16 Best Things to Do in Hackensack, NJ

16 Best Things to Do in Hackensack, NJ
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Nestled in the heart of Bergen County, Hackensack, New Jersey - buzzes with a unique blend of suburban serenity and urban excitement.

Let me invite you to a virtual tour of the city and share some of the best things to do in Hackensack, New Jersey.

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Enjoy an Extravagant Day at The Shops at Riverside

Interior view of the Shops at Riverside
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From the break of dawn, the allure of The Shops at Riverside calls out to me.

Its majestic building beckons with the promise of a day filled with luxury and class.

Nestled amidst the posh environs of Hackensack, New Jersey, this shopping paradise is where I find solace and joy.

Every stride inside this extravagant shopping complex feels like an exquisite dream.

Each store, with its high-end, exclusive decor, is a world.

Some of my favorite stops include the iconic Bloomingdale, the chic Tory Burch, the timeless Coach, the illustrious Tiffany, and the literary haven that is Barnes & Noble.

View of the Shops at Riverside
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The absence of a maddening crowd adds a touch of serenity to my shopping experience, making it truly enjoyable.

What makes the experience even more delightful are the classy dining options that dot the mall.

The myriad restaurants offer various cuisines, satisfying my taste buds after a long day of indulging in retail therapy.

As the day concludes and I finally step out, I often marvel at the pristine surroundings.

Even when tainted by the occasional wildfires, the sunsets are a sight to behold.

The Shops at Riverside is a testament to the allure of high-end luxury and fine dining, a place that never ceases to amaze me, and I find myself returning to it time and again.

Car displayed at the Shops at Riverside
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Enjoy Craft Excellence at Hackensack Brewing

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy," said Benjamin Franklin.

And I have found my slice of 'hoppy' heaven at Hackensack Brewing.

It's a place where beer is a labor of love, affection, and dedication.

Walking in, you're immediately struck by the friendly atmosphere.

Hackensack Brewing is a treasure trove of brews that caters to every conceivable taste.

Whether you prefer a crisp lager, a hearty stout, or the complexity of an IPA, they've got you covered.

And to add a sweet note to your visit, their pastry stouts are simply the stuff of dreams.

The variety here is unlike any I've seen - it's like an art gallery, but for beer!

Likewise, the quality of the beer is exceptional, with each sip revealing the passion and expertise that goes into the brewing process.

And the prices? They are surprisingly affordable for such high-caliber beverages.

It's where you can indulge without breaking the bank.

What makes Hackensack Brewing even more unique is its bring-your-own-food policy.

The bartender told me it's all about eating and drinking responsibly - a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with.

So, pack your favorite snacks, grab your friends, and make a night of it!

The brewery is tucked away on Johnson Avenue, just beyond building number 76.

Look for a small sign leading you down a driveway to this hidden gem.

And don't worry about the parking, there's ample space right in front of the building.

If you haven't visited Hackensack Brewing yet, I urge you to do so.

I can't wait for my next visit.

Here's to good times and even better beer!

Go on Archery Adventures at Shooting Zone

There's something incredibly relaxing about drawing back a bowstring, the world around you blurring into insignificance as you focus on your target.

And there's nowhere else I'd instead do it than at the Shooting Zone.

Let me tell you, it had been a while since I last picked up a bow. I was a little rusty.

But, the moment I stepped into the Shooting Zone, their warm welcome put me at ease.

Their shining enthusiasm for archery was contagious, and I rekindled my love for the sport in no time.

The range was also impressive.

It was spacious and well-maintained, providing an ideal environment for beginners wanting to try out archery and veterans looking to hone their skills.

Not to mention, the rates were surprisingly affordable – a definite bonus!

And it's not just about the shooting.

There's a fantastic community feel at the Shooting Zone.

A place where one can enjoy a fun, relaxing time, whether you're there to practice your aim, perfect your release, or have a solid good time.

One particular visit stands out. I tagged along with some friends for a group session.

They made the experience so enjoyable that we vowed to come back.

