21 Best Things to Do in Mequon, WI

21 Best Things to Do in Mequon, WI
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Welcome to the tranquil city of Mequon, nestled in the heart of Wisconsin’s Ozaukee County.

As we journey through my guide to the best things to do in Mequon, Wisconsin, you'll discover the hidden gems and local favorites that make this city a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered.

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Enjoy Seafood at St. Paul Fish Company Mequon

Aerial view of St. Paul Fish Company
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St. Paul Fish Company in Mequon is a treasure I've found in my hometown.

This culinary experience takes you across the seven seas with its delectable seafood offerings.

Take, for instance, their Shark Bites dish!

Yes, you heard it right, actual shark.

I'm not sure if it's a baby shark, but the charm lies in its mystery and uniqueness.

The flavor is exceptional, leaving your taste buds tingling for more.

Then there's the pan-eared scallops and Mahi Mahi: fresh, succulent, and perfectly cooked - it's pure gastronomic bliss.

A family dinner here is a grand affair.

Imagine two adult meals, a child's meal, a cranberry juice, and a specialty drink coming in at around a modest $80.

It's quality food without burning a hole in your pocket.

Moreover, the Shrimp Cocktail and Lobster Roll are a must-try!

The freshness of the seafood is palpable in each bite, and the flavors are simply tantalizing.

Drop by St. Paul Fish Company Mequon and immerse yourself in this delightful seafood paradise.

Craft Memories at Board & Brush Creative Studio - Mequon

One chilly winter evening, I walked into Board & Brush Creative Studio in Mequon, unsure of what to expect.

Armed with nothing but a sense of adventure and my creative spirit, I ventured into an extraordinary experience.

This place is a haven for creative minds to gather, collaborate, and make something beautiful.

From family get-togethers to bachelorette parties, Board & Brush is a fantastic place to bond over shared creativity.

On my first visit, I attended a fundraiser, and not only did we raise a good amount of money, and we had an absolute blast doing it!

The atmosphere is always buzzing with activity.

They provide everything you need to ensure your project turns out just as you imagine.

Plus, the sheer variety of projects you can choose from is mind-boggling; there's no limit to what you can create here.

I can't wait to return to Board & Brush Creative Studio - Mequon.

Whether you're looking for a unique date night idea or a fun, creative outlet, this is the place to be.

Explore the Tranquility of Shoreland Nature Preserve

Just a stone's throw from my home is the Shoreland Nature Preserve, a hidden gem in the city's heart.

Its location might be difficult for some to access, as it is behind private properties.

For those equipped with a watercraft, the preserve becomes even more accessible.

Taking to the water opens a new world of exploration within the preserve.

Meanwhile, Shoreland Nature Preserve has plenty to offer.

A serene walk along the old gravel path that meanders towards the Milwaukee River is therapeutic.

The view is breathtaking, and the area is an excellent spot for bird-watching.

As a resident, I can say that visiting this nature preserve is a refreshing escape from the city bustle.

Take a Stroll through Virmond Park

It's hard to describe the feeling that washes over you when you step foot in the 63-acre expanse of Virmond Park.

The feeling of the wind gently ruffling your hair as you take in the breathtaking lake overlook, the distant sound of children's laughter from the playground, and the endless trails eager for footsteps are nature's symphony at play.

One of my favorite pastimes is to walk in the park, especially following the recently installed stairs down to the water.

The lake sometimes puts on a dramatic show with rough waters and white caps, but it only adds to the experience.

Meanwhile, the bottom section of the stairs is constructed with open metal, a thoughtful design that adds a thrilling edge to the descent.

The steps are a bit larger at the top and bottom, so if you're uneasy with heights, I'd suggest holding onto the railing.

But don't worry, it's perfectly safe and enhances the adventure.

What makes Virmond Park a gem in Ozaukee County is its versatility.

It's equally delightful for family outings with picnic pavilions and open fields that can easily accommodate a game of frisbee or a round of tag.

On some days, when the park is quiet and fewer people are around, it becomes the perfect sanctuary for solace and reflection.

Every trail, short and straightforward, is etched alongside the cliff edge, allowing the beautiful lake view to accompany you throughout your journey.

Whether you are looking for an adventurous day out or a tranquil retreat, Virmond Park has something for everyone.

Just one visit and you'll find reasons to return time and time.

Enjoy Autumnal Adventures at Barthel Fruit Farm

Every October, like clockwork, I find myself returning to the familiar fields of Barthel Fruit Farm.

There's something incredibly comforting about the annual apple-picking tradition, a seasonal ritual that marks the passage of time in the most delicious way possible.

Last year, I visited the farm in the previous week of October.

The farm was buzzing with activities — apple picking, navigating the corn maze, and exploring the pumpkin patch.

