26 Best Things to Do in Texarkana, TX

Texarkana, TX
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Texarkana, a vibrant border city, uniquely straddles two states, Texas and Arkansas.

This distinctive city is renowned for its blend of southern hospitality, intriguing history, dynamic arts scene, and delectable cuisine.

Despite its small size, Texarkana boasts a big heart, and a wealth of hidden gems and adventures ready for exploration.

Whether a brief visit or an extended stay, Texarkana offers a captivating tour of its finest features.

Prepare for an exhilarating journey through the best of what Texarkana has to offer.

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Stroll through History at the US Post Office

Exterior of US Post Office
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Every time I take a walk downtown, I can't help but admire the stunning architecture of our local US Post Office.

Nestled in the heart of Texarkana, this building is not just a place to send and receive mail, it's part of our town's rich history.

A testament to our heritage, it stands tall, reminding everyone of the remarkable story of our city.

One of the most interesting and unique features about the US Post Office is that it sits right on the state line.

It's not every day you can say you were in two places at once, but here you can!

Just imagine, one foot in Texas, the other in Arkansas - now that's something to tell your friends about.

It's also a fantastic photo opportunity for both locals and tourists alike.

Side view of US Post Office
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Aside from its geographical peculiarity, the building itself is an architectural masterpiece.

It is a courthouse as well as a Post Office, divided evenly between Texas and Arkansas.

The intricate design on the outside is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Even though I've never had the chance to see the inside after closing hours, the exterior itself is a sight to behold.

If you ever find yourself in Texarkana, I would strongly recommend paying a visit to this remarkable establishment.

It's not just a Post Office, it's a piece of history.

A walk past this building is a walk through the pages of our shared past, and a reminder of the unity and diversity that makes our town special.

Listen to the Performance of the Texarkana Symphony Orchestra

There's something special about spending an evening at the Texarkana Symphony Orchestra.

The majesty of the music, the elegance of the venue, the sheer talent of the performers - it all combines to create an experience like no other.

Located in the iconic Perot Theatre, the Orchestra adds a touch of splendor to any evening in our small town.

From the moment you step into the theatre, you're transported into another world.

The grandeur of the venue, with its intricate detailing and plush seating, sets the stage for the enchanting performance to follow.

The lights dim, the audience hushes, and the magic begins.

The Texarkana Symphony Orchestra never fails to impress.

Each performance is a testament to the skills and dedication of the musicians, who play with an intensity that sweeps you off your feet.

Whether it's a classic Mozart piece or a contemporary composition, the orchestra brings it to life with a passion that's truly inspiring.

The sound, the atmosphere, the emotion - it's a sensory feast that leaves you begging for more.

And as the final notes fade away, you're left with a sense of satisfaction and awe.

An evening at the Texarkana Symphony Orchestra isn't just about the music - it's about the experience.

It's about being a part of something bigger, something beautiful.

It's about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Catch Young Talents in Action at Silvermoon Childrens Theatre

There's a magical place tucked away on a local corner, where dreams unfurl on stage, captivating the hearts of young ones.

That place is none other than the Silvermoon Childrens Theatre.

Trust me when I say it's a haven where creativity thrives, and young talents are nurtured.

The anticipation starts building the moment you step foot into the establishment.

The ambiance is spectacular, and the hosts are simply delightful.

Their warm smiles and cordiality make you feel right at home as if you've been a part of the Silvermoon family for ages.

Nothing beats the joy of seeing our kids' eyes light up, their thrilled squeals resonating in the air as they watch the performances unfold on stage.

You could feel the energy in the room, pulsating with every dramatic line delivered and every scene masterfully executed.

Living in a tri-state area, you come across various youth programs, but none stand out like the one at Silvermoon Childrens Theatre.

This place has certainly earned its title as the best youth program in the area, and rightly so.

It has become a cherished part of our community, nurturing the next generation of performers and theatre enthusiasts.

Stroll down Memory Lane at Four States Auto Museum

Antique cars at Four states auto museum
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What a gem tucked away in my hometown!

I decided to spend my Saturday afternoon at the Four States Auto Museum, and I must say, it was an hour well spent.

The collection may not be extensive, but the 15 or so vintage and antique cars and motorcycles on display are in top-notch condition.

