18 Best Things to Do in St. Pete Beach, FL

St. Pete Beach, FL
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Welcome to the sun-soaked corner of paradise, St. Pete Beach, Florida!

Its tranquil beauty, vibrant culture, and abundant outdoor activities have a way of charming every visitor.

Allow me to guide you on an exciting journey through the best things to do in St. Pete Beach, Florida!

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Unwind at North Beach At Fort DeSoto Park

A bench at Fort DeSoto Park
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Let me tell you. There is nothing like a day spent at the North Beach at Fort DeSoto Park.

This remarkable expanse of white sand is a little piece of paradise in my hometown.

Its expansive tidal pool and the pirate ship-themed play area make it a hit with families and tourists alike.

My favorite activity is to head there early in the morning for paddle boarding or kayaking.

The calm, clear water is just perfect for these activities. After working up an appetite, nothing beats a quick bite from the snack bar.

And the best part? All this for a mere $5 for the whole day!

That's the best $5 you'll ever spend.

The water here is breathtakingly beautiful and clean, with the sand so incredibly soft it feels like kinetic sand.

And there's always a new spot to discover, including those nestled by an old fort.

Trail leading to Fort DeSoto Park beach
Vintagepix / Shutterstock.com

Remember to pack your snorkel. It's another world under the water.

Without a doubt, North Beach is one of the best beaches in the area!

With ample parking, restrooms, a snack bar, and shower/foot washing stations, it's got everything you need to spend your day comfortably.

With all these amenities, North Beach at Fort DeSoto Park is my go-to place for a relaxing, beachy day.

Discover the Magic of Secret Garden

Ever since discovering the Secret Garden, life in the city has taken on a fresh, new hue.

Nestled at the beach's edge, this hidden gem is a marvelous spot to escape the urban rush.

It's like stepping into an exquisite painting where the sunset colors blend perfectly with the vibrant shades of exotic birds.

Every visit is a chance to witness the beauty of nature's unpredictability.

Don't be surprised if you catch sight of a playful dolphin or two frolicking in the waves at sunset or sunrise.

On one memorable day, a manatee graced us with its presence, even allowing a couple of lucky swimmers to pet it.

The Secret Garden is a labor of love by the residents of the Envoy Point condo.

Funded by generous donations, the garden is a testament to their collective effort and dedication.

It's brimming with various plants and flowers and tastefully adorned with quaint sitting areas and benches.

Likewise, it's an idyllic spot to catch your breath, read a book, or simply soak in the peaceful atmosphere.

The garden is nestled behind a resort, so plenty of beachgoers and fishermen take a break from their activities to enjoy the serenity.

Keep in mind that the access to the garden is through the public beach a few blocks south, so be ready for a delightful stroll along the coast.

Remember, the Secret Garden closes at dusk.

So make sure to plan your visit accordingly.

And don't forget to look for the pelicans - they're one of my favorite residents there!

Spend the Day At 1st Ave Beach Access

There's something quite special about the 1st Ave Beach Access. It's my go-to spot for a laid-back and chill day.

Secluded at the southernmost point of Pass-a-Grille Beach, it offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

My day usually starts with an early morning walk along the beach, with the soft sand under my feet and the calming sound of the waves crashing onto the shore.

You can't miss the stunning sunrise that paints the sky with pink, orange, and red hues.

The beach also has a couple of handicapped spots, making it accessible for everyone.

You can see people settling down on the few benches scattered across the beach throughout the day.

But my favorite part is the mesmerizing sunset view.

It's my personal tradition to sit on one of those benches and watch the sun slowly dipping below the horizon, painting a picture that words can't adequately describe.

Though we have several eateries, there's something nice about a homemade picnic by the beach.

I usually pack a basket with sandwiches, fruits, and drinks for a small feast by the seaside.

And when it's time for a break from the fun and sun, cool off in one of the nearby restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.

The best part is, it's never crowded.

It's like our little secret gem, tucked away from the world.

If you're ever around and looking for an authentic beach experience, you should check out 1st Ave Beach Access.

It's a haven of peace and tranquility, and I absolutely love it.

Take an Artistic Stroll at the Imagine Museum

Every once in a while, I welcome a refreshing break from my usual routine and venture to treasure troves in my city, and the Imagine Museum has always been my favorite sanctuary.

A delightful home for contemporary glass art, it captivates my senses whenever I step in.

The first time I visited this museum, I was pleasantly surprised by its modern twist, a stark contrast to many other museums' traditional historical displays.

