20 Best Things to Do in Stockbridge, GA

Stockbridge, GA
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Let’s dive deep into the soul of Stockbridge, unveiling its secrets and discovering the best this city has to offer.

Prepare to be amazed and to fall in love with the best things to do in Stockbridge, Georgia.

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Visit Panola Mountain State Park

Rocky outcrop of Panola Mountain State Park
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I must tell you, there's nothing quite like the serenity you find at Panola Mountain State Park.

The grandeur of the granite mountain, the tranquillity of the two fishing lakes, and the charming nature center provide a perfect backdrop for a relaxing day or even an overnight camping trip.

I've spent countless afternoons exploring the park.

The hiking trails wind and twist through the park, offering various stunning views.

And the fishing lakes are a peaceful haven, perfect for those looking to cast a line and try their luck.

One of my favorite memories at the park was during a 4th of July celebration.

After a leisurely hike, we settled down to enjoy the evening.

The spectacle of fireworks in the distance, not too close to be overwhelming but just right to be enjoyed, was a sight to behold.

But the park is not just about natural beauty.

I can always rely on them to answer any queries, whether it's about the park's history, flora, or fauna.

Leaf on a small creek at Panola Mountain State Park
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And for the more adventurous, bike rentals are available at the welcome center.

If you're into camping, prepare for a little trek.

The walk to the campground is a bit of a hike, but that adds to the sense of adventure.

And once you get there, the peace of the campground is worth every step.

You can even bring your pets along on your adventure!

The dogwoods in full bloom are an excellent backdrop for those perfect pet pictures.

And for outdoor enthusiasts, an extraordinary paved bike trail winds through the park.

I can't wait to return this summer to join a Ranger-led hike up the granite mountain.

There's always something new to explore at Panola Mountain State Park. You've got to see it for yourself!

Uncover the Magic at BarnBeautiful

Up here in our tight-knit community, we hold a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship of the past.

It's like a hidden treasure waiting to be rediscovered.

I was looking for a unique centerpiece for my living room when I stumbled upon the website BarnBeautiful.

And let me tell you, it was love at first sight.

BarnBeautiful is a haven for those seeking custom, handcrafted pieces with a story.

My visit to BarnBeautiful was not just about buying furniture but also about preserving a part of our community's heritage.

Now, I have a beautiful coffee table in my living room that holds many stories of the past while being a part of my present.

What makes BarnBeautiful even more remarkable is the collaboration with local artisans.

You can find unique paintings, intricate stained glass, and beautiful leatherwork under one roof.

Each piece tells a tale of our community's talent and creativity.

Ordering a custom piece from BarnBeautiful was an incredible experience.

I now have a table and chairs made from the Crumbley Oak Clad Barn wood.

Each time I sit at that table, I can't help but think about the lives it has touched over the last hundred years.

It's a piece of history, and thanks to Greg and BarnBeautiful, it's now a part of my home.

Feel the Thrill at J.P. Moseley Disc Golf Course

You can feel the surge of adrenaline as soon as you step into the J.P. Moseley Disc Golf Course.

It's like being in the Olympics; every step you take every throw you make is a test of skill and strategy.

What sets this course apart is how well-maintained it is.

The grass is always fresh cut, a green carpet that adds to the game's allure.

One of the reasons why I keep coming back to this course is its updated baskets.

They’re sturdy, reliable, and the perfect target for a disc golf enthusiast like me.

Plus, the home maps on uDisc are so accurate it's impossible to get lost.

Their updates over time are impressive and only add to the game's dynamism.

There are technical, wooded holes that challenge your throwing skills and wide open spaces where you can test your strength.

No two days at the course are the same, and every game is a new experience.

It's no wonder it’s considered one of the best courses in Georgia.

I've also had the opportunity to participate in the EBAD Tourney here.

The well-kept course and coordination by the management made it a memorable experience.

So, whether you're a beginner just getting your hands on the disc or a seasoned player seeking new challenges, the J.P. Moseley Disc Golf Course is a must-visit.

It’s a community where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts, learn from each other, and, above all, enjoy the thrill of the game.

Get a Glimpse into the Past at The Parker House

You wouldn't believe the history within the quiet town of Jonesboro, Georgia.

