22 Best Things to Do in Goshen, IN

Goshen, IN
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Welcome to this roundup of the hidden gems and must-see sights in Goshen, Indiana.

Prepare to be surprised by the richness of culture, history, and natural beauty that this humble Midwestern town has to offer.

Let's dive into the unique charm that is undeniably Goshen.

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Exercise at Ox Bow Park

Two people walking along Ox Bow Park
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"Every dog has its day!" And at Ox Bow Park, that day is Dog-a-Palooza. As a dog owner myself, I can vouch for its fun quotient.

Seeing the little furballs wearing costumes and strutting their stuff is a sight that you just can't miss.

Kudos to Ox Bow Park and the Parks Department for hosting such an event that not only amuses us but also supports our local rescues and small doggie businesses.

But dogs aren't the only ones who get to have fun here.

Ox Bow Park is a mature park filled with trees that offer a cool respite from the scorching sun.

The trails are perfect for a leisurely walk or an exhilarating bike ride.

If you're into sports, the volleyball courts, the affordable golf course, and the expansive fields ideal for soccer will definitely catch your eyes.

A flowering tree at Ox Bow Park
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One of the park's unique features is the three-story observation tower. The view from the top is breathtaking! And don't worry about the kiddos.

The playgrounds will keep them entertained for hours.

What I especially love about the park are the pavilions with their large pit fireplaces.

They're perfect for those chilly nights, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. It's a shame that there's no overnight camping allowed.

But not to worry, there are plenty of picnic tables for day camping and picnicking.

Trail marker at Ox Bow Park
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Float through the Skies with Stutsman Ballooning

There's nothing quite like the sensation of soaring high above our quaint town in a hot air balloon.

I've been lucky enough to feel the exhilaration and tranquility that comes from an aerial voyage with Stutsman Ballooning.

I remember when I first set foot in their well-maintained balloon.

My heart was pounding with excitement, and they eased my nerves with their calming reassurances and professionalism.

It was the Hart family's warm hospitality that had me climbing into the gondola of their balloon, ready to drift into the blue yonder.

Looking out over the landscape from that height gives you a new perspective on life.

You feel like you're floating in a dream, with the world below moving in slow motion.

It's a feeling I can't adequately describe and one that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

I've been on several balloon rides, but the magic never fades.

Each flight with Stutsman Ballooning is a unique experience that leaves me with a sense of peace and a renewed appreciation for the beauty of our town.

I can't wait to float through the clouds again with them.

And if anyone asks me where to find the best balloon rides, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stutsmans.

They've made me feel like part of their ballooning family, and I know they'll do the same for you.

Spot the Wildlife at Benton Spillway - River Preserve County Park

Every so often, I find myself craving a slice of serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

That's when I turn to the lush greenery and wide-open spaces of the Benton Spillway ‒ River Preserve County Park.

It's not an exaggeration to say that this park is my refuge when I need a breather.

Exploring these trails is like embarking on an adventure into the heart of nature.

Each turn, each bend brings a new surprise – a hidden stream, a sudden clearing, maybe even a deer or two if you're lucky.

I've spotted raccoons, birds of various species, turtles, frogs, and even the occasional fox or wolf, depending on the season.

Navigating the trails is a breeze too, thanks to the wide, well-marked paths.

I appreciate the variety of landscapes - from woods to creeks, fields, and wildflowers.

It's not just a feast for the eyes, but also for the senses.

The sound of the wind rustling through the leaves, the feel of the sun on your skin as you cross the open fields, and the scent of wildflowers on a warm day – all of these make every visit a unique experience.

Benton Spillway ‒ River Preserve County Park also provides ample parking space, restrooms at the parking lot, and even a picnic area for those fun family outings.

Don't forget to carry a hat, though.

Some stretches are in open fields with full sun.

But trust me, it's all worth it when you get to the old spillways and the bridges - they add a touch of nostalgia to the park's natural beauty.

