20 Best Things to Do in Milton, MA

Milton, MA

Every sunrise in Milton is a beautiful invitation to explore the charm and allure of this picturesque town.

As the morning fog lifts, it reveals a vibrant, welcoming community nestled amidst rolling hills and verdant landscapes.

I wake up each day lost in the tranquil beauty that seems too idyllic to be true, but it is. It's the place I call home.

This isn't just an introduction to an article; it's an introduction to a journey.

A journey through the heart of Milton where every corner hides an untold story, and every path leads to a new, exciting adventure.

Join me as I guide you through my beloved town, sharing with you not just the best things to do in Milton, Massachusetts, but the soul that binds us all together.

Welcome to Milton, a place that isn't just a dot on a map but a home filled with warmth and love.

About this article: This article was written by a local contributor based on their own experiences and those around them. While this list showcases some remarkable places, it's important to note that this is an opinion piece, and there are many other exceptional places to visit that are not featured here.
Our aim is not just to guide you to popular places but to encourage you to venture out and experience the city for yourself.

Discover History at the Eustis Estate Museum and Study Center

Exterior of Eustis Estate Museum and Study Center
Suzanne Grudem, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Walking through the doors of the Eustis Estate Museum and Study Center feels like stepping back in time.

The grandeur of the architecture, combined with the rich tapestry of history that envelops the place, keeps drawing me back time and time again.

I remember taking my family there one December as a Christmas gift.

The place was festively decorated, and the snowy landscape added an extra layer of charm.

Eustis Estate Museum and Study Center is open all year round, making it easy for us to plan our visits.

The convenience of the varying opening days according to seasons is a true blessing.

Prices are reasonable, considering the historical wealth the museum holds.

With tickets for adults priced at $20 and discounts available for seniors, students, and HNE members, it's a great deal for a family day out.

And if you're lucky, you might even snag a free day pass from your local public library.

One thing about the Eustis Estate that always impresses me is its accessibility.

The house was built with an elevator, allowing wheelchair users and those with mobility-related disabilities to explore without any hindrances.

For those unable to make the trip, they've created an informative virtual tour, an admirable effort to make history accessible to all.

The outdoors of the estate is just as captivating as the indoors.

The grounds bloom with beauty, especially in the fall, making it a great place for a leisurely stroll. Inside, the center is always impeccably maintained.

Every corner of the house tells a story, and the years of lived experiences are almost palpable.

The courteous and kind attendants and guides are always ready to answer questions and share fascinating historical snippets.

Unleash Creativity at the Milton Art Center

Every time I visit the Milton Art Center, I can't help but feel a surge of inspiration.

I had the privilege of enrolling my granddaughter in their art camp, and I must say – it was a sight to behold!

She was grouped with four and five-year-olds and their creativity left me in awe.

The head teacher, along with the teen assistants, were marvelous.

They made sure every child felt comfortable and had every resource they needed.

If my granddaughter had her way, she would be spending her entire summer there.

But it’s not just the camp, the individual programs at Milton Art Center are also worth mentioning.

My daughter was part of their fairy class, and she was over the moon about it.

The assignment of creating her own fairy world was the cherry on top for her.

The teachers were not only friendly and attentive, but they also made sure she had a thrilling and educational experience.

What's more, my sons also had their share of fun at the center.

They enjoyed every class they took.

The teachers and their assistants were nothing short of brilliant – they were fun, patient, and enthusiastic, despite the heat & humidity.

Their knowledge and kindness made the classes enjoyable for the kids.

Despite the fact that the programs are not a week-long, I would still highly recommend the Milton Art Center.

Learn about Local Flora at Mary M.B. Wakefield Charitable Trust Arboretum

This past weekend, I decided to take a peaceful walk in the serene woods of the Mary M.B. Wakefield Charitable Trust.

Nestled right here in our town, it is a complete sanctuary filled with a fascinating collection of trees and a variety of animals.

During my visit, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop about winter tree identification.

It was an opportunity to learn, appreciate, and get hands-on experience in a tranquil environment.

A few days ago, on Friday, I visited the estate again with a couple of fellow members from the Easton Garden Club.

After an enlightening tour around Mary M.B. Wakefield Charitable Trust, we decided to stay for lunch.

We had packed our brown bag lunches and chose to eat on the veranda.

The view was breathtaking, overlooking the expansive lawn.

As we sat there, enjoying our meal in the mellow afternoon sun, I couldn't help but feel a sense of peace and tranquility wash over me.

I also had a chance to attend an Orchardist workshop at the arboretum.

The session was packed with technical information and ended with a walk through the beautiful grounds.