The Parker House, a cherished relic from 1830, is a testament to our town's rich past.

For years, I've watched the community rallying to save this historical monument from further decay.

Even though it's closed to the public, I pass it daily to work.

The house is boarded up, an effort taken to protect it from further damage.

At first glance, it might seem abandoned, but it's far from it.

The Parker House is also part of our shared heritage.

It's a bridge that connects us to our ancestors who walked these same streets centuries ago.

The mere sight of the house, with its weathered boards and faded paint, sends my imagination soaring.

It's as if I can hear the echoes of history whispering in the wind.

If you're ever in Jonesboro, I highly recommend taking a detour to see the Parker House.

It might not be open for a tour, but the sight is worth it.

Moreover, it's a fascinating piece of our town's history, a part of us.

And should you pass by, take a moment to appreciate the tireless efforts put into its preservation.

Unleash Your Creativity at LMB Bisque & Art Studio

Taking a delightful turn into the art world, I decided to visit the LMB Bisque & Art Studio in the heart of our community.

With the bustling weekday routine, it was a welcoming haven, offering a restful and therapeutic Sunday experience.

My friends and I delved into clay art therapy, allowing us to tap into our creative reservoirs.

The studio's spacious and clean environment let our imaginations run wild.

Eagerly, we promised ourselves another rendezvous in this artistic sanctuary soon.

As part of a larger community project, I also introduced my local Girl Scout troop to the magic of painting pottery at LMB.

The pristine studio and the soothing atmosphere left a lasting impression.

LMB Bisque & Art Studio is truly an artistic gem in our locality.

Always leaving with a radiant smile and a beautiful piece of art, I consider this place my go-to spot for creative rejuvenation.

Enjoy a Hauntingly Good Time at Southern Ghost Tours

There's never a dull moment in the shadowy, spine-chilling world of the Southern Ghost Tours.

It was another casual Saturday when I decided to plunge into the paranormal world. And boy, am I glad I did!

This was not another tour aiming to sensationalize the paranormal. It unearthed the past and helped us understand the present.

But the adventure didn't stop there! I also partook in the Murder Mystery Dinner.

They know how to orchestrate an evening of suspense and theatrical flair; their ability to interact with guests and play off their reactions was a sight.

There's no doubt in my mind - whether it's history or hauntings, Southern Ghost Tours is the thing to do in McDonough. Will I go again? In a heartbeat!

Spend the Day at Clark Community Park

The Clark Community Park, nestled in the heart of Stockbridge, is my sanctuary.

It is a tranquil 11-acre wonderland in my backyard, where I often escape for my daily dose of nature and serenity.

The park stands out with its modern play structures, a nicely paved walking path, picnic areas - the perfect setting for a laid-back afternoon with the family, and a grill that I've fired up for many impromptu barbecues.

But my absolute favorite? The Bark Park is a haven for my energetic Border Collie.

The large, shaded dog enclosure is the right place for her to run free, exercise, and make new friends.

On Tuesdays, we usually have the Food Truck event.

The atmosphere is simply electrifying!

With a live disk jockey playing music and people lounging around enjoying a variety of dishes, it's like a mini festival in the heart of Stockbridge.

The Clark Community Park has managed to weave itself into the fabric of my daily life, providing a perfect urban retreat.

Hang Out at Memorial Park

What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than at Stockbridge's Memorial Park?

It is a personal favorite for its tranquility and abundant amenities.

One moment, I could be dunking hoops on the basketball court.

The next, I'm strolling along the walking track, immersed in nature.

There's a charm in the park that's hard to resist, especially when the playgrounds are filled with the innocent laughter of children.

My kid loves it here, too.

The multiple play areas keep them entertained and active for hours.

I often pack a picnic basket, pick a spot, and enjoy a meal amidst the greenery.

However, the park does have its share of crowded days, particularly on holidays.

BBQ grills sizzle with feasts, families gather, and the park buzzes with activity.

It’s best to arrive early if you want a good spot.

One of my favorite features of the park is the Reeves Creek Trail.

A leisurely walk along this trail offers a delightful escape from the bustling city life.

Memorial Park is perfect for a weekend outing or a quick evening escape.