Nothing beats the feeling of overlooking the river, with the wind in your hair and the sun setting in the distance.

Discover the City's Past at Goshen Historical Museum

Every town has a story to tell, but none quite like the one spun at the Goshen Historical Museum.

A treasure chest of stories from yesteryear, it's my go-to place when I want to soak myself in the rich and varied tapestry of my hometown, Goshen.

I've spent countless hours wandering through the museum's exhibits, each one more fascinating than the last.

Whether it's the glimpse into our town's past or the memorabilia that takes me down memory lane, there's never a dull moment.

And let me tell you, the museum's fantastic docents are a wealth of knowledge.

With their wealth of information and anecdotes, they truly bring the past to life.

This isn't your typical museum visit.

You don't just walk in, glance at the displays, and walk out.

You'll want to stay, to explore, to learn.

I once spent a delightful two hours there with our guide, Rod Pletcher, and still felt like we had barely scratched the surface of all there was to learn.

Goshen Historical Museum is a testament to the rich history of Goshen, Indiana, and I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this story.

If you're a history buff, or even if you're just curious about the place, I highly recommend a visit.

It's accessible to everyone, and trust me, it's an hour or two of your time well spent.

Immerse in Local Artistry at Goshen Art House

Stepping into the Goshen Art House is like uncovering a small treasure in our town.

Nestled on the second floor, this little venue is a hidden gem for movie buffs and popcorn lovers alike.

Their popcorn is to die for, with the added luxury of adult beverages - from beer to wine, they've got it all.

The video and sound are impeccable, making it the perfect spot for an intimate movie night with your loved ones.

It's not just about the movie, though, it's about the whole experience.

The ambiance is cozy and artsy, making you feel like you're part of a special viewing.

The free popcorn refills are a definite bonus, a hint of a bygone era of cinema.

The audience members are respectful, making the experience all the more enjoyable, and the couches offer a touch of comfort that adds to the charm.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room - accessibility.

Yes, Goshen Art House is on the second floor and doesn't seem to be ADA accessible, but I believe the staff would be more than willing to assist in any way possible, should you need it.

Getting there can be a bit of a puzzle.

Google Maps may lead you to the front entrance, but take it from me, enter through the back door.

It's closer to the entrance, and while the parking is off the alley, it's a short walk.

Yes, there's a sign, but it can be easy to miss.

More visibility is needed indeed, but once you've been, you'll know exactly how to get in.

For any movie buffs out there or anyone looking for a unique night out, Goshen Art House is a must-visit.

Wrap yourself in the cozy ambiance, sip on a glass of wine, and enjoy a movie like never before.

I can't wait to return and catch another film there soon.

Go Fishing at Fidler Pond Park

Imagine a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, a sanctuary of tranquility right in the heart of Goshen, Indiana.

Welcome to my go-to spot, Fidler Pond Park.

With a stunning pond surrounded by lush greens, it's a haven for both nature and fitness enthusiasts alike.

As soon as you step foot onto the premises, you are greeted by the serene aura and the picturesque views.

One of my favorite activities here is walking the 1.5-mile loop around the pond.

The trail is peaceful, flat, and easy to navigate, offering glimpses of the beautiful landscape at every turn.

Not in the mood for a walk? Not a problem!

There's always a bench or a swing nearby to sit back, relax, and soak in the surroundings.

For those who love to fish, the pond is well-stocked and has various accessible points around the banks.

But do watch your step, as there's a good deal of rebar near the edges.

Dreaming of a perfect picnic spot? Look no further than the spacious pavilion by the back parking area.

It's also ideal for hosting special events.

What I love most about Fidler Pond Park is the opportunity to try something new every time I visit.

They offer sailboat and kayak rentals, which I discovered during one of my recent visits.

It was an adventure stepping into a kayak for the first time, but the calm waters of the pond eased my nerves.

I can't wait to do it again!