And trust me, we did. The Shooting Zone has reawakened my passion for archery.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new hobby or a place to practice.

I think I'll see more of the Shooting Zone in the future.

Enjoy a Night to Remember at El Turco Grill

"Once you dig in, there's no going back!" This is precisely how I felt after my first visit to El Turco Grill.

The food was divine. Walking in on a casual Wednesday night, the place's ambiance immediately captivated me.

Moreover, the warm colors and the soft music playing in the background set the mood just right.

And then came the food!

I ordered the lamb chops as suggested by our friend.

They did not disappoint.

The juiciness and the perfect blend of spices had me going for an extra serving.

Next up, we tried the El Turco mix.

Each bite was a burst of exotic flavors in my mouth.

To top everything, we also had hummus and falafel as appetizers.

I can still taste the creamy hummus and the crunchy falafel in my mouth.

What followed was a pleasant surprise!

With a warm smile, our waitress brought us a free custard dessert and tea.

I must say the dessert was the perfect end to a beautiful meal.

But a restaurant is also about the experience.

To say that my dinner at El Turco was memorable would be an understatement.

It was an experience that resonated with me every time I passed by the restaurant.

I urge everyone to try this place at least once. It's about the vibe, the people, and the essence of dining out.

It makes you feel right at home!

Experience the Vibrant Community Life at Atlantic Street Park

I find solace in the urban oasis that is Atlantic Street Park.

I've become a regular here, basking in the afternoon sun and relishing the peaceful ambiance.

It's a hub of community activities that keeps the city buzzing with life.

But what draws me most to the park are the concerts and the Octoberfest, a tradition I eagerly await each year.

The concerts are a treat to the senses, with music genres ranging from pop and rock to jazz and classical.

Meanwhile, the Octoberfest, on the other hand, is a delicious spread of the diverse culinary culture of our community.

Beyond the concerts and the feast, the park offers many activities, making it a spot for everyone.

The park hosts theater performances, movie nights, and even sessions of yoga and Zumba.

I remember the first time I attended Sunset Yoga on a Monday night.

The park is not just a space for me to relax and unwind but also an opportunity to bond with family and friends.

It's a place where I've made unforgettable memories and hope to make many more.

Check out Atlantic Street Park yourself.

Maybe I'll see you at the next concert or yoga class.

Sip Local Flavor at Alementary Brewing Co.

Have you ever had a sip of jalapeno in your beer?

You'd get that if you tried the Hay-Z IPA over at Alementary Brewing Co.

One of my favorites is a kick of heat smoothly blended into a refreshing brew.

It's these original flavors that keep me coming back to this local craft brewery.

Located in a rustic-chic microbrewery and taproom tucked away in an industrial park-like area, Alementary boasts eight taps that serve a rotating selection of craft brews.

Don't like what's on tap?

There's a whole fridge stocked with canned beers, ready for you to take home.

They're always ready to share their passion with you, explaining their process, ingredients, and experiments with new flavors.

And let's not forget about their impeccable service.

They'll make you feel welcome whether you're a regular or a first-timer.

The outdoor space is a bonus, a great place to hang out and savor your beer when the weather's nice.

And if it's not, the cozy taproom's got you covered.

Whether you're a beer enthusiast or just someone looking for a good time, Alementary Brewing Co.

It is the place to go.

And if you can't make it in person, don't worry. They offer to-go and delivery services.

So, prepare to stock up for the winter with some fantastic local craft beers!

Take a Leisurely Stroll in Johnson Park

I'd be lying if I said the sound of my children's laughter echoing through Johnson Park isn't music to my ears.

Nestled just a short walk from our home, it's our go-to outdoor fun and relaxation spot.

The playground, with its extensive play area, keeps the kids entertained for hours while I find solace in the breathtaking views of the serene Hackensack River.

Who wouldn't relish the sight of calm waters gently flowing by?

Are you feeling sporty? Johnson Park has got you covered.

There's something for every sports enthusiast, from two pristine soccer fields that have seen more pick-up games than I can count to the beautifully maintained five tennis courts.

