15 Best Things to Do in Seaside, OR

Seaside, OR

Welcome to Seaside, my beloved hometown and Oregon's favorite coastal playground.

As someone born and raised here, I've been fortunate enough to experience every nook and cranny this charming, historic city offers.

From its lovely coastal living to the breathtaking natural beauty surrounding us, it's no surprise that Seaside is a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike.

With its blend of small-town charm, stunning landscapes, and exciting activities, it's a place that's just waiting to be discovered.

So, let's embark on a journey together to uncover the best things to do in Seaside, OR.

About this article: This article was written by a local contributor based on their own experiences and those around them. While this list showcases some remarkable places, it's important to note that this is an opinion piece, and there are many other exceptional places to visit that are not featured here.
Our aim is not just to guide you to popular places but to encourage you to venture out and experience the city for yourself.

Spend the Day at Seaside Beach

Sunset over Seaside Beach
Deirdre Jensen / Shutterstock.com

You know you're lucky when your daily routine involves a walk along Seaside Beach.

The soft hum of the waves and children's laughter become your soundtrack, while the salty air smells like home.

Mornings on the beach are often quiet, with only a handful of early birds trying to catch the sunrise.

Making my way across the sandy terrain, I am always amazed at the sheer beauty of this place.

It's a good 8-10 minute walk from the parking area, but it's worth it once you hit that sandy shore.

And the best part? There's always a possibility of spotting some jellyfish around!

You need to be a little careful, but it just adds to the charm of this place.

If you are looking for food after a long day under the sun, the town is just a 10-15 minute walk to various restaurants.

People kite-flying at Seaside Beach
Rigucci / Shutterstock.com

It's quite a contrast from the serene beach, but it's a welcome change of pace.

There have been days when I've found myself lost in thought, standing by the shore, watching the clouds part and the sunset.

And it all ends with an evening filled with beautiful music that resonates in the night air.

With every visit, Seaside Beach never fails to remind me of the simple joys of life.

This place is a haven and hidden gem in the Pacific Northwest.

And I am fortunate enough to call it home.

Groom Your Pets at Lewis and Bark Pet Services

Every pet owner wants the best for their fuzzy friends, and when it comes to grooming, nothing beats the experience at Lewis and Bark Pet Services LLC.

I was in town for a short visit, and my lovable but sand-splattered golden retriever desperately needed a bath.

Their care and expertise were evident in the quality of the grooming; my dog looked and felt like a million bucks!

But the grooming is just the icing on the cake. Lewis and Bark isn't just a pet services provider; it’s an all-in-one pet store.

They have an impressive selection of pet goodies and equipment.

Whether you need a new leash, a squeaky toy, or gourmet treats for your fur babies, their well-stocked boutique has got you covered.

Each visit feels like taking your pets to a family friend who genuinely cares about them.

The love they have for animals shines through in every interaction.

So, Lewis and Bark is the place to be whether your pet needs a bath or haircut or you want to spoil them with new toys and treats.

Discover the Charm of Seaside Cove

Living in the heart of Seaside, Oregon, gives me the privilege of waking up to the picturesque Seaside Cove daily.

The quiet hum of the waves against the shore, the tranquil wind, and the faint cries of seagulls are as soothing as a lullaby.

Every visit to this place feels like a discovery in itself. The cove is incredibly stunning during low tide and sunset.

It is always a challenge to secure parking during these times, so I found it best to arrive an hour before low tide if you're into shell hunting.

I adore the cove, not just because of its breathtaking view but also for the treasures it often gifts.

Sea shells of various shapes and sizes, small pebbles polished by the relentless waves, and sometimes even a starfish or two have found their way into my small collection.

It's always peaceful without being overrun by visitors, making it the perfect refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Indeed, the beauty of Seaside Cove is truly a sight to behold.

Its allure lies in its landscaped beauty and the smaller, often overlooked details that enrich the experience.

So, whether you're a shell collector, a nature enthusiast, or someone seeking some quiet, Seaside Cove is a serene sanctuary you can always retreat to.

Enjoy the Day at the Painted Rock Beach

There's nothing quite like a day at Painted Rock Beach.

Just an hour away from Portland, the beach has a unique charm that has captivated me since I started living here.

The journey to the beach is always intriguing.

The beach is near Avenue W and Ocean Vista Drive, nestled between two homes. A small pathway between the houses leads to this artistic haven.

It might be closer to homes than expected, but that's part of its charm.

Considering it's a residential area, you must be mindful of your noise level.

The beach is small, but the painted rocks take center stage.

They are vividly colored and painted with great attention to detail.

Most of these rocks, however, hold sentimental value.

They are often painted to honor someone or something, making them a beautiful memorial.

