25 Best Things to Do in Westport, CT

Westport, CT

Welcome to the charming town of Westport, Connecticut!

Nestled on the shores of Long Island Sound, our quaint, picturesque town offers an array of experiences that capture the essence of New England charm.

Come along as I share some of the best things to do in Westport, Connecticut.

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Have a Barbeque at Sherwood Island State Park

Waves crashing at the shore of Sherwood Island State Park
James Kirkikis / Shutterstock.com

You haven't truly experienced the beauty of Connecticut until you've spent a day at Sherwood Island State Park.

This sprawling coastal sanctuary is a stone's throw away from my home and I consider myself fortunate to have such a serene haven as my backyard.

You can find more about this park at Sherwood Island State Park.

On days I crave solitude, I take a walk along the park's miles of peaceful beaches.

The sand underfoot is a bit rocky, I'll admit, but the moment the cool waves kiss my feet, I forget all about it.

I usually recommend beach shoes to any friends visiting. The water can be a bit murky, but for me, it's more about the peace and tranquility that the beach offers.

More often than not, you'll find me picnicking under the shade of the towering trees, with the chirping of the birds and the gentle rustling of the leaves as my company.

The park offers many picnic areas, perfect for those family get-togethers or barbeques with friends.

A foot path at sherwood island.
James Kirkikis / Shutterstock.com

One of the highlights of Sherwood Island State Park is the 9/11 memorial.

It offers a solemn, peaceful spot for reflection, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

And let me not forget the Nature Center - a must-visit for all nature enthusiasts!

The park's cleanliness is laudable, and the vigilant park rangers ensure that it stays this way.

It's not uncommon to see them patrolling the parking lot and lending a helping hand wherever needed.

There is also ample parking available, and the restrooms are always well-maintained and clean.

Sherwood Island State Park truly is a gem, offering much-needed solace from the fast-paced city life.

A stone dedication at sherwood island.
James Kirkikis / Shutterstock.com

Journey through Time at Westport Museum for History and Culture

A walk through the Westport Museum for History and Culture is like embarking on a remarkable journey through time.

The museum's exhibits are captivating and filled with insightful historical narratives that keep me coming back for more.

One of the highlights for me was the African-American exhibit.

It was thoughtfully curated, offering a deeply moving and inspirational account of African-American history.

I found myself spellbound, learning so much about the struggles, triumphs, and contributions of African Americans.

I couldn't help but leave the exhibit feeling enlightened and grateful.

I'd highly recommend anyone who's visiting to spend some time at this exhibit.

There's also an opportunity to contribute to the Westport Museum for History and Culture's physical footprint by purchasing a brick in the "brick walk."

Hop in a Cooking Class at Wakeman Town Farm

There's no place like home, and for me, home is just a stone's throw away from the bustling heart of our town, at the quaint and charming Wakeman Town Farm.

This beautiful little refuge is far more than just a farm.

It's a historical gem that's been lovingly restored and transformed into a living museum and working farm.

Walking down the crunchy gravel path, the farmstead greets you with a panorama of fruit trees heavy with ripe bounty, and vegetables that blush under the sun.

The farm animals, each with their own unique personalities, are always a delight to visit - it's a little corner of paradise right in our midst.

The heart of Wakeman Town Farm, the large and welcoming kitchen, is where I’ve spent many an hour.

The scent of fresh produce and aromatic herbs mingle with the enticing smell of barbecue, making it hard to resist their cooking classes.

It's a haven for food enthusiasts and amateur chefs like me.

The farm's passion for sustainable farming practices and local food is contagious, and it's a joy to see this ethos in action during the interactive classes and lectures they host.

And then there are the gardens.

Even during off-season, when the cold wind whistles through the bare branches and the ground is covered with frost, the gardens exhibit their own charm.

The staff, always brimming with energy and enthusiasm, have a knack for making the farm shine, no matter the season.

The farm is also a prime spot for parties, with ample space to set tables under the open sky.

Street parking is never a problem.

There are times when the farm is alive with laughter, music, and the clinking of glasses, transforming this quiet corner of the town into a lively hub of celebration.

Catch Performances at Westport Country Playhouse

Exterior and entrance of westport country playhouse.
M. Vinuesa / Shutterstock.com

I can still remember the first time I walked into the Westport Country Playhouse.

