20 Best Things to Do in Georgetown, TX

Georgetown, TX

Georgetown, Texas, greets each day with the promise of a fresh adventure waiting to unfold.

At sunrise, the city stirs, awakened by the crowing rooster and the enticing aroma of freshly baked pastries.

This captivating city, brimming with charm and allure, never fails to offer a thrilling discovery.

A journey through its hidden wonders and local favorites is an invitation to experience its unique character.

From the vibrant pulse of the historic city center to the serenity of its parks and the lively spirit of its festivals, Georgetown offers a diverse array of experiences.

So, prepare for a journey of exploration and discover the 20 best things to do in Georgetown, Texas!

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Explore the Depths of Inner Space Cavern

Rock formations in Inner Space Caverns
TrevizoD / Shutterstock.com

One of the best natural escapades you can experience is a trip to the Inner Space Cavern.

For a while now, I've been enchanted by the otherworldly beauty visible in the depths of this vast cavern.

The cavern is a wonder to behold. The stalactites and stalagmites, sculpted over millions of years, are nothing short of ethereal.

The intricately lit interiors breathe life into these stone structures, making every chamber within the cavern a sight to behold.

The labyrinthine passageways are an adventure to navigate while being easy enough for even the family's youngest members.

The cavern's cool, humid air is refreshing from Texas' heat, offering an unexpected respite.

The local tour guides are quite knowledgeable and ready with interesting facts and stories about the cavern, making the tour both fun and educational.

But be prepared to wait, as it can get quite busy, especially if you're planning a weekend visit.

The amenities provided are noteworthy, too.

Free and accessible parking and clean restroom facilities make the overall experience all the more comfortable.

Exhibit in Inner Space Caverns
Kit Leong / Shutterstock.com

Let's not forget the property's gift and snack shop - a perfect stop for souvenirs and quick bites.

I highly recommend the 'Hidden Adventure Tour'. It's less crowded and offers a more thorough exploration of the cavern's lesser-known sections.

And trust me, it's well worth the extra effort.

And, while you're at it, don't forget to ask for the available discounts - they offer them for everyone from veterans to seniors!

While in the area, you'll find plenty of restaurants and hotels, perfect for turning your cave adventure into a mini-vacation.

I've made the drive from Houston multiple times, and it never feels too long, considering what's waiting at the end of the journey.

Interior of Inner Space Caverns
Kit Leong / Shutterstock.com

Taste Local Craft Brews at Rentsch Brewery

You've got to love the local vibe here at Rentsch Brewery.

There's nothing better than strolling in for a quick drink with my partner and lingering for hours, just soaking in the atmosphere and sipping on some of the most interesting and tasty beers around.

It's hard to resist the inviting patio setup; it's simply the best spot to chill – even our puppy can't help but enjoy a good stroll around.

And let's not forget about Matt, the bartender, who's got this incredible knack for suggesting the best brews.

If you're into dark beers, try his suggested mix of "vanilla black lager" and "nutty professor."

It's a surprisingly good balance of coffee and Guinness that's worth the sip.

And the other beers? Oh, they're just as impressive.

The peach hefe, Mexican lager, and pineapple gtx – each one offers a distinct flavor that's sure to tickle your taste buds.

On top of that, the Mexican food truck that usually parks outside does not disappoint with its appetizing selection of dishes.

You simply must try the birria tacos if Lil Nicky's food truck happens to be around; they're the perfect snack to pair with the beer.

But it's not just the beer and food that make Rentsch Brewery a local gem.

The staff is great, and the 15 taps they offer, which include stouts, gose, shandy, and a fantastic nutty brown ale, are not to be missed.

Beyond the drinks, the spectacular patio views, dog-and-family-friendly atmosphere, and fun events like music bingo on Fridays all contribute to the unique and welcoming vibe of the place.

Spend an Amazing Day at the Creative Playscape

Every summer, the Creative Playscape in Georgetown becomes my family's favorite weekend getaway.

It's a place where kids can unleash their energy and parents can catch a breather.

The park has an expansive playground, offering plenty of room for the little ones to scamper around.

One of the park's charms is its big playground that can accommodate a horde of kids at a time.

My daughter particularly enjoys the different types of climbing rocks and ladders it offers.

However, on a hot summer morning, the place could use a bit more shade.

The playground is mostly under the sun, and the slides and swings heat up quickly by midday.

But fret not, as there are good areas where one can escape the heat for a bit.

There's also a free library stand that bookworms would appreciate.

