15 Best Things to Do in Floyd County, GA

Floyd County

If you'd ever ask me where to find the soul of Georgia, I'd point you straight to Floyd County.

This place, my beloved hometown, exudes a charm that is easy to fall in love with.

It's one of those places where you can still feel the echoes of the past while relishing the present vibrancy.

From historical attractions to modern amenities, Floyd County is a treasure trove of unique experiences waiting to be explored.

But before we dive in, let's take a moment to appreciate the pleasant weather, friendly locals, and the kind of southern hospitality that makes you feel right at home.

So, put on your explorer's hat and join me on this exciting journey through the best things to do in Floyd County, Georgia.

About this article: This article was written by a local contributor based on their own experiences and those around them. While this list showcases some remarkable places, it's important to note that this is an opinion piece, and there are many other exceptional places to visit that are not featured here.
Our aim is not just to guide you to popular places but to encourage you to venture out and experience the city for yourself.

Discover the 1810 Vann Cherokee Cabin

Exterior of the 1810 Vann Cherokee Cabin
JNix / Shutterstock.com

Whenever I wander through the tranquil streets of Cave Spring, I always stumble upon the hidden gem that is the 1810 Vann Cherokee Cabin.

There's a certain allure to it that immediately transports me back to the days of the early settlers – a peek into a bygone era.

The cabin, in all its simplicity, mirrors the life led by our ancestors.

It's well-preserved and maintained, with each element telling a tale of the past.

Sometimes, I'm greeted with the sight of the closed cabin, yet the disappointment is always short-lived – there's always something to gain.

The informative signs strewn across the cabin breathe life into the history of our little town.

With each visit, I find myself pulled into the rich tapestry of narratives these signs hold.

Cave Spring is a place of traditions and tales, and one such tradition is the much-awaited Cave Spring ghost tour.

The 1810 Vann Cherokee Cabin marks the beginning of this journey into the supernatural.

It's a fun walk around Cave Spring, highlighting some of our local 'haunted' houses.

There's always a certain thrill in the air that keeps you returning year after year.

So, if you are ever passing through our town on your way to a camping trip in Alabama, stop by the 1810 Vann Cherokee Cabin.

Unwind at Lake Marvin

Boat dock on Lake Marvin
Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

There's nowhere quite like Lake Marvin when you need to escape the stress of daily life.

Nestled just a few miles from home, its serene waters and lush surroundings provide a perfect backdrop for a peaceful day out.

Most of my weekends, you'll find me by the water's edge, my fishing gear by my side.

The lake is known for its fantastic fishing spots, and I can vouch for that!

I've caught some of my largest fish here, their scales glinting in the sun as I reel them in.

But it's not just about the fishing.

Sometimes, I prefer to sit by the lake, soaking in the tranquil views and the peaceful sounds of nature.

It's a beautiful place for a quiet picnic or a stroll, the sun dipping beyond the horizon as day turns into night.

And although camping isn't an option at Lake Marvin, you can now rent kayaks – a recent development I've enjoyed.

It's a different perspective from the middle of the lake, the water gently lapping against the kayak's sides, the shore a distant echo.

Just remember, only trolling boats are allowed.

Whether you're an angler, a kayaker, or simply someone looking for peace and relaxation, Lake Marvin is the place to be.

It’s an oasis of tranquility, a slice of paradise right in our backyard.

Enjoy the Day at Rocky Mountain Recreation & Public Fishing Area

Let me tell you about my favorite place to unwind - the Rocky Mountain Recreation & Public Fishing Area.

This haven of natural beauty offers the cleanest swimming area, and even the restrooms are spotlessly maintained, a rarity in Northwest, GA, public swimming areas.

The parking fee is a small price to pay for the peace and tranquility it offers.

I often pack up a picnic, load up the car, and head to this place for the day.

The beach is a picturesque sight with its pristine stretch of sand alongside the lake.

Its calm waters shimmering under the sun create a serene atmosphere perfect for a leisurely swim or a fishing trip.

What sets this place apart is its tranquility. It's like being in a different world, one that's entirely in sync with nature.

