20 Best Things to Do in Siloam Springs, AR

Siloam Springs

Embarking on a quest to uncover the best things to do in Siloam Springs, AR?

In this comprehensive guide, we've melded insights from locals and travelers to present you with a mosaic of experiences that define this remarkable place. While we've highlighted some must-visit spots, it's imperative to understand that these recommendations are shaped by personal opinions and experiences.

There are countless other wonderful places awaiting your discovery. Our goal isn't just to point you to the well-trodden paths, but to inspire you to explore and truly immerse yourself in the city's essence.

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Immerse Yourself in Nature at Natural Falls State Park

Scenic view of Natural Falls State Park
Doug Wertman from Rogers, AR, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can't help but fall in love with Natural Falls State Park.

Every visit feels like the first time.

Imagine being surrounded by beautiful valleys, the breathtaking waterfalls, caves, and cliffs that promise a rich experience to any nature enthusiast.

The park encompasses a variety of trails, each offering a different level of challenge to suit everyone from beginners to seasoned hikers.

The exposed cliff faces and each unique path grant you a glimpse into the beauty of Oklahoma's outdoors.

Apart from the exquisite views, Natural Falls also happens to be an excellent choice for camping.

With close proximity to HWY 412, it's conveniently accessible.

True, the sound of truck traffic can occasionally drift into the tent camping area, but somehow, it becomes part of the park's unique allure.

And in my experience, settling in for the night after a long hike has its own charm, regardless of the ambient sounds.

Waterfall at Natural Falls State Park
Doug Wertman from Rogers, AR, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The grounds are always well-kept. The bathrooms are clean, something I especially appreciate.

There's nothing like coming back from a vigorous hike and having clean facilities to freshen up.

On one occasion, I remember, I had to hike in the rain, and oddly enough, it was one of the best experiences yet.

The rain amplified the grandeur of the falls, making it a sight to behold.

If you're a dog owner like me, you'll be delighted to know that your furry friends are welcome to enjoy Natural Falls State Park, too, as long as they're on a leash.

The waters of Natural Falls State Park
Doug Wertman from Rogers, AR, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Catch Stunning Performances at Berry Performing Arts Center

Who would have thought that such a gem of culture and art would be nestled in the heart of Siloam Springs, right on John Brown University's campus?

Yes, you've guessed it. I'm talking about the Berry Performing Arts Center, a stunning modern edifice dedicated to the performing arts.

I stumbled upon the Berry Performing Arts Center on a sunny afternoon stroll through the university campus.

Its sleek architecture and contemporary design caught my attention.

I ventured inside and was struck by the array of facilities available to both students and the local community.

The center boasts a choral rehearsal hall, an ensemble rehearsal room, and various individual practice rooms, each equipped with a piano.

As a music enthusiast, I was impressed by the impeccable attention to detail inside each room - the acoustics, the lighting, everything was carefully designed to create the perfect environment for music and creativity to flourish.

The main showstopper, however, is the auditorium.

It has a seating capacity of around 400, which makes it an intimate setting for performances. But it's the stage that truly steals the show.

The main praecenium stage comes with a removable front section revealing an orchestra pit, a full scene shop, and a complete sound shell designed for choral and orchestral music performances.

I've had the pleasure of attending several performances at the Berry Performing Arts Center - from classical orchestra concerts to vibrant musicals.

Each time, the center's amenities and personnel have delivered an outstanding experience.

There's something special about watching JBU's talented students pour their hearts out on stage, and the Berry Performing Arts Center is the perfect venue for such memorable performances.

Cycle through Sager Creek Mountain Bike Trail

Right in my backyard, there's an amazing hidden gem that I've come to appreciate - the Sager Creek Mountain Bike Trail.

These trails are awesome and offer a tranquil retreat from the buzz of city life.

During winter, it's not uncommon to have the entire trail to myself, a luxury any nature lover would appreciate.

It's pleasantly surprising to have such a serene place within a warm-up run distance from the bustling casino hotel.

There are even closer entrances on the west side of the John Brown University campus.

I've ridden these trails on my MT bike multiple times and it never gets old.

