16 Best Things to Do in Antigo, WI

Antigo, WI
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Welcome to Antigo, Wisconsin!

Nestled in the heart of the Northwoods, Antigo is a charming city with a rich history.

The city embraces every season, showcasing stunning natural beauty and a welcoming community.

From the changing leaves painting the landscape in fall, to the snow-covered serenity of winter, the vibrant life in spring, and the lush greenery of summer, Antigo offers a constant sense of wonder.

Prepare to explore some of the best things to do in Antigo, Wisconsin!

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Join the Festivities at Langlade County Fairgrounds

View of the Langlade County Fairgrounds
The original uploader was Royalbroil at English Wikipedia., CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

When the summer sun is high in the sky, there's no place I'd rather be than the Langlade County Fairgrounds.

When it comes to memorable events, this venue is second to none.

Just last year, I had the chance to attend the 60th annual Wisconsin Trappers convention here, a tradition that never fails to be enthralling.

The fairgrounds offer ample spots for campers and tents, making it an ideal location for such large-scale events.

One of the features that stand out about Langlade County Fairgrounds is the size and versatility of its buildings.

They're spacious enough to house demos and vendors comfortably, creating a vibrant atmosphere that is always buzzing with excitement.

But it's not just about large events.

The beloved flea market is a routine for my wife and me.

Every year, we set up our stall, eagerly anticipating the familiar hustle and bustle.

It's a wonderful opportunity to mingle with fellow residents and visitors, exchanging stories and selling our wares.

What's more, the city surrounding the fairgrounds has plenty of accommodations, stores, and conveniences nearby.

It's always a pleasure to see the heritage of our community kept alive and thriving in such pleasant spaces.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, Langlade County Fairgrounds has something to offer everyone.

Go Fishing at Theisen Adventures LLC

Ever had one of those days where you just need to drop everything and do something that truly brings joy to your heart?

For me, that's fishing at Theisen Adventures LLC.

The serene environment of the place, coupled with the soothing sounds of the flowing water, is beyond any description.

I've always been a person who adores the tranquility and charm of nature.

And this place gives me exactly that.

It’s not just a place for me.

It’s an emotion, a feeling that rejuvenates my soul.

The adventure starts as you cast your line into the water, and the thrill escalates as you patiently wait for a tug.

The joy of catching a fish is indescribable.

It’s a victory, a testament to your patience and perseverance, and Theisen Adventures ensures you get plenty of those victories.

The feeling of reeling in a fish that's what I live for.

It’s not just the joy of catching the fish but the entire process that makes it so exciting and fulfilling.

Believe me, you will not just walk away with a bucket full of fish but also with a heart full of unforgettable memories.

Safe to say, a fishing trip at Theisen Adventures LLC is always a good time.

Release Your Stress at Escape & Smash It!

Just a stone's throw away from my house, tucked away in the heart of Antigo, is this thrilling haven of fun called Escape & Smash It.

My first visit there with my sister was quite the spectacle.

To say we had a smashing time would be an understatement.

What to break and what to smash with... The choices were endless.

The thrill of the shattering glass was only second to the echoing sound of our laughter.

The staff at Escape & Smash It! did a fantastic job ensuring our safety, providing us with all the appropriate gear and suits.

What's more, they even played a variety of upbeat tunes in the background that made our smashing spree even more enjoyable.

I can't wait for our next visit - it's going to be a regular thing for us now.

It's not just the Smash It room that's a hit in our household.

The Escape Rooms have become a family favorite.

The puzzles posed just the right level of difficulty, a well-balanced mix of tech and traditional locks.

The Game Master was always on top of things, ensuring we had a blast while navigating our way out of the room.

The thrill of the ticking clock and the exhilaration when we finally cracked the code - it's an experience that's hard to put into words.

Hike through Springbrook Trail

You'd be forgiven for not knowing about the Springbrook Trail in Antigo.

It's not exactly marked by bold signs, and the city map isn't quite clear on its location.

But, once you find it, you'll realize it's Antigo's best-kept secret.

Remember that old ballpark on 2nd Ave that's always empty?

Well, right next to it is the beginning of a beautiful plank walkway.

It's as close to a natural habitat as you could get in the heart of Antigo.

Strolling along on a Sunday afternoon, you might just find yourself the sole visitor, sharing the space with the local wildlife.

The cedar waxwings are particularly amusing with their constant flurry of activity.

The walkway leads into a park, a paradise for birdwatchers and plant enthusiasts alike.

I've spotted waterfowl aplenty and even caught sight of some deer grazing nearby.

The plant variety is astounding, too, from flowering shrubs to towering trees, it's a feast for the eyes.

It's a unique sight that adds to the charm of the trail.

Springbrook Trail is the perfect spot to unwind, relax, and simply soak in the natural environment.