There are also some fun ones, bringing an element of surprise to the collection.

I usually like to visit the beach just after sunrise.

The atmosphere at that time is serene, and the view is breathtaking, especially when the weather is cloudy.

Watching a double rainbow emerge over the ocean before a spell of rain and hail is a sight I'll never tire of.

The beach grows more beautiful daily as more people add to the painted rock collection.

If you're in Seaside, it's a must-visit.

Don't forget to bring your own painted rock to add to the collection.

Trust me, the joy of leaving behind a token of your creativity is unmatched.

And while you're here, don't miss out on exploring Seaside. It's an adorable town with a lot to offer.

Capping off a day at the beach with a relaxing stay at a nearby Airbnb has become my favorite way to unwind.

And as the number of painted rocks continues to grow, so does my love for this beautiful beach.

Stroll Through Seaside Downtown

Something is enchanting about a casual stroll through Seaside Downtown.

The sea's salty breeze always carries the city's unique charm. I've seen many transformations, but its charm has never faded.

As the usual morning fog rolls out, the city wakes up to a medley of vibrant colors from the locally owned shops and buildings.

There's a captivating mix of old and new, traditional and modern.

The rich history of Seaside Downtown, reflected in its historical architecture, blends seamlessly with the contemporary touches infused into its ever-evolving landscape.

The wide, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks invite you to explore every nook and cranny.

Moreover, the myriad of shops and restaurants offer something for everyone.

You'll find everything from quirky boutiques to high-end stores, comfort food to gourmet cuisines, and local artwork to live music performances.

And as the sun sets, the nightlife brings new energy to Seaside Downtown.

The lights reflecting off the calm sea waters, the lively chatter in the pubs, and the laughter from the late-night ice cream parlor add to the city's allure.

Strolling through Seaside Downtown, it's easy to feel at home. It's a feeling, a lifestyle, a community.

Take a Daily Walk on Seaside Beach

People walking along Seaside Beach
Rigucci / Shutterstock.com

Living near Seaside Beach in Oregon feels like having your slice of paradise.

It's where I go when I need to unwind and let the ocean breeze wash away my worries.

The water may be slightly nippy for a swim, but the beach is vast and inviting.

And the sunsets are like a daily painting in the sky - a masterpiece of colors changing daily.

It's the perfect spot to kick back, build a bonfire and roast some marshmallows as the sun dips below the horizon.

While the beachfront accommodations can be a tad pricy and usually booked up months in advance, the town is buzzing with activity.

There are countless charming shops and eateries to explore, catering to every taste and preference, making it a family favorite.

One of my favorite pastimes is digging for razor clams. It's a unique experience that adds to the charm of living near the beach.

One of the hidden gems in the area is Avenue G.

It's got this handy foot rinse station that always comes in handy after a day of frolicking in the sand.

But what draws me and others to it are the tide pools.

They're like tiny worlds within our world, filled with colorful sea creatures and plants. It's a fun activity that never gets old.

Living by Seaside Beach is more than just a location. It's a lifestyle that I wouldn't trade for anything else.

Grab a Slice of New York in Our Neighborhood at Angelina's Pizzeria & Cafe

You'd think I found a secret portal to New York when I stumbled upon Angelina's Pizzeria & Cafe, right in our town's backyard.

My senses were taken on a delicious journey the second I walked in.

The aroma of fresh pizzas baking in an authentic brick oven whisked me away.

At the same time, the sound of Italian banter in the kitchen added a beautiful layer of authenticity to my experience.

The quaint setup with cozy Italian-inspired decor, warm lighting, and generous staff all add to an inviting setting where you want to sit back, relax and devour some New York-style pies.

What makes Angelina's special is the gourmet toppings on their pizzas, in addition to their fantastic calzones, panini, and other Italian bites.

When we had a family gathering there, we treated ourselves to two large pizzas with the most delicious toppings imaginable.

They also had salads fresh as the morning dew, and, let's not forget, the fries - they were something else.

Even my little ones, the fussiest eaters, savored their mini pizzas.

I had the chance to try several delicacies from their menu.

Their luau pizza topped with chicken was a dream.

And the chicken parmesan sandwich complemented by their fries was incredible.

Moreover, our vegan friends are thrilled at the availability of dairy-free cheese and a delightful vegetarian pizza.

They even have homemade tea and lemonade you can buy by the gallon.

And just when you think it can't get any better, they hit a home run with the dessert - a strawberry cream cheese calzone!

Believe me when I say it was like tasting a piece of Italian heaven.

Angelina's Pizzeria & Cafe has become our go-to place for great food and an even better experience.

We even ordered another pizza for those late-night cravings. Honestly, it's so good. We can't wait for our next visit!