I found myself wishing I could whisk some of them away to park in my own garage.

The place is not just about cars, though. There's a sizeable collection of old equipment and memorabilia that adds to the charm.

I loved walking around, taking in all the nostalgia and tidbits of information scattered around.

An old black truck at Four States Auto Museum
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You know, it's not every day you get to see such an array of classic auto parts, signs, and other relics from the past.

And the best part? Four States Auto Museum is run on donations. You can contribute upon entry to help preserve and maintain the place.

Also, if you're lucky like I was, you might even stumble upon a car show! There's nothing quite like seeing these classic beauties in action.

Display of a stylish vintage car at Four States Auto Museum
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I've always been a lover of the arts.

From the moment I could hold a paintbrush, I was creating - on canvas, in notebooks, even on the walls of my childhood home.

So, when I discovered The Gallery at 1894, it felt like I had found a treasure right in my own backyard.

This historic building, packed with character, is home to an impressive collection of works from talented local artists.

On my first visit, I was greeted with a tour of both the lower and upper floors, each brimming with an array of interesting and unusual pieces.

With every corner I turned, I found something new and inspiring that spoke volumes to my creative spirit.

One of the things I love about The Gallery at 1894 is that it's more than just a space for art.

It’s a hub for the local arts and music scene, with special events that draw in folks from all around Texarkana.

No matter when I drop by, there's always something new and exciting to take in, whether it's a fresh collection of artwork or a lively downtown event.

Whether you're an art connoisseur, a creative soul, or just someone who enjoys strolling through a gallery, I highly recommend taking a trip to The Gallery at 1894.

You won't be disappointed by the talent and creativity that our local artists have to offer.

Have a Cookout at Bringle Lake Park West

Oh, the joy of living near Bringle Lake Park West!

Where else can you find such peace and tranquility in the heart of Texarkana?

My favorite pastime has to be taking my boat out on the water.

The park's easy access to the lake is simply incredible.

It's just fantastic to watch the sun drop below the horizon while floating on the gentle waves.

If you're not into boating, no worries.

There's an outdoor sandy volleyball court that's always buzzing with excitement.

It's our go-to spot for family get-togethers and friendly matches.

And let's not forget the cookout spots around the park, complete with built-in grills.

Perfect for a summer barbecue beside the lake.

One of the most exciting features of Bringle Lake Park West is the winding trails through the forest.

Each turn takes you to a new path, each more enchanting than the last.

These trails are not just about the walk but also about the surprises that come with it.

Hidden doors and faces built into random trees add a fun twist to the journey, making it a real-life adventure for all.

Nothing beats the serene atmosphere of the lake, especially on a sunny day.

The park offers an array of activities, from fishing at the dock to letting the kids loose on the playground.

And there's always plenty of parking, no matter how crowded it gets.

Bringle Lake Park West is truly a gem, a place where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature while spending quality time with family and friends.

It's not just a park, it's a part of our life.

Take Snaps with the Texas State Line Monument

Close view of Texas State Line Monument
Nina Alizada / Shutterstock.com

Oh, I remember the first time I happened upon the Texas State Line Monument.

It's one of those hidden gems I always tell my guests about when they're passing through town.

Just off the highway, it's an easy pull-off and a nice break from all the driving.

What's there?

Not much, but that's kind of the beauty of it.

It's just a piece of Texas history standing tall on the side of the road.

It's about 150 feet or so past the turn-off for the Arkansas State Welcome Center.

There's a paved pull-off on the shoulder there, big enough for a few cars to park.

You won't find anything fancy at this spot - no flashing lights or fancy tourist traps.

But it does have a certain charm to it.

The landscape around is well taken care of, giving it a crisp, clean look.

And it offers a great photo opportunity, a chance to capture a piece of the Lone Star State that you can take home with you.

Texas State Line Monument also has a restroom, and let me tell you, it's surprisingly clean for a highway rest stop.

It's just a small detail, but it's the kind of thing that makes the stop that much more enjoyable.

Go Fishing at Bringle Lake Park East

The moment I step into Bringle Lake Park East, I feel as if I've been transported into a tranquil oasis right in the heart of our bustling city.