Discovering History at the Langlade County Historical Museum

Every once in a while, I find myself drawn to the Langlade County Historical Museum.

No matter how many times I visit, there always seems to be something new to discover.

The museum is packed with exhibits that shed light on the unique history of my hometown and beyond.

I remember taking my children there on a warm summer day.

Their eyes filled with wonder as they perused the various exhibits.

They were particularly fond of the museum, declaring it to be one of their favorite spots in the city.

I always find it gratifying to see them so engaged and eager to learn about our local history.

One of the things that make this museum stand out is the special events they host.

I recall one time when the Antigo Visual Arts held a show.

Visitors were able to peruse the artworks on display, as well as the museum exhibits on two of the three floors.

What sets Langlade County Historical Museum apart from others is the excellent curation.

Each exhibit is expertly organized with labels and provenance notes.

It makes it easy for visitors like me to understand and appreciate the artifacts on display.

The staff is another reason why I love visiting.

They are always attentive, enthusiastic, and armed with a wealth of knowledge about the exhibits.

Their passion for history is truly contagious.

Treat Your Sweet Tooth to Auntie E's Coffee Shop (Sweet Thyme)

As you stroll down the streets of this city, you'll inevitably be pulled in by the irresistible scent of freshly baked goods wafting from a quaint little corner shop.

That's Auntie E's Coffee Shop (Sweet Thyme), and it's my regular haven, a place where I've spent countless hours savoring the best pastries and sipping delightful beverages.

Every time I step inside, I'm welcomed by the friendly staff, who've become like family.

They serve the finest chocolate chip cookies I've ever tasted.

The chocolate chip cookies they serve here?

They're hands down the best ones I've ever tasted, and that's no small claim given my love for cookies.

Should you visit, you absolutely can't miss their scones - they're simply divine.

However if you're not in the mood for pastries, their breakfast menu is quite comprehensive.

I regularly indulge in their amazing sandwiches.

The Pizza Panini is a personal favorite, though the ham and Gouda panini is an equally tantalizing option.

One of the reasons Auntie E's Coffee Shop (Sweet Thyme) holds such a special place in my heart is their friendly and efficient staff.

Always greeting each customer with a smile and ensuring we're all well taken care of, they truly exemplify great service.

And for the little ones or those who prefer a healthier option, their smoothies and refreshers are top-notch.

My kids absolutely adore them, and it’s a great way to sneak in some fruits into their diet!

Have a Night Out at Antigo Palace Twin Theater

Every city has its gem, and for us, it's undoubtedly the historic Antigo Palace Twin Theater.

The vintage ambiance it exudes takes me back to the golden days of theaters.

The smell of fresh popcorn and dimmed lights create a perfect escape from the everyday routine.

I remember the first time I visited the theater; it was unforgettable.

The staff at Antigo Palace Twin Theater are some of the friendliest people you will meet.

They ensure that visitors have a delightful experience from the moment they walk in.

There's something inherently charming about a local theater, especially one steeped in history, that Hollywood multiplexes can never replicate.

The antique architecture resonates with beauty and art that has stood the test of time.

The theater is a popular spot for date nights with its affordable ticket prices.

I recently took my daughter there for her first movie, and she was as captivated by the theater as she was by the film.

She especially appreciated that the bathroom - which was surprisingly clean - is tucked away in the basement, adding another quirky charm to the place.

And the best part is, the popcorn is a perfect 10/10!

Peruse the Offerings of Antigo Farmers Market

Ever since the Antigo Farmers Market came to the city, my Saturdays have become a lot more enjoyable.

It's a charming place packed full of fresh vegetables, delicious homemade bread, and a wealth of other items that make for a delightful shopping experience.

One of my favorite things about Antigo Farmers Market is the sense of community it brings.

I've had conversations with folks that I'd never have met otherwise, from other locals to the farmers themselves.

They're always kind, helpful, and ready to offer you the best of their produce.

It's the perfect place to mingle while getting your weekend grocery shopping done.

On my recent visit, I was taken aback by the remarkable selection of flowers on display.

Their vibrant colors and fragrances filled the air, adding to the overall charm of the market.

But, what really caught my eye were some of the largest vegetables I've ever seen!

It felt like being in a small countryside fair!

However, there has been a noticeable increase in prices lately.

Last week, I saw fresh green beans and peas selling for $5.

00 per pound, a significant jump from the usual rates.

Even the tiny cucumbers were priced at $5.00 per basket.

While I understand that farmers need to make a living, these prices seem a bit steep, especially for regular shoppers like myself.

Despite the recent price surge, there are still some great deals to be found.

The stone bread from Sister Terese, for instance, is worth every penny.

It's baked to perfection and is absolutely divine.

The pleasant conversation that comes along with it is simply the icing on the cake.

