15 Incredible Small Businesses in St. Simons Island, GA

Small Businesses in St. Simons Island, GA
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Off the Georgia coast is the beautiful St. Simons Island.

It's renowned for its long sandy stretch of beaches, pristine salt marshes, and laid-back vibes.

This small island is a census-designated community with around 15,200 residents.

Historically, this picturesque island was discovered by two Spanish missions and became a battleground during the American Civil War.

They named the island the village of San Simon, which has been carried to the present day.

With its size of 45.34 square kilometers, St. Simons Island is the biggest barrier island in Georgia Coast's Golden Isles.

With its gorgeous beaches, rich history, and amenities, it's a no-brainer that St. Simons Island is a vacation destination in Georgia.

It's a dreamy place to relax and unwind alone or with your family.

Since tourism is one of its major industries, it's also its primary economic driver.

Besides tourism, local and small businesses also thrive on the island specializing in food, retail, services, and hospitality.

Here are a few small businesses in St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Cutie Patooties

Shirt for boys at Cutie Patooties

Cutie Patooties is one of the island's go-to stores for top-notch children's and infant's clothing.

You can visit this clothing shop in Redfern Village.

This clothing shop primarily functions as a children's boutique and is a haven for parents looking for the best outfit for their little ones.

It has a comprehensive collection of branded and affordable clothing and apparel for the little ones.

Dress for girls at Cutie Patooties

It has girls, boys, and baby's apparel and footwear.

You can browse its shop or perhaps check out its official website for a more convenient shopping experience.

Look no further than the Cutie Patooties store to treat your kid to a gorgeous outfit.

The Grey Owl Inn

Exterior of The Grey Owl Inn

The Grey Owl Inn is a cozy place to rest when visiting St. Simons Island.

This inn is situated along Demere Road.

This place is a well-known accommodation mainly for its charming environment, letting you wander through the island's natural attractions.

One of the main reasons people book a stay at the Grey Owl Inn is its fancy amenities, recreation facilities, and breathtaking island views.

It also has a relaxing ambiance, perfect for those yearning to escape stress.

A room in The Grey Owl Inn

Historically, the inn was conveyed by its original owners in 1925.

It was then sold in 1950 to a brand new owner, which became a family home for over five decades.

Eventually, it was converted into what it is today.

It became one of the beloved inns for those visiting the island.

Dining area in The Grey Owl Inn


The Porch is known for its Nashville fried chicken and fresh seafood dishes.

This restaurant is situated along Ocean Boulevard.

It's known throughout the island for its delicious spicy fried chicken cooked and prepared Nashville style.

It also serves southern dishes such as shrimp and catfish, which you can enjoy in its cozy setting with an outdoor seating area.

Like most Nashville fried chickens, you can choose your preferred heat and spiciness level for your order.

In addition, they have plenty of menu items to pair with its extensive selection of fine wines, craft beers, and cocktail drinks.

For entertainment, you can try your skills at its corn hole section or Jenga blocks after a hearty meal.

Since its opening in 2018, Porch has become one of the regular places for locals and visitors in St. Simons Island to enjoy authentic Nashville friend chicken and dishes.

The Half Shell

Fish and chips in The Half Shell

The Half Shell is a casual restaurant serving fresh seafood and classic American comfort food.

This restaurant is situated along Beachview Drive.

One of the reasons people love to dine at this restaurant is for its fresh seafood, cozy dining ambiance, and proximity to some of the island's main attractions.

The restaurant is a few steps from the scenic Neptune Park facing the Saint Simons Sound, Saint Simons Island Pier, and the Saint Simons Island Lighthouse Museum.

Dessert in The Half Shell

This restaurant opened in 2013, boasting a wide array of your favorite comfort food and seafood dishes.

It has fresh oysters, lobsters, crabs, and shrimp cooked and prepared in various dishes.

It has a full bar serving a vast selection of specialty cocktails and drinks.

Bring your loved ones to the Half Shell for a savory experience.

Cocktail in The Half Shell

St. Simons Bait & Tackle

Shirts for sale in St. Simons Bait & Tackle

St. Simons Bait & Tackle is the premier shop for your angling needs at St. Simons Island.

You can drop by this specialty shop along Mallery Street.

This family-owned bait and tackle shop is local anglers' go-to place for fishing supplies.

Since the island is also a famous fishing destination in South Georgia, fishing supplies are always essential.

Fishing hooks for sale in St. Simons Bait & Tackle

Thus, this bait and tackle shop has provided local and visiting anglers with the best supplies.

You can buy various supplies, from gear, baits, rods, and other essentials for fishing trips.

Besides its usual products, St. Simons Bait & Tackle also serves snacks and cold drinks for more convenience to its customers.

Righton Books

Righton Books is a beloved local bookstore on the island.

You can check out this bookstore in Redfern Village.

It's an excellent place for bookworms to discover many reading materials.

These include every day, compelling titles, fiction, non-fiction, and young and educational books.

It also boasts a wide array of hidden gems and highly recommended reads you won't find anywhere else.

This locally-owned bookstore is also a terrific place to buy precious gift items.

It includes a vast collection of stationery papers from around the world.

Righton Books is a one-stop shop for bookworms and curious people who want to expand their imagination through quality reading materials.

Palm Coast Coffee

Food in Palm Coast Coffee

Palm Coast Coffee is a local coffee shop serving beyond your caffeinated drinks.

You can visit this place along Mallery Street.

Unlike your typical coffee shop, this one serves a breakfast and lunch menu, pastries, craft beer, wines, and spirits to its customers seven days a week.