The thrill of the ride combined with the stunning scenery make for a wonderful experience.

While there's a fair amount of climbing involved, it's nothing too strenuous and well worth the effort for the views you get at the top.

But what's most commendable is the seamless incorporation of Sager Creek Mountain Bike Trail into JBU's campus.

A nod to JBU and the Walton Foundation for this brilliant initiative.

To be honest, having a mountain bike trail on campus could have been a major consideration for my college selection process, if only I had known!

It offers a perfect mix of education and recreation, right on the campus grounds.

Exploring the Sager Creek Mountain Bike Trail has truly enriched my experience as a resident here.

It's not just a trail, but a lovely piece of countryside that has added a touch of nature to my everyday routine.

Play Frisbee at Memorial Park

Memorial Park, my peaceful sanctuary, is a hidden gem that never fails to amaze me with its beauty.

The park is a popular spot for us locals, but it still retains its serene and tranquil atmosphere amidst the noise and rush of the downtown district.

You can find this lovely park nestled in the heart of Siloam Springs, and you won't regret visiting Memorial Park.

Lush, well-manicured grass carpets the park, providing an ideal setting for a quiet afternoon picnic or an energetic game of frisbee.

The park is also filled with plenty of shady benches perfect for losing yourself in a good book or just soaking up the natural beauty of the surroundings.

My personal favorite is the one on the left in front of the springs - consider it claimed.

One of the best features of Memorial Park is the splash pad, a perfect spot to cool down on a hot summer day, and the outdoor amphitheater which hosts a variety of performances and events throughout the year.

Regardless of the season, the park always has something to offer, making it a haven of tranquility and enjoyment.

Have a  Picnic at Arkansas Welcome Center at Siloam Springs

Every time I tap a visitor's shoulder, I never forget to mention the Arkansas Welcome Center at Siloam Springs.

It brings a broad smile to my face, recalling the neat and tidy bathrooms, always impeccably clean. I often meet this lovely lady there who is always eager to help - friendly and brimming with information about our city.

The moment you step into the air-conditioned haven, you feel instantaneously welcomed.

I've spent countless Saturday afternoons, nestled comfortably in the picnic area.

The parking space is ample and never a cause for worry even on the busiest of days.

It's usually serene and peaceful; you'll barely encounter another soul, except for the occasional visitor stopping by.

For those who wander off after sunset or before sunrise, the Arkansas Welcome Center at Siloam Springs is still pretty accommodating.

Picture this - a fenced security area, picnic tables, and an intriguing trunk exchange happening by the dumpster in the rear.

Not that I intervene, but it's quite the sight! And yes, for the wanderers sleeping in their van, like I have many times, overnight parking is not off-limits.

The loop-shaped parking lot, lined with shades, is a sight for sore eyes.

Sure, it might be a little challenging for a large vehicle or towed ones, but it's pretty comfortable for my van.

And let's not forget the warm mornings!

After a peaceful sleep in the van, I always head out to get my daily fix of coffee.

As I hit the road, I leave behind the safe and clean surroundings of the Welcome Center, already looking forward to my next visit.

Oh, and did I mention the free samples and coffee inside?

Just what you need to relax for a bit and get your journey back on track!

Snap Memories at City Lake Park

Waters of City Lake Park
Brandonrush, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From casual strolls to heart-pumping bike rides, Siloam Springs City Lake Park always has something to offer.

I happened upon this serene setting during a geocaching adventure, and its beauty truly took me by surprise.

If you've never been here, picture enchanted trails winding through vibrant landscapes, creating an irresistible allure for nature lovers.

It truly feels like a slice of paradise tucked away in our city.

What sets this park apart from others is its rich biodiversity.

On any given day, one can spot frolicking baby raccoons attempting to conquer tiny streams, adding a dose of cuteness to the overall experience.

Although City Lake Park is quite bike-heavy, the trails also make for an excellent running and hiking spot.

It's not unusual to spot residents, like myself, indulging in their favorite pastimes amidst the tranquil environment.

A real bonus is the opportunity for photography.