There's something surprisingly comforting about the old tannery turned theater.

Stepping into the circa-1931 building, I was immediately enveloped in a rich tapestry of history and culture, which is always on display from April to November when the theater offers five fantastic shows.

The staff greeted me with a warm and friendly smile, making me feel at home instantly.

It's not just a theater; it's a community, a meeting place for those who appreciate the arts.

Every time I've been there, I'm always amazed at how comfortably modern the theater feels despite its great age.

And the best part? There truly are no bad seats in the house.

Every spot gives you a perfect view of the stage, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the performance.

One evening, I saw "Dial M for Murder" there and was blown away by the performance.

Exterior of the westport country playhouse.
WestportWiki, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The actors brought the characters to life, and the acoustics in the theater heightened every whisper and footstep, drawing me into the suspenseful narrative.

I highly recommend seeing a show there when you get the chance.

But the Westport Country Playhouse isn't just about the shows.

They also host family events, making it a great place for locals to gather, interact, and create lasting memories.

The seating can feel a little cramped at times, but that's a small price to pay for the great sightlines and the immersive experience.

Plus, there's always the chance to brush shoulders with other theater lovers, which only adds to the charm of the place.

After all, there's something incredibly special about sitting in a piece of history and enjoying a piece of art.

It's an experience that can't be replicated elsewhere.

Indulge in Sweet Treats at Le Rouge Handmade Chocolates & Cakes by Aarti

There's something magical about walking into Le Rouge Handmade Chocolates & Cakes by Aarti.

The scent of rich cocoa, the display of beautifully crafted cakes, and the warm welcoming smile of the owner fill the room.

The first time I stepped into the store, I was in search of a unique present for a friend's birthday.

As I pondered over the assortment of confectioneries, I was suggested the heavenly Chocolate Cake.

My friend, a die-hard chocolate lover, later called me screaming with joy - she was thrilled by the delicious surprise!

On another occasion, I decided to treat my husband with a surprise chocolate cake after his dog show at Westminster.

When he took a bite, his eyes sparkled with delight.

The taste of the cake was decadently exquisite and unbelievably delicious.

It was a gluten-free treat, perfect when paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Not only is the taste of the cakes from Le Rouge divine, but they are also a feast for the eyes.

The attention to detail and the artistry in crafting these cakes are clearly visible.

The dark chocolate hazelnut cake I once bought was so visually stunning that my friends couldn't stop taking pictures before diving in.

Beyond the cakes and chocolates, Le Rouge Handmade Chocolates & Cakes by Aarti is also about learning.

From painting truffles to gaining knowledge about different types of chocolates, Aarti makes every visit a fun and educational experience.

Snap Memories at Burying Hill Beach

Every now and then, I find myself yearning for a breath of fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

That's when I head to Burying Hill Beach, our very own pretty little private town beach.

Here, I find solace in the traffic on 195, especially during the winter months.

The beach season does come with a price tag, but it's completely worth it for the peace and tranquility it offers.

Even if you're just looking to snap a quick photo with friends, you'll need to pay a fee.

But honestly, the picturesque views of Long Island Sound are worth every penny.

While it may not be the best swimming beach around, it surely compensates for that with the amazing views.

Just as dusk sets in, you can see the tallest buildings in NYC through a pair of binoculars or a telephoto lens.

It is a sight that never ceases to amaze me.

Burying Hill Beach is more than just a beach to me, it holds a special place in my heart.

It's the place where I have created countless memories.

From proposing to my wife to spending quality time with my children, this beach has been our go-to spot for years.

Every time I visit, it feels like I'm stepping into a haven of peace and tranquility.

It's our little slice of heaven, right here in our town.

Spot the Diverse Wildlife at Earthplace

A bear and its cubs statue at Earthplace.
WestportWiki, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It was yet another weekend in Westport, a small town I've called home for years.

Looking for a new adventure, I decided to visit a place I've heard rave reviews about, Earthplace.

I've always harbored an interest in wildlife, so the idea of spending the day in a nature sanctuary sounded just perfect.

From the moment I stepped into the grounds, I was captivated.

The ambiance was more than just inviting, it felt like I was walking straight into Mother Nature's living room.

A hidden gem it indeed was!

I participated in the letterboxing activity, which added a fun twist to the exploration.

The trails were teeming with small wildlife - frogs, birds, and even a few snakes.