The rustling leaves, the chirping birds, and the slight breeze all combine to create a symphony that brings peace and calm.

It's the kind of place that makes you want to leave the hustle and bustle behind and revel in the beauty of nature.

So, if you're ever in the area and looking for a spot to relax and enjoy, visit the Rocky Mountain Recreation & Public Fishing Area.

It's a sanctuary to recharge and reconnect with the great outdoors.

Climb Rome's Historic Clock Tower

Daytime view of the Rome City Clocktower
Hendrickson Photography / Shutterstock.com

I remember the day I first trek up to the Clock Tower.

The tower sits atop a towering hill in downtown Rome, a monument to the city's rich history.

I felt a sense of awe as I looked up at the historic structure.

It's an 1872 edifice with 109 steps offering breathtaking city views and a museum with murals portraying Rome's history.

The walk up the hill can be pretty challenging as the roads are steep, but it's all worth it once you reach the top.

Up the tower, the air is clearer, the sounds of the city become a gentle murmur, and the view is truly spectacular.

On a clear day, you can see the entire city and the surrounding countryside.

Aerial view of the Rome City Clocktower
Cody Holder / Shutterstock.com

It's a perfect spot to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and maybe even enjoy a quick picnic lunch.

Right next to the tower is a small park, a hidden gem amidst the city's concrete jungle.

It's a peaceful place where one can enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving the city.

There's also a small parking lot on the west side of E. 2nd St., but be aware that the driveway can be easily mistaken for a private one.

The Clock Tower itself is an engineering marvel.

Seeing it up close, you can't help but appreciate the craftsmanship and intricacy that went into its design.

It's become one of my favorite places in Rome, where I can escape from the world for a little while and take in the beauty of our city.

Enjoy Delightful Days at Rolater Park

I won't lie; there's something indescribably comforting about being close to Rolater Park, barely a stroll from my house.

With its lush greenery and pristine surroundings, the park is my sanctuary, my escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

What draws me the most to Rolater Park is its immaculate cleanliness and the sense of tranquility it offers.

Whether you're into feeding fish or geese or simply looking for a quiet corner to settle down with a good book, the park has you covered.

The freshwater spring is a gem, with its refreshingly pure water that we all love to fill our jugs with.

But the star attraction of the park has to be the caves.

Intriguing, mysterious, and wonderfully cool inside, the caves are a must-visit and the best part?

You have to meander through the park to reach them.

It's a win-win!

With an entry fee of just $2 a person, the caves made for an excellent day trip that thrilled the kids.

And let's not forget the pool.

Shaped like Georgia, it radiates a unique charm that's hard to ignore.

Although I missed the pool's opening day, the anticipation of a refreshing dip keeps me excited.

Rolater Park is where you can be in tune with nature and relax and unwind.

It's a bit of peace amidst the chaos, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Discover the Beauty and History of Myrtle Hill Cemetery

Tall columns at Myrtle Hill Cemetery
Connie Lewellen / Shutterstock.com

Despite living in Rome, Georgia, for years, it wasn't until a crisp fall day that I discovered Myrtle Hill Cemetery's magic.

The cemetery was breathtaking, with the leaves changing colors and falling gently to the ground.

As I began my ascent up the steep hill, I was struck by the tranquility and beauty of the place, its winding roads, and picturesque city views.

From the top, there's an incredible panorama of downtown Rome, with its three rivers converging at the city's heart.

A sight that can't be missed!

But be warned. It is a bit of a hike.

For those who prefer a less strenuous route, there's the option to drive up, with parking available at the mausoleum.

The cemetery is not just a place of rest but a treasure trove of history.

Headstones at Myrtle Hill Cemetery
Connie Lewellen / Shutterstock.com

Every tombstone and monument tells a story of Rome's rich past and its many inhabitants.

I took my time exploring the grounds, captivated by the countless photo opportunities the cemetery presented.

The beauty of Myrtle Hill doesn't end with the fall.

I've seen the cemetery in spring when the cherry blossoms bloom, turning it into a scene from a postcard.

Each season brings a unique charm, making every visit a new experience.