But remember to keep an eye on your belongings as it's not uncommon to find things left behind by visitors.

In the playground, there is an area specifically designed for both big and little kids, with different slides and climbers suitable for all ages.

Swings are available for babies and big kids, and there are even harness swings for adults who need assistance.

I must commend their effort in making the playground inclusive with wheelchair access to the large upper level of the playground.

Experience the Serenity at Berry Springs Park and Preserve

The waters of Berry Springs Park and Preserve
ValerieUSA / Shutterstock.com

On the outskirts of our town, there's a sprawling oasis of tranquility ideal for campers, nature lovers, and those searching for peace.

It's none other than Berry Springs Park and Preserve.

I've lost count of the times I've set up camp here.

With abundant greenery and pecan trees dotting the landscape, it's the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The park's voluntary host is a warm-hearted man, making everyone feel welcome and ensuring everything is in order without being overly assertive.

One of the most captivating experiences at Berry Springs is during the spring.

The park erupts in a riot of color, offering beautiful displays of wildflowers - a treat for any photography enthusiast.

And yes, the park's namesake - the berries and springs - may not be blatantly visible, but they add to the magic of the place.

Camping sites come with decent restrooms and nice firepits, and they have firewood available on site.

You can choose a site close to the parking lot or go offbeat and camp away from the crowds.

Either way, you're guaranteed a good night's sleep if only you don't mind the occasional nocturnal serenades from the domesticated peacocks in the vicinity.

The park boasts a nearly 3-mile hiking trail dotted with benches and maps, making it an excellent spot for quiet contemplation or a brisk walk.

There's a touch of whimsy, too, with donkeys roaming the park and squirrels darting about.

Read a Book or Two at Georgetown Public Library

"Oh, the joys of living close to a remarkable library!" These words escape my lips every time I enter the Georgetown Public Library.

This enchanting, two-story retreat in the heart of our city is a sanctuary for every book lover, student, and anyone seeking a peaceful spot to unwind.

The library enjoys the privilege of accessibility to everyone, courtesy of a convenient elevator.

As soon as you enter, you are greeted by the warm wafts of coffee from the in-house cafe.

For those seeking solitude, the numerous study rooms offer a serene atmosphere to delve into the world of words.

And for art enthusiasts like myself, there's even an art exhibition, a celebration of creativity that adds an alluring charm to the place.

It's also a haven for families, especially those with kids.

The ground floor is bursting with child-friendly areas perfect for nurturing young minds.

What's more, there's never a worry about parking.

The ample parking space always ensures a hassle-free visit.

Enjoy a Day Out at Georgetown's Bark Park

Oh, the joys of being a dog owner in Georgetown! The Bark Park here has become part of our routine.

It's a dog haven spread across 3 acres, giving our four-legged friends ample room to run around and play.

When you step into this park, the first thing you notice is the well-maintained layout - a testament to the City's efforts.

I've been bringing my dog here regularly for over a year, and the park has always been clean and tidy.

Plus, it's comforting that most dog owners here are responsible and ensure their pets behave well.

The Bark Park is divided into sections for smaller and larger dogs.

Although the small dog park isn't as equipped as the area for larger dogs, it's still ideal for your little furry friends to enjoy.

The park isn't just about open spaces.

Trees provide a lot of shade, making it perfect even on sunny days.

Benches are scattered around the park, so you can sit back, relax, and watch your dog have the time of life.

For those dogs who love a bit of action, there's a small agility course.

Hydration for dogs is well taken care of, with three water stations providing buckets for drinking and tubs for submerging.

However, be prepared for a bit of a muddy mess as the tubs are placed on bark mulch that doesn't drain well.

Sitting back, enjoying food, and watching the kids play in one of the many playground areas is always a joy.

Enjoy the Outdoors at San Gabriel Park

The waters of San Gabriel Park
B Norris / Shutterstock.com

I've spent countless weekends at San Gabriel Park, a sprawling 180-acre green space on Morrow Street in Georgetown.

The park boasts various recreational facilities and offers a scenic backdrop of the San Gabriel River.

I have found that the river is always teeming with birds and fish, making it a wonderful spot for nature lovers and those who enjoy fishing.

I usually start my visit with a leisurely walk or bike ride along the designated trail that winds around the park.

The trail offers a mix of terrain and scenery, having transformed over the years due to the vegetation build-up, particularly around the dam.

But it's not just for the active-minded; San Gabriel Park is also a tranquil space for picnics and barbecues.