As a non-ardent museum-goer, initially, the Imagine Museum was a revelation.

Realizing how incredible these artworks are, all created by emerging and established American studio glass artists, is enlightening.

Every visit since has been a dive into a world of creativity.

What I find most intriguing about this place is that many of these masterpieces were created in recent years, infusing a fresh, contemporary vibe into the museum.

The museum also has small note cards peppered throughout the space, bearing inspirational and thought-provoking quotes from philosophers and thinkers, including Buddha.

These cards add an extra layer of depth to the museum experience.

The Imagine Museum is a celebration of unique and beautiful art pieces.

With tickets priced at just $15, I believe this is one of the best financial deals.

The museum also hosts exciting events like scavenger art hunts, making it an excellent place for art lovers of all ages.

It's a must-visit if you're in town, and even if you're not the biggest art enthusiast, you'll find yourself falling in love with the beauty and magic this place offers.

Unwind at St. Pete Beach

Aerial view of St. Pete Beach
Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock.com

I can't help but feel fortunate every day when I realize that the paradise I call home is none other than St. Pete Beach.

As soon as I step onto the soft, white sand, it’s like an immediate release from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

There’s something magical about the way the vibrant, ever-changing hues of the sunrise paint the early morning sky while the crystal clear waters of the gulf gently caress the shore.

The beach is often quiet in the early morning, with only a few eager beachgoers setting up their tents to secure the best spots.

As the day progresses, the beach comes alive with both locals and tourists.

It's a hub for water sports enthusiasts, with paddle boards available for rent.

My personal favorite? Floating on the calm waters, soaking up the sun, and taking in the scenic beauty all around me.

No day at St. Pete Beach is complete without witnessing the stunning spectacle of the sunset.

Beach trail at St. Pete Beach
mariakray / Shutterstock.com

The sky blushes in shades of orange and pink, casting a warm glow over the beach.

It’s the kind of view that makes you stop and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Of course, it’s not just about the beach. St. Pete Beach is home to several resorts that add a touch of luxury to the beach experience.

While the beach may get crowded on certain days, the lively atmosphere only adds to its charm.

Just remember, this is a clean, family-friendly beach with no alcohol or dogs allowed.

And yes, the parking fee can be a bit pricey, but it's worth every penny for the spectacle of beauty and tranquillity that awaits you.

Whether it’s a day of fun, relaxation, or a breathtaking sunset view, St. Pete Beach never fails to deliver.

People at St. Pete Beach
VIAVAL TOURS / Shutterstock.com

Experience the Charm of 17th Ave Beach Access

When the golden sun starts to set, you can often find me at 17th Ave beach access.

The place has this certain allure that you can't ignore.

It's pure bliss with the waves rolling in and the sand beneath your feet.

The beach gets a little crowded during peak hours, but it's usually peaceful if you know the right time to go.

Monday evenings are my go-to for a tranquil beach experience.

A gentle cool breeze wraps around you, and the sound of the waves is music to my ears.

Parking can be tricky sometimes, especially during the summer months.

But I've come to find that the earlier you arrive, the better.

And with the beautiful sunrise, it's an early bird treat.

Plus, the parking lot is well-maintained and has ample space.

The 17th Ave beach access is part of the larger St. Pete Beach, and this section is called pass-a-grille Beach.

It has a lovely community feel, with many local vendors selling unique items and delicious refreshments.

There are also a few public bathrooms, particularly near the Horan on 18th and down by the Hurricane.

I've watched countless breathtaking sunsets and met some amiable people here.

If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend visiting 17th Ave - a beach experience you won't forget.

Visit Upham Beach Park

It's just another beautiful day in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

You know, one of those where the sun is shining, the sky is a miraculous shade of blue, and my favorite place to be is Upham Beach Park.

The beach is vast, and the sand is a perfect white, just like a postcard.

I often find myself losing track of time as I stroll along, admiring the natural beauty of the dunes.

You can find out more about this local gem here.

My favorite part about Upham Beach Park has to be the dolphin sightings.

It's something magical to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Oh, and let’s not forget the light surfing - perfect for beginners or those who prefer a more relaxed surf.

The park is not as crowded as some other local beaches, making it excellent for a peaceful day out.

And there's this local guy who rents out cabanas, perfect for keeping the sun at bay if you plan to spend the whole day.

For me, the real cherry on the top is the Paradise Grill.

Nestled on the beach, it's just the right place to grab some grub without leaving the beautiful view.

Their food is surprisingly affordable, and they even have a restroom facility, which is a bonus.

