20 Best Things to Do in Calverton, NY

Calverton, NY

Discover the allure of small-city charm with a visit to Calverton, New York.

Situated in the heart of Long Island, Calverton presents an intriguing mix of tranquil countryside and dynamic community life.

This unique location captivates the hearts of those who venture into its welcoming embrace.

This guide goes beyond the typical, offering insights into local secrets and untold tales.

Embark on a journey through this captivating town and explore the 20 best things to do in Calverton, New York!

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Spend an Afternoon at Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard

People at Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard
littlenySTOCK / Shutterstock.com

One sunny afternoon, I decided to spend some time at Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard, a local gem where the charm of rustic winemaking meets modern convenience.

As soon as I walked in, I noticed the QR codes on the tables for easy access to the food and drink menus - a thoughtful touch streamlining the ordering process.

Eager to explore their selection, I opted for a wine-tasting flight.

It was quite fascinating to hear the employees speak about the wines with such depth and knowledge; they walked me through the different notes and components in each wine, enhancing my appreciation for the vineyard's offerings.

I was particularly impressed by the range of options available beyond the wines - it was heartening to see a vineyard cater to varying preferences.

The wine tent of Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard
littlenySTOCK / Shutterstock.com

While I did not get a chance to try their food on this visit, the menu seemed to offer a variety of choices.

Freshly made pizzas were a popular option among other visitors, and I made a mental note to try it next time.

Perfect weather further added to the charm of the day, and I couldn't resist a quick photo op near the lush vines.

In the evening, the vineyard transformed into a lively venue with live music complementing the buzz of conversations and clinking glasses.

Outdoor chairs and tables of Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard
littlenySTOCK / Shutterstock.com

Experience the Serenity of Peconic River Herb Farm

You wouldn't believe what a gem Peconic River Herb Farm is!

Nestled alongside the tranquil Peconic River in Long Island, this nursery is a plant lover's paradise.

One step onto the property, with its lush greenery and unique plants that you won't find just anywhere, and I promise you'll be spellbound.

It's like stepping into another world filled with the rich aroma of herbs and splendid vistas of nature.

I love to start my visit by grabbing some delicious food from the nearby Wine Country Deli and settling down at one of the picnic tables.

With the serene Peconic River as my backdrop, meal times here are always special.

Post-lunch, I take strolls around the property, captivated by the diverse range of plants.

It's a horticultural wonderland that never fails to leave me in awe.

But that's not all the farm offers.

The delightful gift shop is a treasure trove brimming with unique finds.

I've picked up some beautiful pottery pieces and even a few plants for my home.

And then there's the pond - a perfect spot for contemplation or a charming photo shoot.

Shop at Lori's Originals

Whenever I get the itch to go shopping, I naturally gravitate towards Lori's Originals.

It's like a treasure trove of beautiful and unique items that you can't find anywhere else.

What makes the store even more special, aside from its charming and adorable setup, is Lori herself.

Her welcoming smile and helpful attitude make every visit feel like I'm just popping in to see a friend.

It's clear she puts her heart and soul into her shop.

From the hand-painted items, all done by Lori herself, to the vast array of gifts suitable for anyone and any home - each item is a testament to her creativity and talent.

It's always exciting to see what new pieces she's added to her collection.

I love finding the perfect gift or a delightful addition to my home decor.

And with prices that are so reasonable, it's hard to resist bringing home a piece of Lori's creativity every time I visit.

Wander Around Peconic River Campground

I've always advocated for the great outdoors, and the tranquility I found at the Peconic River Campground is unparalleled.

Being a stone's throw away from Peconic Lake, I've witnessed the beauty of nature firsthand, and there's nothing quite like savoring a morning cup of tea as I watch hawks swooping down to catch fish.

The peacefulness of the campground is a beautiful contrast to the bustling Long Island.

There is traffic noise, but it's part of the experience.

Even the occasional train passing by doesn't seem to disrupt the soothing rhythm of nature.

The symphony of owls and crickets at night is enough to lull anyone to sleep.

One of the aspects I particularly appreciate about the campground is its rustic simplicity.

They provide a fire pit perfect for those chilly nights under the star-studded sky.

There are also porta-potties, which, while not glamorous, serve their purpose and are kept clean.

For the more adventurous, there's an outdoor shower to freshen up in the open air.

Pet owners will be pleased to know that the campground is pet-friendly.