Whether you're a history buff, a photography enthusiast, or just looking for a peaceful place to relax, Myrtle Hill Cemetery is the perfect destination.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes—the terrain can get hilly!

Unmarked gravestone at Myrtle Hill Cemetery
Colleen Michaels / Shutterstock.com

Greet the Peaceful Morning at Ridge Ferry Park

I relish the serenity of Ridge Ferry Park in the mornings.

It's times like these when I enjoy the beauty of the place that I'm lucky enough to call my local park.

I usually start my day with a jog along the well-maintained trails, enjoying the quaint chirping of the birds as my morning soundtrack.

The park is usually not crowded during this time, so it's perfect for some quiet contemplation or even a quick workout on the fitness equipment, which is always clean and ready for use.

There's something about the green expanses here that seems to wipe away the worries of life.

The lovely trees and the carpet of green grass underfoot are kept in excellent condition, making it a joy to walk on.

It also features a playground with various play areas suitable for children of different ages.

It's a delight watching them have their share of fun, especially when the garden isn't crowded, and I can't help but join in occasionally.

The scenic view of the river adds a calming touch to the ambiance.

One of my favorite things is to sit by the riverside with a good book, soaking in the tranquility.

The park also houses an outdoor concert stage where local bands often perform, providing an unexpected dash of culture and entertainment.

Ridge Ferry Park is a tremendous asset to our community.

Whether you're looking for outdoor fun, a peaceful retreat, or a place to socialize, this park has everything.

Just remember to bring your soap if you use the restrooms!

Enjoy the Day at Oak Hill & Martha Berry Museum

Exterior of Oak Hill & Martha Berry Museum
Cculber007 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When I think of places that bring history and beauty together, the Oak Hill & Martha Berry Museum always comes to mind.

Its grand Greek Revival architecture dates back to 1884.

I recently took a tour of this gorgeous home and the formal gardens. It was a fantastic experience.

What truly sets Oak Hill apart is its cinematic history; the house was a filming location for the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

This added a layer of intrigue and excitement to the tour.

After the guided tour, I was allowed to explore the grounds and take in the splendid beauty at my own pace.

I took some beautiful photos, capturing the essence of this place.

Even though I live nearby, each visit feels like a new experience.

I'm glad I ventured out to Oak Hill & Martha Berry Museum.

Whether you're a fan of historic architecture, beautiful gardens, or a die-hard Sweet Home Alabama fan, Oak Hill & Martha Berry Museum is the perfect place to spend a day.

Go Camping at Lock & Dam Campground Park

Nestled along the scenic Coosa River, the Lock & Dam Campground Park is my favorite getaway.

My go-to spot is site #3, an excellent back-in spot that requires a bit of maneuvering if a trailer is your camping choice, as it is mine.

The site is almost always level, requiring only a few minor adjustments.

There's also a quirky nut tree that adds to the charm.

Although, I'll admit, the snapping sounds of falling nuts on the roof can be pretty startling, especially when you're engrossed in a riveting book or catching a quick nap.

One of the best features of this site is the covered sitting area, perfect for those lazy afternoons when you want to sit back and enjoy the serene views and the quiet hum of nature.

Speaking of views, the Park offers some truly breathtaking vistas. Make sure to explore the trails.

I've hiked them with my dogs so many times I think we might have our footprints etched into the ground!

The Lock & Dam Campground Park is a slice of heaven.

It has become an integral part of my life - where I've created countless memories.

If you're a camping enthusiast, I wholeheartedly recommend you come and make your memories in this beautiful corner of the world.

Visit Berry College

Scenic view of Berry College
Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com

When I first set foot within the expansive campus of Berry College, I knew this place was something special.

The southern charm of the university, with its traditional architecture and red brick buildings, immediately drew me in.

Meanwhile, the campus has seemingly unending green spaces - starkly contrasting the bustling larger schools I've visited, like Clemson and UGA.

One of the things I love the most about Berry is the ability to reconnect with nature.

There's such a variety of outdoor activities waiting to be explored.

I've often lost myself in the mountain campus, soaking in the beauty.

