20 Best Things to Do in Hinesville, GA

Hinesville, GA

Hinesville, Georgia, exudes a sweet Southern charm, offering a taste of history and a dash of adventure.

Just a stone's throw from the Atlantic coast, this quaint town holds more than meets the eye.

Within its boundaries, a myriad of experiences await to be discovered.

From whispering pines to rustling marshes, the echoes of history, culture, and community resonate.

This is a guide to the best things to do in Hinesville, Georgia.

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Enjoy the Day at Bradwell Park

Historical marker of Bradwell Park
Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This little pocket of tranquility is in the heart of Hinesville, named Bradwell Park.

You could say it's my haven, the perfect spot to spend quality time with loved ones while basking in the glow of nature.\

The park is picturesque, with mature trees and neat benches.

It's almost like a beautiful painting coming to life.

I love taking my dog for walks here, and it's also an excellent place for snapping memorable photographs.

The gazebo in the middle is particularly charming, often serving as a magnet for town events.

Whether looking for a quick cool-off from the fountains or planning an outing with the kids, Bradwell Park is the place to be.

It's a little piece of home.

Unleash Your Creativity at Hinesville Area Art Council

Every time I step into the Hinesville Area Art Council premises, I feel an overwhelming sense of inspiration and intrigue.

From the buzzing atmosphere to the riot of colors that greet me, it's undoubtedly my sanctuary, my escape from the mundane.

As a hub for the arts, this place is a testament to the thriving local talent.

The walls are adorned with mesmerizing paintings, each telling its own tale, while the sculptures beckon you with their intricate detail.

I can't help but lose myself in the splendor of these creations, crafted by passionate hands from around town.

What I particularly love about the Art Council is its commitment to fostering creativity across all age groups.

The workshops and classes they offer, ranging from painting to pottery, are a fantastic way to unwind and discover new talents.

I remember attending a watercolor workshop last summer, and it was an experience that I still cherish.

Under the guidance of an experienced artist, I learned to wield the brush and blend the hues, creating my little masterpiece.

The Council also hosts various exhibitions and events, offering a platform for local artists to showcase their work.

It's always a delight to see the results of familiar faces and emerging talents, each piece reflecting their unique perspectives.

Every visit to the Hinesville Area Art Council leaves me with renewed awe.

It's a testament to the power of art and the vibrant local community that nurtures it.

A visit to this incredible place is a must for anyone who appreciates the beauty of creativity.

Savor Tranquility at The Healing Lounge @ Get Tanked Float Center

Gazing at the bustling city life from my apartment window, I often yearned for a peaceful retreat.

This longing guided me to The Healing Lounge @ Get Tanked Float Center, a sanctuary within the city's heart that offers an escape from the everyday hustle.

The center was impeccably clean, brimming with tranquility that instantly calmed my nerves.

Feeling the world's weight on my shoulders, I decided to immerse myself in their couple's float.

A full hour of uninterrupted peace felt like an eternity and left me unfathomably relaxed and a little tired - so keep a slot free for a post-float nap!

But remember, the salt water saps your energy, so don't forget to eat beforehand.

The Healing Lounge's charm doesn't stop at the float tanks.

Every visit is a new journey of rejuvenation and relaxation that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world again.

So, if you're feeling the strain of the urban grind, The Healing Lounge @ Get Tanked Float Center could be the oasis you've been looking for.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and I can't wait for my next float!

Celebrate Special Days at It's All About Me Selfie Studio

Do you remember the joy of capturing memories through photos?

My recent visit to It's All About Me Selfie Studio took that joy to a whole new level.

I found that every photo they took was the epitome of perfection.

The word 'amazing' falls short of describing how splendid the pictures were.

Indeed, the experience was so enchanting that I can't wait to return.

When my daughter turned ten, we decided to throw her a small party with her best friends at the Selfie Studio.

It was a hit!

The girls had a blast, and the customer service, especially from Khole, was top-notch.

It's All About Me Selfie Studio is a place to create and cherish precious memories, a place that makes you feel special.

Find Serenity at Rhythm of Touch Holistic Healing Services

There's nothing like the touch of an experienced masseuse to wash away the week's stress.