A wave of calm washes over me as I absorb the beauty of the lush greenery complemented by the serene lake views.

Fishing by the lake at sunrise has become a ritual for me.

There's something incredibly peaceful about casting my line into the sparkling water, waiting for a bite as the sun peaks over the treetops.

Cycling enthusiasts won't be disappointed either.

Bringle Lake Park East is crisscrossed by fantastic biking trails that wind their way through picturesque landscapes.

I often hop on my bike and get lost in the beauty of nature.

But the park isn't just for silent contemplation.

It's also a haven for families.

The playground is always buzzing with children's laughter.

My kids love spending their weekends there, swinging on the monkey bars or vying for the highest slide.

Plus, the park has some excellent picnic spots.

We often pack a lunch, fire up one of the grills, and enjoy a family meal surrounded by the park's breathtaking views.

Kayaking is another highlight of Bringle Lake Park East.

Steering the kayak through the calm waters of the lake not only provides a refreshing workout but also offers some of the most stunning lake views.

Exploring the park's scenic beauty is like discovering a new chapter of a beautiful story each day.

Whether it's a family day out, a tranquil fishing morning, or a rejuvenating bike ride, Bringle Lake Park East has it all.

As someone who enjoys the outdoors, it's this variety of activities and tranquil settings that keep me coming back.

Have an Exercise at Spring Lake Park

When life gets too busy and you crave some peace of serenity, there's no better place to escape than Spring Lake Park.

This is where I often go for a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and a breath of fresh air.

Just imagine a park with a trail, fields, playground equipment, and a disc golf course, plus a lake with fishing piers.

It's the very definition of an outdoor paradise.

For me, a typical day at Spring Lake Park starts with an invigorating walk around its vast space.

I love how the park gives me plenty of room to flex my muscles and get my heart pumping.

The trail is my favorite - it's always fun witnessing the park gradually come alive as the day goes on.

And the scenery? Absolutely beautiful.

The park isn't just for exercise buffs like me - it's a family-friendly place with features for people of all ages.

Children are always having a blast on the different play areas, and the splash pad is a hit during summer.

The sound of their laughter fills the park, adding to its charm.

And let's not forget about the baseball and softball fields that make for a great bonding activity for families and friends.

For the fishing enthusiasts, the lake is a perfect spot.

There's something soothing about casting your line into the water and waiting for a bite - it's a form of meditation if you ask me.

Just make sure to bring your best fishing gear because the piers see a lot of action.

No visit to Spring Lake Park is complete without a picnic.

The park has plenty of tables where you can spread out your feast and enjoy a meal amidst nature.

And don't worry about restrooms - they're conveniently located around the park.

Catch a Performance at the Perot Theatre

Yellow and white building of Perot Theatre
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From the first time I stepped inside the elegant Perot Theatre, I was enthralled.

The grandeur of this early 20th-century gem is incomparable, its meticulously restored interiors transporting you to a bygone era.

Every performance feels like a special occasion in this historic venue.

The beauty of the theater is only matched by the quality of the performances it hosts.

I remember attending the Jurassic movie with a concert; it was an expensive ticket, but a unique experience that was well worth the price.

The musicians, brilliantly recreating the movie soundtrack, gave the audience a taste of what it feels like when music is made for major movie productions.

The standing ovation they received was a testament to their talent.

However, this grandeur isn't without its flaws.

The bathrooms, for instance, aren't built for handling large crowds.

That's something the management should look into.

Despite this, nothing takes away from the magic of the theatre.

A special mention must be made of the anniversary recital of ALL RHYTHM DANCE ALLEY.

The Perot staff exceeded expectations with their helpful and friendly service.

They seamlessly managed dancers and audiences alike.

The recital was a joyous celebration, with participants ranging from toddlers to those in their 50s.

The sight of the original balconies, banisters, and ceiling, beautifully highlighted when the lights were on, added to the charm of the evening.

Another delightful aspect of the theatre is the small concession stand.

Although eating inside the theater isn't allowed, the stand provides water, cold drinks, and candy for a quick refreshment.

From its history to its architecture to the performances and the overall experience, the Perot Theatre is truly an epitome of elegance and culture.