It was an absolute delight for a nature enthusiast like me.

But the real marvel of Earthplace was the interior building.

The diversity of creatures housed there blew me away.

From the most adorable chinchillas and rabbits to the more exotic residents like snakes and pigeons, the place was an animal lover’s paradise.

It was an educational experience, too, catering to all ages.

The staff, super friendly and passionate about their work, were more than ready to share interesting facts about the animals.

Buy Fresh Produce from Westport Farmers' Market

The vibrancy of the Westport Farmers' Market can truly be felt by those who know it well.

I have seen it change through the seasons - from the warm hues of summer to the crisp tones of autumn.

I'll confess, I do often wish they would host it in a more scenic location, perhaps amid the coloring trees of Winslow Park or even on the library's verdant lawns.

The asphalt parking lot where it currently takes place doesn't quite capture the enchanting essence of the market.

The lack of restrooms can be a bit of a challenge, especially considering they usually had portable ones before.

And a touch of refreshment wouldn't go amiss either - maybe some organic fresh juice every week rather than every other week, or perhaps a dash of sweetness with farm ice cream that I've never seen there.

But despite these minor quibbles, there is an undeniable charm about the place.

Every visit greets me with a beautiful symphony of sights, sounds, and smells.

There's nothing quite like the strumming of guitars serenading you as you saunter from vendor to vendor, each presenting their unique take on locally grown produce.

On one occasion, I even managed to bag a freshly caught Branzino!

Let me give a special mention to Cloudy Lane Bakery - their bars are a gastronomic delight!

Every bite tells a story, one that you'd want to keep reading over and over.

And let's not forget the sheer range of products on offer at Westport Farmers' Market - from honey to Thai food to mushrooms and even beer.

Dine with Your Significant Other at Westport Longshore Club Park

Whenever I crave tranquility, I head over to Westport Longshore Club Park.

The lush lawns and the sparkling waterfront never fail to take my breath away.

The park has more to offer than just impeccable views.

The La Plage restaurant, for one, is a gem.

Dining there, overlooking the bay and the course, is an experience I cherish.

The food is always delightful, and the company I keep often amplifies the joy of the meal.

There are also events that the park hosts during the summer.

One of the most memorable was a wedding I attended over the 4th of July weekend.

The service was seamless, and the food was amazing.

The setting was nothing short of a fairytale, with the lush lawns and beautiful waterfront as the backdrop.

The venue was spotless, and the food was plentiful.

It was an unforgettable experience.

It's moments like these that make me look forward to the coming year and all the experiences I'll have at the Westport Longshore Club Park.

Catch Concerts at Levitt Pavilion

Daytime view of Levitt Pavilion
Miro Vrlik Photography / Shutterstock.com

Let me tell you about my countless nights spent under the open sky at an enchanting outdoor venue right here in our town.

Levitt Pavilion is more than just a concert venue, it's an experience.

The way the sound system amplifies the music, resonating with every fiber of your being, is simply magnificent.

I remember one particular evening, I set down my lawn chair, not having to fret about my view being obstructed.

It's a rarity at most venues, but not here at Levitt.

There's a certain joy in the freedom to pick a spot, spread your blanket, and settle down for the evening.

And it's not just about sitting back and listening, oh no!

It's about shaking a leg and dancing like nobody's watching!

The uniqueness of this place lies in the fact that most concerts are free.

Yes, you read that right!

Of course, some performances require ticket purchases, but they're all worth every penny.

What's better than enjoying a night of music under the starry sky?

Remember, if you plan to head here on a Wednesday, you're in for a treat.

Those are kid concerts, an evening where our young ones become the stars.

But don't forget your bug spray and a cozy jacket or blanket.

Trust me, you wouldn't want anything to spoil your magical night.

One memory that still brings a smile to my face was the 4th of July weekend in Levitt Pavilion.

Two different performances, each with a unique style, yet both sounded incredible.

If you're new to town events, take it from me, pack some snacks, your favorite drink, and, of course, a comfortable chair or a mat to sit on the grass.

Just remember, the goal is to have fun!

Spend Your Morning at Sherwood Millpond

Stepping out of my front door and ambling down to Sherwood Millpond is a daily ritual for me.

The air is always fresh and clean, the views are breathtaking, and the wildlife is plentiful.

