15 Small Businesses in Wickenburg, AZ

Small Businesses in Wickenburg, AZ
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Wickenburg is a small and charming town in Arizona's Yavapai and Maricopa counties.

It's home to over 7,500 residents known for their calm demeanor amidst the community's laid-back vibes.

Wickenburg is one of the small cities and towns on the outskirts of Phoenix.

Despite its proximity to Phoenix, Wickenburg impressively maintained its unique identity, which you can see through its history and heritage.

This small town has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a gold mining town from the mid-1800s to the 1940s.

Today, Wickenburg is a growing town full of opportunities, especially for those who want to open a business.

It has a thriving economy relies on tourism, farming, the medical sector, and food.

Here are the small businesses in Wickenburg, Arizona, to learn about this town's local industries.

Bushel and a Peck Floral

Bouquet by Bushel and a Peck Floral

Bushel and a Peck Floral is your one-stop shop for fresh flowers, floral arrangements, and gifts in town.

You can visit this flower shop along W. Wickenburg Way.

This husband-and-wife business reopened this shop from its previous owner of 11 years.

The shop reopened with an appealing and colorful charm that locals love.

Flower centerpiece by Bushel and a Peck Floral

Today, it's one of Wickenburg's most famous flower shops.

It offers customers premium floral arrangements, fresh flowers, and hand-delivered orders.

Regardless of your occasion, they can deliver the flowers and the arrangement on the same day you ordered them.

So, look no further regarding your floral arrangement needs and head to the Bushel and a Peck Floral.

Old Livery Mercantile

A t-shirt for sale at Old Livery Mercantile

The Old Livery Mercantile is a local clothing store known for stylish cowboy and western-style outfits and other apparel.

You can visit its shop along N. Tegner Street.

This family-owned clothing store is one of the best places to grab new apparel.

It has souvenir t-shirts, hats, denim shirts, and other Old West clothing.

Besides its popular products, this store displays polar fleece blankets, rugs, and woven blankets with unique Native American designs.

Cactus antenna for sale at Old Livery Mercantile

Adding fascination to its collection are copper, pewter, and silver wares inside its store which once served as an 1800s stable.

The Old Livery Mercantile has remained one of the most fascinating shops in Wickenburg since 1993.

Remember to drop by this store and enjoy browsing through its nice collection.

Cowboy Cookin'

Cowboy Cookin' is a fine example of an authentic Western-style restaurant and saloon.

You can visit this restaurant along E. Wickenburg Way.

Go to this restaurant if you want an excellent spot to enjoy food and embrace authentic Western and cowboy culture.

It's known for its classic country breakfast meals and lunch items.

It has homemade pancakes, scrambled eggs, omelets, sandwiches, waffles, burgers, salads, and steaks to satisfy your cravings for comfort food.

Although it's a relatively new restaurant, its delicious food has built a loyal customer base.

Besides its delicious menu, Cowboy Cookin' serves refreshing cocktail drinks such as margaritas, wine, and beer.

The Palomino

Burger in The Palomino

The Palomino is a beloved restaurant with a cowboy-themed atmosphere that serves mouthwatering classic comfort food.

You can visit this restaurant along E. Wickenburg Way.

It boasts a lovely patio, full bar, dining room, and a dance floor with live music during weekends.

This restaurant which opened in 2022, is owned by a family known locally for their deep roots in the rodeo scene.

Tacos in The Palomino

They moved to Wickenburg seven years ago to pursue their dream of opening a restaurant.

Today, they own one of Wickenburg's most special places for food and music.

Some of the restaurant's must-tries include cowboy pulled pork nachos, carne asada cowboy fries, smokehouse burgers, California burritos, and premium meat cuts.

After enjoying a meal with your loved ones, head to Palomino's dance floor and enjoy live performances from bands and musicians.

Cocktail in The Palomino


A jacket in Honeypot

Honeypot is a local boutique specializing in hand-made items and clothing.

This shop is situated along W. Wickenburg Way.

It caters to female customers with its wide selection of vintage and trendy clothing.

Its collection offers its customers the trendiest fashion items and some vintage clothing you can mix and match to achieve your desired outfit.

Sunglasses in Honeypot

You can pair your outfit at this shop with its outstanding collection of fashion accessories.

Most importantly, it is affordable since most of its collection comes from upcycled clothing to support ecologically responsible business practices.

So, drop by Honeypot whenever you're itching for some shopping to upgrade your wardrobe.

Button-down shirt in Honeypot

Prickly Perk Coffee Shop

Prickly Perk Coffee Shop is known for its gourmet coffee, smoothies, teas, and baked pastry goods.

You can drop by this coffee shop along W. Wickenburg Way.

Many Wickenburg locals love spending time at this coffee shop to get their daily caffeine fixes.

It also has healthy options such as smoothies and teas.

Besides its usual drinks, this coffee shop also serves freshly baked pastries to pair with its coffee.

It has indoor and outdoor seating with a welcoming atmosphere, making it a recommended place to grab a coffee.

Enjoy delicious pastries such as cookies, croissants, and sandwiches to pair with your preferred drink.

If you're in a hurry, Prickly Perk Coffee Shop has a drive-thru option for added convenience.

Antique & Artisans Emporium

Interior of Antique & Artisans Emporium

Antique & Artisans Emporium is a unique shop filled with various collectibles and artworks from the past and present years.

You can visit this shop along E. Wickenburg Way inside a restored 19th-century hotel.

The store features over 30 antique dealers, artisans, and other vendors who display their unique items up for grabs.

Antique items in Antique & Artisans Emporium

It's a fascinating place to browse antique items such as furniture, artworks, and collectibles dating back to the 1800s and even older.

At the same time, it has lovely artwork from local artisans, which offers customers a more comprehensive selection of quirky novelty items.