My own dog loves exploring the area and meeting other canine campers.

Just remember to have tick repellents handy for your furry friends.

Make Great Memories at Scott's Pointe

There's no better place to make memories with your family than at Scott's Pointe.

One visit, and you'll understand why it's our personal family favorite.

With its varied attractions, it caters to everyone, from the young ones to the adults.

When we first visited Scott's Pointe's Island Water Park, we were enveloped in a world of fun and excitement.

The place is teeming with activities that can cater to all age groups.

My children wouldn't stop raving about the wild rides and water slides that they braved, while my spouse and I found our haven in the relaxing wave pools and tropical beach setting.

But what sets Scott's Pointe apart is the sense of security it provides.

In a place where kids are running around having the time of their lives, it's easy for parents to worry.

But the attentive and well-trained staff at Scott's Pointe put all our worries at ease.

They ensure every visitor's safety, allowing us parents to partake in the fun without any concerns.

Unwind at Windy Acre Orchard

Ah, the sweet joy of a crisp fall day spent at Windy Acre Orchard, a place that spells out happiness like no other.

Let me tell you, a day at the orchard isn't necessarily a bargain adventure.

The aroma of ripe fruits fills the air as you walk through the orchard, and there’s a certain satisfaction in handpicking your produce.

You can fill your box with anything you pick, as long as it fits, and let me tell you, there's a whole lot to choose from.

The journey to Windy Acre from Queens takes about an hour, but the trip is definitely worth every minute.

The strawberries here are out of this world, succulent and flavorful.

What’s better than a strawberry feast under open skies?

Their freshly baked pies are a must-try.

The aroma of fresh pie crust is enough to make your mouth water, and the taste is just as divine.

And remember, the climate here is always a bit chilly compared to the city, so don't forget to pack a jacket.

While the orchard is teeming with delights for adults, the kids aren't left behind either.

There's a cute play area for them to enjoy, and plenty of photo opportunities for the entire family.

See the Beauty of Lavender By The Bay

You know, there's just something magical about a field of lavender in full bloom.

That's exactly what I felt when I stepped foot on the Lavender By The Bay farm in Calverton.

One must visit the farm at least once in their lifetime, and I assure you, you won't be able to resist returning.

The entry ticket is about 15 bucks, which you can purchase right at the entrance or online.

They have a unique way of managing the crowd - they let people into the fields at a specific time, and you get to spend about 1.5 hours amidst the lavender.

Once the time is up, they gently ask everyone to leave, readying the field for the next group of nature enthusiasts.

Word of advice: don't forget to carry water and slather on some sunscreen.

Spend an Unforgettable Journey at Grumman Memorial Park

The Grumman F-14 Tomcat displayed at Grumman Memorial Park
Dhaluza at en.wikipedia, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I've always been fascinated by the powerful machines that grace our skies.

Living close to Grumman Memorial Park, it's become a frequent destination for my family.

The park is truly a hidden gem - a testament to the brave men and women who have worked relentlessly to support the aviation industry.

As you approach the park, the sight of the polished, finely-tuned aircraft sends shivers down your spine.

Not because of fear but due to the sense of awe and respect that these magnificent machines emanate.

The impeccable attention to detail in each display is truly remarkable, a testament to the dedicated individuals who worked tirelessly to protect our country.

Signage for the aircraft at Grumman Memorial Park
DanTD, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An unforgettable feature of Grumman Memorial Park is the marble tiles.

Each tile is inscribed with the names of those who are being honored, a touch of solemnity that brings a sense of reverence to the site.

The park is not just a place to marvel at aircraft; it's also a solemn ground that commemorates the brave hearts who served our nation.

There's also something for those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground - the park sits next to a bike trail.

It's a serene setting to catch your breath after a day of exploration or just to sit and watch the world pass by.

Long honor roll plaque on the grounds of Grumman Memorial Park
DanTD, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Experience the Thrills at Bootlegger's Run

I've been a regular at Bootlegger's Run at Splish Splash for as long as I can remember.

The exhilarating rollercoaster ride is truly something to talk about.

It's a thrilling ride that makes your heart race and your stomach flip, but the real kicker is the anticipation while waiting in line.

There's something about the scorched summer sun that makes the ride all the more rewarding.

However, I must admit, there are times when the burning sun can be a bit much.

