19 Best Things to Do in Dothan, AL

Dothan, AL

Nestled in the heart of Alabama, this city offers an eclectic blend of Southern hospitality, historical landmarks, and diverse culture that perfectly captures the essence of the region.

Let me take you on an intimate journey through some of the best things to do in Dothan, Alabama.

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Surround Yourself with Lovely Creatures at Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

Water fountain at Dothan Area Botanical Gardens
Cvernon1, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If there's one thing I absolutely love about my hometown, it's the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens.

This sprawling 50-acre retreat is my go-to sanctuary, my place of comfort and connection.

You know, the kind of place that leaves an imprint on your soul.

I stroll through these gardens at least once a week, no matter what the season.

It's a living, breathing art canvas that changes with the shifting months.

The blooming season can be a spectacle, with the gardens exploding in a riot of colors.

I'd say late May or early June is the best time to witness this vibrant display.

Even though it's slightly packed during these months, there's so much to see that you'll hardly notice the crowds.

One of my favorite spots in the garden is the newly added butterfly house.

It's like stepping into a different world, where delicate, fluttering creatures dance around you in a mesmerizing whirl of color.

Close on its heels is the tropical gardens house, a lush, verdant paradise that makes you feel like you've stepped into a rainforest.

And then there's the oriental gardens area, with its stunning red bridge - it's like a painting come alive.

The garden isn't just for adults, though.

It's a lovely place for kids as well.

My little nieces and nephews love the playground and the fish ponds.

And then there's the seasonal decorations, which they look forward to every year.

The garden also houses a gift shop stocked with unique items that make for great souvenirs or gifts.

It's definitely worth a stop before you leave.

But here's a small tip - go for the nectar sticks.

They're not always available, so grab them when you can.

Trust me, they're the cherry on top of an already unforgettable experience.

Experience the Paranormal with Adela Haunted Tours

There's nothing quite like uncovering the eerie history of your hometown.

Recently, I embarked on a chilling journey with Adela Haunted Tours, and let me tell you, it was not for the faint of heart.

The tour was extraordinarily informative, delving into the hushed whispers and forgotten tales of the city's past.

The guides, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, painted vivid pictures of the eerie encounters from previous expeditions.

I was hooked on every word, my heartbeat quickening with each tale of apparitions and inexplicable phenomena.

There's something thrilling about hearing ghost stories in familiar settings, it adds an unexpected layer of excitement and fear.

The experience was not just informative but also interactive.

We were active participants in haunting investigations.

The chill that ran down my spine when we were told about strange and creepy occurrences was real.

There were times when the atmosphere was so tense I could hear my breath echoing in the silence.

The staff were fantastic – friendly, engaging, and truly passionate about their work.

They made the whole experience enjoyable despite the chilling themes of the tours.

They were particularly good at whipping up the right amount of suspense just before revealing something hauntingly captivating.

Savor the Local Flavor at Folklore Brewing & Meadery

If you're ever in the mood for an unexpected gem, let me tell you about Folklore Brewing & Meadery.

Nestled in an offbeat location, this brewery and meadery is, as I like to put it, a diamond in the rough.

Their selection of craft beers is astounding, ranging from light and flavorful picks to dark ales, blonde ales, and my personal favorite - the sours.

Now, if you're a non-craft beer drinker, you might feel a little out of place, but their vast selection of mead is also worth a try.

But, what surprises most newcomers, as it did me the first time I walked in, is the food.

Their menu is predominantly deep-fried bar food but trust me, it's pretty good.

Though the setup is a bit peculiar.

There are two restaurants operating at different times of the week.

I reckon it keeps things fresh and interesting.

Even though some say the food seems to be pre-prepped and warmed in a microwave, I've found most of it decent enough.

There was this one time, my pretzel dip was a little unevenly heated, but the beer more than made up for it.

Another feature that I absolutely love about the place is the play area for kids, which is fenced-in and safe.

They even have games and toys for the little ones.