Enjoy High-Flying Fun at High Life Adventure Park

My latest visit to the High Life Adventure Park Aerial Challenge Course was extraordinary.

It's right here in our backyard, yet it gives me a taste of thrill as if I were in an exotic location.

I decided to take my grandkids for a day of fun and adventure, and boy, was I in for a treat!

We started our day early, getting the first climb on a fresh Sunday morning in June. The best part? We had the entire place to ourselves!

As someone who has spent years working in high conditions requiring harnesses and fall restraints, I was initially skeptical about the safety measures.

But as I observed their safety system, I was pleasantly surprised.

It was something I'd never seen, and it made me feel completely safe, so much so I'm already looking forward to my visit next year.

My other visit was with my three kids, aged 7, 6, and 4. While it was a bit hard on the pocket, seeing the excitement on their faces was worth every penny.

However, as a word of caution for parents of young kids: prepare to lend a hand with hooking and unhooking the brackets, as it's part of the adventure!

High Life Adventure Park is a fantastic place to create unique, adrenaline-filled memories.

Remember, it's a one-time experience, but the memories will last a lifetime!

Discover Necanicum Estuary Natural History Park

One of the greatest joys of living in Seaside is having the Necanicum Estuary Natural History Park in our backyard.

It's a magical spot, a haven of tranquility and natural beauty tucked away in the heart of our bustling town.

The park is a birdwatcher’s paradise.

On any given day, one can spot at least three different species of birds swooping and diving around.

Seeing a group of Brown Pelicans diving and catching their food is nothing short of spectacular.

On one memorable occasion, I witnessed a flock of diving birds, so many of them swirling in the sky like a tornado. It was a sight to behold!

Visiting the park is also an educational experience.

My kids were thrilled to see thousands of baby eels entering the estuary, destined for the creeks and streams. Such a teaching moment about the circle of life!

The park has an elevated platform for observing the wildlife and the mesmerizing view of the estuary.

There are also stairs leading down to the river. I often see people launching their kayaks from there.

For the adventurous, there's a place in town to rent kayaks and paddle boats.

The park has been a solace, a sanctuary for me during some of the most challenging times of my life, offering me peace when I needed it.

I feel deeply grateful for this little gem in our town. If you visit Seaside, experience the magic of the Necanicum Estuary Natural History Park.

Walk Through Time at Seaside Museum & Historical Society

Exterior view of the Seaside museum and Historical Society
M.O. Stevens, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whenever I want to take a trip down memory lane, I head to the Seaside Museum & Historical Society, located conveniently on Necanium Drive, across from the river and just a stroll away from Broadway.

The place is a treasure trove of local history and a fantastic location if you're interested in Seaside's ancient and recent past.

Moreover, the diorama of the town, the galleries, and the exhibits make the museum an immersive experience.

I often lose track of time as I meander through the numerous displays.

The Lewis & Clark Expedition Exhibit provides an insightful journey into the past, shedding light on the effort to locate the site of Seaside's age-old salt works.

One of the exhibits that never fail to intrigue me is the Seaside Signal Newspaper Linotype machine.

I also am always fascinated by the tales of the 1912 fire that rampaged through the town, leaving a trail of destruction.

Also, I often take my time perusing the history behind the development of the Prom, the tales of old hotels, and much more.

It's a joy to explore our town's rich heritage in such detail.

Next to the museum stands the restored Butterfield Cottage. The tour through this cottage is like stepping back in time.

Each room is as it was used in a boarding house, adorned with vintage items and exhibits. It's fascinating to see how life might have been in the past.

The museum is a non-profit organization that doesn't charge an admission fee.

However, they suggest a donation, which I'm always happy to give.

It's a small price to pay for preserving our town's history and the outstanding work they do.

The Seaside Museum & Historical Society is more than just a place to learn about the history of Seaside; it's a place where the past comes alive.

Whether it's to feed my curiosity or to show visitors around, it's always a place I look forward to visiting.

Step Back in Time at the Lewis & Clark Salt Cairn Historic Monument

I've spent countless afternoons wandering the peaceful trails surrounding the Lewis & Clark Salt Cairn Historic Monument.

Nestled within the heart of the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, it has always been a place that captivates me with its deep-rooted history and serene ambiance.

Here, one can trace the footsteps of the brave Lewis and Clark expedition, who established a makeshift camp at this site to prepare salt from fresh seawater.

This was a crucial task for them, as the salt was used to preserve food for their return journey, a testament to their ingenuity and survival skills.

I pause and ponder the historical marker commemorating their endeavors during each visit.

The sign may be aged, but the words etched into it are still evident, vividly recounting the explorers' journey.

It's a pure joy to immerse in history while strolling around the marker, which is well-preserved and viewable from all angles.