So, while Antigo Farmers Market may have had a recent price hike, it's still a delightful place to spend your Saturday morning.

Between the beautiful flowers, the gigantic vegetables, and the delicious baked goods, it's an experience that every local should have.

Delight in a Hearty Dish at bb Jack's Antigo

I've always had a fondness for places that can serve up a good meal along with a comforting ambiance.

bb Jack's Antigo is exactly that.

I remember my first visit, I was immediately taken in by the warm Wisconsin vibe, accentuated by the stunning wood tables and bar.

On a chilly evening, nothing tastes better than their dinner special - spaghetti with meatballs.

The chunky tomatoes and the well-seasoned sauce had me hooked from the first bite.

Two generous meatballs complete this hearty dish.

The meal was fairly priced, and the overall experience was delightful.

But that's not all, their pizza is something to rave about - a must-try for pizza enthusiasts.

The cheese curds are top-notch, too!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, their salad comes in fresh and crisp.

The chicken ranch wrap is another dish I never miss ordering.

The sweet potato fries, thin and perfectly cooked, make for the perfect side dish.

And if you're lucky enough to visit when they have their meatloaf special, you're in for a treat.

The attention to detail in the preparation is impressive, with fresh veggies enhancing the overall taste.

The service at bb Jack's Antigo, I should mention, is always impeccable.

Hop on an Eerie Adventure at Perdition Pines Haunted Event

Ah, the chills and thrills of Perdition Pines Haunted Event!

It's an absolute fun-packed escapade.

The moment you step in, you can feel the energy and enthusiasm of the staff, actors, and volunteers, who are absolutely fantastic at their jobs.

Trust me, they put in a great effort to make the experience as spine-tingling as possible.

I particularly love how the event evolves and gets better every year.

The rates are affordable, which is a bonus.

But what truly sets Perdition Pines Haunted Event apart are the different events they host.

There are special days catered for kids and unique seasonal times like a haunt in December, which is something you don't see every day!

Have a Picnic at Antigo Lake Park

It's hard to put into words the tranquility that seeps into my soul every time I step foot in Antigo Lake Park.

There's something about the lush greenery, well-maintained trails, and the presence of nature that takes me away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Walking around the park is one of my favorite pastimes.

The paths are well-kept, and the views are always a sight for sore eyes.

I love seeing families enjoying picnics and kids playing on the pristine ball diamonds, and sometimes, I even witness people trying their luck at fishing.

The fish may not always bite, but the joyous atmosphere never fails to brighten up my day.

Antigo Lake Park also houses a neat little campground, and for only $20, it provides full hookups.

It's the ideal spot for a small weekend getaway right within the city.

Enjoy a Weekend Retreat at Antigo Lake RV Campground

Ah, the Antigo Lake RV Campground, my weekend haven!

Camping is a passion of mine, and the amenities and location of Antigo Lake RV Campground, nestled in the heart of my hometown, make it an unbeatable choice.

Let me take you through a typical camping weekend in this gem of a place.

I usually start my days early, the chirping birds and serene environment make it impossible to stay in bed.

The asphalt pads are ideal for my RV, providing stable, clean, and well-marked lots.

The full hook-up (water, electricity, sewage) ensures I have all the comforts of home right here.

Being a sports enthusiast, nothing beats the joy of spending a warm afternoon at the baseball parks surrounding the campgrounds.

Sometimes, I take a leisure stroll to the nearby fishing piers.

It's such a joy to sit there, fishing rod in hand, watching the water ripple under the warm sun.

One of the best parts about camping here is that it's just minutes away from downtown.

That means I can still enjoy the pleasure of visiting my favorite local coffee shops and boutiques while being in the great outdoors.

The miles of walking trails in and around the campground provide the perfect balance between urban convenience and the tranquility of nature.

As the day ends, I usually gather around a bonfire, courtesy of the free firewood provided by the campground.

The on-site showers and bathrooms are clean, making it a breeze to freshen up.

The safety and serenity of this place make it a perfect camping spot, not just for me but also for the entire community.

Treat Yourself to the Exquisite Flavors of Swartzendruber Supper Club

One of my favorite haunts in our small city is Swartzendruber Supper Club.

Nestled in the heart of the Northwoods, it offers the kind of charm you only find in places where everyone knows your name.

The minute I walk through the door, I'm greeted by the tantalizing aroma of their fantastic broasted chicken, a specialty dish that's become synonymous with the Swartzendruber name.

It's always a pleasure to see the owner present, watching over things and ensuring that each visit is as delightful as the last.

Their service and cleanliness are always top-notch, and the food is definitely something to write home about.

I particularly enjoy their French Onion Soup and Salad Bar, which I'd say easily outshines those at other supper clubs.

The broasted chicken is certainly the best I've had to date.

Swartzendruber Supper Club also serves up a mean prime rib, which was equally fantastic!