Whether you're a first-time visitor or a local like me, this place never fails to impress.

Let Your Kids Run Free at Texarkana Parks & Recreation

There's a charm about Texarkana Parks & Recreation that's hard to resist.

As soon as you step foot into this lush outdoor haven, it feels like a breath of fresh air.

The park is a playground for all ages.

There's plenty of equipment for the kids, including a free splash pad that they absolutely love.

And for those who are 14 and up, there's an exercise area that has become my personal sanctuary.

I find the trails that encircle the tranquil lake perfect for my morning walks, and the picnic tables and benches under mature, shade-providing trees are the best spots for an afternoon read.

And for the sports enthusiasts, there's always a baseball game to catch.

There's something about the energy of the park during these games that's infectious.

It's not just a park but a community hub where families come together to cheer, laugh, and simply enjoy each other's company in a safe, welcoming environment.

We don't just visit Texarkana Parks & Recreation; we live it.

It's become a part of our weekly routine, our outdoor home away from home.

The park's water features, teeming with geese and ducks, the fishing pier, and quaint stone bridges add to the idyllic charm that makes this park a true Texarkana treasure.

The grounds are always clean, the bathrooms are well-maintained, and there's even a little free library that my kids adore.

Socialize Your Fido at Spring Lake Park Dog Park

Ever since I discovered the Spring Lake Park Dog Park, my life and my doggos have changed for the better.

From morning walks and runs to evening strolls, this has become our go-to spot for all things fun and refreshing.

It's a huge park sequestered off in two sections for small and large dogs, ensuring that pups of all sizes have a safe place to run around.

Spring Lake Park Dog Park is teeming with trees, which provide plenty of shade for humans and dogs alike.

It's delightful to sit on the benches and picnic tables that are scattered across the park, watch my dog play, and enjoy the natural beauty.

And if your furry friend gets thirsty, there's a water fountain right at the first gate!

My dog absolutely adores the sand/dirt area for digging.

Combined with the grassy spots, it's a paradise for any dog who loves to run around and dig.

But the park isn't just for dogs!

There's a playground for kids and a "mailbox library" for those who love to read.

I have spent countless hours reading my favorite books while my dog takes his time exploring and making new friends.

A bonus is that the park is conveniently located right off the highway, perfect for a quick stop on road trips.

It's always nice to let your dog stretch their legs after a long drive.

The park is beautifully maintained, and there's always something going on.

I often ride my bike through the park, soaking in the peaceful ambiance.

It's the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect with nature.

Discover Local Artistry at the Regional Arts Center

Exterior of Regional Arts Center
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I can still remember the pure joy on my son's face when he returned home from his first day at the Regional Arts Center's summer art camp.

From the moment he stepped into the grand, beautiful center, he was enchanted.

I had heard from a friend about their fantastic programs and decided to check it out.

His days were filled with creativity, inspiration, and the guidance of dedicated, skilled instructors.

He loved every minute of it, always eager to share his new art pieces with me.

The environment was encouraging and stimulating, and he couldn't wait to go back each day.

Even better, the Regional Arts Center offered scholarships for their summer programs.

It was a relief to know that they made art accessible to all kids in our community, regardless of their financial circumstances.

This wasn't just a place for art but a haven for nurturing young talent and fostering a love for creativity.

I decided to sign my son up for more sessions, and I eagerly anticipate the masterpieces that he'll create.

Have a Night Out at Redbone Magic Brewing

I've been living here for years, and trust me when I say that there's no place quite like Redbone Magic Brewing.

Whether it's the karaoke nights, the trivia evenings, or the live bands that take center stage, there's always something happening here, and it's always a good time.

The food is another story altogether.

From their succulent brisket and chicken tacos to the most mouthwatering burgers you'll ever sink your teeth into, it's clear that the kitchen is just as talented as the band on stage.

Tuesday nights are my favorite when they bring out their infamous Taco Night specials.

And let me tell you, their tacos are rivaled only by those you'll find in Mexico itself.

But let's not forget about the brews.

They've got a fantastic selection of beers, but the one that stands out for me is their blackberry mead.

I swear, every single sip is a burst of berry goodness that takes you straight to a summer's day.

If you're an IPA fan, their Everything Rhymes with Orange IPA is a must-try.