Pair that with live music that isn't too loud and wraps up by 10:00 PM, and you've got yourself a perfect family night out.

Their gift shop also deserves a mention.

From T-shirts to caps to koozies and trinkets, you can find all sorts of reasonably priced memorabilia to take home.

Unleash Your Curiosity at G W Carver Interpretive Museum

Every now and then, I find myself wandering into the heart of Dothan, to the G W Carver Interpretive Museum.

It's not just a museum; it's a place that brings history to life.

Housed in what was once a segregated Greyhound bus station, this museum now shines as a beacon of knowledge and enlightenment, showcasing the accomplishments of our African-American scientists, inventors, and trailblazers.

The museum, named after George Washington Carver, the renowned agricultural scientist and inventor, beautifully encapsulates his life and work.

The cultivation of peanuts, his most famous contribution, is depicted in a way that inspires and educates.

But the cherry on top has to be his handwritten letters.

These letters, penned by Carver himself while he was at Tuskegee University, give us a glimpse into his great mind and the work he was doing at the time.

But G W Carver Interpretive Museum goes beyond Carver.

It provides us with an opportunity to explore the contributions of other African-Americans to science and society.

And nothing compares to the emotional experience you get when you walk through the Harriet Tubman interactive exhibit.

It's an experience that makes you feel a fraction of what those brave souls must have felt during their struggles.

Let me tell you, the music playing softly in the background is enough to stir up all kinds of emotions.

It's a journey through history that is as educational as it is emotional.

But it's not all about the past.

The museum also showcases the incredible talent of our local artists.

Experience History and Nature at Landmark Park

Old Farmhouse in Landmark Park
Nick Fox / Shutterstock.com

Whenever I need a breather from the city's hustle and bustle, I find tranquility and a fascinating journey back in time at Landmark Park.

Nestling in the heart of Dothan, Alabama, this 135-acre park is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

As soon as you step onto the lush, green premises, you're transported to the 19th-century countryside.

Strolling around the living history farm, with its meticulously restored buildings, is like paging through a history book.

My children share this passion, their eyes wide with wonder as we traverse the old community, absorbing the stories and significance of each structure.

Landmark Park is not just about history, though.

It's a veritable sanctuary of natural beauty.

Buildings at Landmark Park
Nick Fox / Shutterstock.com

The boardwalk, elegantly spread over a serene pond, is a sight to behold.

The wooden walkway meanders into mostly wooded areas, making for a delightful, refreshing stroll.

On some days, we would stop by the park's small store for some shakes and sundaes, the perfect sweet treats to complement our adventure.

One of the park's unique attractions is the planetarium, a fascinating place that always piques my children's curiosity.

It's an educational experience that's also fun and engaging.

Have a chat with the friendly folks working there, and you can see their genuine love for the park and what it represents.

The warm hospitality they extend makes every visit even more pleasant.

Interior of Landmark Park's schoolhouse
Nick Fox / Shutterstock.com

Solve Puzzles at Escape Dothan

Just when I thought I'd seen it all in our city, I stumbled upon an exceptional place that tops my list of recommendations.

Escape Dothan, a unique attraction, boasts three themed rooms filled with interesting puzzles that you have to solve within a time limit of an hour.

Imagine being trapped in a room with your friends or family, working together to uncover hidden clues and solve mind-boggling puzzles.

It's an experience that gears you up and keeps your mind racing from start to finish, providing a rush of adrenaline that's unparalleled.

My first time stepping into an escape room at Escape Dothan was nothing short of spectacular.

It was a cacophony of thoughts, as we all tried to piece together the clues, sometimes wandering off in different directions.

It's an incredible team-building opportunity where you learn to communicate, cooperate, and strategize.

But word to the wise, don't attempt this with someone who has a strong competitive streak.

The rooms at Escape Dothan have always been a great way to break the monotony of the week.

I've done several rooms and each one has left me wanting more.