If you plan to expand your antique collection or want to buy a painting for your wall décor, the Antiques & Artisans Emporium is the best place to find all these.

Hats in Antique & Artisans Emporium

Danny's Jewelry

Earrings by Danny's Jewelry

Danny's Jewelry is the premier custom-jewelry store in town that has served locals for over 40 years.

You can check out its shop at N. Tegner Street.

This professional jeweler is known throughout town for its top-quality custom jewelry pieces for all occasions.

You can choose from its gallery, which features dozens of gorgeously designed jewelry pieces.

Otherwise, create your design for a more personal touch.

You can choose from rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more from this family-owned jewelry shop's collection.

Danny's Jewelry is a trusted name for locals regarding custom-made jewelry pieces.

Once Around Bookshop

Once Around Bookshop is a charming place to browse different reading materials.

You can visit this bookshop along W. Wickenburg Way.

Whether you're a bookworm or not, this bookshop is home to various quality used books.

It's also having a vast collection of vintage and modern vinyl records and some extra services such as internet and print.

Established in 2013, this bookshop is owned by a confessed diehard book enthusiast.

She opened a place for fellow readers and everyone to find quality reading materials.

Browsing this bookshop lets you explore various quality used books and reading materials.

Some of the books in this bookshop include fiction, literature, history, classics, and children's books.

Drop by Once Around Bookshop and fill your basket with fascinating books.

Flying E Ranch

Horses at Flying E Ranch

The Flying E Ranch is probably Wickenburg's oldest lodging, one of the top choices for visitors to stay in town.

You can visit this bed and breakfast along W. Wickenburg Way.

It's known throughout town for its authentic Western hospitality and rich history.

It's been operating since 1946 through its owner Lee Eyerly who originates from Salem, Oregon.

The owner purchased a 3,000-acre property for the Flying E Ranch, which started as a horse corral before its conversion to a lodge.

It has eight guest rooms with scenic views from the Great Sonoran Desert.

Each room has all the amenities to make your stay there comfortable and convenient.

Besides its cozy lodging, it offers horseback riding and other outdoor activities.

Spurs Café

Exterior of Spurs Café

The Spurs Café is a restaurant known for its excellent food, friendly staff, and Old West-themed dining area.

Like most businesses in town, this restaurant is situated along E. Wickenburg Way.

It's known throughout town for its mouthwatering all-day breakfast menu, which locals love to enjoy at any time of the day.

Dining at this restaurant offers laid-back vintage diner vibes with an Old West-themed, welcoming, cozy interior.

Some of its must-tries are ham and cheese omelet, spicy potatoes, eggs benedict, sausage and cheese sandwich, and plenty more.

If you're a breakfast person, look no further and drive to Spurs Café to enjoy a meal or two.

La Cabana Saloon

La Cabana Saloon is a sports bar serving cold beer and streaming live games in a welcoming and lively atmosphere.

You can visit this sports bar along E. Wickenburg Way.

This sports bar has all you need for a fun time and exciting live sports action.

Besides beer and live sports telecast from its huge televisions.

It also has a billiards table, a dartboard, and other pub games to keep you entertained after watching a game.

In addition, you can pair its cold beer with delicious finger food and short orders such as burgers, fries, sandwiches, and wings.

Watch games at the La Cabana Saloon and treat yourself to a mug of ice-cold beer.

Buttermilk & Honey Bakeshop

Baker of Buttermilk & Honey Bakeshop

The Buttermilk & Honey Bakeshop is a one-of-a-kind bakery/coffee shop.

It serves locals freshly baked treats and freshly-brewed coffee daily.

You can drop by this shop along N. Frontier Road.

This small but charming shop boasts fresh ingredients and organic flavorings using family recipes.

Most of Buttermilk & Honey Bakeshop's baked goodies are made from scratch daily to ensure the quality and taste for everyone.

Coffee lovers are also in for a treat at this shop, as the owners offer an excellent selection of hot and cold brews to pair with their freshly-baked pastries.

Bar S Animal Clinic

A dog in Bar S Animal Clinic

The Bar S Animal Clinic is one of the town's go-to places whenever someone's four-legged companion isn't feeling well.

You can check out this veterinary clinic along W. Industrial Road.

This clinic has operated since 1975, making it one of the trusted veterinaries in town.

Its doctors and staff provide the best veterinary care and compassion to dogs, cats, and horses.

A dog being treated in Bar S Animal Clinic

Some of its specialty services include wellness visits, sick visits, surgeries, and end-of-life care.

Besides its specialty services, the clinic offers pet supplies such as food, treats, vitamins, and medicine.

Don't worry too much when your pets go under the weather in Wickenburg since professional veterinarians are within reach at the Bar S Animal Clinic.

Strēbor: Dirty Sodas and Shaved Ice

Strēbor: Dirty Sodas and Shaved Ice is a locally-owned food truck that serves cold treats in and outside Wickenburg.

You can catch this food truck along W. Wickenburg regularly.

This food truck serves cold treats like famous dirty sodas and chilled soda drinks mixed with your preferred fruit puree or flavor.

At the same time, they also serve flavored shaved ice and some pastries to pair with your cold treats.

It's the perfect food truck to cool down, especially since Wickenburg is in the Sonora Desert.

This family-owned food truck treats locals throughout the area with its refreshing dirty soda with 15 flavors and shaved ice.

When craving cold treats, look for the Strēbor: Dirty Sodas and Shaved Ice food truck.

Final Thoughts

Wickenburg is a flourishing town full of promise and potential.

Its local and small businesses add more life to its growing economy without being entirely dependent on nearby Phoenix.

These small businesses in Wickenburg, Arizona, are shining examples of its growth, giving you more reasons to support them.

Support local businesses in Wickenburg!

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