Plenty of BBQ pits and picnic tables are scattered throughout the park.

Sitting back, enjoying food, and watching the kids play in one of the many playground areas is always a joy.

River crossing trail at San Gabriel Park
Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The park truly comes alive on special occasions. I've witnessed some spectacular fireworks displays here and had the chance to explore offerings from local vendors.

Even though parking can be a bit tricky during popular events, I've never had a major issue.

Plus, the beauty of the park, with its shady oak trees and lush surroundings, more than makes up for it.

The park has many more – sports fields, public restrooms, and even a disc golf area.

One of my favorite spots is along the Randy Morrow Trail, where you can find exercise equipment and picnic tables.

From this trail, you can venture further to the Georgetown Lake Dam, about 4.5 to 5 miles.

Explore the Vibrant Outdoors at Rivery Park

Every once in a while, after a long week of work, I find myself drawn to Rivery Park to unwind.

Nestled in the heart of Georgetown, the park is a stone's throw away from my home, making it an easy spot for a quick escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

The city and the county deserve applause for maintaining this public space.

A stroll along the miles of paved trails, flanked by the serene river, is truly a delight for the senses.

Whether you want to hike, bike, run, or enjoy a breezy picnic, the park offers diverse recreational opportunities.

And for the kids? They can't seem to get enough of the sprawling playgrounds.

Have Fun at Cedar Breaks Park

Every day, when I step outside, a beautiful sight greets me.

I have the privilege of living just a five-minute drive from Cedar Breaks Park, a tranquil haven of nature and scenic beauty.

Hiking is my favorite pastime, and the park's trail is one of the best around.

The 3.5-mile trek to the falls is nothing short of spectacular.

Imagine a peaceful trail, enveloped in shade even on the sunniest days, with stunning views at every turn.

Here, I often find myself basking in the majestic serenity of the park, with only the crunch of leaves beneath my shoes and the harmonious chirping of birds to break the silence.

But be warned, the terrain can get a bit rocky, so sturdy walking shoes are a must.

And remember to stay hydrated!

Besides hiking, Cedar Breaks Park is a camping lover's paradise.

The park houses 64 fully-equipped campsites, each offering a unique view of the serene lake.

More often than not, you will find me at a campsite, grilling dinner on the barbecue under the comforting shade of towering trees.

The park has a gated entry for camping, ensuring our tranquil retreat is undisturbed.

Hot showers and a dump station are available, too, making the camping experience comfortable and hassle-free.

And then, every March, the park takes on a new charm as bluebonnets bloom.

It's a sight that never fails to take my breath away, and I can't help but marvel at the beauty of nature on display.

Watch Great Performances at the Georgetown Palace Theatre

Marquee of the Georgetown Palace Theatre
Natalia Silyanov / Shutterstock.com

I'm no stranger to Friday night lights, but the ones that shine the brightest for me aren't found on any sports field.

They're the lights illuminating the stage at the Georgetown Palace Theatre, a restored vintage art deco theatre nestled in the heart of our town.

My most memorable trip to this cozy establishment was for the opening night of the Sound of Music show.

The seating, albeit snug, was comfortable, a pleasant surprise considering the structure's age.

One thing, though, is that the upstairs could use a decent cooling system.

It got pretty warm, but then, it was a scorching 106° outside, so perhaps it wasn't entirely the theatre's fault.

The cast, however, grabbed my attention away from the heat.

They were amazing, and the show was a delight to watch.

For my next visit, I chose a community theatre production of 'Crazy For You.'

The vintage charm of the theatre was perfect for this classic performance.

I did notice that the seating could use an update, and the ladies restroom line was quite long.

But, they'd added a They/Them restroom, a refreshing and inclusive move.

The show boasted some skilled dancers, a testament to the community's talent and dedication to theatre.

Another memorable performance was the evergreen Cinderella.

The rendition presented here was the best I've ever seen, and I'm no stranger to Broadway.

I saw Cinderella in its golden era in the 1960s, and I can confidently say that the performance at the Georgetown Palace Theatre held its own.

Have a Delightful Slice at Firo Fire Kissed Pizza Georgetown

What I particularly love about Firo Fire Kissed Pizza in Georgetown is the 'build your own pizza' option.

It's an absolute riot trying to decide from all their fantastic toppings.

One day, I decided to go with a pizza topped with red sauce, BBQ sauce, and pesto as the base.

Then I added chicken, prosciutto, red onions, garlic (both minced and roasted), and artichokes.

I must say, it was a taste sensation like no other.