And the staff, they're as much a part of the experience as anything else.

From the bartenders to the servers, everyone has a knack for making you feel at home.

Uncover Local History at Texarkana Museums System

Suddenly, one day, I found myself wandering along Stateline road. I spotted the Texarkana Museums System and decided to step inside.

The moment I walked in, I was greeted by an incredibly friendly face at the front desk.

Texarkana Museums System, though small in size, struck me as a treasure trove of intriguing artifacts and memorabilia.

My curiosity was piqued by the distinct collection dedicated to the illustrious Scott Joplin.

As I ventured to the second floor, I found myself immersed in the rich local history.

Although I must confess that not all displays were adequately lit, it was a bit of a challenge to read some of the labels.

Especially the ones that were placed low on the stand-alone exhibits.

It did require a bit of squatting, but I found it to be an interesting way to engage with the exhibits.

Step back in Time at P. J. Ahern Home

Exterior view of P.J. Ahern Home
Texarkana Museums System, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ever had the chance to time travel? Well, I've had a taste of it right here in Texarkana, at the P. J. Ahern Home.

The place is like a snapshot of the past, frozen in time with all its original furnishings and fixtures intact.

On my visit, I was greeted by a friendly tour guide who was brimming with information about the house and its rich history.

Now, it's worth mentioning that the tour is limited to the downstairs area for now - something about this only adds to the mystery and allure of the house.

Despite the lack of access to the upper floor, I never felt that my experience was somehow incomplete.

During the tour of P. J. Ahern Home, I was fascinated by the docent's anecdotes about the house and the people who once resided here.

I could almost picture the Victorian family living, laughing, and making memories within these walls.

Each room held a different story, a different vibe.

Yes, it's a rather short tour, but it's packed with rich historical details and insights into a bygone era.

I'd highly recommend anyone with a love for history, architecture, or just a plain old curiosity to come and take a peek into the past at the P. J. Ahern Home.

After all, who knows when the upstairs will open, revealing even more secrets of this historic gem?

Discover Nature's Art at The Bringle Dam

Ever since I can remember, taking a walk at The Bringle Dam has always felt like stepping into a spray-painted, nature-infused canvas.

The place has a certain charm that offers a unique blend of relaxation and adventure.

One can't help but notice the stark urban art display on the dam walls.

Initially, the graffiti may come across as a bit of an eyesore, but over time, it grew on me.

Now, I find the swirling colors and crude sketches adding character to the otherwise monotonous dam surface.

The trail over The Bringle Dam is quite a labyrinth, with a network of intersecting trails.

It's easy to get turned around if you're not careful, but it's also perfect for aimless wandering and escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.

One thing to be cautious of when walking your furry companions over the bridge is the wide gaps between the planks.

It's easy for their little legs to slip through, albeit the view from the bridge is a sight to behold.

The Bringle Lake, an integral part of the area, has a history of its own.

It used to be the water supply of the city of Texarkana.

With the development of Lake Wright Patman, this lake fell out of use and was largely abandoned, with the exception of the boat ramp that was still maintained.

Now, it's more of a serene spot for folks looking to enjoy a bit of nature.

Step back into the 19th Century at the Museum of Regional History

Front view of Museum of Regional History
No machine-readable author provided. Billy Hathorn assumed (based on copyright claims)., CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There's something quite special about the Museum of Regional History nestled in my beloved Texarkana.

The charm of the 19th-century office building it's housed in breathes life into the stories the museum tells, making it feel like you're stepping back in time.

Once you step through the doors, you are immediately transported into a world brimming with intriguing stories about local history and music.

The interactive exhibits are a treat, making the experience not just educational but genuinely enjoyable as well.

The exhibits aren't overly flashy or extravagant, but they have a certain authenticity that makes them all the more engaging.

One of the things I love most about the Museum of Regional History is its size.

It's not overwhelmingly large, making it the perfect place to spend a leisurely afternoon exploring the past.

The museum is spread over two floors, with the third floor still under construction, and it usually takes me about half an hour to absorb everything the museum has to offer.

But what truly sets the museum apart is the staff.

Mrs Dusty Baker, in particular, is phenomenal.