And the sprawling green expanse makes for the perfect impromptu picnic spot.

Did I mention the ample parking space?

Take a stroll along the Greenway path system that stretches a good 2.5 miles along the river.

The tranquility of the path offers a much-needed respite from the hustle-bustle of everyday life.

You can spend hours here, just soaking in the peace and calm, without a care.

Although there aren't any picnic tables, a simple blanket and basket affair under the open sky is all you need for a perfect day out with the family.

The park is safe during daylight hours and offers limited parking near the maintenance building entrance.

For more information about the park and its facilities, visit Hackensack Recreation.

Johnson Park is an experience not to be missed.

Something is captivating about the Riverside Gallery.

I often find myself wandering there on lazy afternoons when I need a touch of quiet, a retreat from the bustle of daily life.

The gallery is stunning, tucked away in the corner of the mall.

It's a sanctuary of art within the commercial chaos - an unexpected and delightful surprise.

You could say it's a hidden gem in the city's crown.

The collection is not extensive, but it's refreshing.

Each piece demands your attention, forcing you to pause and appreciate its intricacies.

While some may argue that the prices are a tad steep, I believe the art showcased is well worth it.

The range usually falls between 2k and 4k, but you're paying for genuine, quality work that adds character to any space.

As you stroll through the Riverside Gallery, it's impossible not to feel the love and dedication poured into each work.

Every canvas tells a unique story, and every sculpture holds a silent conversation with the viewer.

And the best part? It's free to feast your eyes on these masterpieces.

Ultimately, art is all about perspective, and Riverside Gallery offers a rich palette for the discerning eye.

It may not be the largest or the most famous gallery in town, but its intimate charm and the exquisite pieces it houses make it a must-visit for any art enthusiast.

Unwind at Foschini Park: A Gem in Hackensack

A certain sweetness comes with the dawn at Foschini Park, especially on a crisp spring morning.

The park, a famed baseball hub, boasts not just one but multiple fields of varying sizes, even catering to the Little League games.

If baseball isn't your thing, worry not- you can always take to the paved pathways that meander through the park.

It's perfect for a stroll or an invigorating bike ride; they're a favorite among many a morning visitor.

A word of caution, though: there's a portion where the path turns to gravel, so cyclists, beware!

One of the oldest parks in Hackensack, Foschini Park hosts a rich tapestry of history as well.

Once part of the Oritani Athletic Grounds in the 19th century, it was eventually deeded to the city in 1911-12 and christened Riverside Park.

The park was later renamed in honor of the late Mayor and City Councilman Paul Foschini, who served his office for a commendable 27 years.

A passionate sports enthusiast, his love for baseball is reflected in the ten fields that dot the park's 28 acres.

If you're lucky enough to visit during Independence Day, you'll witness the park transformed into a vibrant festival ground.

Hackensack's firework festival is a tradition here, drawing in families from near and far for an unforgettable evening of celebration.

For those seeking a tranquil retreat, there's a small nature walk along the back end of the park with benches for relaxing.

And the little ones are not forgotten - a playground on the park's southwest side is perfect for them to burn off some energy.

Whatever your reason for visiting - be it a game of baseball, a stroll, or to soak in the atmosphere - Foschini Park is a local treasure worth exploring.

Bounce around Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

In South Hackensack, New Jersey, there's no better place to let loose and catch some airtime than at the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.

If there's one thing my kids never seem to tire of, it's the thrill of jumping sky-high on trampolines, and this place has plenty of those.

With a sprawling space filled with trampolines, dodgeball courts, and an assortment of fitness classes, it's hard not to get pulled into the exhilarating fun.

Hosting a party here is a no-brainer.

Sure, it can get a bit packed over the weekends, and the parking has to be shared with a couple of other establishments.

But the rotation of parties is so well managed that as one group leaves, the next arrives without causing much congestion.

My kids experience sheer joy each time we visit.

In my experience, Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park is a perfect spot for a joyous birthday celebration or a fun-filled weekend outing with the little ones.