Upham Beach Park is a local treasure that I always look forward to visiting.

Enjoy the soft sand beneath my feet, the cool turquoise water, the sight of the dolphins, or the smell of food wafting from the Paradise Grill.

Enjoy the Day at Treasure Island Waterslide and Cabanas

I can't get enough of our local gem, the Treasure Island Waterslide and Cabanas.

It's the perfect spot to spend a sunny day with the family.

What's not to love about a public beach with restrooms, showers, a water fountain, and even a bicycle rack? Plus, the parking is so convenient!

My absolute favorite part about this spot, though? The Sunday drum circles!

They create such a wonderful, almost magical vibe.

It's impossible not to feel the energy and positivity reverberating through the air.

Watching the sunset from here, surrounded by the rhythmic beats, is nothing short of sublime.

For the kids, the waterslide is an absolute blast.

For just $35 each, they get to have an entire day of non-stop fun.

It's a small price to pay for the countless times they go down the slide, and the delight on their faces is simply priceless.

In the meantime, I enjoy renting a cabana.

It provides the perfect shade and a quiet spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean.

The cleanliness of the beach always impresses me too.

A trash can is never too far away, which helps keep the place pristine.

Sure, it's a bit of a walk down to the water, but I enjoy it.

It's like a mini treasure hunt - sometimes you might come across a sand dollar or two while searching for seashells!

So, if you find yourself in our lovely town, spend a day at the Treasure Island Waterslide and Cabanas.

It's a day you won't forget.

Explore the Sunken Gardens

Trail at Sunken Gardens
Sunshower Shots / Shutterstock.com

When I think of an urban oasis in my hometown, the first name that comes to mind is Sunken Gardens.

A tropical, century-old attraction, it is one of my favorite places to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

You can explore this enchanting place here, Sunken Gardens.

As you enter the garden, you are greeted by a riot of colors and a symphony of subtle fragrances.

Thousands of exotic plants, some standing tall for over a century, fill the garden with an ethereal charm.

My favorite spot is the butterfly aviary - an enclosed paradise where multi-colored butterflies flit around, adding to the dreamlike atmosphere of the place.

Scattered throughout the garden are the flamboyant flamingos.

Watch them strut around, adding a touch of the exotic to this already otherworldly place.

Each corner of the garden offers a new surprise, a new delight. Sunken Gardens is a visual feast and a treat for your other senses.

The rustling of leaves, the twittering of birds, and the intoxicating aroma of flowers combine to create an ambiance of tranquility.

For photography enthusiasts like me, this place is a dream come true.

Flamingos at Sunken Gardens
Microfile.org / Shutterstock.com

I've lost count of how many times I've gone photo crazy here, capturing the garden's beauty and serenity in every possible way.

One can never tire of the kaleidoscope of colors and the ever-changing light and shadow play.

And if all this exploration leaves you thirsty or hungry, there's always a spot under the cool shade of the trees where you can sit back, relax, and soak in the surroundings.

Remember to carry water on a hot day; you're all set for exploration and relaxation!

Before you leave, don't forget to drop by the gift shop.

It houses a beautiful array of souvenirs that one can take back as a memory of this charming place.

Sunken Gardens, in the heart of Downtown St. Pete, is a perfect place to unwind and connect with nature.

A waterfall at Sunken Gardens
Microfile.org / Shutterstock.com

Discover Marine Magic at Swim with Our Fish

When you've lived in this seaside town as long as I have, the ocean and its wonders become a part of your life.

Still, nothing can prepare you for the thrilling experience of diving right into the heart of the marine world at Swim with Our Fish.

Recently, my family and I decided to take on this underwater adventure.

Once we reached the deck where the dive was to begin, the view of the iconic Big Tank was enough to send shivers down our spine, filled with magnificent creatures like stingrays and even a giant eel named Franky!

One could say it was the moment of truth for us all.

Seeing numerous colorful fishes swimming freely around us as we dived in was surreal.

However, the real surprise was Franky the eel!

Shortly after we got into the water, Franky made an appearance.

The Swim with Our Fish venture offers an unforgettable experience that's not just thrilling but also safe and well-managed.

The best part? You don't have to worry about bringing anything.

They've got you covered with all the essentials.

All you need to do is show up and prepare for a spectacular swim.

I'm already planning a revisit, and I just know that my kids can't wait to dive in again!

Visit Paradise at St. Pete Beach Access

When the salty ocean breeze starts calling, I am drawn to my calm oasis - the St. Pete Beach Access.