Most mornings, I can be found sitting on a bench, sipping my coffee and taking in the serene environment around me.

The preserve isn't particularly large, and the parking area is admittedly small, but it's just enough for anyone who's stopping by to snap a few pictures or launch a boat from the dock - provided they have the necessary permit.

I've yet to figure out the permit system myself, but it's on my list of things to do.

One of the more unusual aspects of Sherwood Millpond is a nearby shop featuring all things PEZ.

You'd be surprised at how many Christmas stocking stuffers I've picked up from that place!

It's a quirky little addition to our community, but it definitely adds to the charm.

Catch the Sunset from Sheffield Island Lighthouse

Oh, the beauty of living in Norwalk!

It’s such a blessing to have the historic Sheffield Island Lighthouse just a boat ride away.

Every summer, I make a point to visit this magnificent 1868 lighthouse at least once.

A visit to the lighthouse is like a journey back in time, with its ten rooms filled with period furnishings.

Every visit starts with a delightful boat ride from Norwalk.

The small boat, I reckon, fits about 30 people.

It’s an easy trip, the boat leaves from a pier where parking is conveniently located right next door.

It’s not too heavy on the pocket, either.

The captain and the crew of the ship are nothing short of warm and welcoming.

Once you arrive, you are given a tour of the quaint Sheffield Island.

The guides are full of interesting anecdotes about the Sheffield Island Lighthouse's history.

Trust me, it's far more fascinating than it sounds!

After the tour, there's plenty of free time to stroll around the island, soak up the views and take pictures.

I usually pack a picnic and enjoy it at the lovely picnic pavilion.

On special occasions, there’s even a lobster clam bake!

Imagine enjoying delicious seafood while watching a gorgeous sunset.

Add to that the sight of a supermoon rise, it truly is a sight to behold.

Go Stargazing at the Westport Observatory

Front view of Westport Observatory
Pedro Xing, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve always been fascinated by the cosmos, so the Westport Observatory is like a second home to me.

Every Wednesday, sky permitting, I head to the observatory for an evening of celestial exploration.

The crowd varies; sometimes local families, sometimes couples on unique date nights, and sometimes individuals like me who just find the stars utterly captivating.

The staff is always welcoming, offering free use of their telescopes and ready to point out fascinating astronomical features.

I’ve seen the rings of Saturn, the cloudy storms of Jupiter, distant nebulae, and galaxies beyond our own Milky Way.

They even offer classes on how to use the telescopes and host monthly lectures.

Westport Observatory has two main telescopes, an indoor 12.5" and a towering 25" situated on the lawn.

Climbing up the ladder to the eyepiece of the 25" scope, it's almost as if you're ascending to the heavens yourself.

The views from both are breathtaking, and the experts operating them have an uncanny ability to find and explain the astronomical wonders we get to observe.

So, it's safe to say that my Wednesday night routine is anything but ordinary.

Have a Learning experience at Stepping Stones Museum for Children

Who knew that a day at Stepping Stones Museum for Children could be such a whirlwind of fun and education for my little ones?

Every visit to this museum complex offers a different experience, making it a go-to spot for our family.

The museum is an absolute haven for children, teeming with numerous educational exhibits that cater to all their interests.

Here, my daughter discovered her love for dinosaurs.

The dinosaur area is her absolute favorite, and she always ends up spending most of her time there, immersed in the captivating world of these prehistoric creatures.

However, it's not just about dinosaurs.

From the energy lab that my son adores to the water play area, every corner of the museum is designed to engage children and stimulate their curiosity.

This place is more than just exhibits, though.

They offer classes that are scheduled throughout the day, serving as a perfect balance of education and entertainment.

Although it's a bit hit-or-miss sometimes, when they do follow the schedule, the kids learn something new every time.

Stepping Stones Museum for Children also houses a café— a lifesaver for parents like me.

The pizza and chicken nuggets are a big hit with my twins.

Plus, the outdoor area is a great place for the kids to play while parents take a breather.

Indulge in Japanese Cuisine at Oko

One of my favorite pastimes is exploring the seemingly endless culinary landscape of my town.

Amongst all the delightful eateries, Oko undoubtedly rises as a phoenix, offering an exceptional Japanese dining experience that's nothing short of culinary artistry.

The treasure trove of flavors offered at Oko is hard to beat.