The diversity of scenarios and the unique challenges each room presents have kept me coming back.

Even my teenagers who are usually glued to their screens, found themselves fully engrossed in the experience.

One of the highlights of my visits has been the warm and welcoming staff.

They're always enthusiastic and eager to help, adding to the overall experience.

Keely was absolutely fantastic during our last visit, guiding us when we were stuck and cheering us on until the very end.

Whether you're looking for a spontaneous adventure or a regular weekend activity, Escape Dothan is the place to be.

Feel the Thrill at Axtion Air Jump & Sports Trampoline Park

Every year, as the leaves start to change and there's a hint of frost in the air, I know it's time for my son's birthday celebration at our favorite place - the Axtion Air Jump & Sports Trampoline Park.

It's become a beloved family tradition.

The pure joy on his face as he bounces around is priceless!

It's not just a birthday destination, we make sure to visit this trampoline park a couple more times throughout the year.

And guess what, it never gets old!

One of the things I love the most about Axtion Air Jump & Sports Trampoline Park is that it's designed for kids of all ages.

My son is now 3 and he simply loves the place.

It's a perfect venue for kids to channel their energy and just, well, be kids!

A quick tip for those with younger ones - I've found that earlier in the day tends to work best.

However, we did go once in the afternoon, and he still had a fantastic time.

Our last visit was particularly special as we celebrated our daughter's birthday.

We didn’t throw a big party, but instead chose to celebrate as a family at the park.

It was an absolute blast!

The weekly deals they offer also add value to your visit.

The staff, always helpful and kind, were just the cherry on top.

Hike the Forever Wild Trails

Living in Dothan, Alabama can sometimes feel like a never-ending adventure, especially with the Forever Wild Trails at our doorstep.

Forever Wild Trails is my go-to place whenever I need to reconnect with nature.

This trail system, which stretches over a generous 10 miles, is like our little slice of wilderness right here in the city.

The trail has six interlinked loops, each unique in its own way.

Whether you're an amateur hiker like me or a seasoned trekker, there's a trail here to suit everyone's tastes.

On a typical day, you'd find me cycling along the trails, taking advantage of the multiple bike repair stations scattered around.

The trails have an incredibly well-thought design, with a pump track and changing rooms for convenience.

My kids absolutely love our weekend hikes here.

The shorter trail is pretty much a favorite for my little ones.

It's mostly flat with the exception of one mini "hill", perfect for my adventurous toddlers.

If you're lucky, you'd also spot some local wildlife making their appearance along the trails.

There's no denying that the Forever Wild Trails is a labor of love.

The folks who manage the trails put their heart and soul into maintaining them.

You can feel it when you walk through the paths, feeling the crunch of leaves underfoot and breathing in the fresh, crisp air.

Photographers often flock here to capture stunning snapshots of nature in its rawest form.

As enchanting as these trails are, it's easy to lose your way in the beauty.

But that’s all part of the adventure, right?

Catch a Performance at the Dothan Opera House

Exterior of Dothan Opera House
Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There's something unique about stepping into the grandeur of Dothan Opera House.

It's a trip back in time with all the charm of the old South.

The architecture is a marvel to behold – one of those beautifully preserved old buildings that brims with so much history and elegance.

Every time I attend a show, I become mesmerized by its timeless beauty.

Security is tight – no guns, no knives, and they do check your bags.

Ladies, it's probably best if you leave your purse in the car unless it's clear.

But the peace of mind you get knowing you're in a safe space is worth the minor inconvenience.

The summer programs are always a delight.

History marker of Dothan Opera House
Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

My son took part in Camp Treble and had an absolute blast.

The joy on his little face as he performed for us on that grand stage was priceless.

It was an experience he will treasure for a lifetime.

The performances never disappoint either.

I had the pleasure of seeing Jimmy Vaughan live, and it was such an incredible show.

On another night, I watched Twitty and Lynn perform – the ushers were so helpful in guiding us to our seats, and the show was simply phenomenal.