Tee Off at Eagles Landing Country Club

Basking in the Georgia sun, there's nothing like spending a warm Tuesday afternoon at the Eagles Landing Country Club.

My first-ever golf course visit coincided perfectly with the Women in Golf event.

Playing golf there is an absolute dream.

The amenities are unparalleled, making life feel like a permanent vacation.

Whether spending a lazy Sunday at the pool or enjoying a rigorous workout at the gym, there's something for everyone here.

The club also knows how to throw a great party.

I'll never forget the 85th birthday celebration of a dear family friend that we attended.

The food, especially the Salmon and Chicken, was cooked to perfection.

With memorable events like these, it's no wonder I love calling Eagles Landing Country Club my home.

Sample the Caribbean at Papi's Cuban & Caribbean Grill

From the rhythm of the live Latin music to the zing in every bite, Papi's Cuban & Caribbean Grill is undoubtedly one of my favorite local spots.

My regular lunchtime visit here feels like a trip to the sunny Caribbean shores.

The place is easy on the wallet while serving some serious mouth-watering Cuban and Caribbean flavors.

I have a soft spot for their Mediterranean shrimp with yellow rice, served alongside a delightful side salad and perfectly sweet plantains.

The black beans they do on the side are a flavorful addition—their food tastes like home, like comfort – lightly seasoned and delicious.

A special mention goes to the mango pineapple vinaigrette dressing - a sweet, tangy concoction that elevates the side salad.

It's so good I wish they'd bottle it and sell it on grocery store shelves.

If you are ever in the mood for Cuban food, I recommend paying Papa's a visit.

Moreover, the Cuban sandwiches here are something else - fresh, delicious, and oozing with a sauce that tastes like heaven.

A visit to Papi's is a complete experience - the food, the service, the clean bathrooms, and the overall cozy ambiance of the restaurant.

I can confidently say that I'll be coming back – 100%.

After all, who can resist the call of the Caribbean in the city's heart?

Enjoy an Afternoon at Hidden Valley Park

I've frequented Hidden Valley Park for years now, and the place never falls short of giving me a good time.

Whether I want to unwind or enjoy sports, this park has always been my go-to.

The recent renovations have made the park more appealing for sports enthusiasts like me.

Likewise, the last time I visited, I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of new tennis courts and a pickleball court.

I can't wait to start spending my afternoons there, with a tennis or pickleball game.

The baseball fields are also well-maintained and perfect for a game with your buddies.

You should visit the park for its sports facilities.

But remember, the bathrooms aren't always open, although there are porta-potties for emergencies.

Hidden Valley Park is a fun place to spend a day outdoors.

Enjoy a Night Out at Smokin' Cues

It was just an ordinary Friday night when I decided to try something new - and found myself stepping into Smokin' Cues, an experience that's anything but ordinary.

Imagine this: the hum of chatter and laughter, the clinking of beer glasses, and the sight of friendly faces gathered around pool tables - it's the perfect concoction for a fun night out.

Music is the lifeblood of this place.

One night, you might find yourself tapping your feet to the tunes of Hot Rod Walt, and on another, you might be swaying to the melodies of John Mary Go Round.

Every visit promises a different yet thrilling musical experience. Always something new, always something exciting.

What makes Smokin' Cues even better is its patrons.

From the regulars who've found their second home here to the newcomers stumbling upon this gem by accident - every person you meet has a story to share, a joke to tell, or a round to buy.

And trust me, their beers are something to brag about.

Smokin' Cues is a community, a haven for those seeking good times and great friends.

And once you've been, you'll understand why it's considered the best bar in Henry County.

So, the next time you're looking for a place to unwind, take a cue from me and head over to Smokin' Cues.

You'll thank me later.

Enjoy an Evening at Pin Strikes

There's nothing like a Friday night spent at the sprawling bowling alley that is Pin Strikes in Stockbridge.

This place is more than just a bowling alley; it's a treasure trove of entertainment with various activities available for all ages.

It's like stepping into a different world, from bumper cars to laser tag and even virtual reality simulations.

I remember when our PTA hosted a private end-of-the-school-year party here.

It was my first visit, and boy, was I impressed!

There were games aplenty, with a good mix of physical activities like bowling and more laid-back ones like video games.

Likewise, the food was a pleasant surprise.