It was an enriching experience, and I can't wait to attend the next one.

Hike the Blue Hills Reservation

The waters of Blue Hills Reservation
Ryan McGurl / Shutterstock.com

Who needs a long drive for an adventure when you have the sprawling Blue Hills Reservation right at your doorstep?

This massive park, tucked away in the heart of the town, boasts breathtaking views of Boston from the towering Great Blue Hill.

In the hustle and bustle of the town, it has become my go-to place for some respite, with its numerous hiking and biking trails catering to adventurers of all levels.

Right from the moment I step into the park, the lush greenery is a sight for sore eyes.

With the mesmerizing views of Boston from the 635-foot-high Great Blue Hill, every hike feels worth it.

The trails at Blue Hills Reservation, ranging from beginner to advanced, provide ample opportunities to test your stamina and endurance.

Some of them have rock structures that you need to climb, so make sure you're prepared with the right shoes.

And the best part? There are plenty of free parking spaces available, so you don't have to worry about finding a spot.

Trail at Blue Hills Reservation
Ryan McGurl / Shutterstock.com

The trails are beautifully maintained and offer a formidable challenge for your physical condition.

The park also has a trail system that is simply amazing, especially considering its proximity to Boston.

There are both easy and challenging trails, with paths like the skyline trail offering steep climbs and descents with rocky terrains.

Though viewpoints are few, the ones on the skyline trail promise a rewarding view.

The best view, in my opinion, is from Buck Hill - you can see the entire Boston skyline and the ocean from here. It's a sight to behold!

Take a Peaceful Stroll down Pine Tree Brook

There's something irresistible about a tranquil walk along Pine Tree Brook.

It's a gem tucked away in our bustling town, offering a serene escape from the daily grind.

The brook, with its crystal clear water and lush greenery, is a sight to behold.

It's like a little slice of paradise right at our doorstep.

In the early mornings, I often find myself ambling down the well-maintained paths, admiring the gentle sway of the towering pines that line the brook.

The air is crisp and clean, carrying with it the delightful scent of pine needles.

The calm atmosphere here is almost tangible, making it the perfect spot for my daily mindfulness ritual.

The brook has an uncanny ability to soothe even the most frazzled nerves. It's not just its beauty but the silence that envelops the area.

It's so quiet, all you can hear is the soft rustling of leaves and the gentle babbling of the brook.

This is why I often retreat at Pine Tree Brook with a good book or just my thoughts for company.

Not only is it a sanctuary for people like me who crave peace and quiet, but it's also immaculately clean, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our local community.

Have a Serene Retreat at Hillside Pond

I've always been a nature enthusiast, and there's nothing as invigorating as taking an early morning stroll around Hillside Pond.

Nestled amid the bustling metropolis, this pond is a tranquil oasis where time seems to stand still.

As I walk along the neatly manicured paths, I am engulfed by the lush green foliage abundant with pine, maple, and oak trees.

The serene ambiance is only enhanced by the soft chirping of birds and the gentle rustle of leaves.

Every morning, the mist rising from the pond paints an ethereal scene, and this enchanting sight is something I look forward to witnessing each day.

Birdwatchers would be thrilled to visit Hillside Pond as it is frequented by a variety of bird species.

I've had the chance to spot rare ones like the Red-tailed Hawk and the Great Blue Heron.

And if you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the playful otters that inhabit the pond.

Hillside Pond also offers a stunning panorama during the autumn, when the surrounding trees adorn themselves in vibrant red, orange, and gold hues.

It's a sight to behold that you won't soon forget!

Climb the Eliot Tower at Great Blue Hill

Exterior of the Eliot Tower
Adam Gladstone / Shutterstock.com

Ah, the magnificent Great Blue Hill!

There's nothing like a good hike to the Eliot Tower to clear your mind and revitalize your senses.

Parking and accessibility? Never a problem!

The setup here is fantastic, and Houghton's Pond is nearby too; it's practically a two-for-one trip.

However, do note that as of August 2023, the beloved Eliot Tower was temporarily closed, and reopening within the summer seems unlikely.

Now, if you ask me, the best route to reach the tower is the steep hill from the main road. Trust me, it gives you a solid workout.

Daytime view of the Eliot Tower
Jameslwoodward, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

And the reward? Spectacular!

At The Great Blue Hill, there are countless spots to sit, unwind, have a little picnic, absorb the scenic view and simply bask in good old mother nature.

Go Biking at Turner's Pond

What a joy it is to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and retreat to my sanctuary, Turner's Pond.

A small and tidy oasis in our town, it's my go-to spot for a leisurely stroll.