Catch a Play at Goshen Theater

One evening, I found myself strolling down the familiar streets of my town, a soft serenade wafting from the old, yet refurbished, Goshen Theater.

If you've never been, let me tell you, it's a sight to behold when the marquee lights up the night, casting a cinematic glow on the brick-laid streets.

Stepping into Goshen Theater is like stepping into a bygone era.

Its historic ambiance is juxtaposed with the energy of the present, where local schools bring their youthful talents.

I remember watching my neighbor's daughter, twirling in her vibrant tutu, enchant the audience during her dance recital there.

The theater also houses a 3rd floor ballroom, a space that's as cool as they come.

It's the kind of place where you can lose yourself in a good conversation or be entranced by an intimate concert.

The acoustics bounce off the walls, making every note resonate, and believe me, there's not a bad seat in the house.

Adding to its charm is a delightful concession stand, and for those who enjoy a tipple, a full bar that serves everything from craft beers to classic cocktails.

Oh, and they didn't forget about the essential amenities - their restrooms are surprisingly modern and can accommodate many at a time.

One thing I can vouch for, as a frequent visitor, is that the entire property is impeccably clean.

It's clear that Goshen Theater is a place restored with love and care, and if you get the chance to visit, I'm quite sure you won't be disappointed.

Discover Fresh Finds at Goshen Farmers Market

Every Saturday morning, it's like a ritual for me to head down to the Goshen Farmers Market.

Something about the aroma of fresh produce, the clucking of chickens, and the chatter of fellow shoppers brings an energy to the weekend that's unmatched elsewhere.

The organic produce there, straight from nature's bounty, makes my cooking taste so much better.

And let's not forget the chicken and eggs - they've got a freshness you don't find in supermarkets.

I often make it a point to visit Canele Cafe, conveniently attached to the market but with a separate entrance.

Open from Wednesday to Friday, it's my little weekday escapade.

But the magic truly happens on Saturdays.

The freshly baked Sourdough rye with a nice chewy crust - oh, it's to die for!

But what I truly treasure about Goshen Farmers Market is the variety of Grass Fed meats available.

Coupled with cheese, milk, eggs, and honey, the market is a paradise for anyone aiming for a balanced, healthy diet.

And the best part? It doesn't burn a hole in your pocket.

Good food, great prices, and a lively environment - there's no place I'd rather be.

Discover Hidden Treasures at Found

The charm of the small town of Goshen is amplified by the hidden gems you come across like the shop aptly named Found.

Every visit feels like an exploration, a treasure hunt even.

With an ever-changing inventory of home goods, furniture, art, and accessories, no two trips to Found are ever the same.

Navigating through the carefully curated collection, I stumbled upon some ornate bird statues from the Dominican Republic.

They now imbue a sense of worldly charm on my bookshelf.

I also found a painting, so mesmerizing that I had spent months obsessing over it.

Now, it graces the wall of my study, rewarding me with its beauty every day.

The best part about my shopping experience at Found is the people running the shop.

They have this incredible knack for making you feel at home, patiently assisting with your queries, and sharing their abundant knowledge with grace.

Despite the shop being a good 3-hour drive away from my home, I find the journey worthwhile, returning time and again to discover and bring home more treasures.

Savor Childhood Memories at Shanklin Park

Every once in a while, when I feel the need for some fresh air and the comforting memories of my childhood, I take a leisurely stroll to Shanklin Park.

It's like stepping back in time.

You can still find the old baseball fields where we used to run and play.

Memories of hot, sunny days spent splashing in the outdoor swimming pool come flooding back the moment I step onto the park grounds.

The playground where we used to spend hours just swinging and sliding, where we made up our own little world, is still there, albeit more modern and safety-conscious.

One of my favorite pastimes now, as an adult, is sitting under the massive oak trees.

There's nothing quite like sipping on a cup of coffee shaded by the wide canopy.

The park has grown over the years and now includes walking trails, perfect for a leisurely walk or an invigorating run.