She has an uncanny knack for storytelling that makes the stories she shares feel so real, it's as if she lived through them herself.

A visit to the museum isn't complete without having a chat with her.

She always has some remarkable stories and valuable advice to share.

The Museum of Regional History is more than just a place for history enthusiasts.

It's a hidden gem that offers an insightful glimpse into the incredible history of the Texarkana region.

The minimal entry fee is a small price to pay for the knowledge and memories you'll gain from your visit.

Whether you've lived here all your life, like me, or you're just passing through, I highly recommend making a quick stop at the museum.

You won't be disappointed.

Peruse the Items at Owls Nest Flea Market

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon when I decided to wander into the Owls Nest Flea Market

This isn't your typical flea market.

It's more like a treasure trove of creativity, with a collection of vendors showcasing their crafts and wares inside a large building.

My first impression was how clean and organized everything was.

No dust or musty smells that usually come with such places.

Instead, it was an inviting atmosphere that beckoned me to explore further.

I spent hours rummaging through the array of items that each vendor had to offer.

From antique furniture to quirky knick-knacks, there was truly something for everyone at Owls Nest Flea Market.

I even found a Mud Pie item that made the perfect wedding gift for my friend.

One of the highlights was definitely the interaction with the staff.

They were not just sweet and kind at the checkout but also took special care with my purchases.

I even got into a few interesting conversations about the stories behind some of the items.

I also brought my daughter along, who was just as enamored by the place.

We found lots of cute, random things that added to our growing collection back home.

Marvel at the Uniqueness of The Ace of Clubs House

Front view of Draughon-Moore Ace of Clubs House
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I remember the first time I laid eyes on the Ace of Clubs House, I was struck by its unusual architecture.

It was like nothing I'd ever seen before.

Designed and built in 1885, the house has an Italianate Victorian style and is shaped like a playing card club, hence the name.

The house was closed for renovations for a time, and I could only admire it from the outside.

Even then, it was quite a sight to behold.

There was something incredibly intriguing about getting glimpses of the house through the gate, watching as the restoration work brought it back to life.

I must say, the wait was worth it!

The moment the doors finally opened, I was there.

What I found inside exceeded my expectations.

The interior is immaculate, a testament to the hard work and dedication of those involved in its renovation.

I have taken many house tours in different cities, but the uniqueness of the Ace of Clubs House is unparalleled.

What adds to the charm of visiting this historical gem is the warm hospitality extended by the staff.

During my tour, due to my walking disability, the docent went above and beyond to ensure my comfort, always having a chair ready for me in the next room.

It was this personal touch that made the entire experience extremely memorable.

Grab Fresh Produce from Texarkana Farmers Market

"Every Saturday morning, my day begins with a trip to Texarkana Farmers Market.

Though small in size, it’s filled with unique shops and friendly faces that give a warm welcome.

You can feel the community vibe as soon as you step in.

I might be a regular customer, but every visit is a new experience.

The people here are what make this place truly special.

The vendors are down-to-earth, friendly people who greet you with warm smiles and engaging conversations.

I remember on my first visit, I was instantly taken by the hospitality and have been coming back ever since.

One thing I love about Texarkana Farmers Market is the local honey available.

I have allergies, and using local honey had been suggested to me as a remedy.

My first encounter with the sweet elixir was here at the market, and I have to confess, it was a game-changer for dealing with my allergies.

That said, I do wish they had more variety, like vegetables and fruits.

I love the charm of the place, but a little more variety would make it even more perfect.

Have a Picnic at Ferguson Park

Bobby Ferguson Park
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As the sun begins to rise, I often find myself walking towards my favorite spot in the city, Ferguson Park.

When the day becomes too hot, it becomes a haven for the little ones, designed specifically for ages 2-5.

The park is adorned with two picnic tables positioned perfectly under the shade of the trees.

We often bring our lunch here, enjoying the quietness and the ambiance of the park.

Just remember to bring your own water and be cautious when the kids are playing on the equipment.

The blistering summer heat can make the plastic slides quite hot. But don't worry; the park is always well-kept, and there's a handy trash can near the picnic tables.

Now, there are plenty of reasons why I love Ferguson Park, but one of my favorite features is the swings.

