15 Best Things to Do in Dublin, OH

Dublin, Ohio

Welcome to my guide on embracing the charm of Dublin, Ohio.

Living in this vibrant city has been nothing short of an adventure, filled with delightful surprises, hidden gems, and countless memories created.

From the breathtaking landscapes to the rich cultural heritage, Dublin has a certain allure that keeps me falling in love with it over and over again.

But Dublin is more than just a city; it's a community, a place where everyone belongs and where every day brings a new opportunity to discover something amazing.

Whether you're just passing through or considering making Dublin your home, there's never a dull moment in this city.

Prepare to embark on a journey through the best things to do in Dublin, Ohio.

Buckle up, my friend; our adventure awaits!

About this article: This article was written by a local contributor based on their own experiences and those around them. While this list showcases some remarkable places, it's important to note that this is an opinion piece, and there are many other exceptional places to visit that are not featured here.
Our aim is not just to guide you to popular places but to encourage you to venture out and experience the city for yourself.

Explore Indigenous Culture at the Chief Leatherlips Monument

Side view of the Chief Leatherlips Monument
aceshot1 / Shutterstock.com

Imagine living just a stone's throw away from a divine piece of art and history that connects you to a time long past.

That's my everyday reality!

I live near the Chief Leatherlips Monument in Dublin.

I have spent countless mornings walking around this beautiful small park and many evenings just sitting along the river in the picnic areas during warmer days.

Chief Leatherlips Monument, which can be found at HMDB, is not just a stunning tribute to a Native American leader, but it is also a remarkable work of art that adds character to our charming Dublin.

The sculpture truly captures the essence and strength of Chief Leatherlips, standing tall against all odds.

Front view of Chief Leatherlips Monument
aceshot1 / Shutterstock.com

The park that houses the monument is equally captivating.

It is a perfect place to walk around, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy nature's beauty.

The park is also pet friendly, a fact my Labrador Retriever, Max, appreciates a lot.

I've spent many afternoons strolling around the park with Max, greeting friendly faces that have become familiar over the years.

Every time I visit, I make it a point to spend a few moments in quiet contemplation at the monument, reading the inscriptions that narrate the Chief's story.

Close-up view of Chief Leatherlips Monument
CHRISTOPHER MAMPE / Shutterstock.com

Taste the Flavors of the City at the Dublin Village Tavern

In the heart of my hometown, there's a cozy little tavern that has held onto the charm of old Ireland – the Dublin Village Tavern.

It's a place that's managed to marry old-world allure with modern amenities, all while serving some of the best comfort food in the city.

From the moment you step inside this classic Irish pub, the rich aroma of hearty meals and the buzz of friendly chatter greet you.

The wooden decor, as timeless and comforting as the old Irish folktales, makes you feel like you've stepped back in time.

As someone who loves an eclectic array of flavors, the garlic buffalo wings are my go-to dish every time I visit.

The wings, naked fried and tossed in just the right amount of sauce, are a taste sensation.

However, I'll let you in on a little secret - the real show stopper is their Ruben, probably the best I've ever tasted!

The Dublin Village Tavern isn't just about the food, though.

The craft brews they serve are a delight for any beer enthusiast.

And if you're more of a coffee drinker, their coffee cocktails are something you wouldn't want to miss.

One's sweet, the other's not, catering to all sorts of coffee lovers.

Keep in mind that Dublin Village Tavern can get a bit packed during busy hours.

They have a limited seating area, which some might find a little cramped.

But if you ask me, I like to think of it as a more intimate setting.

Plus, when the weather warms, they open the patio, which is a wonderful spot to enjoy a meal outdoors while soaking in the bustling Dublin vibe.

Have a Tee Time at Muirfield Village Golf Club

Signage of Muirfield Village Golf Club
Nheyob, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I can't remember the countless times I've spent my sunny afternoons at the Muirfield Village Golf Club.

The beauty of its sprawling green landscape leaves me mesmerized every single time.

It's not just a golf club; it's a piece of art tucked away in our lovely city!

Indeed, the golf club is not just for golf enthusiasts. It's also a fantastic venue for special events!

I remember happily hosting my baby shower there.

To this date, I still get compliments on how stunning the surroundings were.

The staff was so accommodating - they took care of every little detail, making the day truly memorable.

But let's not forget the main attraction - the Memorial Tournament!

There's something so thrilling about watching the PGA professionals play on this unbelievable course.

I've attended the tournament multiple times, and each visit is as exciting as the last.

The energy is infectious, the crowd buzzes with anticipation, and the players never fail to put on a show.

It's a spectacle that everyone in the city looks forward to, even if they aren't golf fans.

Visiting the Muirfield Village Golf Club is more than just a day out.

It's an experience that leaves you with cherished memories.