For the little ones, the park now boasts a separate area for toddlers.

The 'big kids' area is adjacent, and it's great to see the two groups enjoy the space in their own ways.

Shanklin Park is also home to some geocaches, adding an adventurous twist to a visit.

The park hasn't forgotten about the sports enthusiasts either.

The pair of ball diamonds is always filled with activity.

And for the water lovers, there's a boat ramp for access to the Elkhart River.

The park has also added a pond, small yet serene, perfect for a bit of fishing.

The park truly has something for everyone.

It's a testament to the community spirit that thrives here in Goshen, Indiana.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, whether you're young or old, Shanklin Park is a place where memories are made.

It's a place where the past meets the present, where the simplicity of childhood meets the complexities of adulthood.

When you visit, you don't just visit a park.

You visit a piece of history, a piece of community, a piece of childhood.

Uncover the Historical Gems at Goshen Historical Society

If you're seeking an immersive trip down memory lane, the Goshen Historical Society is the place to be.

Situated in our quaint town, this small yet captivating museum is truly a treasure trove of local history and culture.

Walking through its doors, you're instantly greeted by a wealth of information and stories, each one more fascinating than the last.

It's like stepping into a time machine that transports you back to Goshen's opulent past.

As I strolled through the museum, I couldn't help but admire the meticulously curated booths, each one showcasing a different chapter of our town's history.

The delightfully arranged displays are a testament to the museum's dedication to preserving and presenting our heritage in the most engaging way possible.

Goshen Historical Society's volunteers are a wealth of knowledge, too, always eager to share tales of "old-time" Goshen.

Many a time, I've enjoyed enlightening conversations with them, learning things about my town that I never knew before.

Each visit feels like a new adventure, filled with intriguing conversations and historical discoveries.

As an avid reader, I was also drawn to the museum's gift shop.

It's stocked with an impressive selection of books, all penned by society members.

It's refreshing to have such a diverse range of local literature right at our fingertips.

From history titles to picture books filled with old photographs, there's something to cater to every history enthusiast.

Cycle through Scenic Pumpkinvine Nature Trail

A person riding a bike along Pumpkinvine Nature Trail
Bbeachy2001, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There's no feeling quite like the early morning dew beneath my hiking boots as I hit the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail.

Nestled in the heart of Goshen, Indiana, this trail has become a part of my daily routine.

Adorned with a plethora of flora and fauna, each footstep on the trail brings a renewed sense of serenity.

Bursting with vibrant, seasonal wildflowers, the trail is a real treat for the senses.

I've spotted a few deer and a multitude of birds on my morning treks.

It's like my very own nature documentary, right in my backyard!

The Pumpkinvine Nature Trail is more than just a hiking destination.

Bikers love the smooth, well-maintained paths, and the picnic spots are a local favorite for family outings.

The trail winds through woodlands, wetlands, and open farmland, each a distinct landscape offering a unique experience.

My favorite part of Pumpkinvine Nature Trail?

The remarkable view of the dawn breaking across the horizon.

The sky, ablaze with hues of gold and crimson, is reflected in the serene creek that runs alongside the trail.

It's a sight that never gets old, no matter how many times I've seen it.

In fall, the trail is a picturesque vision of vibrant pumpkins and autumn leaves.

The name 'Pumpkinvine' feels all the more apt during this season.

It's a sight to behold, and I never miss a chance to capture the stunning views with my camera.

The trail is conveniently located and easily accessible.

Despite its popularity, it never feels overcrowded.

There's always a sense of peace and tranquility that's hard to find elsewhere.

Hop on Winter Adventure at Abshire Park

Ah, the simple joys of life that are tucked away in our very own Abshire Park.

Its verdant expanse is an oasis of calm, nestled in the heart of Indiana, and is my go-to spot for a peaceful retreat.

The Punkin Vine Trail, my personal favorite, is a treasure trove of natural beauty.