I had pizza and wings, and they were pretty good.

And if you tire of bowling, there's always the arcade and the virtual reality games.

So, I find myself drawn to Pin Strikes now and then. It's an experience.

Explore Yule Forest

Every season brings a different reason to visit the Yule Forest, a charming slice of countryside life in our town.

As a frequenter, I have come to relish the tulip festival that the Forest hosts annually.

The stunning bloom of tulips, stretching as far as the eye can see, is a sight you'll carry in your heart.

Likewise, the festival is an educational experience, particularly for the little ones.

I remember my niece planting tulip bulbs and learning about their life cycle.

The management does a commendable job of keeping the children engaged and ensuring their trip is both fun and educational.

Meanwhile, Yule Forest also hosts a pumpkin patch event every fall.

I find it holds a rare rustic charm in modern-day recreational areas.

The corn maze and the farm-themed cutouts add a specific character to the place, making it a unique experience.

Of course, no visit to the Yule Forest is complete without indulging in their delicious funnel cakes.

Yule Forest has left an indelible mark on me as a local.

It's a place that constantly reminds us of our community's spirit, love for nature, and the simple joys of life.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Experience the Allure of the Krog Street Tunnel

Colorful graffiti in Krog Street Tunnel
Jon Bilous / Shutterstock.com

Every city has a heart, a pulse that seems to reverberate with the rhythm of its people.

In Atlanta, that heartbeat resonates from the Krog Street Tunnel.

I've spent countless evenings exploring the vibrant artwork and adoring every inch of this urban canvas.

Saturday mornings at 4 a.m. are my favorite time to visit.

There's a certain tranquility to the place, a significant contrast to the party scene that brightens the tunnel on Friday nights.

Walking through the tunnel during such a peaceful hour, I delve into the heart of Atlanta, a city teeming with diversity and talent.

The artwork in the Krog Street Tunnel paints a picture of Atlanta's vibrant life, each mural a testament to the city's brilliant minds.

It's a treasure trove of creativity waiting to be discovered - or, more appropriately, enjoyed.

View inside the Krog Street Tunnel
red7255 / Shutterstock.com

However, the tunnel is only the beginning. The art isn't confined to the tunnel walls; it extends for miles around the area, reflecting various aspects of life.

I usually park my car nearby and either walk, bike, or scoot around, immersing myself in the visual symphony.

Its charm lies in the artwork and the ever-changing dynamics of the city it represents.

Simply put, Krog Street Tunnel is an open-air museum showcasing the soul of Atlanta.

Whether you're an art enthusiast or a casual observer, there's something to appreciate in every corner.

And trust me, you wouldn't want to miss out on this spectacle.

Enjoy a Sky-High Adventure at the Delta Flight Museum

Exterior of Delta Flight Museum
EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

Stepping into the Delta Flight Museum is like stepping into an aviation time machine.

Nestled right here in Atlanta, it whisks you away from the ordinary.

It thrusts you into the midst of Delta Airline's incredible history, from humble beginnings in the propeller era to the awe-inspiring contemporary jet age.

One of the most fascinating features of the museum is its location - a hangar packed with authentic planes, even a handful outside, that you can get up close and personal with.

Standing next to the massive tires and walking under the enormous wings, you're struck by the sheer size and complexity of these seemingly magical flying machines.

You're not just allowed but encouraged to climb aboard a couple of the planes and test out the seats!

No visit to the Delta Flight Museum would be complete without a tour of the 747.

An aircraft in Delta Flight Museum
EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

This colossal aircraft is a marvel to behold and offers an intimate look into the cockpit, a rare treat for aviation enthusiasts and casual sightseers alike.

But the pièce de résistance of my visit was the 737-200 simulator.

Imagine, if you will, sitting in the pilot's seat, feeling the rush of take-off, the thrill of navigating the skies, and the adrenaline surge that accompanies landing - all without leaving the ground.

This immersive experience is second to none and one that I wholeheartedly recommend.

While my fellow Atlantans and I may have a penchant for trains, the Delta Flight Museum provides a fantastic foray into the world of flight.

It might not be on the typical sightseeing itinerary for those visiting the Peach State, but trust me, it's a hidden gem well worth the detour.