The park, with its scenic landscapes and picturesque trails, serves as the perfect backdrop for your snapshots.

Be it a family outing, a solo adventure or a group bike ride, Siloam Springs City Lake Park offers a space for everyone to enjoy some free family fun.

While I enjoy the adrenaline rush of a good bike ride, I also cherish the tranquility of a leisurely walk through the park.

Hop on the Celebration at the Dogwood Festival

Every year, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Dogwood Festival.

Held in the heart of Siloam Springs, this event is a treasure trove of local culture and community spirit.

Our usually quiet city transforms into a bustling festival, teeming with vendors, food stalls, and a myriad of festivities.

Dogwood Festival takes place usually in April or May, and it's a sight to behold.

The vendors set up their stalls, selling an array of products beyond your wildest imagination - from handcrafted jewelry to homemade jams, all reasonably priced.

You can't help but lose yourself in the rows of vibrant stalls, negotiating fair prices and discovering new local businesses.

Strolling through the festival, the aroma of food wafting through the air is simply irresistible.

The food vendors are nothing short of amazing.

From the succulent turkey legs to the loaded nachos, kettle corn and spiced nuts, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

And for those who need it, there's ample handicapped parking at City Hall and other designated spots, with a shuttle service running to and from the festival site.

It’s the little things like these that make the Dogwood Festival so special and inclusive.

Admire the Waterfall Vistas at the City Park and Gazebo

I often find myself wandering down Main Street towards the captivating charm of the Siloam Springs City Park and Gazebo.

This park is a treasure trove of delight, with lovely fountains, a beautiful waterway, and historic trails that transport you back in time.

It feels like stepping into an enchanted secret garden, where every turn reveals an even more breathtaking view.

During the warmer months, City Park and Gazebo transforms into a vibrant picnic spot.

The large concrete picnic tables provide ample space for a family gathering, while the garbage cans dotted around encourage visitors to keep the area pristine.

There is a sense of respect and care for the park that is palpable, making every visit a joy.

The second story walkway is a particularly enchanting part of the park.

Despite the railings being a bit old and unusable, there's a certain charm to them that tells a tale of this historic park's past.

One of my favorite spots is the stone bridge overlooking the waterfall.

It's such a tranquil place to pause, take a breath, and simply enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Then there's the gazebo - such a romantic setting that it's become a popular spot for weddings.

I've seen quite a few couples exchange vows under its beautiful backdrop.

Experience a Night of Mystery at Riverside Entertainment

Well, let me tell you about the time I had an electrifying experience at Riverside Entertainment!

I lucked out when my mom won two tickets to a murder mystery dinner there.

Unfortunately, she fell ill and couldn't join but told me to go ahead anyway. And guess what?

I took my brother-in-law along for the thrill.

From the moment we stepped in, we knew we were in for a night to remember.

The whole place was abuzz, setting the stage for an exciting evening.

The show was gripping, the food was tantalizing, and the acting?

Absolutely lit!

Our table happened to be the only one to solve all the puzzles, making us the triumphant victors of the game!

Oh, and the murder mystery dinner? It's a must-do!

The actors were phenomenal, seamlessly slipping into their roles and bringing the characters to life.

The sets and props were meticulously designed, and the food was an absolute delight.

What's more, the game posed a fun, challenging twist to the evening.

Let's just say, it's worth every penny for the hours of entertainment it provides.

But what really stood out was the lively spirit of the actors at Riverside Entertainment .

They were hilarious, energetic, and extremely engaging. I still chuckle, remembering the outrageous antics of the maid character.

Let Your Kids Roam around Eliana Chacon Memorial Park

Sometimes, the best things come in small packages, and Eliana Chacon Memorial Park is just that!

Nestled in the heart of Siloam Springs, this quaint park is often my go-to place when I need a breather from the daily hustle and bustle.

It's less crowded than the other parks in the city, making it an ideal spot for anyone looking for some quiet time amidst nature.

Eliana Chacon Memorial Park is a delight for kids and adults alike.

The playground area is exceptionally well-maintained, with a variety of equipment that keeps the kids engaged for hours.

It's always a joy to see them running around, their laughter echoing across the park.