Serenity seeps into me as I follow the winding path around the water, the calm surface reflecting the beautiful trees that arch overhead.

Turner's Pond is not just a place for quiet reflection but also a playground for the active-minded.

On any given day, you might see joggers, children cycling, and families just out, soaking in the pleasures of the day.

My personal favorite? Seeing the silhouettes of airplanes passing overhead as they add a touch of modern charm to the scene.

Turner's Pond is not just a picturesque haven but also a place that is well-maintained and convenient.

It's exceptionally spacious, offering plenty of room for everyone to enjoy their own slice of nature.

The area is kept impeccably clean, and there are plenty of benches scattered around, offering spaces to rest and savor the view.

To top it all off, shady spots abound, thanks to the trees that dot the landscape.

Conquer the Ropes Courses at New England Base Camp

Have you ever stumbled upon a hidden gem in your own town?

That's exactly what happened with New England Base Camp for me.

Nestled just a short drive from the bustling town, it’s such a convenient escape from the daily grind.

It's more than just your average Boy Scout camp, it's an adventure packed with a host of activities.

From ropes courses to ice climbing and even skating, there's something for every age and skill level.

I've had wonderful times here with friends and family, spending our weekends exploring and making memories.

One of the highlights that you can't miss at New England Base Camp is the campfire donuts – they're hot, fresh, and served with a friendly smile by the resident scouts.

There's also a pool for water enthusiasts, a nature room for curious minds, and a music space for the musically inclined.

It's basically a wonderland filled with amazing things to enjoy.

Even the cub scouts have a blast here, with activities ranging from BB shooting to archiving and outdoor skills.

Learn about Local History at the Forbes House Museum

Exterior of the Forbes House Museum
Jameslwoodward, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the things I never tire of is visiting the Forbes House Museum, the gem tucked away in the heart of Milton.

It's like stepping back in time, immersing oneself in the rich history that permeates every corner of this stunning Victorian house.

Taking the opium trade tour was an experience I won't ever forget.

It was so intriguing, so well put together, it felt like I was living in the pages of a history book.

The stories of the trade and its impact, presented in such a compelling way, were nothing short of fabulous.

One of my favorite parts about Forbes House Museum is the tours.

They are available at 11 am and 2 pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for just $10.

That's a small price to pay for a journey through history guided by knowledgeable hosts.

I got to tour the house, explore the premises, and discover much about the Victorian era, the Civil War, and even the Irish famine.

There's also an impressive collection of Chinese porcelain and artifacts that have caught my attention more than once.

Spot the Wildlife at the Blue Hills Trailside Museum

It's always a day of discovery at the Blue Hills Trailside Museum.

The first time I visited, I was captivated by the array of animals present.

There's just something special about seeing about 20 different species, from owls to otters, turtles to raptors.

The outdoor area is open to everyone, while the indoor exhibits require a nominal fee.

The indoor museum, although not overly spacious, is chock-full of fascinating displays.

From snakes to rats and an array of stuffed animals, there's a lot to see at Blue Hills Trailside Museum.

The exhibits are thoughtfully designed, providing an engaging mix of animal sounds, skull-matching puzzles, and climate learning opportunities.

A personal favorite of mine is the live bee exhibit!

Have a Picnic at Houghton's Pond Recreation Area

There's nothing like the feeling of sand between my toes as I dig into my picnic basket, the sun shining down on Houghton's Pond Recreation Area.

From cooking out with friends to swimming and playing on the beach with the kids, this place is a treasure trove of fun.

I remember fondly the times I've cast my fishing line into the pond, landing bass and trout, thanks to the park's recent restocking efforts.

These are memories I cherish, and I still look forward to creating more.

And it's not just about water activities.

Surrounding the area are beautiful trails perfect for a leisurely hike or a jogging session.

If you're like me, who loves to enjoy the tranquility of nature, you'll find these trails absolutely uplifting.

Of course, it wouldn't be a wholesome day out without a place for the little ones to enjoy.

The playground at Houghton's Pond Recreation Area has always been a hit with my kids.

They could swing on the monkey bars and slide down the slides all day if I'd let them.

Safety and a pleasant environment are top-notch here.

I've always felt at ease bringing my family and friends over.

Go Swimming at Houghton's Pond

The waters of Houghton's Pond
kforce214 / Shutterstock.com

From the hustle and bustle of city life, I always longed for a place where I could unwind and find peace.

My search ended when I stumbled upon Houghton's Pond.

It's always been my go-to retreat when I need to clear my head and just enjoy the serenity of nature.

This oasis is a hideaway that has changed significantly over the years.

Now, it's a sprawling nature hub that offers a myriad of activities for every age and interest.