They are perfect for all ages, a delightful touch that adds to the charm of the park.

Kids play area at Bobby Ferguson Park
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There's also a small area with various seating options for adults.

Whether you're watching your children play or just need a moment to relax, this park has you covered.

However, just a word of caution: the park is located close to Texas Boulevard, and there's a bit of a deep ditch next to it.

But as long as you're mindful of the children, Ferguson Park remains a wonderful place to spend your day.

Having grown up in Texarkana and having seen the transformation of Ferguson Park, I can't help but feel a sense of nostalgia and warmth towards this place.

In fact, I look forward to bringing my own son here, letting him experience the same joy and tranquility that I did during my childhood years.

Picnic area at Bobby Ferguson Park
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Play Ball at William Karrh Memorial Park

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to get lost in the heart of nature?

Well, I've found the perfect sanctuary for such days - the William Karrh Memorial Park.

Nestled in Texarkana, my hometown, it's an oasis of green fields and open spaces.

I love heading over to the park to practice my baseball swing.

It's expansive, with well-maintained fields that are perfect for playing sports.

And the best part is, it's a breeze to reserve a spot.

Just a few taps on my phone, and I've got my weekend sports fix sorted.

Now, you might be thinking it's just a baseball park, but trust me, there's a lot more to it.

The park houses a large pavilion that's always spick and span.

It's the perfect spot for family picnics or just to take a break and enjoy the scenic beauty around.

I'm particularly fond of the lake in William Karrh Memorial Park.

It's a serene spot amidst the bustling city, ideal for some quiet introspection.

I often take long walks around it, soaking in the tranquility.

And it's not just about the greenery.

The park also takes care of the mundane yet important aspects.

There are covered bleachers for the spectators and a neat concession stand serving up some delightful snacks.

And the bathrooms are always clean, which is honestly a blessing.

Experience the Paranormal of Hotel Grim

Exterior of Hotel Grim
Michael BareraCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every time I look at the grand structure of Hotel Grim, it fills me with a sense of pride and awe.

It's one of those landmarks that make Texarkana, my hometown, truly unique.

The historic hotel, now being transformed into apartments, has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Growing up, I remember hearing fascinating tales about the hotel.

Its eerie charm and vintage architecture often sparked my imagination.

Seeing it now undergoing renovations, it's incredible how much detail and effort is put into restoring it while maintaining its defining characteristics.

I remember my parents being part of the crew that helped clean it out about two decades ago.

Seeing their work now being built upon, there's a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Walking past Hotel Grim often sparks a sense of curiosity.

I usually stop by to marvel at the progress of the renovations and sometimes even capture a few photos.

The outside is impressive enough, but the real treat lies within.

I once found a message from the restorers inside, and it made for a sweet memory.

But what adds more to the charm of Hotel Grim is the spooky vibe it exudes.

It is so authentic you'd almost think you're in a mystery thriller.

I remember one time when a shady guy approached me for money.

It was an odd experience, but I just laughed it off.

It turned out to be just part of the hotel's unique allure.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go Winetasting at Red Road Vineyard & Winery

Just another casual Monday last week turned into an unexpectedly memorable day.

A friend and I decided to pay a visit to Red Road Vineyard and Winery, only to realize that they were closed.

But as we were about to drive away, the owners spotted us, rushed out, and graciously opened their doors just for us.

I was particularly impressed by their strawberry wine, so much so that I ended up buying a couple of bottles, although, for the life of me, I can't remember the names of the other varieties I purchased.

That evening, we ended up buying a case of their exquisite wine and promised to return soon.

The passion and kindness that the owners showcased were a testament to their commitment to providing a lovely experience to anyone who wanders into their winery.

The timeless beauty of Red Road Vineyard and Winery is something that pictures don't do justice to.

You have to be there to feel it.

Final Thoughts

Texarkana, Texas, is truly a city that flourishes with rich history, cultural experiences, and outdoor adventure.

Whether it's taking in the symphony orchestra's rich sounds, admiring the exhibits at the Regional Arts Center, or enjoying a peaceful day at Bringle Lake Park, there's always something to captivate you.

Every corner of this city offers something unique, making Texarkana not just a place to live but a place to explore and cherish.

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