It has a full bar for those who need a shot, while its menu serves your favorite breakfast and lunch meals.

Shrimp dish in Palm Coast Coffee

When craving coffee, it has an excellent selection of your favorite iced and hot caffeinated drinks, which are best paired with its pastries.

Enjoy all these at the coffee shop's dining area and lounge with a lively tropical vibe.

Palm Coast Coffee has served Saint Simons Island locals since 2006, making it a household name in this business.

Bread in Palm Coast Coffee

Island Dog

A dog wearing a collar from Island Dog

Island Dog is the one-stop shop for your four-legged companion's needs and wants.

You can visit this pet shop along Mallery Street in the Pier Village Market.

It's a great place to buy your dog's food supplies, treats, and other essentials.

Dogs playing with a ball from Island Dog

At the same time, it offers your dog a wide array of leashes, collars, clothing, harnesses, and toys.

Most locals prefer to buy their dog's supplies at this shop, while some enroll their dogs in its obedience training camp.

With all these in mind, remember to check out Island Dog with your dog for a fun shopping experience.

Saint Simons Tea Company

Saint Simons Tea Company is a charming small tea shop known for its vast collection of loose-leaf teas.

You can visit this tea shop along Beachview Drive.

Whether you're a tea connoisseur or not, you're guaranteed to have fun selecting its wide array of tea collections worldwide.

You can check out its green tea collection to its exotic and rare tea blends.

These come from different herbs, fruits, and flowers, each with distinct characteristics and flavors.

If you can't wait to try them at home, you can brew and enjoy sipping your favorite tea at this locally-owned tea shop.

Besides its specialties, Saint Simons Tea Company also sells tea accessories to make sure your tea-making experience is fun and convenient.

Fully Involved Tile & Stone

Tile-work by Fully Involved Tile & Stone

Fully Involved Tile & Stone is one of the go-to home improvement companies on the island.

You can drop by its office along Barkentine Court.

This company is a tile contractor operating in Saint Simons Island and neighboring areas.

It's known for its trusted and affordable tile and stone installations, enhancements, repairs, and other related services.

It's also been a proudly locally owned business since 1999, making it one of the trusted names in this service.

Regardless of your preferred stones for your tile flooring or walling, they have whatever you need.

Plus, they have seasoned contractors that will work with you hand-in-hand.

Don't hesitate to contact Fully Involved Tile & Stone for your tile and stone needs.


Fried food at Fiddlers

Fiddlers is a restaurant known for its fresh seafood and catering services.

You can visit this restaurant along Arnold Street.

For locals, this restaurant is one of their go-to caterers for various occasions.

It serves delicious and affordable fresh seafood.

Shrimp at Fiddlers

It includes its signature chowder, shrimp beignets, tuna bowl, seafood platters, and fresh oysters served regularly.

When you're having an upcoming affair at home or your office, they are capable caterers that can bring their most delicious menu items to your table.

Otherwise, you can always head to Fiddlers to treat yourself to delicious food.

Cocktail at Fiddlers

Tabby House

Tabby House is a beloved gift shop in St. Simons Island.

This local gift shop is situated along Frederica Road inside an 1805 historic building from a retreat plantation.

Its loyal customers describe this shop as a small but lovely gift shop with a wide array of novelty and cute items your heart desires.

It's an excellent place for those looking for quirky and unique gift items to bring home from vacationing on St. Simons Island.

It has a great selection of merchandise, including artwork, accessories, home decor, and plenty more hidden gems waiting for you to discover.

Its adorable owner and her staff will gamely wrap your purchases.

Overall, a visit to Tabby House offers you a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Cottage Flowers

Flower centerpiece by Cottage Flowers

Cottage Flowers is a flower shop and floral design studio known for its excellent bouquets for different occasions.

You can visit this shop along Ocean Boulevard.

Its floral design studio caters to special occasions, from weddings, birthdays, proposals, and graduations to sympathies and funerals.

Bouquet by Cottage Flowers

Its owner is a seasoned floral arranger who has worked in this industry for over two decades.

Of course, like most top-notch flower shops, Cottage Flowers works with its customers hand-in-hand to curate the most unique and beautiful floral arrangements for various occasions.

Bright flowers at Cottage Flowers

Gnat's Landing

Food in Gnat's Landing

Gnat's Landing is an easy-going watering hole serving fresh seafood and sandwiches.

You can check out this bar at Redfern Village.

What makes this bar a must-visit place is its seafood platters, perfect for its wide array of alcoholic drinks.

Plus, it serves sandwiches and other short orders in its welcoming and laidback atmosphere.

People eating at Gnat's Landing

Its owner opened the bar in 1999 for tourists on the island to enjoy a relaxing and friendly place.

Unfortunately, its original owner passed away in 2013.

However, its new owner, a family, successfully continued the business, which remains strong today.

So, remember to spend your happy hour or evening at Gnat's Landing to enjoy drinks, excellent food, and great company.

Tate Sam Interiors

Tate Sam Interiors is a beautiful place to check out antique pieces in pristine condition.

You can visit this antique shop along Frederica Road.

Whether you're an avid antique collector or a historian, this shop is a fantastic place to browse for rare vintage items.

It has 17th, 18th, and 19th-century items you can buy to expand your collection back at home.

It has centuries-old artwork, silverware, home decor, furniture pieces, and sculptures in excellent condition.

Drop by Tate Sam Interiors to check out its impressive antique collection.

Final Thoughts

These small businesses go above and beyond for their customers, making them prime examples for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Most importantly, these small businesses help the island's economy thrive by providing jobs to locals and generating income.

Remember to support the small businesses in St. Simons Island, Georgia.

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