With the freshness and variety of the seafood, you can practically taste the ocean in each bite.

Their sushi has a unique characteristic that sets it apart - fresh, flavorful, and brimming with variety, it's a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

And their tempuras, oh, the tempuras!

They're the lightest, most flavorful I've ever tasted - a testament to their superior culinary skills.

But it's not just the food - the Oko drinks are an experience.

Each one is expertly crafted, unique, and strikes a perfect balance between flavors.

The sake selection is also terrific, offering a beautiful complement to the sushi and tempura.

It's not just the food and beverages that make Oko special, though.

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and always ready to go the extra mile.

I've always been impressed by their attention to detail and their ability to describe each dish with precision and passion.

Yes, a meal at Oko is a bit on the pricier side, but trust me when I say it's worth every penny.

With the quality of ingredients and the level of craftsmanship that goes into each dish, it's comparable to some of the best Japanese restaurants in the city.

Have a Nourishing Retreat at The Westport Library

Front view of The Westport Library
WestportWiki, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whenever life overwhelms me, and I yearn for a peaceful retreat, I head to The Westport Library.

This little corner of heaven has been my refuge since my childhood days.

I recall with a smile sharing the joy of reading with James, my son, at the children's section.

Those shelves teeming with books transported us to magical worlds and sparked some of our most beautiful conversations.

Nowadays, this sanctuary offers a different kind of solace. Sitting on a bench by the brick walk, sipping on a hot cup from the library cafe, I find tranquility.

I watch the town bustle and the river flow by, reminiscing about the old times and pondering about the present. This is my special place for reflection and peace.

Front view of The Westport Library
Jllm06, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Westport Library is not just a treasure trove of books, it's a vibrant community hub.

Our extraordinary librarian, Mary Parmelee, has been instrumental in creating exciting children's programs that consistently exceed expectations.

Her dedication, professionalism, and kindness have made the library a welcoming and nurturing environment for our children.

One can't help but admire the staff's untiring commitment to cater to every visitor's needs.

It's the perfect example of how libraries should be – a community asset, an educational resource, and a beacon of culture and learning.

As a resident, I am proud to have such a wonderful institution in our midst.

Immerse Yourself in Local Artistry at MoCA Westport

You never know what to expect with art, and the MoCA Westport is no different.

I remember when the Yayoi Kusama “Narcissus” and “Infinity Room” exhibits were in town on November 10th.

I had seen Narcissus in NYC back in the summer of 2017, but I relished the chance to experience Kusama's artistry once more.

It's the kind of exhibit that you can visit over and over again, and each time, you'll find something new to marvel at.

If you ever have a chance to visit MoCA Westport during one of these temporary exhibits, I highly recommend it.

MoCA Westport is not just a place for admiring art displays; it also serves as a creative hub for young artists.

My daughter had been attending their weekly after-school workshops, and she couldn't be happier.

She absolutely adores the instructor, and each week is a new adventure for her.

She has dabbled in making robots, paintings, and even printmaking.

And she put on a puppet show with crafts she made herself as a treat!

Enjoy Authentic Italian Cuisine at Arezzo Ristorante

Let me tell you about this little gem in the heart of our town, Arezzo Ristorante.

From the moment you step into this place, you can't help but be captivated by its charming and welcoming ambiance.

The sheer variety of amazing wines and cocktails on offer is enough to make any connoisseur swoon.

And let's not even get started on the food - it's nothing short of remarkable.

Just recently, I had the pleasure of hosting my graduation party at this restaurant.

I teamed up with the extremely knowledgeable staff to curate a special menu for the occasion, and it turned out to be a resounding success.

The table setting was a sight to behold - beautifully adorned with well-matched color schemes.

It felt personal, it felt special, and it's an experience I'll never forget.

The food, oh the food!

Each dish was a delicious testament to the culinary prowess of the chefs at Arezzo Ristorante.

Everyone at the party couldn't stop raving about it, and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome.

This is certainly a place I see myself visiting again and again.

Walk along the Shores of Compo Beach

The sea and the sand at compo beach.
James Christian / Shutterstock.com

Ever since I moved to this charming town, Compo Beach has become my personal sanctuary.

The waves crashing against the shore and the gentle sea breeze have a special way of washing away my day’s stress.

I’ve grown to appreciate the fine sand beneath my feet and the enchanting view of the horizon as the sun sets.