Another feature of the park that I love is the picnic area.

It's spacious, with plenty of tables available, perfect for planning an outdoor party or just enjoying a family picnic on a sunny day.

The shelter provides a respite from the sun while you enjoy your meal.

One of the underrated aspects of the park, in my opinion, is the walking track.

It's a wonderful spot to take a leisurely stroll or engage in a brisk morning walk.

I've spent countless hours there, taking in the beautiful surroundings and gathering my thoughts.

And let's not forget the restroom facilities, which are always clean and well-stocked.

It's one of those little things that make a visit to the park all the more enjoyable.

Paddle at Siloam Springs Kayak Park

Daytime view of Siloam Springs Kayak Park
Jonathan C Wear / Shutterstock.com

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I practically live at the Siloam Springs Kayak Park.

Nestled in the heart of the city, it's a hidden paradise seemingly carved out of a dream.

It's the kind of place that wakes up with the dawn and hums along with the rhythm of the day.

I'm no stranger to the beauty and serenity of the park but every time I am there, it never fails to take my breath away.

The vibrant green of the trees, the welcoming coolness of the water, the thrill of the rapids – all of it comes together to create a magical symphony for the senses.

Siloam Springs Kayak Park is a local treasure.

It's not just a haven for kayakers, but also a lovely spot for a picnic or a leisurely afternoon.

The park is a constant reminder of why I love living here – the tranquility, the community, the proximity to nature.

It's a slice of paradise we're fortunate to have in our backyard.

Go Birdwatching at Siloam Springs Lake

If you ever find yourself in the heart of Siloam Springs, don't miss out on the gift nature has bestowed upon us - the stunning Siloam Springs Lake.

This serene lake has become my personal haven, a place to escape and breathe in the tranquillity of nature.

Start your day with a leisurely bike ride around the lake.

Trust me, the flat terrain and the magnificent views are an absolute treat.

As the sun rises and the morning fog lifts, the lake’s glass-like water reflects the golden rays, creating a sight to behold.

It's truly one of the best bike paths in the area.

For those who enjoy a quiet paddle across calm waters, Siloam Springs Lake is just perfect.

Revel in the tranquility as you glide smoothly over the surface, only interrupted by the occasional splash of a jumping fish or a duck landing.

One of the unique aspects of Siloam Springs Lake is that it has become a haven for bird watchers.

From the elusive red-tailed hawk to the colorful eastern bluebird, you never know what you might spot.

It's an ornithologist's paradise!

The lake is also a popular spot for fishing.

While it's a bit hit-and-miss, on a good day, you might find the lake generously rewarding you with a good catch.

I've had my fair share of exciting fishing tales right here.

The local authorities have done a commendable job in maintaining the lake and its surroundings.

Notable improvements are underway and I can't wait to see the lake becoming an even more attractive spot for locals and visitors alike.

Buy Fresh Produce from Siloam Springs Farmers Market

I love Saturday mornings.

There's something about the bright sunshine sprinkled with a dash of morning dew that sets a perfect day for me.

And what better way to start the day than with a trip to the Siloam Springs Farmers Market?

The moment you step into the market, you're engulfed by a wonderful mix of sights, sounds, and scents.

Stalls bursting with vibrant fresh produce, artisanal goods, homemade pastries, and aromatic coffee - it's an irresistible medley that lures me in every time.

I usually start my rounds at the organic fruits and vegetables section. The variety is staggering.

Strawberries as red as rubies, plump blueberries, crisp apples... the list goes on. And the vegetables!

The selection of leafy greens, colorful bell peppers, and juicy tomatoes is a sight to behold.

I love chatting with the farmers, who are always eager to share a recipe or two.

Next, the smell of freshly baked bread from the local bakers wafts through the air, guiding me to their stands.

The mouth-watering array of pastries, pies, and bread is a carb-lover's dream come true.

My day wouldn't be complete without stopping by the stalls selling handmade crafts and jewelry.

It's a treasure trove of unique items, each crafted with love and dedication.

I usually pick up a piece or two—a gift for a friend, a decoration for my home.