Nestled among the Gulf Coast's stunning landscape with boardwalks and gently swaying dunes, it's a picturesque spot that never fails to impress.

Soothe yourself with the feel of soft sand beneath your feet and the gentle rhythm of the waves.

The beach is always kept in pristine condition and is perfect for a long, relaxing swim.

Moreover, the water is warm and inviting, never giving you a cold shock, even in April.

Since the water doesn't get deep too quickly, it's great for families with young kids.

The beach access boasts convenient amenities like showers and restrooms, making spending the whole day here easy.

While there isn't a snack bar at the beach, a short walk across the street will bring you to various stores and fast food restaurants.

One thing to note is that the parking costs a flat rate of $15 for the day.

While some might find this a tad expensive, the convenience and reassurance of a secured spot for my car are worth the price.

The best part? You can quickly pay using Park Mobile or the Flow Bird app.

While the area might get crowded as it's popular with locals and tourists, I never mind the company.

The lively atmosphere only adds to the charm of St. Pete Beach Access.

Just remember to bring your food, drinks, and sunscreen, and you're set for a delightful day at the beach in St. Petersburg.

Relax at Sunset Beach Pavilion

Every day, after wrapping up my work, I make it a point to unwind at the Sunset Beach Pavilion.

It's a quaint little spot on Sunset Beach in Treasure Island, a hidden gem that offers much more than just a stunning view of the sunset.

You can check it out for yourself here: Sunset Beach Pavilion.

Apart from being a great vantage point to witness the breathtaking transformation of the sky as the sun dips below the horizon, the Pavilion is an oasis of calm for me.

It's well-maintained and clean, with ample seating for visitors, making it an ideal spot just to sit back and soak in the tranquility of the surrounding scenery.

On days when the weather is kind, I love to walk along the beach with the waves gently lapping at my feet.

But on stormy days, the pavilion provides shelter, and I find a strange comfort in watching the fierce beauty of storms from the safety of this spot.

The pavilion also houses bathrooms and a small room usually used by caterers during events, adding to its convenience.

One of the best features of Sunset Beach Pavilion, especially for my family members with mobility issues, is its proximity to the parking lot.

It is the shortest walk I've ever seen from a car to the beach, making it an accessible spot for everyone.

I can't help but feel lucky to enjoy such a beautiful place every day, right in my backyard.

It's more than just a pavilion; it's an everyday escape that makes my routine more magical.

Discover a Cultural Gem in the Heart of the City, The Museum of Fine Arts

Exterior of The Museum of Fine Arts
Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock.com

Have you ever wondered what it would be like strolling through 4000 years of art history?

That's the experience the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg offers.

The museum is a true cultural gem, though it might not look big at first glance.

While you can easily take in all its treasures in 60 to 90 minutes, the variety and quality of the exhibits are breathtaking.

Check out African art, European paintings, and American photography; it's like time-traveling through the corridors of art history.

But I should warn you, the ticket price might feel slightly steep for the size of the place.

What I love about this museum is the first weekend of every month.

Signage of The Museum of Fine Arts
Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock.com

You can explore the museum for free if you own a Bank of America card. Not a bad deal, right?

Another thing to love about the Museum of Fine Arts? The restaurant/cafe inside the museum!

After immersing myself in the art, I always look forward to coffee and a pastry from the café.

The view from there is fantastic and complements the overall museum experience.

Even the surrounding areas of the museum add to the charm.

A peaceful garden to walk around and a quiet atmosphere makes the whole experience serene, especially when there are fewer visitors.

If you are looking for a peaceful, culture-filled afternoon, the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg is the place to be.

Visit Colonel Micheal J. Horan Park

It's another sun-kissed day in our picturesque town, and I find myself at the heart of it all, Colonel Micheal J. Horan Park.

This oceanfront haven is a gem, perfect for a leisurely day out in the open.

Nestled conveniently between the azure waters and the town, the park is a local favorite.

The vast expanse of green lawn is perfect for picnics or just laying back on a blanket with a book.

For those who love a good barbecue, the park is equipped with grills, making it a popular spot for weekend cookouts, not to mention the park's well-maintained restrooms and ample parking space that make visits hassle-free.

One of the best things about living here is the park's lively events.

Let me tell you about the 4th of July celebrations.

Horan Park hosted an incredible fireworks and concert festival on July 2nd.

The night sky lit up in a beautiful array of colors.

It was indeed a sight to behold. It's not just special occasions.