Apart from their incredible pizzas, their salads are also well worth a mention!

Fresh, zesty, and delicious.

And if you happen to have a sweet tooth like me, do yourself a favor and try their gelato.

I went for the turtle and coffee combination; it was so good that I almost forgot to take a photo!

Each time I've visited, I've been met with nothing but kindness and warmth from the staff.

The pizzas are not only cute and filling, but they also have a unique, delicious flavor that leaves you wanting more.

Wander Around Jim Hogg Park

In my town, there's a gem of a location that I've grown quite fond of - Jim Hogg Park.

It's the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and it's right here, in our backyard.

I've spent countless hours in the park, where I've had my share of adventures.

From the first light of dawn to the setting of the sun, the park offers a charming, revitalizing, and calming experience.

It's the perfect blend of outdoor activities and peaceful relaxation.

Nestled near the lakeside, the park features an accessible boat ramp that's perfect for a day of boating or fishing.

There's nothing like casting a line into the quiet waters and waiting for the fish to bite.

And if you're someone like me who enjoys biking, you're in for a treat.

The park has a scenic hiking/biking trail looming around the lake.

Sure, it may be a bit rocky, but the thrilling ride and the stunning views are worth it.

Just remember to carry some water, especially on hot days!

As for the camping, it's quite an experience.

The campsites may be a bit close together, but the fact that they offer a view of the water makes up for it.

Waking up to the sight of the glistening lake is truly something.

One of my favorite things about the park is its abundant wildlife.

I've seen many deer roaming around the park and various birds adding color and melody to the surroundings.

Also, it's worth mentioning that the park is always clean and well-maintained, which speaks volumes about the folks who run it.

Trip to The Williamson Museum

Exterior of the Williamson Museum
Another Believer, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Living in Georgetown, Texas, I've always been fascinated by the rich history of my hometown and surrounding areas.

One of the best places to learn about said history is The Williamson Museum, a hidden gem in downtown Georgetown.

If you're ever in town, it's a must-visit.

I've been there multiple times, and each visit was an equally exciting and enlightening experience.

Located on the main street, the museum offers free entrance, which is a lovely surprise as not many places do that.

Front entrance of the Williamson Museum
Another Believer, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I found the museum small but jam-packed with interesting information about Williamson County and its history.

There's always something new to learn or discover.

Yes, some displayed items may seem disconnected from the county's history, but I found that it added a unique flavor to the overall experience.

My family and I were offered a free guided tour on one of my visits.

As a history enthusiast, I was thrilled.

The tour was simply amazing. We were shown genuine mastodon teeth and a variety of other hands-on artifacts.

One of the highlights was looking through authentic antique stereoscopic "3D" viewers.

It was an unforgettable experience, especially for my son, who got to hold the real mastodon teeth!

Spend Some Evenings at Mel's Lone Star Lanes

There's no shortage of fun times for evenings at Mel's Lone Star Lanes.

The excitement of the game, combined with the place's vibe, make it the perfect hangout spot.

I'm not a pro, but I love the thrill of bowling; every strike feels like a personal victory.

It’s not all about bowling; Mel's Lone Star Lanes offers much more.

There's an arcade full of games for those looking for a bit of a change-up.

Plus, they've got lockers to stash away your stuff, which is a nice touch.

The restrooms are impressively clean, too, something you don't usually find in such places.

One of my favorite parts about visiting here is the bar and grill.

They serve some delicious American fare and a variety of craft beers.

It adds to the whole experience, making it more enjoyable.

Spend an Artistic Afternoon at Georgetown Art Center

Exterior of the Georgetown Art Center
Georgetown Art Center, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Embarking on an artistic journey is an experience of its kind.

On one such beautiful Saturday afternoon, I found myself strolling through the local streets of Georgetown when I chanced upon the Georgetown Art Center.

The moment I walked in, I was amazed at how this cozy and quaint place had transformed into a modern, light, and spacious art gallery.

Don't let its small size fool you.

The Art Center is a treasure trove of precious art pieces that enchant you.

I still remember being captivated by the awe-inspiring artworks created by local artists.

Even the walls breathed life into the art, making the whole place feel alive and vibrant.

The center also features a charming corner dedicated to handmade gifts.

As I roamed, I found unique and creative gift ideas - from intricate jewelry pieces to beautifully crafted pottery.

Seeing such exquisite pieces crafted with love and passion by our talented local artisans was a delight.

Moreover, you don't have to worry about shelling out an entrance fee.