Enjoy Bowling Nights at Bowler City

Once, I tried to count how many Friday nights I'd spent at Bowler City, and I lost track after a hundred.

It's a classic bowling alley that's become a part of my routine, where I meet friends, make plans, and knock down pins.

The wonderfully old-school vibe of the fifty bowling lanes is very enticing.

It's full of excitement, laughter, and the familiar sound of strikes and spares.

You can feel the spirit of the place reflected in its people.

What I love about Bowler City is its balance - bowling is the main course, but there's so much more to enjoy.

The bar and grill are perfect for catching up on the latest gossip while munching on perfectly crispy fries.

Aside from bowling and food, the pool tables and arcade games provide additional fun if you want something different.

It's also an excellent place for kids - seeing their delight when they manage to knock down pins is genuinely heartwarming.

Bowler City is filled with joy, laughter, and the occasional friendly competition.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Take a Stroll Through History at New Bridge Landing

View of the New Bridge Landing
Adam Moss, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

On a typically lazy Sunday, I was looking for a change of pace from the norm.

I remembered the Historic New Bridge Landing, a gem in our town.

The Landing is steeped in history, dating back to the American Revolution.

You can't help but feel nostalgic as you stroll through the grounds, imagining George Washington himself strategizing his next move against the British Crown.

The place comes alive during events; the passionate and knowledgeable docents bring history to life with their stories.

It's like being transported back in time, learning about the events that shaped our nation right where they happened!

The buildings are in excellent condition, though access is limited to event times.

Look out for these events. It's an experience not to be missed, a tranquil escape from the bustling city on a regular day.

The outdoor signage provides tidbits of information that are pretty informative.

Likewise, the added touch of the QR codes is a nice nod to the modern world, though nothing quite beats the docents' storytelling.

You'd find everything locked, but don't let that deter you.

The sheer ambiance of the place, adorned with historic structures and serenaded by bird songs, makes for a beautiful half-day trip.

So, the next time you think of stepping out, consider packing a lunch and taking a trip to the Historic New Bridge Landing.

It's a step back into the chapters of our past.

Spend the Day at Overpeck County Park

I've always loved living here because I can escape to a different world without leaving my hometown.

That different world is Overpeck County Park, a sprawling 805-acre green heaven filled with joyous activities.

Every weekend, I look forward to losing myself in its five miles of hiking trails, listening to the harmony of whispering leaves and singing birds.

What's not to love about this park? It’s got sports fields where my friends and I enjoy a good game of soccer, playgrounds where children's laughter resonates, and even an Equestrian Center, a sight for horse enthusiasts.

The park is so much more than just green fields and play areas.

It’s where I discovered my love for fishing.

There's this perfect spot by the lake where I cast my line, let my thoughts wander, and enjoy the calm.

The lake also serves as an excellent spot for canoeing.

Even if you don't have a permit, you can still enjoy the fun of canoeing and kayaking, which is quite a rare liberty these days.

The park is also a haven for picnickers and loungers.

I often find families and friends gathered around, sharing food, stories, and laughter, which adds to the warm, friendly atmosphere of the park.

The restrooms are clean and well-maintained, which not all public parks can boast.

One of my favorite spots in the park is the little bridge by the entrance after the first roundabout.

There, I often find myself sitting on the benches, losing track of time as I immerse myself in the picturesque view.

It never fails to take my breath away.

And let's not forget about the Jurassic Park tucked away in this green paradise, a delightful surprise for those adventurous enough to explore.

It's like entering another era, coming face-to-face with creatures only read about in books.

It adds a touch of magic to the park, and I love it!

Overpeck County Park is a part of my life, a sanctuary where I can relax, recharge, and be.

Enjoy the Day at Saddle River County Park

When I first moved here, Saddle River County Park was one of the first places I discovered.

Since then, it's been my go-to spot for peace and recreation.

The park unfolds in front of you like a beautiful painting, with ponds shimmering under the sunlight, multi-use pathways winding through green fields, and playground equipment adding vibrant colors to the landscape.

I slip on my jogging shoes every morning and head towards the park.