The pond, which serves as the area's centerpiece, boasts a beach where kids and adults alike play, swim, and relax.

When you visit, don't forget to bring your swimwear because a dip in the pond is a must-do!

The playground, just a few strides from the beach, is a haven for toddlers and young children.

It's a delight to watch them play with such joy and abandon, their laughter echoing through the park.

Trees near Houghton's Pond
Nature's Charm / Shutterstock.com

The large picnic area is another favorite spot of mine; nothing beats a good old picnic with family or friends amidst the calming beauty of nature.

Nature lovers will be thrilled to explore the small trails in the woods.

During these walks, I love listening to the chirping of birds in the marshland and breathing in the fresh, crisp air.

Houghton's Pond also offers ample parking lots, making it easy for visitors to come and enjoy their day.

There's something special about Houghton's Pond that draws me in.

Maybe it's the peaceful ambiance, the fun activities, or the beautiful surroundings.

Or maybe it's the fact that it offers a break from the daily grind.

Aerial view of Houghton's Pond
Adam Gladstone / Shutterstock.com

Go Birdwatching at the Neponset River Reservation

A simple walk in the park is an understatement when it comes to describing my experience at the Neponset River Reservation.

Tucked between Dorchester and North Quincy, it's a haven that brings a touch of wilderness right to our bustling neighborhood.

My mornings start with a jog along the three-mile trail, the cool morning breeze rustling the leaves overhead.

On other days, I take out my bike or roller skates or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll, accompanied by the quiet hum of nature.

The trail is well-maintained and meanders through some quaint parks, perfect spots to pause, catch your breath, and soak in tranquility.

If you're lucky, you might even spot a couple of migratory birds!

Of course, Neponset River Reservation isn't just about nature.

It also leads to a few neighboring villages, where you can find a variety of restaurants and stores.

It's a wonderful blend of urbanity and nature.

One of my favorite pastimes here is bird-watching.

The place is teeming with different species, each with its unique song, adding a melodious soundtrack to the ambiance.

And then there's fishing!

I've often contemplated casting a line into the river, but I am still unsure about which fish migrate through these waters.

Skate at Ulin Rink

Kickstarting winter in Milton is always about strapping on my skates and gliding on the ice at Ulin Rink.

Trust me, there's nothing that says 'community spirit' like a bustling rink full of locals.

They post the schedule at the beginning of the season, so it's easy to plan my skate time.

Mind you, the free skate time is not as much as it used to be, but when you do get onto the rink it's either free or very inexpensive.

Just remember, though, you've got to bring your own skates.

They don't do rentals here.

The ice quality atUlin Rink? Impeccable.

It's well-maintained and shares its time between public skaters and school hockey games.

That's right, you might just catch a local game while you’re there!

But Ulin Rink is more than just ice.

The learn-to-skate program that runs here is top-notch.

It's a sight to behold - seeing folks, young and old, experience the joy of skating, perhaps for the first time.

Walk Your Fur Babies at Cunningham Park

There's something inherently calming about nature trails, and the ones at Cunningham Park are no exception.

The emerald green spaces beckon invitingly, offering a respite from the bustling city life.

My dog, Max, and I are regular visitors - the park is incredibly dog-friendly, and the off-leash space towards the back is a paradise for him.

Every nook and corner is well-maintained and clean.

But the real highlight is during winters when they freeze a man-made pond for ice skating.

It's not every day you get to twirl around on a frozen pond amidst nature, with the crisp winter air brushing against your face.

Cunningham Park is also a great spot for spending quality time with family.

The joy of seeing children running around, their laughter echoing around the park, is an experience worth cherishing.

The park has a nice playground that my toddler niece loves.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go Rock Climbing at Quincy Quarries Reservation

The grounds of Quincy Quarries Reservation
Faina Gurevich / Shutterstock.com

My love for nature often takes me to Quincy Quarries Reservation.

It's a unique spot tucked away in Quincy, known for its former granite quarry turned outdoor art space and recreational park.

You wouldn't believe the strikingly colorful murals painted on the old granite rocks.

They're a sight to behold against the backdrop of the serene Boston skyline, especially as the sun sets.

Picture-perfect moments are a guarantee.

It's not just about the stunning views or artwork, Quincy Quarries Reservation offers a little bit of everything for outdoor enthusiasts like me.

Rock climbing is one of the main draws here.

Don't worry if you're new to it, there are plenty of spots with anchors already hammered in.

Believe me, nothing beats the thrill of gripping the rocks as you climb your way to the top.

I also enjoy the hiking trails here.

They're not just regular trails, though.