Yes, you read that right. The Georgetown Art Center is free for all art enthusiasts like us.

Pay a Visit to Georgetown Winery

I've always had a soft spot for local establishments and Georgetown Winery is no exception.

Trust me, this place has it all.

One evening, I decided to treat myself to a nice dinner.

I was pleasantly surprised with the authenticity of the Mexican cuisine.

The heaping servings of food arranged elegantly on large plates were a feast for both the eyes and the stomach.

They also had an impressive assortment of beers, including options as large as 32 ounces.

This place certainly left an indelible mark on my palate.

That's not all; I also enjoy their selection of wines.

Once, I was in a rush and wanted to grab a bottle of wine.

I was amazed by the speed and friendliness of the service.

I swiftly got what I came for and left with a smile and an empty bottle in my hand by the end of the night.

Experience Unforgettable Family Fun at Sweet Eats Adventure Farm & Petting Zoo

Every time I think about planning a wholesome family day out, Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is the first place that pops into my mind.

It's like stepping into a wonderland packed with endless entertainment for kids and adults alike.

When you purchase your entrance ticket, you're welcomed into a world of rustic charm, where the sweet aroma of fresh, ripened fruit fills the air.

The experience here goes way beyond your typical farm visit.

My kids adore the pony rides and never miss the pig races, which have become a tradition for our family.

There's also a maze that's so much fun to get lost in and a petting zoo where the little ones can interact with the adorable farm animals.

And the fun doesn't stop there.

This farm is a playground sprawled out in nature, with countless activities for kids to climb, slide, bounce, and explore.

I enjoy watching my children run freely, their laughter echoing in the vast open fields.

The farm also hosts various seasonal events we look forward to yearly.

The Santa & Reindeer event during the holiday season, the Easter Egg hunts, the Sunflower Festival, and my favorite - the Corn Maze Pumpkin Patch.

Each event is unique and brings a new splash of color to the farm.

Witness the Tranquility of Blue Hole Park

The waters of Blue Hole Park
Gabrielle Hovey / Shutterstock.com

There's a hidden gem nestled amongst the limestone bluffs of Georgetown, a tranquil lagoon called Blue Hole Park.

Adorned with scenic trails and cozy picnic spots, this park has become my go-to spot for peaceful afternoons and leisurely weekends.

My typical Saturday morning begins with a walk along the side of the azure water.

The path, bordered by lush greenery, offers breathtaking views at every turn.

As a keen nature photographer, I find ample opportunities to capture the park's beauty through my lens.

And if you're lucky, you might even stumble upon a deer or two grazing peacefully.

The lagoon transforms into a lively scene with families and friends frolicking in the water on sun-filled days.

While I prefer to stay on the sidelines, watching the delight on kids' faces as they take their first tentative dip always makes me smile.

Trail beside the waters of Blue Hole Park
Gabrielle Hovey / Shutterstock.com

But don’t worry about slipping on the rocks - just bring your water shoes for a safe and fun water-wading experience.

And don't forget your tube if you plan on floating around, which I highly recommend!

The picnic spots are perfect for a quiet lunch under the shade, and the trails are perfect for a stroll or an invigorating run.

I've even spent an afternoon engaged in catch-and-release, a hobby I've come to enjoy more than I initially thought I would.

Revel in the Beauty of Heritage Gardens

Every morning, I open my curtains to see the beautiful Heritage Gardens.

The lush, green lawns offer a refreshing break from the bustling city life.

It's amazing how this little corner of our city brings everyone together - kids, adults, and even the elderly.

The gardens are our sanctuary, a place where we forget our worries and just enjoy the serenity of nature.

I remember when the gardens went through a renovation.

Today, it's not just a garden but a haven for sports enthusiasts too.

The baseball fields are a sight to behold, and the night games under the lights are magical.

The fields are usually bustling with energy, with local teams practicing and playing, making the atmosphere all the more exciting.

The most captivating part of my local garden has to be the buzzing bees.

There's something so mesmerizing about watching them go about their day.

It's a part of my daily routine now - a cup of tea in the morning, a stroll in the gardens, and a bit of bee-watching.

Yes, it's as therapeutic as it sounds.

Final Thoughts

The charm of Georgetown, Texas, is an inviting blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

Whether you're a fan of outdoor adventures, historical exploration, family-friendly activities, or a relaxed day at the park, there's always something to keep you entertained.

Experiencing Georgetown is more than just visiting; it's about becoming part of a community that feels like home.

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