At the Rhythm of Touch Holistic Healing Services, you're guaranteed an experience that rejuvenates both body and soul.

The first thing that catches the eye is the space's tranquility.

It's a super cute and inviting place, making you feel relaxed even before the treatment begins.

I can't help but give Rhythm of Touch a massive 10 out of 10.

Regarding well-being and relaxation, this place has undoubtedly found the right rhythm.

Spend the Day at the ITPA National Office & Telephone Museum

The ITPA National Office & Telephone Museum gem is tucked away in the manicured beauty of Bryant Commons.

It's become one of my favorite spots, soaking in the sunshine and local history. Perfect for those lazy weekend afternoons.

I remember attending a Women's Heart seminar in this beautifully structured building, tackling the pivotal issue of Maternal Mortality in Pregnancy.

The air was filled with the urgency of women empowering each other, reminding one another not to ignore any signs of discomfort, even months after birth.

A solemn reminder that most mortality in pregnancy happens within a year after birth.

Despite its size, the museum always surprises me with its impressive collection.

The place may be small, but it sure packs a punch in terms of its exhibits.

It's an exciting pit stop, offering a rich slice of history and technology—a must-visit for anyone in the area.

You won't be disappointed.

Check Out Legendary Phoenix Games

There's something inherently magical about walking into Legendary Phoenix Games.

Whether it's for my Warhammer set or my card collection, I've always found their prices to be more than reasonable.

Each time I've visited this store, it has always been clean and well-organized, making it easier to find everything I want.

If you're a card collector like me, you'll be delighted that the store is a complete treasure trove.

I must say, they indeed live up to their name.

I'm no expert in Warhammer, but even I can tell that their selection is impressive.

Their collection of Magic Singles sealed and more truly sets apart Legendary Phoenix Games.

Their inventory is the best in town, offering true duals, a portal, and some of the best reserve lists and commander staples.

I wouldn't go anywhere else when buying One Piece and Yugioh cards.

The customer service is top-notch, and they even host Yugioh tournaments.

Moreover, the community that gathers here is a fantastic bunch, too.

I've yet to have a bad interaction with anyone at the store. They're always ready to lend a hand or offer advice about games or purchases.

You might need to place an order and wait for your cards, but trust me. It's better than rummaging for hours through thousands of cards.

If you're looking for a place to buy Magic, Yugioh, Pokemon, or any other card game or board game, I would suggest visiting Legendary Phoenix Games.

I guarantee you, you'll walk out with a good catch.

Visit Bryant Commons Park

When life in Hinesville seems too hectic, I retreat to my sanctuary, Bryant Commons Park.

It's a hidden gem, an expansive haven of tranquility in our bustling town.

Its sprawling area never ceases to surprise me every time I visit.

The entrance may feel narrow, but that's part of its charm - it's like stepping through a secret passage into a different world.

It reveals a vast park stretching as far as the eye can see.

I've spent countless lazy afternoons there, finding joy in the simplest things it offers.

There's plenty to do for everyone.

The kids' park is a delight, filled with laughter and young energy.

For our pets, there's a dog park where they can frolic freely.

Families and friends often gathered around the picnic areas, enjoying a sunny afternoon meal.

The park's ponds are a personal favorite of mine.

They're perfect spots for fishing or sitting by the edge, lost in thought.

The flat trails around the park are great for a stroll or a brisk jog.

Each bend in the course provides a stunning view of the lake from different angles.

The serenity of the park is enhanced by the careful maintenance it receives.

The bathrooms, for example, are always well-kept.

Bryant Commons Park feels like an oasis amidst Hinesville's everyday hustle and bustle.

Whether visiting as a family, as a couple, or on your own, the park is fresh air that allows you to relax and enjoy nature's beauty in our backyard.

Experience History at Old Liberty County Jail

History marker of Old Liberty County Jail
Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every so often, I find myself breaking up the monotony of my day by visiting the Old Liberty County Jail.

The red-brick exterior might have you mistaking it for a cozy family home if it weren't for the metal bars running vertically across the windows.

Constructed way back in 1892, this historic building served as our county jail for more than 80 years.

That's longer than any other jail in the area.

Its ground floor is divided into ample space, or what we know in the States as a 'drunk tank.'