And let's not forget the older section of campus that serves as housing, faculty offices, and parts of the nursing and education programs.

It's like stepping into a different era.

The quality of education here at Berry is exceptional.

A wide range of majors are offered; however, I've always been fascinated by their robust agricultural program, particularly the animal sciences division.

And I must say, the dining hall options are delectable!

Aerial view of Berry College
Sasha Craig / Shutterstock.com

They've gone the extra mile to ensure students have excellent recreational facilities and learning spaces with modern technology.

A certain vibrancy fills Berry College, and the students and staff bring it forth.

They're down-to-earth, welcoming, and always ready with a warm smile.

It's like one big family here.

Among the unique features is a lab school for the college with an outdoor classroom that doubles as a vegetable garden and apple orchard.

For anyone considering Berry College, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

It's a place to grow, learn, and, most importantly, belong.

Stone dormitory at Berry College
J.Patton / Shutterstock.com

Take a Journey Through Time at Rome Area History Center

I return to my favorite hideaway, the Rome Area History Center, every cloudless Saturday morning.

Like an old friend, it welcomes me into its labyrinth of stories, each exhibit providing a unique snapshot of the life and times of Rome and Floyd County.

Whether it's the culturally enriching displays or the intricate detailing of the Civil War, there's always a new narrative waiting to be discovered.

With each passing visit, I spend hours engrossed in the regionally focused exhibits, the whispers of Native American tribes, Civil War tales, and stories of cultural development echoing off the walls.

The presentations are delicate threads weaving our local history's grand tapestry, and I have yet to finish exploring them all.

However, anticipating what's left to discover makes my return visits all the more exciting.

What makes the Rome Area History Center genuinely exceptional is its admission policy - it's entirely free!

Of course, donations are appreciated, but the fact that such a treasury of knowledge is accessible to anyone is commendable.

Beyond the museum's doors, there's a beautiful outside park that acts as a stage for various activities.

The crown jewel of this park is a delightful fountain fed by all three rivers flowing through our city.

Although my last visit found the rush temporarily out of service due to maintenance, I eagerly anticipate seeing it in full, bubbling splendor on my next visit.

The Rome Area History Center isn't just a museum; it's a living, breathing testament to our heritage.

Visiting this place provides a gateway into the past, a chance to learn and appreciate the history that has shaped our present.

The friendly folks you'll meet there and the wealth of knowledge to gain make every visit a rewarding experience.

I look forward to my next Saturday morning stroll to this local treasure.

Explore the Natural Beauty of Lake Conasauga

The waters of Lake Conasauga
Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, a feeling that is oh-so-familiar to me.

Tucked away in the pristine wilderness, Lake Conasauga is my retreat, a space of calmness and serenity that offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle.

Every day, like clockwork, I am drawn to the peaceful shoreline with my faithful canine companion.

The path around the lake is the perfect mile-long stroll, and it also doubles up as an excellent jogging track for those looking to add a touch of fitness to their relaxing getaway.

But don't be surprised if the geese occasionally obstruct your path!

They love shuffling about on the paths - but their stinky "gifts" can be a bit of a nuisance, so watch your step!

The lake, although small, teems with life.

A pair of Gray Herons graces the lake yearly, their majestic forms a sight to behold.

The best part? You can get up close and personal with the local wildlife.

Feeding the ducks and geese is an experience that always makes me smile.

If you're an angling enthusiast, Lake Conasauga won't disappoint.

It's no secret that the lake's northwestern shore is home to the largest fish.

I've spotted some impressive catches from my time there, making the lake a fisherman's paradise.

No matter the weather, each visit is a unique experience.

The lake holds a special kind of beauty when it rains, transforming it into a mystical wonderland you can't help but fall in love with.

So, whether it's for a leisurely walk, a jog, or a day of fishing, Lake Conasauga is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

Step into History at the Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home

Right in my backyard, nestled in the heart of Georgia, is a living piece of history.

The Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home is a house and a doorway into the past.

As you approach the entrance, you'll notice two sets of stairs.

Choose the side steps; they lead you to the heart of the experience, while the front steps are a picturesque relic of a bygone era.