Whether you're hosting a celebration or just going for a leisurely walk around the beautifully manicured course, you'll find joy wrapped in every corner.

Take a Photo with the Dancing Hares of Ballantrae Community Park

In the heart of our bustling city, I've stumbled upon a place that offers a serene respite from the daily grind - the Ballantrae Community Park.

The first time I set foot in the park, I found myself immediately drawn to its main feature - a playful sprayground affectionately known as the "bunny park."

Nestled amid charming man-made boulders, it's a delightful haven for children and families.

There's something simply magical about this park.

You can't help but feel the tranquility wash over you as you navigate through the vast open spaces.

The beautiful pond adds a touch of serenity to the surroundings, making every visit a soothing experience.

One of the highlights of my countless visits to the park has to be spotting the Dancing Hares.

I first noticed them on my way to work one morning, and their peculiar charm had me coming back for a closer look.

These unusual rabbits have now become an integral part of my regular visits.

The splash pad is another favorite.

When the sun's out in full force, you'll find me cooling down at this fun-filled spot.

Families in the area flock here, too, making the most of the sunny afternoons while their little ones frolic in the water.

If you're wondering where to park, there's no need to worry.

Ballantrae Community Park provides ample parking space, ensuring a hassle-free experience for visitors.

Have a Picnic at Coffman Park

What a joy it is to have Coffman Park practically in my own backyard!

This 105-acre gem, with its idyllic setting and wealth of amenities, is an absolute delight to visit no matter the season.

My neighbors and I often meet for group workouts, with enough space for everyone to have their own slice of nature.

The expansive grassy areas are perfect for picnics or impromptu soccer matches with the kids.

There are also various covered areas that come in handy when planning larger gatherings or if you're in the mood for a more laid-back meal outdoors.

Parking is never an issue at Coffman Park, with multiple lots scattered around the outskirts.

It's just an easy jaunt from there to the rest of the park.

One of my favorite spots is the little pond set up for bass fishing.

There's a fair bit of moss coverage during the hotter months, providing excellent shelter for the resident Largemouth Bass.

It's truly a haven for anglers like me.

Another must-visit is the Coffman Homestead, which is like stepping back in time to the 1850s.

I've always been a bit of a history buff, so getting to tour the beautifully restored house and barn is a treat.

It's a great way to show children how farming used to be done and to appreciate how far we've come.

Immerse in Irish Art and Culture at the Dublin Irish Festival

A catholic mass at dublin irish festival
Nheyob, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every year, as the calendar flips to August, I feel a surge of excitement rush through me.

It's time for the Dublin Irish Festival, a vibrant mix of culture, music, and camaraderie that injects life into our quaint Dublin Village.

Over the years, the festival has become a part of my identity, a tradition I eagerly look forward to.

As I step into the festival grounds, the air buzzes with contagious energy.

From whiskey tasting to sipping on Irish beers and enough seltzer water to quench any thirst, there's no shortage of refreshments.

The kids have their corners, too, with an inflatable park and another free play area that keeps them entertained.

But it's the music that's the heart and soul of the festival.

The line-up of bands is always an impressive mix of local and international acts.

I still remember the foot-tapping tunes of Socks in the Frying Pan and the soulful melodies of Dervish.

I’m always amazed at the amount of talent these musicians bring to our little corner of the world.

And then there's the Sunday tradition.

If you bring along goods to donate before 11 am, you walk in free.

It's an initiative I've always appreciated, a small gesture that makes a big difference in the community.

But Dublin Irish Festival is more than just music and drinks.

The Celtic Canines show is a particular favorite, and the cultural activities provide a rich insight into Irish heritage.

It’s always fascinating to learn new things about a culture that’s already so embedded in our city.

Driving for Lyft during the festival two years ago was an unforgettable experience.

The conversations, the laughter, and the stories shared by passengers still ring fresh in my mind.

The festival, much like the beautiful footbridge in our city, is a treat that keeps giving, gathering even more charm as the leaves take on their autumn hues.

Treat Your Sweet Tooth at Johnson's Real Ice Cream

Oh, the sweet, simple joy of ice cream! I've savored many a scoop, but nothing quite compares to the flavors at Johnson's Real Ice Cream.

We're fortunate here in Dublin to have such a delightful spot right at our doorstep.

There's a certain charm about Johnson's that's hard to resist.

Whether it's a sunny day or a cool evening, the outdoor seating is an inviting space to bask in the ambiance and enjoy your ice cream.

For those who appreciate value for money, you'll find the portions to be more than satisfying.

I recall the first time I decided to give Johnson's a try.

It was a whimsical choice late in the evening, and I opted for a flavor with an intriguing name - the salty caramel chocolate pretzel trap.

I can't help but grin at the memory!

The burst of flavors was a delightful surprise.

Sweet, salty, rich, and creamy, with a hint of crunchiness - it was an experience to remember.