It was initially designed to accommodate those who've had too much to drink but also housed two cells.

If you're up for exploring, the upstairs region has another two cells you can check out.

I've walked through the self-guided tour several times, and it never gets old.

One of my favorite parts about the Old Liberty County Jail is their Saturday painting class.

It's a beautiful way to connect with the community and showcase local art.

Trust me, there's nothing like experiencing history and culture in such a unique setting.

Enjoy a Taste of Home at Margie's Southern Cooking

It was another ordinary day in Hinesville until I decided to turn it into something special.

A taste of home is exactly what I needed, and where better to find that than Margie's Southern Cooking?

Now, Margie's isn't your typical upscale restaurant.

It's a food truck with a lean-to-attached, hole-in-the-wall place serving soul food like no other.

I walked in there on a Monday, and the air was warm but bearable thanks to their decent cooling system.

It was like stepping into a neat little hub of comfort food.

When you go to Margie's, the menu changes daily, but Mondays are for beef stew.

And let me tell you, that stew was the best I'd had in a long time.

Every spoonful was piping hot, with flavors that felt like a hearty hug.

The cornbread, although slightly burnt at the bottom, was still the perfect side to my meal.

But that's not all. A meal at Margie's is simply incomplete without their banana pudding.

It's so good that it'll have you dancing in your seat, the taste lingering in your mouth long after the last spoonful.

Margie's Southern Cooking is more than just a food truck in Hinesville.

It's a small business run by people passionate about the food they serve.

It's a place where you go to taste the dreams of these people turned into reality.

One thing's for sure: I'll be returning to Margie's, and I'd suggest everyone else does the same because those flavors are worth every dollar.

Spend the Day at Fort Stewart Dog Park

Just another sunny day, I was at the Fort Stewart Dog Park, one of my favorite spots in the city.

The park is expansive, perfect for my two energetic furballs, who love to sprint, chase each other, and roam freely.

Moreover, the beauty of this place comes in its segregation into two sections, one for small dogs and another for larger ones.

This thoughtful design makes it a haven for all pets, irrespective of their size.

Now, let me tell you about the agility course that the park boasts. It's a thrilling and fun challenge for my dogs.

They leap through hoops and weave between poles, and their favorite part is zooming through the tunnel.

It's not just exercise for them but an adventure they eagerly look forward to.

And as a responsible pet parent, I appreciate the availability of poop bags at the park, making it easy for me to clean up after my dogs.

The park is conveniently located near the Holbrook Pond area in Fort Stewart, making it a regular destination for us.

After their playtime, my dogs would often quench their thirst at the dog water fountain.

It's refreshing to see them all tired but content, with their tongues hanging out in exhaustion and their tails wagging in joy.

The park is always clean, and the grass is always freshly cut, making it an excellent environment for my dogs.

Fort Stewart Dog Park is one of my most excellent dog parks.

It's a haven for my dogs and a peaceful getaway for me.

Spend the Day at the Hinesville Downtown Farmers Market

I love the sweet melody of live music and the tantalizing aroma of fresh produce and barbeque ribs!

That’s just another typical day at The Hinesville Downtown Farmers Market.

Let me tell you, being surrounded by the simple pleasures of Georgia farming country is nothing short of pure bliss.

There’s something special about picking up locally grown French beans, sun-kissed tomatoes, and robust squashes.

And don’t even get me started on Georgia’s fruits; they're practically famous around here for their superior taste and quality.

Indeed, you might think that the market is all about fruits and veggies, but it’s not.

A whole assortment of jams, jellies, and pickles is just waiting to be introduced to your pantry.

And, of course, resisting the allure of freshly baked bread and pastries is a feat even I haven't managed to accomplish so far!

But it’s not just the food that brings me back every week.

The friendly faces, vibrant energy, and warm, welcoming atmosphere are a little slice of community that brightens my day.

And did I mention the convenience?

Parking is a breeze, making it all too easy to load up my car with fruits, veggies, honey, eggs, and even artisanal soaps.

Trust me, with so much to explore and relish, a day at The Hinesville Downtown Farmers Market is well spent.

Explore the Tranquility of James A. Brown Park

There's an unspoken charm about James A Brown Park that makes it a significant part of my daily routine.