Inside, the museum bursts with stories of the Cherokee tribe and their leader, Major Ridge, who once called this place home in the 1800s.

You're immediately immersed in a world that blends Cherokee culture with American history.

As you explore the house, you'll encounter a gentleman who'll guide you on your journey through time.

His knowledge vividly depicts Major Ridge’s life and the Cherokee nation's past.

Each room you enter holds artifacts that whisper tales from a time most of us can only read about in history books.

You'll be surprised to learn about the people who occupied the house after Major Ridge, adding more layers to its rich history.

And before leaving, don't forget to watch the short film about Major Ridge - it brings his story to life.

Outside the museum, across the street, there's a sight of ruins from an old textile mill.

A reminder of the area's industrial past contrasts the museum's focus on Native American history.

The Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home is not just a visit; it's an experience that takes you back in time.

It’s about 35 minutes from the Cherokee nation’s old capital, making it a great pit stop for history enthusiasts.

It might not be the complete Native American territory story you might expect, but it’s a story worth hearing.

Discover Etowah Park

Trail at Etowah Park
Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every day brings a new adventure at Etowah Park.

This sprawling park, the heart and soul of Rome and Floyd County, offers various activities that never fail to amuse.

Now, picture this.

It's a Sunday, the sun shines bright, and the park is buzzing with a youth baseball game.

The cheering crowd, the tension in the air, the joy every time a child hits a home run: the spirit of baseball is alive and thriving at Etowah Park.

It always makes my heart swell with hometown pride.

The park isn’t just for sports buffs. It's a haven for families too.

With a playground for the kids and a skate park that keeps the older ones entertained way past sunset, thanks to the bright lights installed during the recent renovation.

The friendly atmosphere and the laughter testify to the park's popularity among children and teens.

Its tennis courts are my personal favorite.

Playing a match here is always an exciting challenge, whether an expert or a beginner.

And when you're not in the mood for a game, you can take a tranquil walk along the park's trails.

Etowah Park also has practical aspects covered.

The bathroom facilities and vending machines cater to basic needs, and on game days, there’s usually a concession stand adding to the vibrant ambiance.

Looking back, some of my fondest memories are tied to Etowah Park.

From the days of childhood picnics to now, watching the next generation have the time of their lives.

This park has been a constant source of joy and contentment.

It’s more than just a recreational area; it's a part of our community, where memories are made and spirits are lifted.

So, whether you’re a local or just passing through Rome, don’t miss out on experiencing the magic of Etowah Park.

Explore The Labyrinth of Rome

Daytime view of The Labyrinth of Rome
Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Oh, the charm of Rome, Georgia! Most people only think about the Colosseum or the Vatican when they hear "Rome," but we have our slice of history here at home.

The Labyrinth of Rome, a former WPA-era, open-air theater, has been converted into this intricate labyrinth traced in inlaid bricks.

I never thought I'd find serenity in a labyrinth, but this place proved me wrong.

The tranquil atmosphere and the unique design are something to be marveled at.

As you walk along the path, you can't help but feel a sense of calm, like you're being guided on a journey of self-discovery.

And did I mention the little shop on-site? It's a hidden gem that sells various handmade items, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of artistry.

But do remember that access to the labyrinth isn't exactly a cakewalk.

The walk down can be a bit challenging, but trust me. It's well worth it.

The labyrinth isn't a maze, as I used to think. Only one path leads to the center, so there's no chance of getting lost.

I learned this the first time I visited; the sign on the site was quite insightful.

Following this single path feels meditative, almost like being led toward your inner self.

With a gravel parking lot adjacent to the labyrinth, it's pretty convenient for visitors.

So, next time you're looking for a serene place to unwind, take a stroll down the Labyrinth of Rome, click a few pictures, and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance.

Final Thoughts

With its rich history, scenic beauty, and outdoor activities, Floyd County is a hidden gem for tourists and those lucky enough to call it home.

So, go out and enjoy the natural beauty, historical charm, and vibrant local culture that Floyd County, Georgia has to offer.

It's a journey that's well worth taking.

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