Every week is a celebration here.

Friday nights are entertaining, with live music permeating the air.

But Horan Park is not just about fun and games.

The park also houses the Community Center building.

Here, you can pick up a schedule of the many activities and events happening around town.

I often take a refreshing dip in the outdoor pool with a kid's zone and lap lanes.

It opens until 3 p.m. and costs around $4, a small price for such a fantastic facility.

Living here, Horan Park has become an integral part of my life.

It truly is a cornerstone of our community, bringing people together in the most fun and engaging ways.

Enjoy an Unforgettable Day at Clam Bayou Nature Preserve

Just the other day, I was reminded of the unique charm Clam Bayou Nature Preserve holds.

You are instantly enveloped by a sense of tranquility when you step foot in the park.

It's right here in our city and truly a little slice of paradise.

I remember pulling up on my bicycle, greeted by the lush, green trails that wind through the park.

It's the perfect spot for a casual ride or an invigorating walk.

If you're feeling adventurous, you could even strap on your rollerblades and glide through the trails.

There's a generously lengthy walking trail where I love to cast my fishing line and soak in the serene views of the bay.

It's a beautiful spot to watch the sunset and catch a few fish.

One thing to bear in mind is to bring some bug repellent. It's a small price to pay for such a spectacular setting.

An extraordinary kayaking experience marked my most recent visit. Clam Bayou is pet-friendly - I often bring my dog for these adventures.

Every time I visit, I remember why I love living here.

The natural beauty, the friendly people, and the myriad outdoor activities in our backyard are just a few reasons our community cherishes the Clam Bayou Nature Preserve.

Enjoy the Day Out at Shell Key Preserve

Waters of Shell Key Preserve
Leahbia Photography / Shutterstock.com

I cannot express enough how lucky I am to have Shell Key Preserve at my doorstep.

My family and I visit this untouched paradise often.

Each visit is a unique adventure.

This luscious, undeveloped island is home to an array of wildlife, and you can't help but be amazed by nature's harmony surrounding you.

Getting to the Preserve is a small adventure in itself.

We usually take the ferry service, and the journey is always a pleasure.

The friendly and knowledgeable ferry operators add an educational spin to the short trip.

With its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters, the island is a haven for shell collectors.

There's always a variety of shells to discover, and we even found turtle nests occasionally.

You can make a day out of it by packing snacks, drinks, and beach gear.

Although, I must say, the best part for me is always the water.

The current and swells are better on the gulf side, and the marine life is a sight.

Moreover, the tranquility of the island is unmatched, mainly due to the lack of commercial establishments.

Having a place where nature is unspoiled by human development is refreshing.

However, this also means no restrooms, restaurants, or docking facilities exist.

So plan and pack everything you might need for a day in nature.

On weekends, we sometimes camp on the island, which is permitted with a pass.

There's something quite magical about spending the night under the starry sky, with the soothing sounds of the waves and the call of the wildlife as your soundtrack.

Shell Key Preserve is more than just a destination; it's a unique experience that continues to captivate my family and me every single time.

Explore History at the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum

There are few places in the town that I hold dearer than the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum.

This 1917 church-turned-museum is a treasure trove of history, a window into our past, and a testament to the rich heritage of coastal Pinellas County.

Over the years, I've visited the museum more than a few times, each time finding myself engrossed in the stories and artifacts from yesteryears, from old documents and photographs to artifacts unearthed from land and sea.

The transformation of Pinellas County, as shown in old maps, from mangroves and orange groves to the bustling county it is now is nothing short of bittersweet.

But the World War II exhibit has a special place in my heart - a powerful remembrance of a pivotal time in history.

The museum offers a flexible experience depending on your interest and time.

A quick 15-minute walk-through can give you a brief understanding of the area, or you can quickly lose yourself for hours in the historical depth it offers.

Let me not forget to mention the volunteer docents - their knowledge is immense, and their enthusiasm to share it is commendable.

On days when I bring my nieces and nephews along, they delight in the free bags of goodies the museum provides for children.

As a bonus, parking is free for one hour when you request a street pass at the museum.

If you find yourself in the area, visiting the museum is worth your time.

And after a day steeped in history, a stroll along the nearby beautiful beach is the perfect way to end the day.

Final Thoughts

Living in St. Pete Beach, Florida, is like being on a perpetual vacation.

Every day, I get to experience some of the most outstanding natural beauty and cultural richness Florida offers.

Trust me, the experiences you'll collect here will stay with you long after you've left our sunny shores behind.

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