The serene atmosphere and peaceful setting offer an escape from the usual city buzz, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers like me.

One of the most memorable experiences at the park was witnessing a deer cross the trail.

It was beautiful and surreal.

I love that even though the park is in the city, it’s still a haven for wildlife.

Walking around the trail is a treat in itself.

Mostly shaded and around a mile long, it feels like an embrace of solitude and tranquility.

Once, I even managed to do two rounds, covering about 2 miles in a single day!

The park is generally busy with people walking, jogging, or simply soaking in the beauty of nature.

But there's more to this beautiful park than just the trail.

For one, the park boasts a tennis court, perfect for those seeking active entertainment.

Water fountains are strategically placed around the park, so you don't need to worry about getting thirsty.

Though, I usually carry my water bottle along.

If you're a sports fan, you'll be glad to know that the park often hosts baseball games, especially for the young ones.

So, it's a place to enjoy nature and a community hub where you can cheer for your local team.

James A. Brown Park is a sanctuary in the city where I can connect with nature and enjoy a peaceful day out.

Enjoy the Night at Doodles Billiards

There's something incredibly comforting about a night at Doodles Billiards.

It's a place where my family and I can unwind, laugh, and enjoy a friendly game of pool.

I can't think of a better place to spend a night with the family.

Even my teenagers love coming here.

They enjoy the thrill of the game and the sense of camaraderie that comes with it.

And the best part? We're usually done by nine, making it a perfect night out for them.

Recently, we decided to drop by for a pool tournament fundraiser.

We ordered their garlic Parmesan wings with fries and a Philly cheesesteak with onion rings.

Likewise, the wings had just the right blend of flavors, and the cheesesteak was to die for.

Even the fries and onion rings were top-notch.

I'd recommend Doodles Billiards to anyone looking for a great time, delicious food, and a game of pool!

Spend an Afternoon at Cherokee Rose Country Club

There's something about the Cherokee Rose Country Club that always makes me feel at home.

Nestled amidst the live oaks and pine trees, this golf course is a sanctuary in the hustle and bustle of Hinesville.

I've spent countless afternoons here, perfecting my swing and soaking up the tranquil beauty of the greens.

The course is well thought out, with the front nine relatively short but challenging enough to pump blood.

Likewise, the back nine extends further, with a more open layout allowing for a nice change of pace.

The one thing that stands out for me, however, is the distinct community vibe that the club exudes.

With families residing on the course, I often find myself waiting behind a young budding golfer practicing his shots in the fairway.

Some may find this troublesome, but for me, it's a reminder that this is more than just a sport - a lifestyle that brings people, young and old, together.

So whether you're a seasoned golfer or just looking for a serene spot to unwind, Cherokee Rose Country Club might be the retreat you need.

There's a little something for everyone, whether the beautiful stretch of water bodies, the challenging holes, or the welcoming community.

Visit Liberty County Convention & Visitors Bureau

One of my favorite spots in our little town is the Liberty County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

It's the heart of our vibrant community, tucked away in an old historic house with a welcoming porch and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Working my way through the charming wooden door, the air is always filled with a sense of excitement.

So much information about activities, shopping spots, restaurants, and entertainment is available in the area.

It's like a treasure trove of local knowledge waiting to be explored.

The Liberty County Convention & Visitors Bureau is more than just a welcome center.

It's an embodiment of our community spirit.

And I can't help but look forward to working more closely with them in the future.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy a Nostalgic Night at Jesup Drive-In

The grounds of Jesup Drive in Theater
Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There's nothing quite like the magic of a movie under the stars at Jesup Drive-In.

You can feel the nostalgia when you pull into the lot.

Since the 1940s, it's been a staple of the community, one of the few remaining drive-ins, a testament to old times that has withstood the test of time.

The Drive-In screens new films all year round, ensuring there's always something for everyone.

I remember taking my kids to see the latest Mario movie there.

Something about watching a movie from the comfort of your car feels right.

Moreover, the Jesup Drive-In also offers a unique dining experience.

Carhops serve diner fare, harkening back to simpler times.

There's a $5 permit to bring your food, but it's worth it for the experience.