It stretches from Elkhart right to Middlebury, bestowing an enchanting journey that meanders through riveting nature spots and intriguing side trails.

Every bend on this trail unveils a new spectacle, a fresh sensation, making every walk an adventure.

Whether it's the rustling leaves whispering secrets in your ears or the chirping birds serenading you with their sweet tunes, there's always something to delight the senses here.

When winter cloaks the park, the fun doesn't stop.

Abshire Hill, a popular spot among us locals, transforms into a winter wonderland perfect for sledding.

My childhood memories are painted with thrilling sled rides down this hill, and now, I get to relive those moments through my kids' laughter and excitement as they sled down the same hill.

And let's not forget about the park's amenities.

The restrooms, for instance, are impressively clean – probably the cleanest I've ever seen in a public park.

It's such a relief to have such facilities when you're out with the family.

Delight Yourself to Beer and Cuisines of Goshen Brewing Company

There's a certain magic to Tuesday evenings in our town, and it's all thanks to Goshen Brewing Company.

The hustle and bustle of the mid-week blues melt away as soon as I step into this brick-walled haven.

What’s the special occasion, you ask? It’s Pad Thai Tuesday!

The rich aroma of the Thai'd chicken sandwich invariably greets me as I walk in - that comforting blend of flavors takes me back to my first visit here.

Now, it's a regular in my order along with the irresistible caramel Brussels sprouts.

The sandwich is a delight - packed with flavor and a texture that makes every bite a joy.

The sprouts, on the other hand, are a surprise sweet treat, a perfect way to prepare myself for the main event.

Now, you can't talk about the Goshen Brewing Company without raving about their stellar housemade brews.

My personal favorites are the Millrace Hefe and the Steel Cut Stout - they're the perfect companions to an evening of tantalizing Thai flavors.

Another standout is the crisp, clean-tasting cider made from local Kercher's Orchard apples.

It's a refreshing change from the usual mass-produced ciders and a testament to Goshen Brewing Company's commitment to regional and locally sourced products.

It's almost a tradition now for the whole town to descend on Goshen Brewing Company for Pad Thai Tuesdays.

It's not just about the food and drink, though they are undoubtedly amazing.

It's about the community, the vibe, and the shared love for this hidden gem in the heart of our town.

Get Your Caffeine Fix at The Electric Brew

Nothing quite beats starting your day at The Electric Brew, one of the most charming coffee houses tucked in the heart of downtown Goshen.

Every morning, as I walk through its historic doors, it feels like stepping into a different world, a world of aromatic coffee, eclectic decor, and the comforting hum of the local community.

Each visit is a sensory delight.

With the gentle whir of the coffee grinder and the subtle clinking of cutlery against ceramic, the smell of freshly roasted beans and homemade nosh permeates the air, emanating a welcoming warmth.

Whether it's to enjoy a quiet moment alone or to catch up with friends, The Electric Brew is my favorite spot.

Their coffee is an experience in itself.

As a fan of their caramel latte, it's always a joy to watch the baristas meticulously handcraft each cup.

The taste is smooth, with the perfect balance of sweetness and caffeine kick.

It's the kind of coffee that makes you close your eyes and smile with each sip.

One cannot talk about The Electric Brew without mentioning the food.

I often find myself indulging in their hearty chicken salad sandwich for lunch.

And for those with a sweet tooth, their cookies are a must-try; they have a way of making any day brighter.

The decor of this family-owned joint is an artistic feast.

The walls, adorned with a colorful mix of local art and quirky pieces, lend a spirited and vibrant energy to the place.

The balance of rustic charm and vibrant creativity makes every corner an Instagram-worthy spot.

A Bookworm's Haven at Goshen Public Library

There's something quite magical about our local Goshen Public Library.

Nestled in a quiet corner of our town, the library is a silent witness to many an imaginative journey embarked upon by voracious readers like me.

Take a virtual tour at Goshen Public Library.

The moment I step into this treasure trove of knowledge, serenity washes over me.