On my walks, I've come across deer, watched a wasp comb under construction, discovered colorful mushrooms and fungi, and even stumbled upon lily ponds. Each trail brings something new.

There's also an old railroad that adds an interesting twist to the journey.

Feast Your Eyes on the Grandeur of Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate

Exterior of The Bradley Estate
JoeyBagODonuts at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I remember the day I stumbled upon the Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate as if it were yesterday.

I had just taken the exit off 95 North in search of something beautiful to soothe my soul.

The moment I set foot on this vast, gorgeous property, I knew I had found my sanctuary.

This place, tucked away just off the highway, is an absolute gem.

Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate offers an array of experiences.

The trails winding through lush greenery are perfect for leisurely strolls that can last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.

I can't help but marvel at the exceptional display of flowers and blossoms, particularly in early May - it's a sight for sore eyes!

The seasons may change, but from Spring through Fall, there's always something beautiful to see here.

And then there's the mansion.

This house is not just a historical landmark but also an events venue.

I recall attending a wedding here once; the staff managed everything seamlessly, even in the midst of an unexpected downpour.

They set up a large outdoor tent, ensuring the celebration carried on unhindered. It's also worth mentioning that if you're a member of the Trustees, you get to enjoy free parking here.

But the real magic lies in the tranquillity that the Bradley Estate offers.

There’s a small pond, where I often sit in silence, listening to the gentle rustling of the leaves and birds chirping.

The different trails lead to distinct scenic spots, each more beautiful than the last.

There's a certain zen calmness that envelops you as you walk the grounds of the estate.

Paddle through the Natural Haven of Cutler Park Reservation

Paddling at Cutler Park Reservation
Yingna Cai / Shutterstock.com

I can still remember the first time I stumbled upon the natural wonder that is the Cutler Park Reservation.

I was on a search for a quiet, scenic place for my weekend bird-watching.

I never expected to find a spot that not only satisfied that desire but also became my go-to place for hiking, fishing, and the occasional canoeing.

Cutler Park Reservation is a wetland preserve, boasting a breathtaking freshwater marsh and lake that's always brimming with life.

The looping walking trail is a spectacle in itself. It takes you all the way around the pond, showcasing every nook and cranny of the park's beauty.

The experience feels akin to walking inside a living postcard.

Even the changing seasons cannot diminish its charm.

In fact, each season only accentuates it with a distinct allure.

The waters of Cutler Park Reservation
Igal Shkolnik / Shutterstock.com

The fall brings a riot of colors as the trees on the water's edge turn into hues of red, orange, and gold.

It's the perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful memories.

And come spring, the sight of swans gracefully floating on the lake brings a serene sense of joy.

But perhaps, what I love the most about the park is its splendid array of wildlife.

It's not every day you get to spot herons and cranes, yet here, it's a common sight.

Their graceful presence adds a touch of wild elegance to the serene setting.

Learn about a President's Life at Adams National Historical Park

A house at Adams National Historical Park
Wangkun Jia / Shutterstock.com

Living here, you soon realize that history is woven into the very fabric of our town, and nowhere is it more palpable than the Adams National Historical Park.

This historic site, once the home of two former presidents, has become a familiar spot for my weekend strolls.

Each visit feels like an immersive trip back in time.

The park is spread out over a large compound that once belonged to the illustrious Adams family.

The birthplaces of both John Adams and his son, John Quincy Adams, can be toured, providing a unique glimpse into the humble beginnings of these great statesmen.

One of my favorite parts of the Adams National Historical Park is the "forever home" of John and Abigail Adams.

You can almost feel the sense of relief and tranquility they must have felt when they returned to this home after years of dedicated service to the country.

Walking through the rooms, one can imagine the countless decisions and discussions that took place there.

Interior of the house at Adams National Historical Park
Enrico Della Pietra / Shutterstock.com

And then there's the library. A separate building in the compound, it is an awe-inspiring testament to John Adams' love for books.

This beautiful edifice houses the extensive collection of books owned by the Adams family. It's a bibliophile's dream come true.

Furthermore, the garden is a sight to behold. I find it the perfect spot for peaceful contemplation, surrounded by nature and the echoes of the past.

What truly brings the experience to life, though, is the National Park Rangers.

Their engaging tours and fascinating anecdotes paint a vivid picture of the life and times of the Adams family.

The historical narratives they weave hold you captive, regardless of your interest in American history.

Final Thoughts

Milton, Massachusetts, is a treasure trove of historical, cultural, and natural attractions.

I am continually captivated by the endless wonders this town has to offer.

Every corner of Milton has a story to tell, and I cherish every opportunity to discover and be a part of these enriching narratives.

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