The surrounding area is just as enchanting, with fall being my favorite season to visit.

Moreover, the vibrant autumn hues provide a stunning backdrop to the monument, making the experience even more memorable.

And the bonus? It's just a short walk from the beach, making it an excellent spot to round off a day spent along the Pacific coast.

Whether you're a history buff or simply someone with an appreciation for nature, the Lewis & Clark Salt Cairn Historic Monument is a rewarding stop.

Explore the Delights of Broadway Park

After a long week of hustle and bustle, I appreciate nothing more than a moment of solace at Broadway Park.

The park is a sanctuary where families, dog owners, and kids converge to enjoy blissful serenity amidst the city's commotion.

One of the park's standout features is its fantastic multi-age playground.

It has four playgrounds divided to accommodate different age groups, each complete with swings and picnic tables.

Children can run and play with abandon, their falls cushioned by a bed of soft woodchips.

The park planners even thoughtfully provided a mystery swing.

Whether for an adventurous toddler or a parent joining the fun, I'm still trying to figure that out!

But Broadway Park is not just about its playgrounds.

The dock, teeming with various boats at high tide, provides a scenic backdrop perfect for a stroll or a peaceful picnic.

Speaking of breezes, the park's picnic tables offer a choice of covered seating or open-air dining, making alfresco meals an absolute delight regardless of the weather.

If you're not one for picnics or playgrounds, Broadway Park is still a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

From the clean restrooms to the sizable community center and sprawling soccer fields, the park is a haven for recreation and relaxation.

And if you're a dog owner like me, you'll be pleased to know that the park is pet-friendly and even provides dog poo bags.

Despite its location on the busy Hwy 101, the park remains a hidden gem in Seaside.

It's surprising that on a packed day downtown, you would find only a handful of people enjoying Broadway Park's tranquility.

Broadway Park is the perfect refuge if you're a grandparent entertaining grandkids, a parent needing a break, or a resident requiring fresh air.

Embark on a Culinary Adventure at Bell Buoy of Seaside

In our quaint little town of Seaside, Oregon, nestled between the picturesque coastline and lush greenery, lies a hidden gem of a seafood restaurant that has been serving the community for years.

It's called Bell Buoy of Seaside.

In this family-owned joint, you can feast on various delicacies, from tender, crispy-fried seafood to heartwarming clam chowder.

And if you're looking to take home some freshness from the sea, they have crab, shrimp, and fish available.

But what sets Bell Buoy apart is their commitment to sourcing.

They're known to source their seafood within a 50-mile radius, ensuring maximum freshness in every serving.

I've tried their fish n chips, and let me tell you, it's easily the best in town.

The halibut is always fresh, crispy, and served in generous portions.

And if you're more of a cod person, my kid can vouch for its deliciousness.

One of my personal favorites from their menu is the smoked salmon jerky.

Born and raised in Oregon, I've been lucky enough to try various versions of this local delicacy, but none have hit the spot like the ones from Bell Buoy.

It's a must-try when you visit, and my daughter can't seem to get enough of it.

Inside, there's a neat map of the coast on one of the tables and outdoor seating that lets you soak in the beautiful weather.

The next time you're in town, drop by Bell Buoy of Seaside.

Whether it's their hot and delicious halibut basket, oyster shooters, or clam chowder, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Bring the Kids to Captain Kid Amusement Park

Living in Seaside has its charms: the beautiful ocean view, the calm evenings, the friendly community, but most importantly, the little jewels the town hides.

One such local treasure is Captain Kid Amusement Park.

You might not think much of its simple exterior, but don't let that fool you!

The homeliness of this place is part of its magic.

It's not flashy, but this makes it perfect for a laid-back day of fun with the family.

I cherish the memories of my family trips to the park.

The 18-hole mini-golf course is a popular spot.

My son's not a big fan of go-karts, but he could ride with me here, and that was a game-changer!

We even got a little racing flag to commemorate his first go-karting experience, now proudly displayed on his bedroom wall.

The park's offerings aren't limited to go-karting and mini-golf, though.

They've got a mini coaster and a "spinny thing," as my son likes to call it.

Even on a drizzly Tuesday in June, we enjoyed all the rides, and the fun didn't stop there.

We satisfied our sweet tooth with their fantastic ice creams - a must-try if you ever visit!

Captain Kid Amusement Park is a beautiful, family-friendly place that brings joy to kids and adults.

I'd recommend this little hidden gem to anyone in town or the locals who haven't yet discovered it.

Final Thoughts

Seaside, Oregon, is a treasure trove of natural beauty, rich history, and thrilling activities.

Whether you're a visitor or a fellow resident, I invite you to explore and fall in love with Seaside, just as I have.

I hope you enjoy these activities and reminisce about our beautiful town.

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