Having more shade for those in line would make the wait a lot more bearable.

But don't let the sun deter you because once you experience the ride itself, you realize it's all worth it.

See Racing Cars at Moto1 Long Island Motorsports Park

Did you ever dream of racing off into the sunset on a quad?

If so, then Moto1 Long Island Motorsports Park is your haven.

Every Saturday, my son and I race our quads down the beautifully maintained track, laughing and cheering as we compete against each other, creating memories that we will cherish forever.

This park is so much more than just a track; it is a close-knit community.

Go Splashing at Splish Splash Water Park

Every summer, without fail, I find myself gearing up for a day of fun and adventure at Splish Splash Water Park.

The anticipation of the thrill as I plunge one of their themed body slides, heart racing, is something I look forward to all year.

Arriving early is a must, ideally a bit before the gates open at 10am.

The queues to the rides can be lengthy, and if you don't want to spend hours waiting in line, make sure to grab the h2go pass.

Trust me, it's worth it.

My day at Splish Splash is always jam-packed, and even with the h2go pass, I rarely manage to get on all the rides, which is a testament to the variety they offer.

The excitement of the rides is always followed by a rumbling stomach.

While the park does have plenty of snack options, I often find it more cost-effective and satisfying to pack a meal from home.

The park allows you in and out with a stamp, so it just makes sense to bring more delicious and affordable food of your own.

What makes me return to Splish Splash year after year is not only the electrifying rides but also the comforting sense of safety and cleanliness.

The staff is always welcoming, the bathrooms are well-maintained, and they have security officers around the park.

Unlike other water parks I've visited, Splish Splash also generously provides tubes and floaties for free, enhancing the overall experience.

Pay a Visit to the Long Island Science Center

Every city holds a hidden gem, an undiscovered treasure for many - and for us in Long Island, that treasure is the Long Island Science Center.

It may appear to be a small venue at first glance, but it's abundantly rich in activities.

The Science Center is a large room filled with different stations, each housing a unique activity.

From drones to VR, these sections beckon children and adults alike to explore the wonders of science.

The aged 8-10 segment of our group, growing weary of the same children's museums, found themselves captivated with these offerings.

The 3D pens and Edison cars were also a hit among the crowd.

Even if you're a little clumsy with the drones, like we were on our first attempt, you'll find the staff to be patient and ever so helpful.

To take a break from all the excitement, you can head outside to the picnic tables, set up with umbrellas - a perfect spot for a small lunch break.

The public restrooms of a nearby mall are easily accessible, so that's one less thing to worry about.

If you want to take home a memento of your enlightening visit, step into the cute gift shop.

The prices here are reasonable and it's a good way to keep supporting the center.

Go Apple-Picking at Lewin Farms Apple Orchard

Oh, how I cherish the autumn season at Lewin Farms!

There's something magical about heading out to the orchard to pick our apples fresh off the tree.

The staff at Lewin Farms are always friendly and welcoming, adding a personal touch to our apple-picking adventures.

Prices are affordable and the parking is plentiful, making the experience a breeze from start to finish.

The children love it, their faces light up when they get to choose and pick their own apples.

Their gala apples are sweet, crisp, and perfect for our homemade apple pies.

I wish they had a larger variety of apples, but the gala apples have always been our family favorite, so we don't mind too much.

The farm is clean and well-maintained, a testament to love and care put into by the Lewin family.

Unleash the Warrior Within You at Cousins Paintball Long Island

Something about the adrenaline rush of dodging paintball bullets and strategizing with your team makes an ordinary weekend extraordinary.

Let me tell you about when I celebrated my little one's 10th birthday at Cousins Paintball Long Island.

It was nothing short of epic!

Need I mention the venue itself? Oh, it's a fun haven!

What started as a small party with a few of my son's friends quickly snowballed into a grand event with over 20 family members, friends, and parents joining the fun.

The sheer joy on my son's face as he declared it his 'best birthday ever' is a memory I'll cherish forever.

The staff, from the phone service to the referees and indoor personnel, was nothing short of excellent.

And guess what? I even dared to play in the rain, and it was indeed an amazing experience!

The rain added an extra element of surprise and excitement to the game, making it even more fun.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Underwater Adventures at Long Island Aquarium

Exterior of Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center
Photograph by Mike Peel (www.mikepeel.net)., CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One sunny afternoon, I found myself at the doorstep of Long Island Aquarium, eager to uncover the mysteries hidden beneath the sea surface.