Exhibit in Delta Flight Museum
Joseph Creamer / Shutterstock.com

Spend the Day at Southern Belle Farm

You know how people say, "Don't grocery shop when you're hungry"?

I want to add that: Don't visit Southern Belle Farm when hungry unless you're ready for a mouthful of the freshest, juiciest strawberries you've ever tasted.

My family and I have made it a tradition to go fruit picking at least once every season, and our favorite spot is Southern Belle Farm.

It provides a fantastic opportunity to show the kids where their food comes from, and they love the hands-on experience of picking their succulent strawberries and blackberries.

Last summer, we even branched out and tried our hands at flower picking.

The experience was genuinely enriching - getting our hands dirty, smelling the sweet perfume of the blossoms, and seeing the kids' faces light up as they picked each flower.

Meanwhile, the farm also hosts an adorable show that features some extravagant items - a perfect source of delight for the little ones.

The farm is well-planned and organized, with ample parking and well-maintained facilities, including restrooms and food gift shops.

There's a comfortable sitting area where you can relax and enjoy food.

The charges for the activities and U-pick are pretty reasonable, considering the quality of the experience.

It's a great place to be in nature's lap, with beautiful landscapes and the chance to pick fresh produce.

And let's not forget the food. The farm offers a range of desserts and drinks perfect for those hot summer days.

I can attest that nothing beats the heat better than their homemade strawberry ice cream.

Visiting Southern Belle Farm is a charming way to spend a sunny day, and I can't wait for our next visit.

It makes you appreciate the simple things in life - like the ripe taste of a freshly picked strawberry or the beauty of a sunflower blooming under the Georgia sun.

Go on a Culinary Adventure at Fairlie-Poplar District

Entryway of Fairlie-Poplar District
JustPixs / Shutterstock.com

I've seen my fair share of changes in this city, but one corner always keeps me coming back - the Fairlie-Poplar District.

Trust me, there's no better area to grab a bite, whether a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner.

You'll find various restaurants to choose from - Rosa's Pizza, Starbucks, Dave's Cheese Steaks, and Smoothie King, to name a few.

Each one offers a unique gastronomic experience.

What sets the Fairlie-Poplar District apart from other foodie spots is the atmosphere.

The place comes alive in the summertime with outdoor seating and live music.

You can spend your lunch break enjoying a delicious meal while soaking up the sun and grooving to catchy tunes.

Shops at Fairlie-Poplar District
JustPixs / Shutterstock.com

Moreover, the Fairlie-Poplar District is a cultural hub showcasing Atlanta's vibrant and diverse spirit.

On another note, it's also near Georgia State University.

So, if you're a student looking for a scenic place to study or hang out, this is your spot.

Just remember to keep your surroundings clean so everyone can enjoy this gem of a place.

Despite its imperfections, downtown Atlanta wouldn't be the same without the Fairlie-Poplar District.

So, whether you're in the mood for a piping hot pizza, a satisfying cheesesteak, or a refreshing smoothie, this is where you'll want to be.

Go on an Adventure at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

"Wow, the kids will sleep well tonight!" I thought as I watched them bounce around the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.

The place offers a grand combination of fun and fitness in McDonough, Georgia.

When my kids spotted the massive indoor trampoline area, I knew we were in for a long, active day.

Open jump, dodgeball, fitness classes - they couldn't get enough.

But the real cherry on top was the zip line.

The joy on their faces as they zipped across the room was priceless.

I remember a birthday party we attended at Urban Air last May.

The kids had the time of their lives, and the party packages were surprisingly affordable.

What I appreciated was the relaxed atmosphere. I advise getting there early, mainly if your little ones are shy.

This way, when the crowds start trickling in, your kids are already comfortable and ready to enjoy.

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park are perfect for letting your kids burn off some energy. It's fun, it's safe, and it's right in our backyard!

Final Thoughts

I can confidently say Stockbridge, Georgia, never ceases to amaze me. With its rich heritage and a delightful mix of activities, it's a place where everyone can find something they enjoy.

Ultimately, the charm of Stockbridge lies in its ability to cater to all types of visitors, from the nature lover to the history buff, from the foodie to the art enthusiast.

Whether you're a lifelong resident or a first-time visitor, Stockbridge, Georgia, will leave you with lasting memories.

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