I was once again amazed by the variety of apples they had. From McIntosh to Golden Delicious, their apples' taste is always simply impeccable.

As a big fan of the farm's bakery truck, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to sample some fall treats.

I treated myself to some apple cider, the perfect autumnal beverage for a stroll through the farm.

But the crown jewel of my visit? The apple fritters.

They are, without a doubt, the best I've ever tasted.

And let's not forget about the joy of apple picking.

There's a special kind of happiness in reaching for your apples, feeling their weight in your hand, knowing that you picked them yourself.

Seeing my grandson experience this for the first time last year was a joy.

His laughter echoed through the orchard, adding a sweet note to my memories of Barthel Fruit Farm.

As the season turns, I look forward to my next visit.

Barthel Fruit Farm, with its multitude of fall festivities, is a tradition worth keeping alive.

Cheer for the Chinooks at Kapco Park

It all begins with the excitement of a summer baseball game.

You can practically hear the crack of a bat from anywhere in town when you're at Kapco Park.

This little gem nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan is more than just the home field for Concordia University's team and the Lakeshore Chinooks.

It's where memories are made.

One of the stand-out features of Kapco Park is the stunning lake views.

You haven't experienced a game until you've stood up in the upper stands, feeling the lake's breeze on your face while watching the Chinooks play their hearts out.

Even on an unseasonably cold June day, the spitting rain and wind can't dampen the spirit of the game.

The food choices at Kapco are varied and delicious.

Alongside the standard stadium fare, there's a gaggle of food trucks offering diverse cuisines that will satisfy any ballpark appetite.

While I haven't personally tried every option, the word around town is that you can't go wrong no matter what you choose.

The atmosphere at Kapco Park remains laid back, perfect for a family day out.

Easy access parking and family-friendly pricing make Kapco Park even more appealing.

Although it's a smaller venue, I'd choose to watch a game over Am-Fam Field any day.

The charm of lakeside baseball, the quality of summer college teams' play, and the sheer joy of being part of the local crowd keep me coming back game after game.

Hang Out at Mequon Nature Preserve

Have you ever felt the urge to escape the humdrum of city life and immerse yourself in the calming embrace of nature?

Well, that's precisely what I did last weekend when I decided to visit Mequon Nature Preserve.

The story of how this land has been reclaimed and restored to its natural glory is fascinating and inspiring.

But the real magic begins once you step outside the building.

Spread over 500 acres, the preserve is home to various habitats, including ponds and prairies.

I went to the Watch Tower, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire area.

And I even used the field telescopes to see beyond the horizon.

Engrossed in the serenity and beauty of the preserve, time seemed to fly.

The experience was a great way to spend a day away from the bustle of the city.

There's something so freeing about teeing up for the perfect shot on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and nowhere feels more like home than Missing Links.

It's a community that brings together golf enthusiasts of all ages.

My kids and I are regulars here.

Between the expansive driving range and the engaging mini golf course, it's hard to run out of things to do.

The pricing is always affordable, which makes it easy for us to enjoy our weekend practice sessions without breaking the bank.

As for the course itself, we've yet to play there, but the anticipation adds to the thrill of our visits.

One memorable experience was stopping by Missing Links amid a wedding celebration.

You wouldn't believe how hilarious it is to see people in formal wear swinging golf clubs!

It was a delightfully refreshing alternative to the usual bar scene.

And as for the mini golf course? It's a gem.

The 18-hole challenge is just right - not too easy or hard.

It's perfect for a fun family day out, and we’ve made some great memories there.

I've got a golf lesson lined up for spring, and I can't wait to put my skills to the test.

And who knows? Maybe this time next year, I'll be writing about my experiences on the course itself.

Discover Tranquility at Grasslyn Nature Center

When you live in the bustling city of Mequon, you'll crave a place to unwind and reconnect with nature.

That's where the serene Grasslyn Nature Center comes into the picture.

Nestled in the city's heart, it's been my go-to spot for years.

Walking along the trails of Grasslyn, I've often found myself pausing to take in the beauty of the natural world around me.

The chirping of the birds and the rustle of leaves in the breeze all contribute to a sense of peace that's hard to come by in the daily grind of city life.

These trails are my refuge and a favorite for my loyal golden retriever, Max.

We've spent countless hours exploring the winding routes and chasing after each other - always a great bonding time.

Grasslyn Nature Center offers a rare blend of seclusion and tranquility right in the heart of Mequon.

It's a beautiful way to reconnect with nature in our backyard.

Enjoy Luxury Pampering at Neroli Salon & Spa

Indulging at Neroli Salon & Spa is always a treat.

Their expert stylists seem to possess magical powers, transforming ordinary hair into a work of art.