The library is impeccably clean, offering a conducive environment for either delving into an adventurous world of fantasy or studying.

The quietude is often punctuated by the rustle of pages turning, accompanied by a medley of hushed whispers and soft footsteps.

The library is so much more than just a place that houses books. It is a vibrant community space that brings together people of all ages.

During the holiday season, the staff decorates the tree house, adding an extra touch of cheer to the festive ambiance.

But it's not all about character and charm – they've also kept up with the digital age.

You can connect to their free WiFi even from the comfort of your vehicle in the parking lot.

What makes this library stand out is its vast collection of books and its convenient services.

If the book you are looking for isn't on the shelves, all you have to do is put it on hold.

By the next day, it's ready for you to pick up and start your next literary adventure.

In these COVID times, the library has done a commendable job of looking after the elderly members of our community by setting specific times for them to visit.

I'm truly grateful for the care taken by the library to ensure everyone's safety and well-being.

A minor drawback, though: occasionally the staff can be a tad loud, which can be a little distracting when you're engrossed in studying.

But overall, the Goshen Public Library is an invaluable resource for the community, and I feel fortunate to have it as part of my town.

Have a Cozy Coffee Break at Embassy Coffee

There's something about the calm ambiance of Embassy Coffee that makes it a favorite place of mine in Goshen.

It's not just any ordinary coffee house— the Caramel Bourbon Latte here is a game changer.

Imagine this: a soothing sip of this latte, either with almond milk or whole milk, on a chilly day.

Oh, and they make those lovely heart shapes in your coffee, making every cup a little more special.

Embassy Coffee's unique atmosphere is an escape from the usual.

It's simple yet inviting, and the variety of music playing in the background adds to the charm.

The food is delightful, too, a perfect companion to your coffee.

The place is also perfect for remote working.

Picture this: an open, modern space filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and plenty of outlets for your device charging needs.

It's conveniently located on Main St., right across from Biebs & Ash, the novel burger joint.

The energy in here is just right, with a steady stream of customers coming in for their coffee fix and a bite from their kitchen.

Their avocado toast seems to be a hit!

During one of my visits, I had the chance to try their pour-over from Ethiopia and a cortado*.

Both were exceptional.

The staff is extremely friendly and attentive and always ready to serve with a smile, even during their busiest hours.

For those wondering, a Cortado is a balanced blend of espresso and warm milk, originally from Spain.

The milk is steamed but not frothy, reducing the acidity of the espresso.

I had my first one during a visit to Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Embassy's version brought back those memories.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane at the South Side Soda Shop

Have you ever yearned for a throwback to simpler times?

A place where you can sit back and enjoy the nostalgic vibes of a bygone era?

Well, I found that place right here in our own neighborhood.

The South Side Soda Shop, with its 1940s soda fountain and restored dining car, is an authentic slice of Americana right around the corner.

Let me tell you, the food at the South Side Soda Shop is irresistible.

I've been there a couple of times, and each visit leaves me craving more.

Picture this: a classic American diner serving scrumptious eats, shakes, and malts.

The Cobb Salad is a particular standout, bursting with fresh ingredients that exceed expectations.

And don't even get me started on the impressive selection of pies.

Their Lemon Pie has a tangy-sweet flavor that hits the spot every time.

The ice cream selection is equally enticing, with flavors that take me back to my childhood.

There's something special about the South Side Soda Shop.

It's not just the food but the atmosphere too.

The staff is friendly, the service is top-notch, and the vintage surroundings make you feel like you've stepped into a time machine.

Sure, it can get a bit crowded on a Friday night, but that's just a testament to its popularity.

For me, it adds to the charm.

A bustling diner filled with the buzz of conversation, the clinking of cutlery, and the aroma of classic American eats is an experience to savor.

Make a Splash at the Bustling Pringle Park

You can bet you'll find me at Pringle Park every sunny day in Goshen, Indiana.