The beach might not be enormous, but it’s never overcrowded, thanks to the excellent capacity control.

And though parking might seem costly to some, I find it’s a small price to pay for the serenity I get in return.

The kid-friendly environment is also a highlight for me. My nephew can't get enough of the playground that's conveniently located on the sand.

It's a joy to see the little ones having a blast, making magical memories.

In fact, just the other day, we celebrated his birthday at the beach picnic shelter. It was a hit!

Groomed sand at compo beach.
James Christian / Shutterstock.com

Compo Beach really shines in terms of cleanliness and maintenance - a testament to the hard work of the staff who manage it.

The available amenities, including restrooms, a skatepark, and volleyball courts, cater to all our needs.

And let's not forget about the small dining area. Their food, with a variety of meals, always hits the spot after a long day at the beach.

Personally, one of my favorite activities is taking a stroll with my trusty canine companion during the winter months.

The sight of her joyous frolicking on the sand warms my heart despite the chilly weather.

And in the summer and fall, nothing beats packing some food and drinks, laying out a blanket, and enjoying the breathtaking sunsets that Compo Beach has to offer. The peace and relaxation I experience here are truly unmatched.

If you're an angling enthusiast, you'll be thrilled by Compo Beach. I've seen plenty of fishermen and shell-fishers get their hands on Porgy, Stripers, and Quahogs.

Sand and the sea at compo beach.
WestportWiki, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Other Things to Do Nearby

Have a Picnic at Gallaher Mansion and Cranbury Park

The grounds of Gallaher Mansion and Cranbury Park
Magicpiano, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There's nothing like a day spent at Gallaher Mansion and Cranbury Park, a jewel in our city's crown.

The park is an expanse of greenery that offers a tranquil escape right in our backyard.

From the moment you enter and pay the flat $10 parking fee, you'll be engulfed in the serene beauty of the park.

You'll find yourself lost amidst the variety of trails, each offering a unique journey through the park.

The trails wind through trees that tower above, their leaves rustling in the gentle breeze.

Don't be surprised if you're tempted to veer off the beaten path, exploring the thickets just off the paths.

For sports enthusiasts, there's a fantastic frisbee golf course.

It's well-maintained and poses a delightful challenge with plenty of trees to navigate.

Let's just say, spending a day testing your skills here never gets old.

Of course, the heart of the park is the historic Gallaher Mansion.

It's a vision in itself, standing tall and proud amidst the sprawling greenery.

The mansion adds to the park's charm, making you feel like you've stepped back in time.

And if you're planning an outdoor party, the park's picnic areas are perfect.

You could spend the entire day enjoying the Gallaher Mansion and Cranbury Park, breaking for a meal amidst the beauty of nature.

Ah, perfect!

Just remember to bring your own grub, as barbecue spots are not in sight.

The park offers an experience for every season, transforming itself with each passing month.

From the blooming flowers of spring to the vibrant reds and oranges of fall, it's a sight to behold any time of the year.

Go Fruit-Picking at Silverman's Farm

Every now and then, I crave a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

And when I do, I always find myself driving to the Silverman's Farm.

There's nothing quite like the crisp air of the farm and the aroma of fresh fruits wafting through it.

My day at the farm usually begins with a casual stroll through the rows and rows of fruit trees.

Picking peaches right off the trees, feeling their fuzzy skin and sweet, juicy flesh, is an absolute delight.

Not to mention the joy of filling up a small basket with ripe blueberries for just $7!

But Silverman's Farm isn't just about fruits.

Oh no, it has a plethora of other attractions.

If you have a keen eye for homemade products, the farm shop should not be missed.

From fresh milk and honey to salad dressings and homemade soaps, it’s a treasure trove!

Just when you think you've seen it all, you stumble upon the animal area.

The sight of these animals can melt even the coldest of hearts.

You can even buy some food to feed them!

And for the little ones?

A mini train ride around the farm and playing on the tractors and slides immediately bring smiles to their excited faces.

And let's not forget about the snacks.

Once we're done exploring, we like to head across the street to the store.

Freshly baked goods, ripe fruits, and vegetables fill our bags and our appetites.

And as a special treat, we always get a donut and apple cider to round off our day at the farm.

Hike the Devil's Den Preserve

The way nature unfurls itself at Devil's Den Preserve is simply unmatched.