The well-maintained trails, caressing the serene river and under the canopy of lush greenery, provide the perfect setting for an invigorating run.

Likewise, the beautiful cherry blossom trees in full bloom during springtime is a sight that never gets old - it's like witnessing nature's fireworks display!

Weekends are a family affair at the park.

Watching the kids have a gala time at the playgrounds is a joy, their laughter ringing through the air.

We often pack a picnic and settle down near one of the ponds, the tranquil water providing a soothing backdrop to our family time.

The park offers various activities, making it a bustling hub of activity.

There's something for everyone, from athletic fields for sports enthusiasts to well-frequented walking trails.

Saddle River County Park is a delightful spot for nature lovers, fitness enthusiasts, and families looking for quality outdoor time.

So, if you're nearby and looking for a place to unwind, strap on your running shoes or pack your picnic basket and head to Saddle River County Park.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Make a Tranquil Escape to Flat Rock Brook Nature Center

It's hard to believe that a serene oasis like the Flat Rock Brook Nature Center exists amidst the urban hustle and bustle.

My regular visits here are an escape from my routine life, a chance to breathe fresh air and lose myself in the beauty of the wild.

The forested hiking trails, leading to picturesque streams and meadows, are my favorite part of the reserve.

You never know what wildlife sightings await you on these paths - from small rodents scurrying through the undergrowth to the majestic flight of various bird species.

As I walk these trails, the city noises fade away, replaced by the gentle rustling of leaves and birds chirping.

The pond is another highlight of my visits, teeming with tortoises, small fish, and frogs.

I always find it fascinating to watch the tadpoles and frogs, a rare sight in urban neighborhoods.

The Nature Center itself, well maintained and inviting, is a bonus.

The small exhibits are always interesting, offering an insight into local flora and fauna.

Children, especially, are fascinated by the live tortoise and snake terrariums.

And then there's that tiny owl who has stolen my heart.

I always make sure to revisit this tiny creature during my visits.

The few picnic tables outside the Nature Center are perfect for a quiet family picnic.

Do note that fishing isn't allowed in the pond, but plenty of other things exist.

From easy trails perfect for kids to more challenging ones, there's something for everyone at the Flat Rock Brook Nature Center.

Just two miles from the city, it's as if I'm stepping into a different world every time I visit.

And that's the beauty of this place.

It's an experience, a chance to reconnect with nature without leaving the city.

Whether you're looking for a mild hike or a fun day out with kids, Flat Rock Brook Nature Center is the perfect place to be.

The woods are calling. Are you ready to answer?

Step Back in Time at Steuben House

Not every day do you get to step into a portal to the past.

Nestled in the heart of Bergen County is Steuben House at Historic New Bridge Landing, a genuine treasure where history springs to life.

I've lost count of the times I've visited - it's that captivating.

The Steuben House is a monument to the spirit of the American Revolution.

It's a thrilling experience to wander through the same rooms where, in 1780, George Washington and his troops once took refuge.

Just envisaging the strategizing and planning within these walls sends a shiver down my spine.

Interestingly, Baron Steuben only lived in the house briefly before moving back to Manhattan and then to a farm near Rome, New York.

Yet his name and legacy continue to resonate within these historic walls.

One of my favorite aspects of the Steuben House is the regular special events that bring the past to life.

From reenactments to craft demonstrations, there's an event to satisfy every history buff's curiosity.

And the best part?

It is a perfect place for families and friends to connect and learn.

Are you wondering what's coming up next?

I recommend checking their website for the latest event updates.

The Steuben House at New Bridge Landing is more than a historical site.

It's an engaging, immersive, and enlightening step back in time.

If you love history, this place would make an excellent addition to your to-visit list.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your trip!

Final Thoughts

Hackensack, New Jersey, is a vibrant community full of culture, history, and exciting activities.

It's a city that embodies New Jersey's essence and invites you to embrace its rich heritage, diverse activities, and incredible charm.

So, here's to the city that I call home - Hackensack, the hidden gem of New Jersey!

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