The Dothan Opera House is more than just a building.

It's a place where memories are made, where music comes to life, and where the community comes together to celebrate art and culture.

Have Bouncy Fun at Xtreme Air Mega Park

Nothing beats the experience of planning a birthday party for your kids without the extra stress, and that's exactly what I got when I chose Xtreme Air Mega Park for my twins' birthday bash.

I opted for one of their party packages, which was surprisingly reasonably priced at $250.

This package was inclusive of the party room, ten free jumpers, and a whopping 2 hours of jump time.

The staff there, especially the girls, were unbelievably helpful.

They went above and beyond to ensure everything was taken care of, leaving me worry-free to enjoy the party.

The kids, on the other hand, had the time of their lives.

They jumped, they laughed, and they played until they wore themselves out.

But the fun at Xtreme Air Mega Park is not just for kids.

It's a great place for all age ranges, offering much more than just trampolines.

I've taken my 3-year-old nephew there and once he started playing, there were no signs of him wanting to leave.

The cherry on the top is their massage chairs.

Imagine sitting back, relaxing, and getting a massage while keeping an eye on your kids.

Play Ball Games at Westgate Recreation Center

Just a short drive from my house, the Westgate Recreation Center has always been my go-to spot for recreational activities.

This place is a hub of energy and excitement, always buzzing with various sports activities and events.

From an indoor pool to volleyball and soccer grounds, this center has a variety of options to choose from.

The best part? It even has a walking trail that I personally adore.

I often jog there in the evening, soaking in the tranquility it offers.

Westgate is not just about sports, it's a community ground where everyone is welcome.

In the summer, it's an absolute delight to visit Water World, a refreshing way to beat the heat.

On weekends, it's a playground filled with families and children playing, laughing, and making the most out of their leisure time.

It's a joy for me to see the space filled with such vibrant energy.

But what makes the Westgate Recreation Center stand out is its inclusive design.

The park is designed in a way to accommodate children with disabilities, a thoughtful consideration that not many other parks provide.

I feel proud to be associated with a community that respects everyone's needs.

The recent updates to the park have only added to its charm, making it more accessible and enjoyable for all.

While it can get a bit crowded during the weekends, I have found weekdays to be the perfect time to visit.

Get Inspired at Wiregrass Museum of Art

Oh, how I relish the moments I spend at our local gem, the Wiregrass Museum of Art.

It's a quintessential spot in our city where creativity and historical charm intertwine, nestled within the walls of a former water and power plant.

Every visit is a new journey of discovery, with rotating exhibits that always introduce me to fresh perspectives and styles.

The museum is a haven for enthusiasts of contemporary art like myself.

It's a constantly evolving canvas, brimming with innovatively curated selections of local art that never fail to stir my soul.

The energy within those walls is palpable, making it the perfect sanctuary for an afternoon sketch or quiet contemplation amidst the works of featured artists.

But Wiregrass Museum of Art is more than just an art museum; it's a testament to the rich artistry in our community, a showcase of the unique works that our talented local artists create.

Even as someone who is a frequent visitor, I'm continually impressed not only by the quality of the exhibits but also by the diversity and depth of talent on display.

While I have noticed that the museum could use a bit of tender loving care here and there, it doesn't detract from the overall experience for me.

If anything, it only adds to the charm.

The slight wear and tear are gentle reminders of the building's history, its transformation from a functional plant into a hub for art and culture.

Stroll Down the World's Smallest City Block

Daytime view of the World's Smallest City Block
An Errant Knight, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever wondered what it's like to wander the world's smallest city block?

Here in Dothan, I do it almost every day.

Let me tell you about this tiny piece of land, a triangular block stuck amidst the crossroads of the city.

It's a quirky spectacle that has become a part of my daily life.

During my morning jog or afternoon stroll, I always pass by this piece of history.

It's nothing extravagant or grand, just a simple triangular patch but it holds its own charm.