Beyond the exceptional hair services, Neroli Salon is my go-to brow-shaping place.

Their estheticians are wizards with brows.

My sessions are always quick but never rushed, leaving my brows more fabulous than I could imagine.

Everyone I've encountered at Neroli Salon & Spa goes above and beyond to provide an all-around luxurious and satisfying experience.

It's truly a gem in our community.

Spend a Leisurely Afternoon at Rotary Park

Rotary Park has always been my go-to spot for a peaceful afternoon stroll.

Whether I want to relax or watch the local kids having their soccer games, this massive park in Mequon never disappoints.

It's not just a park but a place where I walk my dogs.

Trust me, they love the place too!

And yes, there's more to it than just green fields and playgrounds.

It's also where you can watch baseball games with the grandeur of beautiful mansions, making a wonderful backdrop.

With a couple of playgrounds, the park doesn't lose out on the fun part.

Although one of them is pretty small and seems a bit old, it still manages to bring a smile to the faces of the children.

Moreover, the park is rarely crowded on weekdays, giving you a perfect outdoor space to breathe and relax.

So, if you're seeking a quiet place to unwind or looking to enjoy a soccer game or a baseball match, consider giving Rotary Park a shot.

I'm sure you'll appreciate the experience like I always do.

Explore the Mequon Public Market

Exterior of Mequon Public Market
James Meyer / Shutterstock.com

Do you ever have those days when you can't decide what to eat? That's when I head to Mequon Public Market, my local solution for food cravings.

The place is always spotless, and its contemporary design gives a warm and inviting feel when you step in.

Likewise, the market offers a fantastic variety of food options that cater to everyone's tastes.

It's like a culinary tour, where you can indulge in ice cream, donuts, coffee, tea, tacos, sushi, and Greek food, all under one roof!

The market decor subtly changes according to the food each vendor offers - it's a feast for the eyes and the stomach.

I've had some fantastic experiences here.

On one occasion, I tried the Purple Door ice cream and still crave its unique flavors.

There was also the time I had a delicious meal at Screaming Tuna.

Their sushi was priced just right and tasted divine.

Another favorite is Aloha poke.

There's more to the market than just tantalizing food, though.

You can find several boutique shops selling household items such as flowers and homemade candles - perfect for a quick gift or a treat for yourself.

Plus, during the warmer months, the patio is the ideal spot to kick back and enjoy the Wisconsin weather.

The only thing I feel could improve is the use of the upstairs space.

Undoubtedly, it offers ample seating, but it seems to me that having another exciting vendor would add value.

Any visit to Mequon is incomplete without a stop at this vibrant public market.

Whether you’re there for a family night, shopping for unique finds, or just looking to grab a bite, the Mequon Public Market truly offers something for everyone.

Take a Stroll at Katherine Kearney Carpenter Park

I have to say, Katherine Kearney Carpenter Park is my dog's absolute paradise.

Every time we go, there's always that twinkle of excitement in his eyes.

The park has these beautiful trails that we both love meandering through.

You can't underestimate the joy of a good walk in the great outdoors.

And this park? It’s always so pristine and clean.

Not having a fence might sound like a disaster waiting to happen with a dog park, but it's surprisingly not an issue here.

If you are ever uncertain about letting your pooch off-leash in an open park, keep it on.

There's even a cute little dog training area for those who want to teach their pets a new trick.

I remember visiting this park for the first time.

My dog and I left with the biggest smiles on our faces.

The park was a literal breath of fresh air, and my dog enjoyed himself.

It was perfect for a winter stroll, the grounds weren't mushy despite the season, and every dog parent we encountered was friendly.

Katherine Kearney Carpenter Park has always been wonderful for my pup and me.

Enjoy a Day Out at Lemke Park

When it comes to unwinding, Lemke Park is my go-to spot.

There's something for everyone, from sports enthusiasts looking for a friendly game to families seeking a leisurely picnic spot or even an archery lover like me.

There's nothing quite like spending the weekend at Lemke Park.

Kids have plenty of space to run around and let off steam in the playgrounds, while we grown-ups can engage in more serious pursuits, like a game of basketball or volleyball.

The baseball fields are not the greatest - concrete with a mere sprinkle of crushed pebbles on top - but they still serve their purpose.

Shaded areas offer respite from the sun for those who prefer to relax, and the park is well-maintained and clean.

It's the perfect spot for a picnic, with ample space to spread out a blanket and enjoy some sandwiches.

A day out at Lemke Park is always worthwhile.

So, if you're like me and love spending your weekends outdoors, why not try it?

Experience the Range Line Inn

The Range Line Inn is another gem nestled right here in our town.