Imagine a whopping 1,756 acres of untapped natural beauty, featuring a variety of habitats and trails that are just waiting to be explored.

Being adventurous, I often find myself pulling on my sturdy boots for a hike through the vast property.

The trails of various difficulty levels are well marked, catering to both the novice and experienced hiker.

Believe me, the tranquility of walking through these woods, often passing by the serene lake, is an experience you won't forget.

What I love most about the preserve is its significant wildlife viewing opportunities.

From chirping birds to scampering squirrels and the elusive deer, there's always some form of life adding to the charm.

The trails around the pond are a particular favorite of mine.

The rugged terrain, with rocks and roots along the path, makes it a slightly challenging but rewarding trek.

The scene of the water, especially during the golden hour, is breathtaking.

A tip from me, though, wear sturdy shoes - this part of the trail requires it.

Devil's Den Preserve is a delight during spring and fall.

The blooming flora during spring and the vibrant hues of fall paint a beautiful landscape.

But, summers can get a bit tricky due to bugs, especially during the rainy periods.

If you plan a summer visit, don't forget to come prepared with some bug spray!

Explore Trout Brook Valley Preserve with Your Fido

One of the things I love about living here is the opportunity to visit Trout Brook Valley Preserve whenever I please.

It's an outdoor lover's paradise with so many trails to explore, each with their own unique features and challenges.

Before setting off on a new adventure, I usually determine which trail holds the most appeal for me that day.

I use the All-Trails mobile app to do this - it's super handy, but be sure to download any necessary maps before you set off, as the cellular signal can sometimes drop off as you approach the preserve.

Recently, I hiked the blue-to-blue-green trail, a journey that took me deep into the heart of the woods.

The parking was free, and there were parts of the trail where you could let your dogs off their leash - a feature my furry friend certainly enjoyed.

It had rained a little before my trip, so the trails were clean, and the dust was limited.

Now, I wore tennis shoes, which did the job, but I would highly recommend hiking boots for better grip and support.

During my hike, it rained, but the dense forest canopy kept us almost completely dry.

The sound of the rain on the leaves added a special charm to the experience.

The forest was filled with the aroma of wet earth and the melodic songs of birds hidden in the tree branches.

We were able to spot plentiful turkey tail mushrooms among the fallen hardwood trees, and the old stacked rock walls scattered throughout the forest were a sight to behold.

If you take the red trail, be prepared for a moderate hike, while the rest of the paths offer a relatively easy walk.

It's a huge preserve, and it may take a few visits to explore it completely.

But trust me, the stunning hill views you get in winter are worth every step.

The Trout Brook Valley Preserve is a gem in all seasons, but I found the winter hike particularly breathtaking.

This was my first time visiting during the chillier months, but I can already tell it won't be the last.

The preserve presents a new face with every change of season, and I am excited to see what new adventures await.

Go Swimming at Southport Beach

Stepping onto the sandy stretch of Southport Beach, I'm instantly transported to my own slice of seaside paradise.

Nestled within walking distance of my home, this small, peaceful beach is my favorite place to unwind and soak in the beauty of nature.

Southport Beach is much more than just a summer swimming spot.

It's a tranquil sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of life.

During the warmer months, the beach comes alive with seasonal lifeguards ensuring everyone's safety, the snack shack serving up tasty treats, and the delightful laughter of children playing in the calm sea waters.

Thanks to the long island visible just offshore, the waters here are usually calm, ideal for a stress-free swim or just a relaxing float.

The beach itself is a sight to behold.

It's adorned with a blanket of tiny pink sea shells that crunch underfoot with every step.

Although it seems impossible not to crush a few as I walk, it's part of the charm of Southport Beach.

During low tide, the beach transforms into an explorer's dream.

There's something incredibly peaceful about walking along the exposed seabed, discovering small treasures washed up by the sea.

In the quieter winter months, it's just me, the Tasty Yolk food truck, and a few seagulls adding to the serenity of the beach.

Final Thoughts

After years of exploring every nook and cranny of Westport, I can confidently say that there is something for everyone here.

As the day ends, sitting by Southport Beach with the gentle waves lapping at the shore, I am reminded of the countless memories I've made in this charming town.

Westport, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, truly has a way of capturing hearts.

It's been home to me, and I guarantee once you've explored it, it'll hold a special place in your heart, too.

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