Marker of the World's Smallest City Block
An Errant Knight, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The block is so small that with a couple of steps, you're already on the other side.

It doesn't take too long to cross it, but it certainly leaves a lasting impression.

On quieter days, I often stop by for a moment of respite.

The lack of traffic makes it a peaceful spot amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

The world's smallest city block is the perfect spot for a quick pause, a breath of fresh air or even a photo op.

Yes, I have taken many pictures standing here, snapshots of a unique piece of Dothan that I've come to appreciate.

Bond with Your Family at Adventureland Theme Park

I can't believe it's already been a week since our family day out at Adventureland Theme Park.

The park has always been a staple for us, a convenient and fun place to spend the day just a short drive from home.

Our day at Adventureland Theme Park started off at the batting cages, a firm favorite among the kids.

I was surprised to find out you now have to bring your own bat, but luckily we'd packed ours.

We then moved onto the go-carts.

The kids couldn't get enough of them, so much so they chose to go on them twice and missed out on the bumper boats.

They didn't seem to mind though, they were too busy laughing and discussing their races.

After the go-carts, we took a break from the heat and headed to the arcade.

It was like stepping back in time, seeing the kids play ski ball.

It was a much-needed respite from the sun, and the staff was super friendly and helpful.

In the afternoon, we ventured to the mini-golf course.

It was a hit with the kids, but not very stroller-friendly.

We had to take turns looking after the baby who couldn't participate in the mini-golf.

Soak Up Fun at Water World

One of the best ways to beat the Alabama heat is by cooling off at our own Water World.

Trust me, there's nothing like starting the day with a splash in the large wave pool.

The waves are so realistic, you'd think you were at the beach!

For the young ones, they've crafted a kiddie pool that's more like a mini water park.

There are so many activities, it's like a magnet for children of all ages.

Now, if you're one for some adrenaline-pumping fun, the water slides will not disappoint.

They have slides for all stages, from the beginner to the pro.

I must confess, I'm a bit of a thrill-seeker and I can never resist the call of the steepest slide.

But here's what truly sets Water World apart for me: the lifeguards.

They are incredibly well-trained and always vigilant.

It's comforting to know that while we're having fun, they're always on the lookout, ensuring our safety.

When it comes to food, we usually pack our own and make a picnic out of it.

But if we're feeling lazy, we can always grab a bite from the concession stand.

They've got your basic theme park options like pizza and burgers, and the prices are pretty reasonable.

Plus, they'll serve you faster than you can finish your lap around the wave pool!

Now, let's talk about the cabanas.

For a little extra, you can rent one for the day and enjoy a bit of poolside privacy.

It's like having your own private oasis in the middle of all the fun, and in my opinion, worth every penny.

Go Skating at Fun Zone Skate Center

I can't express enough how much joy and good vibes fill me every time I take my children to the Fun Zone Skate Center.

It's one of our favorite local spots to spend a fun-filled afternoon!

They are always super thrilled and I must admit, it brings back memories of my own childhood.

At the center, there's a lot more to do than just skate.

My kids love giving the laser tag a shot, and the bumper cars never stop being a riot!

And of course, no visit is complete without a stop at the arcade.

It's safe to say they have an entirely different experience each time we visit.

I can't help but appreciate the cleanliness of the facilities.

It's not just about having fun; hygiene is equally important and they've got that covered impeccably.

The staff at the center are always cheerful, attentive, and competent, making the visit even more pleasant.

And, the food options on offer cater to every taste bud, which is ideal when you're with a bunch of kids who can be choosy eaters!

Despite the fact that I'm usually not participating in the games, they let me in for free to keep an eye on my little rascals.

Have a Night Out at Dothan City Civic Center

Exterior of Dothan City Civic Center
Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you ever find yourself in the city of Dothan and looking for a place to take in a show or concert, the Dothan City Civic Center might just hit the spot.

It's not every day you come across a 3,100-seat venue in such a small community.