The place, nestled in the heart of Riverhead, is a treasure trove of interactive exhibits and aquatic experiences.

In the midst of all the excitement, the mesmerizing butterfly exhibit was a showstopper.

A kaleidoscope of colorful butterflies fluttering about, landing on the shrubbery, people, and benches, created a sight that was truly a feast for the eyes.

The aquarium also offered boat rides, shark dives and a chance to feed stingrays - all promising an action-packed day.

See the Tranquil Beauty of Nature at Robert Cushman Murphy County Park

There's no better way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life than immersing oneself in the tranquil beauty of nature.

And, nestled right in our city is the perfect sanctuary - the Robert Cushman Murphy County Park.

This vast expanse of natural beauty, stretching over 2,200 acres, is like a haven tucked away amidst Suffolk County.

As an avid hiker, it's my go-to place whenever I need to connect with nature.

The park offers numerous forested hiking trails that weave through lush greenery, making for a picture-perfect weekend adventure.

One can easily lose oneself in the serenity that surrounds the park while following the famous Paumanok Path, which meanders right through it.

Adding to the allure of this place is its abundant wildlife.

It's amazing how a simple walk in the park can turn into a spontaneous wildlife-spotting activity.

Let's not forget the waters that beckon all boating and fishing enthusiasts.

The calm waves and the gentle breeze offer the perfect setting for some quality me-time or a fun-filled family outing.

Trek the Trails at Calverton Pine Barrens State Forest

There's nothing quite like the tranquility of walking through Calverton Pine Barrens State Forest.

Nestled in the heart of my hometown, this state forest has been my haven for many years.

I've had countless unforgettable experiences here that I can't help but share.

One of my favorite things about the forest is the well-maintained single-track trail.

It's my sanctuary where I unwind after a long week.

The lush greenery, rustling leaves, and the occasional wildlife sighting rejuvenate my senses and clear my mind.

I remember the forest hosted a heartfelt event called Wreaths Across America one winter.

It was a humbling experience to see community members come together to honor and remember our fallen heroes.

The sight of wreaths across the forest made me feel proud of my roots and our community's values.

Interestingly, the forest also doubles as a peaceful resting place.

I once attended a friend's father's funeral here, and the serene environment made the occasion more bearable.

The thought of your loved ones resting in such a peaceful place brings a sort of comfort.

Experience the Tranquility at Calverton Nature Preserve

It's hard to forget the first time I set foot on the trails of the Calverton Nature Preserve, a gem in the heart of the Robert Cushman Murphy County Park.

The well-maintained paths, the quiet rustle of leaves underfoot, and the serene ambiance are just a few of the reasons why it's been a staple part of my routine ever since.

Hidden within the hustle and bustle of the city, stepping into the preserve is like stepping into another world.

Managed by the Nature Conservancy, the preserve is a sanctuary for both the wildlife that inhabit it and for people like me, seeking solace from the cacophony of city life.

Every Sunday, at the crack of dawn, I join the guided hikes organized by Peconic Pathfinders.

It's become a ritual of sorts, a way to reconnect with the earth and to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Each time I embark on these hikes, I discover something new: a bird I hadn't noticed before, a plant blooming with life, or simply a new perspective.

Whenever people ask me where the best place in the city to go for a hike is, I don't hesitate to point them in the direction of the Calverton Nature Preserve.

It's a place where you can escape from the world and find peace amidst the tranquil trails and beautiful scenery.

Sometimes, I venture into the preserve alone, immersing myself in the quiet and peaceful environment.

There's something deeply therapeutic about being alone with nature, breathing in the fresh air and listening to the soft rustling of the leaves.

During these moments, I feel truly connected with the world around me.

The Calverton Nature Preserve isn't just a place to hike - it's a place to find yourself.

Final Thoughts

Living in Calverton, New York, truly offers diverse activities to enjoy.

Whether picking your herbs at the Peconic River Herb Farm, observing the historic aircraft at the Grumman Memorial Park, or engaging in a thrilling paintball match at Cousins Paintball Long Island, there's something for everyone.

Indeed, the charm of Calverton lies not only in its picturesque landscapes and rich history but also in the unique experiences it offers.

There's always something new to discover, learn, and enjoy — and that's what makes life here so fulfilling.

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