Hit a Strike at Northstar Lanes

There are plenty of bowling alleys, but none quite like Northstar Lanes.

I had the pleasure of experiencing their newly remodeled lanes recently, and let me tell you, the upgrade made a world of difference.

There's so much more space now, making it the perfect venue for events and parties.

Last time we celebrated a birthday party there, the service was exceptional.

Even amidst the lively, buzzing atmosphere, the staff managed to keep the place well-maintained and clean.

Bowling while munching on their surprisingly good food was the cherry on top.

The pizza is just too good to resist, and the pulled pork sandwich?

It’s loaded and absolutely excellent.

Not to mention, the prices are very affordable, making it a great place for a fun, budget-friendly outing.

Also, if you're a fan of wings and salads, you're in for a treat.

Their wings are always perfectly cooked, and their side salad is surprisingly large and fresh, much better than what you might expect at a bowling alley.

Northstar Lanes is a real hidden gem, if you ask me.

And oh, how can I forget their fish tacos and pulled pork?

They are definitely worth trying.

Just be prepared to wait a bit during peak hours or when there are private events.

Despite the occasional wait, the friendly and accommodating wait staff never fails to make up for it.

They might be juggling multiple tasks, but they always manage to serve with a smile.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Cool Down at Dells of the Eau Claire County Park

River flowing through the Eau Claire County Park
Jeremy's N Photography / Shutterstock.com

Every weekend, I find myself drawn back to the enchanting beauty of the Dells of the Eau Claire County Park.

It has quickly become my favorite spot to escape for a bit of hiking and adventure.

The trails wind their way around the park, each one offering a fresh perspective of the natural beauty the park has to offer.

It's particularly fun to scramble over the rocks and get right up close to the fast-flowing falls.

One piece of advice - don't forget to venture south of the bridge and onto the Ice Age Trail.

This part of the park feels like a whole new world with more fantastic trails to explore.

Besides the hiking trails, there are other amenities too.

There are convenient shelters, perfect for a picnic lunch, a beach for those hot summer days, and a playground for the younger adventurers.

Much to the delight of my grandkids, the park is teeming with wildlife.

Boardwalk at Eau Claire County Park
Robert Vandenbeg / Shutterstock.com

We've spotted everything from pollywogs and frogs to turtles, fish, and even crayfish.

The thrill of their squeals as they catch and release these little creatures is just priceless.

If you're brave enough, join the older kids in jumping from the cliff into the rushing water below.

But be sure to come prepared with swimming clothes.

In addition to the daytime fun, the park is a great place to camp.

Whether you're with a large group or looking for something more personal, there are different options for you to choose from.

The group campsite even includes a fire pit, tables, and a bathroom.

The individual campsites at Dells of the Eau Claire County Park are smaller but equally charming, nestled right by the breathtaking river.

A little tip - if you're planning to stay over, make sure to visit the brand-new playground that's only a short walk away.

It's a hit with the kids!

To cap it off, the rocks around the park are a sight to behold.

They appear like petrified wood, making you feel like you've stepped back in time.

Nature trail at Eau Claire County Park
Robert Vandenbeg / Shutterstock.com

Glide through Kettlebowl Ski Area

I've had a healthy love for the great outdoors all my life.

For any newcomer who asks me for a place to visit in our city, the first name that springs to mind is always the Kettlebowl Ski Area.

I remember getting my hiking boots and hitting the ski hill a few months ago.

The euphoria of the climb and the thrill of the descent were exhilarating.

My dogs were in seventh heaven as they chased each other around in the open space.

The next stop on my adventure list is the cross-country ski trails; I've heard they're equally charming for a good walk.

The folks over at Kettlebowl Ski Area are some of the friendliest people you'd ever meet.

Their welcoming smiles and helpful nature make every trip to this place a joy.

The concession stands offer great food and drink at very reasonable prices, and the lift tickets won't burn a hole in your pocket either.

One thing that always catches my eye is how clean the facilities are.

The restrooms are spotless and well-maintained, a sign of the care and attention the staff puts into this place.

The rope tows, though they may not be everyone's cup of tea, are kept in excellent condition.

The recent addition of the equipment rental setup inside the premises is a bonus.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out the wide range of equipment sizes available, particularly for kids.

And it's always nice to see the friendly volunteers that keep the place humming.

Final Thoughts

I've lived in Antigo, Wisconsin, for a good portion of my life, and I still discover new things about this enchanting city every day.

Whether it's the thrill of skiing at Kettlebowl or shopping for fresh produce at the Antigo Farmers Market, there's always something exciting happening.

Don't hesitate to immerse yourself in the rich history of our city at the Langlade County Historical Museum or take a relaxing walk down the Springbrook Trail.

After all these years, I can confidently say - there really is no place like Antigo.

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