My first time here was for the PURSUIT Men's Conference featuring Rick Burgess from "Rick & Bubba."

Entry was a breeze albeit a little bit like going through a brief maze, but nothing too cumbersome.

The lighting was more than adequate for the event, and while the visiting group brought their own sound system, I'm sure the house system would have done just fine.

I've also been lucky to watch one of the seasonal performances of The Nutcracker at Dothan City Civic Center.

Sculpture in front of Dothan City Civic Center
Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The show was simply magical.

However, I must warn you about the seats.

They aren't the most comfortable especially for larger individuals or for long-duration events.

I found myself more comfortable sitting on the floor during the intermission.

As for the concessions, they have a good selection but do remember there's a $5 minimum for card transactions - something they don't always mention up front.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Journey through History at the U.S. Army Aviation Museum

Exterior of the United States Army Aviation Museum
James Emery from Douglasville, United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every time I cross the threshold into the U.S. Army Aviation Museum, I'm stepping not just into a building, but into a world of legends.

Nestled on Fort Rucker, this place is more than a mere collection of restored aircraft, it's a portal into our nation's history.

What strikes me first is the sheer scale of the exhibits.

The museum is home to a vast collection of military aircraft, with many Army helicopters taking center stage.

Seeing the R66 Comanche helicopter and the Super 68 helicopters up close never fails to stir something deep inside me.

And it's not just the Army's powerhouses that are on show.

One-off prototypes and historical birds also have their place, each with their own stories to tell.

Walking through the museum is like taking a crash course in aviation history.

From the birth of aviation to the present day, the exhibits are a testament to the role of air power in shaping our world.

Helicopter sculpture on the grounds of United States Army Aviation Museum
Alan Wilson , CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The interactive and static displays not only educate but also engage, turning the complex world of aviation into a tangible, accessible experience.

But it's not all about the machines.

U.S. Army Aviation Museum also pays tribute to the heroes of all wars, people whose bravery and sacrifice have been instrumental in shaping our history.

These stories, told through a mix of indoor and outdoor exhibits, add a deeply personal touch to the experience.

To make the most of your visit, plan to spend at least three hours here.

There's so much to see and do that time simply flies by.

And when you need a break, you can take your pick from several restaurants right on the base.

Every time I visit, I find something new, something that adds to my understanding of our history and our place in it.

It's a museum that's much more than a museum, and each visit is not just a trip, but a journey.

Work Your Dog at Eastgate Park

I have to admit, every time I step into Eastgate Park, I feel like I've stumbled upon a mini paradise.

You wouldn't believe the expanse of this place!

It's huge and, to my delight, always impeccably maintained.

With a myriad of covered pavilions, clean restrooms, and enchanting boardwalks meandering along a picturesque creek, it's an oasis in my city.

The park provides something for everyone in the family.

The gleeful shouts of children echo from the playground, blending with the peaceful gurgling of the creek, creating an atmosphere of joy and tranquility.

My kids love this place, and honestly, so do I.

A short distance away, under the shade of an enormous tree, lies a pond with a small shaded area.

It's the perfect spot to sit back and lose yourself in a good book or simply admire the beauty of the surroundings, hidden from the sun's glare.

For all the dog parents out there, you're in luck!

Eastgate is dog-friendly and has a well-defined area for our pooch pals to run free and enjoy themselves.

This place has more to offer than just serene natural beauty.

If you're into fishing, Eastgate Park, found here, has a fishing pond that you'll absolutely love.

It's split into two sections, depending on the size of your dog, and it's expansive, leaving plenty of room for everyone.

Oh, and did I mention there's an archery range and frisbee games too?

And trails that wind around the park, perfect for leisurely walks or morning jogs.

Final Thoughts

There's just so much to enjoy about Dothan, Alabama.

Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, an adrenaline junkie, or an art enthusiast, there's something here for everyone.

The best way to experience the heart and soul of Dothan is by visiting and exploring it all yourself.

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