The Jesup Drive-In offers an experience you can't get at a typical movie theater.

It's a piece of history, a local gem, and a constant reminder of simpler times.

So grab your family, load up the car, and come on for a night of fun, nostalgia, and the magic of cinema.

Discover History at the Fort Stewart 3rd ID Museum

Believe it or not, tucked right in our backyard is a treasure trove of history, the Fort Stewart 3rd ID Museum.

Although housed in a relatively small building, the museum offers a surprisingly rich and immersive experience.

Whenever I have a little time to spare, I find myself drawn to this captivating spot.

It might be the fascinating exhibits, the meticulously detailed models of tanks, or the wealth of information about the 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, and Hunter Army Airfield.

The museum is an excellent blend of military and local history that never fails to pique my interest.

Moreover, the museum is an excellent venue for special events.

They recently accommodated a 32-year Desert Storm reunion, creating a therapeutic and joyful environment for veterans and family members.

Seeing such meaningful connections being made right in our community is heartening.

The museum is chock-full of intriguing exhibits.

Each gallery is a journey back in time, unveiling the vibrant history of our beloved Fort Stewart in an engaging and thought-provoking way.

The small theatre within one of the galleries is a favorite, with its superbly detailed and well-presented models of the tanks that stormed Baghdad.

Admission to the museum is free, but donations are always welcome.

If you feel like contributing, there's a transparent box in the lobby where you can leave your donations.

Visiting the Fort Stewart 3rd ID Museum is not merely a pastime.

It's a voyage through time and an appreciation of the stories that shaped our community.

Discover History at Seabrook Village

Imagine a place where you can step back in time, where history comes alive in every corner.

That's right, I'm talking about Seabrook Village.

Located just a short drive from my home, this living history museum has everything - from century-old buildings to authentic artifacts narrating past tales.

Getting to Seabrook Village is a treat in itself.

Nestled en route to the coast beyond Midway, I often drive through the scenic roads just 30 minutes from Hinesville.

Once there, the vast 40-hectare site greets me with eight structures, each a testament to the turn of the century.

One of my favorite spots is the old mill.

Standing in the same space where our ancestors produced flour from cereal grains by hand is truly awe-inspiring.

It’s a humbling realization of the labor that went into the most necessities of life.

As I stroll through the village, I can witness the realities of keeping clean and obtaining an education during American history.

Each building has a unique tale to tell, and I am always mesmerized by their silent narratives.

It's like being in a historical movie, but this is no Hollywood set.

Every artifact is a reminder of how families once lived, from the furniture to the cooking utensils.

For me, visiting Seabrook Village is like opening a time capsule.

It's a place to immerse yourself in the past while making unforgettable memories.

I've watched my kids' eyes widen in amazement more times than I can count.

It’s a place to experience history in real-time.

Enjoy a Tranquil Escape to Cay Creek Wetlands Interpretive Center

One of my favorite places to escape when I need quiet and peace is the Cay Creek Wetlands Interpretive Center.

Nestled in the swamp's heart, it's a sanctuary where I find solace and reconnect with nature.

With a boardwalk that winds its way through the wetlands and leads you to a beautiful tidal creek, it's a place that has captivated me with its quiet charm.

It's a joy to stroll along the boardwalk, which is well-maintained and provides easy access to even those with strollers.

As I walk, I lose myself in the comforting sounds of nature and the informative signs scattered along the trail.

They do a fantastic job of telling the story of the wetlands, although some could use a bit of an update as the text has faded over time.

The boardwalk is punctuated with seating areas, offering a shaded respite from the sun as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the swamp.

Don't forget to bring your binoculars - bird watching here is an absolute delight.

Climb up the observation tower for a breathtaking panorama of the wetlands, or sit on one of the benches at the dock at the end of the boardwalk, a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a packed lunch.

The Cay Creek Wetlands InterpretI often crave tranquility that I constantly desire.

Whether for bird watching, a solitary walk, or a peaceful picnic, it's a gem in our community worth exploring.

Final Thoughts

Living here in Hinesville has provided an abundance of memorable experiences.

With its combination of history, culture, leisure, and natural beauty, this place has something for everyone.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more to explore and love about Hinesville, Georgia.

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