The camaraderie at the Siloam Springs Farmers Market is infectious.

It's not just a place to buy fresh produce or unique finds, it's a community.

There's a sense of belonging as neighbors, friends, and even tourists come together to appreciate the bounty and creativity of our corner of the world.

Embark in a Journey into the Past at Siloam Springs Museum

Exterior of Siloam Springs Museum
Brandonrush, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What a delightful experience it turned out to be, visiting the Siloam Springs Museum!

It was the day after a snowstorm painted our city white, and I wasn't sure if the museum would be open.

To my pleasant surprise, they greeted visitors with open doors.

I walked in to a warm reception from the docent on duty, whose knowledge and enthusiasm for the exhibits added layers of insight beyond what was immediately visible.

It was evident that the museum was more than just a warehouse of antiquities.

Each display, carefully curated, told an interesting story of our local history. In fact, unlike many hometown museums that seem to display every trinket handed to them, the Siloam Springs Museum had a more refined approach.

They chose to focus on a few special items, each with their own intriguing tales.

I found myself lost in time, wandering around the exhibits.

If you're in a hurry, a quick walk-through would take you about 20 minutes.

But let me tell you, striking up a conversation with the volunteers there is worth every extra minute!

Their love for the museum and its stories was infectious and added a beautiful human touch to my journey into the past.

The museum turned out to be a fantastic place to learn about local industry and history.

Its well-made and educational displays offered a fascinating glimpse into the past.

Meeting the people behind the museum was equally rewarding, making my visit truly enjoyable and memorable.

If you want to appreciate the rich tapestry of our local history, I highly recommend a visit to the Siloam Springs Museum.

Make a Splash at Siloam Springs Family Aquatic Center

Now, I'm no stranger to the Siloam Springs Family Aquatic Center.

It's become a bit of a summer tradition in our family, an escape from the Arkansas heat.

The space can be a tad cramped on those real hot days, but hey, that's a small price to pay for some cool relief, right?

The water slides at  Siloam Springs Family Aquatic Center are a hoot and scream, and watching my friends dive off the board never fails to bring a smile to my face.

The pools are clean, inviting, and surprisingly affordable, and they even have some pretty decent food options.

It's a great place to spend a lazy summer day, especially if you're not big on large crowds.

The place is well-managed too.

I'm always comfortable bringing my kids here - I know they're safe and supervised.

Yes, it can get busy, especially when the sun is out in full force, but that's to be expected.

All in all, it's a local gem that I highly recommend.

Grab a Good Read at to Siloam Springs Public Library

There's something about the Siloam Springs Public Library that stands out from the rest.

It's not just a library, it's a community hub, shining with outstanding customer service that makes every visit a pleasure.

From the moment I step through the doors, I'm greeted by the most friendly librarians.

They're always ready to assist, whether it's finding a book or navigating through their digital catalog.

This library goes beyond just books, it's a spotless haven with facilities that are unbeatable in the entire Northwest Arkansas.

Imagine spacious rooms available for reserve, perfect for group studies, meetings, or just a quiet place to focus.

I often find myself reserving these rooms for my book club meetings.

It's added a whole new dimension to our discussions and reading experiences.

But what makes it an all-time favorite, is how it caters to everyone, no matter their age.

From my teenager who's always on the lookout for the newest YA release to my little one who gets excited about story time, Siloam Springs Public Library engages everyone in my family.

It's a place where my kids have grown to love and continually look forward to visiting.

My Encounters with John Brown University

Signage of John Brown University
I, Tim Morgan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Picture this: Late nights, the smell of fresh pizza dough wafting through the air as I drive my delivery car through the streets of Siloam Springs.

One of my routine destinations? John Brown University.

You see, the campus is a fantastic spot for outdoor activities.

Whether it's baseball, softball, soccer, or just soaking in the serene environment, it's a perfect place to kick back and enjoy nature.

The exercise trails are particularly delightful. I often find myself strolling along these paths, taking in the picturesque scenery.

John Brown University is quite the local hangout spot.