I've been a patron of Graeter's for years, but this local gem had me reconsidering my loyalties.

A summer day hike led me back to Johnson's again.

My partner and I decided to cool off with their peach & cinnamon and coconut almond chip & butterscotch toffee, respectively.

Each scoop was a delectable treat, a perfect end to our adventurous day.

If you're ever on the lookout for authentic, handcrafted ice cream, Johnson's is the place to be.

The ice cream is dense, creamy, and rich - a testament to its high-fat content and proof of the shop's dedication to crafting the perfect scoop.

Johnson's Real Ice Cream has become a local favorite - a place that never fails to delight my taste buds.

Bask in the Tranquility of Indian Run Falls

Picturesque view of Indian Run Falls
arthurgphotography / Shutterstock.com

Just an ordinary day in Dublin, Ohio can easily turn into an extraordinary adventure at Indian Run Falls.

It's a small slice of nature's paradise tucked away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

I’ve always taken pride in the fact that a breathtaking cascade is just a short walk from my doorstep.

The waterfall, set against the backdrop of an emerald forest, is a sight to behold.

And it's not just the waterfall; the whole area is a serene oasis with a babbling stream and picturesque nature trails that crisscross through the park.

Often the area is quite peaceful, making it a perfect spot for some solitude.

But I can't help but feel a sense of camaraderie when I see fellow nature lovers enjoying the beauty of the place.

Families with their children, friends catching up on a walk, photographers trying to capture the perfect shot - a lively scene during sunlit hours.

Water flowing through the rocks at Indian Run Falls
Kenneth Keifer / Shutterstock.com

Speaking of photography, the place is a dream for drone enthusiasts as well. I've seen many capturing the beauty of the cascading waterfall from the sky. Just be careful while flying your drone and be mindful of others, of course.

One of the trails leads to a large concrete bridge that spans the stream.

Whether you're planning to sit back and soak in the tranquility or go on a leisurely stroll, Indian Run Falls never disappoints.

And trust me, no matter how many times you visit; there's always something new to discover.

After all, I haven't ventured to the bottom yet - so there's more to explore!

Water flowing from Indian Run Falls
Kenneth Keifer / Shutterstock.com

Spend the Evening at North High Brewing - Dublin

Ever since my son started his music classes last October, Tuesday evenings have become our much-awaited family outing to North High Brewing - Dublin.

The charm of the place lies not just in the consistently good food and drinks but also in the warmth and patience of the staff.

My son simply adores their company!

The beer garden at North High Brewing is another favorite spot.

It provides the perfect ambiance to relax and soak in the atmosphere while waiting for our table to be ready.

Over time, we've developed a fondness for their fried pickles and sweet potato fries.

The wings are gluten-free, a rarity in most places around the city.

And the beers? Don't even get me started.

There hasn't been a single one that hasn't pleased my taste buds.

One of the highlights of our meal, though, is the steak.

Accompanied by potatoes and those heavenly southern green beans, it's a culinary delight that never disappoints.

On the side, the deviled eggs make for a delicious appetizer, and the kids' shells and cheese are so good that we adults often find ourselves sneaking a bite or two.

As I said, Tuesday evenings at North High Brewing - Dublin have become a cherished family tradition.

Even after the music classes wrap up, we plan to keep coming back for the love of good food, great beer, and amazing people.

Take a Leisurely Stroll at Bridge Park

Every time I go for a stroll at Bridge Park, it feels like a mini vacation.

The lush greenery, the calm and serene environment, and the beautifully designed Horseshoe Shaped bridge walkway make my walks incredibly rejuvenating.

It's never too crowded, and the maintenance is top-notch, ensuring the place is always clean.

On a lucky day, you might even catch a musician strumming their guitar, adding a melodious soundtrack to the already picturesque setting.

And the best part? The bug situation is surprisingly minimal!

Every Saturday morning, a bustling market comes to life from 9 am to 12 pm, bringing a buzz of activity.

The streets are shut down to all automotive traffic during this time, transforming the space into a vibrant, walkable marketplace.

Although the parking garages are often full, there are still spots around the peripherals that are within walking distance.

Bridge Park is more than just a park; it's a community hub.

The space is filled with beautiful apartments, chic boutiques, and delicious eateries. I cherish how it has seamlessly blended urban living with outdoor charm.

Take Photos at Dublin's Field of Corn

Giant Corncob at Field of Corn
Eric Glenn / Shutterstock.com

There's a whimsical charm in my city, Dublin, Ohio, that never gets old — a field filled with towering concrete corn sculptures.

On weekends, I often find myself meandering around Field of Corn, each time feeling a renewed sense of appreciation for the creativity that went into this installation.

Roaming around the 109 life-sized corn statues, erected in neat rows, is always a unique experience, like a blend of art, agriculture, and a dash of eccentricity.

