try their Wildthing Jet Boat Ride for a wilder adventure and experience complete ecstasy.

Thanks to the jet boat’s V8 engines, you will need to hold tight and get ready to spin as you speed up past towering cliffs of the upper dells of the Wisconsin River.

Final Thoughts

Create unforgettable memories and visit  Wisconsin Dells on your next vacation.

With its family-friendly and fun atmosphere, your stay in the city will be nothing but pure fun.

For instance, you'll see enormous indoor and outdoor waterparks and theme parks.

Downtown Wisconsin Dells should be the next destination on your list.

What are you waiting for?

Explore your endless options by booking your trip today!

After arriving, you might find more things to do in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

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