I've never been a student at JBU, but I've heard pretty positive things about it from those who have studied there.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Step back in Time at the Old Spanish Treasure Cave

Entrance to Old Spanish Treasure Cave
Brandonrush, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I have to admit, there's nothing quite like the thrill of descending into the cool, shadowy depths of the Old Spanish Treasure Cave.

I've been on countless tours and each time, the mystique and allure of the cave never fail to captivate me.

From the moment you step foot in this ancient cavern, available at , you can feel the rich history and the lingering whispers of the past.

Being a weekday, the tours were a bit slower, making the experience even more intimate and personal.

My excitement always peaks when I hear about the rumored Spanish treasure hidden within Old Spanish Treasure Cave.

While no one has struck gold yet, who knows what secrets the cave still holds?

While there’s always an air of intrigue surrounding the elusive Spanish treasure, the real gem is the breathtaking beauty of the cave itself.

Nestled in the heart of northwest Arkansas, the Old Spanish Treasure Cave is a testament to the wonders of nature and the allure of untold history.

Whether you're a seasoned spelunker or just passing through, this is one hidden treasure you won't want to miss.

Spot Soaring Eagles at Eagle Watch Nature Trail

No words can capture the serene beauty of our local gem, the Eagle Watch Nature Trail.

It's been my go-to spot for a quick retreat from the hustle-bustle of everyday life.

I've been visiting this place since my childhood, and every single visit never fails to fill my heart with a sense of tranquility and peace.

The second you step foot on this trail, it's like stepping into another world - a world filled with the soothing sounds of rustling leaves and chirping birds.

Eagle Watch Nature Trail has a simple design but the beauty it encapsulates is beyond words.

I still remember the first time I saw an eagle soaring high in the sky, its wings spread wide as it glided effortlessly, a sight that fills you with awe and admiration.

Over the years, I've taken many walks down this trail, sometimes alone, sometimes with my family or friends.

I once took my brother and sister here, and we had a fantastic time.

They were awed by the beauty of nature and we managed to capture some unforgettable pictures.

The trail is not as extensive as the ones you'll find near Bella Vista or Bentonville but its charm lies in its simplicity.

The open field at the end of the trail is a sight to behold, especially for bird watchers.

I've seen as many as three eagles at once, their majestic presence dominating the sky.

One thing I'm particularly grateful for is the efforts of Boy Scouts Troop 34 and the 4-H club to keep this trail maintained and available for all to enjoy.

Their dedication is commendable and a great service to our local community.

Embrace the Wilderness at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area

One thing I love about living in Arkansas is the unparalleled access it provides to nature.

The Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area is where I head to when I need to detox from the bustling city life.

Nestled in the heart of our beautiful state, this place is a treasure chest of diverse terrain, lakefronts, historic relics, and hiking trails.

A regular Wednesday, and I couldn't resist the call of the wild.

The day started with a brief visit to the visitor center, a hub of intriguing exhibits and learned park staff ready to answer all your questions.

A stroll through this place is like traversing through the pages of a vividly illustrated book on Arkansas’s natural history.

My next stop was the Van Winkle Historic Site trail, a beginner-friendly trail filled with scenic views of creeks and rocks, and lessons about the storied Van Winkle mill.

The trail was a canvas painted with shades of green, the heat of the day contrasting beautifully with the coolness of the shaded trail.

If hiking isn't your thing, the Pigeon Roost Trail offers an equally captivating experience.

The well-marked trail is a symphony of natural beauty, the trees providing a comforting shade.

And the best part? It's only a stone's throw away from Bentonville.

The heart of Hobbs State Park is its exceptional Visitor’s Center.

Despite the hot weather and poor air quality on some days, you can still get a taste of Arkansas’s vibrant natural scene at the Visitor’s Center.

The staff here will curate your experience, guiding you through interactive learning experiences, and showcasing local flora and fauna.

It’s a comfortable, air-conditioned escape into the wild – perfect for family outings.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up, the charm and allure of Siloam Springs can hardly be overstated.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, history buff, or simply a lover of great food and culture, there's something in this little corner of Arkansas for you.

Trust me, this isn't simply a city to pass through, it's a destination to explore and savor.

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