The park is a veritable hub of fun and activity.

The restrooms are always spotless, a testament to the dedication of the Goshen Parks Department.

Kudos to them.

My own grandsons absolutely love the park.

The splash pad is their favorite spot; it's a joy to see them running around and splashing in the water.

However, don’t be tricked by the closing times mentioned on the website.

The park's department has confirmed that it wraps up an hour earlier at 7.

But the splash pad is just the beginning.

Pringle Park boasts sand volleyball courts, a playground, swings, and benches for grown-ups to relax.

It even has a pavilion that serves free summer lunches – an act of generosity that I admire.

On any given day, you will find the park brimming with activity.

One evening, there was a football game, a soccer match, and a sand volleyball game taking place simultaneously.

Meanwhile, people ambled around enjoying a leisurely walk, and children were having their own fun on the playground and splash pads.

Occasionally, there are even workout classes held under the pavilion.

Enjoy a Seasonal Highlight at Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds

I can't wait for those hot summer days when the Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds opens its gates.

Over the years, this fair has become a tradition, a highlight of the season, and a celebration of community that I wouldn't miss for the world.

I am amazed by the organization and the size of the fair every year at Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds.

I never fully appreciated the magnitude and scope of it until I attended other county fairs.

The fairgrounds buzz with activity, with massive truck/tractor pulls, great concerts, food vendors, and super competitive 4-H animal and exhibit-building programs.

Being of a certain age, I appreciate the fair's thoughtfulness in providing plenty of benches, shaded areas, and even air-conditioned buildings.

It's a relief to be able to sit and rest while watching youngsters bustling around with their 4-H projects.

I'm so happy to see so many young people still involved in 4-H.

One of the most exciting parts of the fair for me is the grandstand events.

Yes, they now require a separate paid ticket, but that means no more spending hours waiting to secure a seat.

This small change made the experience more enjoyable for me.

Every year, the Goshen/Elkhart County community pulls together to make this fair a phenomenal experience.

I witnessed this community spirit in full swing during the fair's 150-year anniversary celebration, complete with a drone show.

That day, I felt a deep sense of pride in being part of such a vibrant community.

Hang Out at The Oasis

From the hustle of daily life, my friends and I often find ourselves seeking solace at The Oasis, a local restaurant that has become our regular hangout spot.

There's just something about the place that keeps us coming back, even after the third visit.

The atmosphere is alright, not too flashy, not too dull.

The staff is friendly, attentive, and quick to meet our needs.

It's their warm smiles and eagerness to please that add a touch of coziness to the place.

Their outdoor sitting area is a real charm.

It's a wonderful spot to unwind, especially if you secure a table towards the back.

The road noise fades into the background, leaving you to enjoy the tranquil setting.

And we can't forget about the desserts that are sourced from a local bakery.

These sweet treats are the perfect way to round off our meals, leaving a memorable taste in our mouths.

Have a Retail Therapy at the Old Bag Factory

From the outside, the Old Bag Factory in Goshen, Indiana, is an imposing three-story structure that blends the aura of the past with a contemporary vibe.

It's my favorite place to spend a quiet afternoon.

When you step inside, you'll find it houses a number of specialty shops.

The first time I visited, I had a rejuvenating experience at 'That Massage Place.'

Nestled on the second floor, it's a sanctuary of relaxation.

However, if you require wheelchair accessibility, I'd recommend calling ahead to ensure they can accommodate your needs.

One shop that you absolutely must visit is the music and instrument shop.

The owner isn't just a storekeeper, he's a storyteller.

He knows every instrument, like the back of his hand, and has an anecdote or two associated with each.

For those who appreciate unique instruments, this place is a treasure trove.

Final Thoughts

Goshen, Indiana, is truly a hidden gem with its dazzling array of activities and destinations.

No matter what season you visit, there's always something to do and see.

Each of these places adds to the charm of Goshen, making it not just a wonderful place to visit but a truly incredible place to call home.

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