This place is a piece of our local history - a former stagecoach stop built before 1840 that has withstood the test of time and now stands as a homey tavern serving classic American dishes.

From the moment you step through the door, you're greeted with a warm welcome and classy supper club charm that makes an impression.

They dish up the most heart-warming, delicious old-fashioned meals with a modern twist.

And trust me, friends, the food is just that good!

You know you're in for a treat when they bring out their homemade cheddar buns.

Those are my absolute favorites! They're served with every meal, making the dining experience even more special.

Now, remember what I told you about those special nights?

Wednesdays are lobster nights, Fridays are for fish fries, and then there's the prime rib on Saturdays.

They feature three different, highlighted dishes every night, so the menu always offers something exciting.

So, see you there, folks!

Enjoy a Cozy Belgian Respite at Café Hollander Mequon

There's nothing like finding a slice of Europe in your backyard. Café Hollander Mequon, just a short ride down the hill from my home, is my go-to spot for this experience.

It has all the charm of a vintage European café, but it's right here in Mequon, Wisconsin.

Their Belgian beers are my comfort on a cold winter night.

The menu has an expansive selection, enough to keep even the pickiest of eaters satisfied.

I can vouch for their delicious food; it's comfort fare.

One thing I love about Café Hollander is its unique atmosphere.

It's family-friendly and perfect for a casual hangout with friends or a cozy dinner date.

What stands out the most, though, are their igloo spaces.

It's like a haven on a chilly day; you're insulated from the cold while being part of the restaurant’s lively ambiance.

The walk is worth it once you enter the warm and inviting world of Café Hollander.

Enjoy a Delightful Day at Mee-Kwon Park Golf Course

There's something incredibly refreshing about starting the day with a round of golf, especially when playing on a course as beautiful as the one at Mee-Kwon Park Golf Course.

The first rays of the sun glisten over the manicured greens, casting a magical hue that makes every hole an experience in itself.

One of my favorite holes in this course is undoubtedly #5.

Each swing here is a brush stroke on nature's canvas, with scenic views that make you pause and appreciate their beauty.

The course is always in great shape, every green well-maintained, giving you the feel of playing on a brand new system every time.

Moreover, the slope of 124 and a rating of 71.4 from the tips offer a challenging yet enjoyable game.

It's not every day that you come across a county course as exceptional as this one!

An added perk to visiting the Mee-Kwon Park Golf Course is a lovely wooded field across the park, perfect for a leisurely walk with your furry friend.

My dog and I often take strolls here.

The rustle of the trees and the cool breeze make it an enjoyable experience, although I wish Sidney could roam off-leash sometimes.

Nevertheless, it's still a delightful way to wind down after a day of golfing.

Become a Regular at Highland House

I'm no stranger to the beach-themed paradise that is Highland House.

Their unique blend of Mexican, Caribbean, and Californian cuisine is what lures me back, time and again.

It's my go-to spot for a quick bite or a leisurely dinner.

The food is consistently good, arriving on your table faster than expected.

Their steak fajitas are my favorite, although the comments about the lack of traditional Mexican touch sometimes ring true.

Their cocktails are beautiful - their margaritas are the stuff of local legend.

When you order takeout, the experience is just as satisfying.

The packaging is sturdy, and the food stays warm, adding a restaurant-like quality to your home dining.

The highlight of the Highland House, however, is the outdoor seating.

Imagine sipping on their signature margaritas, your taste buds tingling from their zesty dishes, while enjoying the fresh air - an unparalleled experience.

The Highland House remains integral to my Mequon experience.

So, whether you're new in town or a fellow resident, I'd recommend giving it a shot.

You might find your new favorite spot.

Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane at the Jonathan Clark House

Not every day do you come across a gem infused with such rich history right in your backyard.

The Jonathan Clark House is one such place, a cornerstone of our community.

Its unassuming exterior conceals the vast reserves of history within.

Although it's a bummer that my daily walks past the house are restricted to admiring its exterior owing to the particular hours of operation, each moment is still filled with a sense of wonder.

The well-preserved architecture is a testament to the era gone by, often making me wish the walls could talk and share their countless tales.

When the doors open to the public, it's fascinating to see visitors drawn to our small town, all curious to learn about local history.

The narrative presented by the Jonathan Clark House is well-researched and engagingly delivered.

Its charm lies in how the house’s history is intertwined with the larger narrative of our community's past.

Every corner of the house whispers stories of yesteryears, resilience, and transformation.

The more I learned about it, the deeper my respect grew for the people who came before us, shaping the town we now call home.

Final Thoughts

Mequon, Wisconsin, is a city packed with various activities to keep you entertained.

So, whether you're a fellow resident or a visitor, I invite you to explore all Mequon offers.

I assure you, it's worth it!

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