What makes it more engaging, though, are the history plaques telling the story of our Native Americans, the area, and the significance of corn.

It adds depth and dimension to the otherwise quirky setting.

The field, once a cultivated land, has transformed over time.

Surrounded by office buildings and green spaces, the corn sculptures pose a stark contrast to their environment.

Yet, it forms a kind of re-cultivation, a different face of the city's progress.

White corn sculptures at the Field of Corn
arthurgphotography / Shutterstock.com

One thing I particularly enjoy about the Field of Corn is how it serves as an impromptu playground.

Children, and sometimes adults, can be seen chasing each other between the rows of maize, their laughter mingling with the rustle of the wind.

Speaking of convenience, the location couldn't be better.

It's a stone's throw away from fast food joints and an ice cream spot, making it a perfect pit stop for families on a quick break or long drive.

Grab a snack, let the kids stretch their legs, and hit the road again.

Nothing beats the fun of clicking unusual pictures with these concrete corn stalks.

Next time, I might bring along a giant butter prop for some light-hearted, corny photos.

After all, where else in the world can you strike a pose with a field of concrete corn?

Peruse Local Produce and Crafts at Dublin Market at Bridge Park

If you're here in Dublin, strolling through the Dublin Market at Bridge Park is quite an experience, a must-have for both the residents and tourists alike.

It's a veritable hub of local vendors and artisans, a place brimming with creativity and community spirit.

I've wandered through this market on several occasions, and each time, I've been greeted with an array of unique finds.

From handmade jewelry to vintage clothing, there's something to pique anyone's interest.

It's not quite a traditional farmers' market where you can find rows upon rows of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Instead, it's a little more like a flea market, offering an eclectic mix of crafts, clothing, and even a fair share of dessert stalls.

While the lack of fresh produce can be disappointing for those hoping for a traditional farmers' market experience, the other offerings more than makeup for it.

I particularly enjoy the coffee vendors who always manage to pull the perfect shot of espresso, fueling my exploration of the market.

Discover the City's Hidden Gem: Hayden Falls Park

Close up view of the water falling at Hayden Falls Park
arthurgphotography / Shutterstock.com

Imagine living near a place where you can escape the city's hustle and bustle and find solace amidst nature.

That's exactly what Hayden Falls Park offers.

Nestled in urban Columbus, this park is a peaceful oasis that is often overlooked by many.

The minute you step into the park, your eyes are immediately drawn to the mesmerizing 35-ft waterfall.

The walk to the falls is just as magical.

The boardwalk trail, dotted with picnic tables, meanders through lush greenery and over burbling brooks.

It's an easy, gravel-lit trail, perfect for a leisurely walk or a quick hike.

Along the way, there are charming footbridges and observation decks that offer spectacular views of the stream and the surrounding woodland.

At the end of the trail, you reach the grand spectacle - the waterfall.

The lookout deck, located well above the falls, is the ideal spot to take in the beauty of the cascading waters.

It's a sight that never fails to take my breath away, no matter how many times I've seen it.

Scenic view of hayden falls
Barry haynes, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There's something truly calming about the sound of the waterfall crashing down onto the rocks below.

Hayden Falls Park is not just a haven for nature enthusiasts and fitness buffs; it's also a hotspot for birdwatchers and wildlife lovers.

I've spotted cranes, ducks, and even deer on my visits to the park.

And while there aren't formal seating areas near the falls, the ledges along the walkway are wide enough to enjoy a quick bite while taking in the sights and sounds.

One thing to be mindful of is the parking situation.

The lot is small and can get congested, especially during weekends.

But don't let that deter you.

Most visitors come for the falls and leave shortly after, so the turnover rate is high.

Near view of hayden falls
Sixflashphoto, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Practice Your Swing at Golf Club of Dublin

There's something truly special about teeing off at the Golf Club of Dublin.

The emerald green fairways, perhaps some of the best surfaces I've ever played on, transport you straight to the heart of Ireland without ever leaving Ohio.

Each curve of the course is beautifully manicured, and the greens roll fast and true, yet they’re still forgiving enough to hold your shots.

Beyond the course, the club's facilities are second to none.

My family and I recently celebrated my sister's wedding there, and it was nothing short of magical.

From the breathtaking grounds to the exceptional service, everything was perfect.

From the challenging yet scenic golfing experience to the exceptional service, there's no denying that the Golf Club of Dublin has a charm of its own.

Final Thoughts

Dublin, Ohio, has so much to offer.

Whether you are a golf enthusiast, a foodie, a nature lover, or simply someone who enjoys exploring new places, you'll never run out of things to do in this wonderful city.

So whether you're a long-time resident or a first-time visitor, there's always something to discover in this city with the best things to do in Dublin, Ohio.

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