15 Best Small Businesses in Germantown, MD

Small Businesses in Germantown, MD
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Germantown, Maryland, is known for the state's third-largest population with diverse nationalities.

This suburban community in Montgomery County is located just outside the nation's capital, Washington, D.C.

Germantown is home to over 89,529 people within its 44.35-square-kilometer area.

It has a thriving economy full of opportunities for individuals and families.

It has a decent public school system and a safe community, making it an ideal place for families to settle down.

Besides, Germantown contains six smaller villages with shopping centers, entertainment, restaurants, and more.

Visiting Germantown can be as convenient as you want since it abounds with all sorts of businesses.

In addition, it has plenty of commuting options heading to Washington D.C. and other places throughout Montgomery County.

Here is a curated list of the small businesses in Germantown, Maryland.

Mamma Lena Pizza

Seafood pizza from Mamma Lena Pizza

Mamma Lena Pizza is a charming family-owned pizzeria and Italian restaurant.

You can visit this restaurant along Clopper Road.

This restaurant is renowned for its gourmet-style Italian dishes, created from freshly-sourced ingredients, spices, herbs, sauces, cheeses, and meats, with some imported straight from Italy.

Its must-tries include New York-style pizza, meat lovers, Bianca pizza, pizza Margherita, and a wide array of salads, calzones, subs, pasta, and desserts.

You can enjoy all these mouthwatering Italian dishes in its homey dining area, reminiscent of a classic Italian restaurant.

To summarize, Mamma Lena Pizza is a one-stop shop for all the Italian dishes you want to munch on.

Reserve a table at this Germantown local favorite for a delicious experience.

Redwall Castle

Redwall Castle is a cozy and elegant place to stay during your visit to Germantown.

This unique and Medieval-style lodging and historical attraction is on Richter Farm Road.

This castle, constructed in the 1930s, is known throughout Montgomery County for its unique castle-inspired design.

It is available as an AirBnB and Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO).

In addition, everyone can also rent this place for various events and functions.

Most people who stay at this place always leave a five-star rating for its top-notch amenities, services, and ambiance.

It has five bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and other amenities to make your stay comfortable.

Besides its excellent lodging, Redwall Castle is a beautiful historical attraction.

You can also tour its other sections, such as the carriage house and its six-acre property with gorgeous landscape.

Picca Polo a la Brasa

Exterior of Picca Polo a la Brasa

Picca Polo a la Brasa is a local favorite known for its authentic Peruvian cuisine.

You can dine at this Peruvian restaurant along Middlebrook Road.

This artsy counter-serve restaurant boasts unique and authentic Peruvian dishes.

It has the famous raw seafood salad called ceviche and Peruvian roast chicken.

Amazingly, it has served locals for many years.

Behind its success are its owners, Phil G. and Phil E. Sardelis, who shared their love of Peruvian dishes with Germantown locals.

When dining at this place, remember to order its fresh seafood ceviche or layered potato dish called Causa Rellena.

Then, add some protein to your meal with its Anticuchos de Corazon or beef heart skewers.

You can also try the Peruvian Sirloin called Lomo Saltado.

Reserve a table at the Picca Polo a La Brasa to treat your taste buds with unique dishes.

Otto Home Improvement LLC

Otto Home Improvement LLC is a local home and building remodeler which has been in service for many years.

You can visit its office along Locustdale Terrace.

This home improvement company specializes in woodworking, handyperson service, interior painting, and remodeling.

Many locals recommend its professionals for home improvements in carpentry, flooring, and other repairs.

Upgrade your patio or curbside, unclog your sink, or patch a leak on your roof!

Just reach out to Otto Home Improvement LLC for quality home improvement professionals.

India Palace Bar & Tandoor

Interior of India Palace Bar & Tandoor

India Palace Bar & Tandoor is a cozy and mouthwatering restaurant that serves authentic Indian cuisine.

This restaurant is situated along Frederick Road.

Germantown locals always satisfy their Indian food cravings at this restaurant which its different menu items.

It has a lunch buffet, a dinner menu, and ala carte options.

Its must-tries include tomato soup, lentil soup, chicken tikka, buttered-spicy chicken, butter chicken, and Kadai Paneer.

Besides authentic and freshly cooked Indian dishes, it serves various cocktail drinks at its full bar.

On top of that, you can hire its catering services for your various occasions, be it birthdays, weddings, and other affairs.

Check out India Palace Bar & Tandoor and treat yourself or your loved ones to its signature dishes.

Anna's Deli Plus

Anna's Deli Plus is the one-stop shop for essentials and anything in between.

You can visit this shop along Middlebrook Road.

It's a family-owned convenience store known for its wide selection of fine wines, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages.

Besides that, this shop has all the snacks you need to pair with your preferred beverage.

Of course, you can grab your needed groceries from canned meats, frozen treats, and other essentials at Anna's Deli Plus.

Drop by this shop whenever you're thirsty to pour a glass of wine or open a beer.

Agape Flowers & Gifts

Red roses from Agape Flowers & Gifts

Look no further for gorgeous bouquets to give your special someone since Agape Flowers & Gifts has it all for you.

Drop by this flower shop at Suite 600 along Milestone Center Drive.

This locally owned flower shop is renowned for its wonderfully designed floral arrangements to celebrate your life's precious moments.

Depending on the occasion, it offers pick-up and delivery services to those who order flower bouquets and other floral arrangements through its seasoned florists.

Overall, it's the perfect place to order a bouquet or perhaps decorate an entire venue for an event with freshly picked flowers.

From birthdays to romantic dates, graduations, weddings, corporate events, and funerals, Agape Flowers & Gifts has all the elegant and beautiful floral arrangements.

Lapp's Furniture

Lapp's Furniture has produced top-notch furniture items for over two decades.

This furniture store is in the Germantown Lancaster County Dutch Market location along Wisteria Drive.

It boasts elegantly crafted furniture items from its in-house artisans.

They are renowned throughout Montgomery County and other neighboring counties in Maryland and Pennsylvania for their well-crafted furniture pieces.

Fascinatingly, they accept made-to-order furniture sets to add more brilliance to your home's interior.

Their furniture is manufactured with solid wood, with a country-style inspired design, at an affordable price.

Drop by Lapp's Furniture to check out its excellent selection of wood furniture pieces.


Cameron's Seafood

If you're craving delicious seafood, head to Cameron's Seafood along Frederick Road.

This easygoing streetside food truck is famous for its assortment of freshly cooked seafood.

Many locals line up at this food truck to order its famous menu items.

It's known for its Maryland Blue crab cakes, jumbo crabs, prawns, salmons, oysters, and other types of seafood prepared in various dishes.

It has clam chowder, fish & chips, shrimp cocktails, and the all-time favorite seafood boil of shrimps and crabs prepared ideally using their secret seasoning blend.

Head to Cameron's Seafood when craving delectable seafood dishes, food truck style.


A dress from Bibire

You don't need to leave Germantown to shop for affordable and neatly designed clothing since Bibire has all the fashionable attire you want.

This local clothing company is situated along Othello Terrace.

Bibire, a locally owned clothing company established in 2010, designs and promotes "Afropolitan" fashion.

It mainly caters to those with inner confidence and an outgoing attitude toward their fashion style.

Its in-house designers are experts in producing simple yet highly fashionable clothing inspired by African culture.

It has dresses, coats, pants, shirts, jackets, skirts, and other apparel to upgrade your wardrobe back at home.

Head to Bibire for quality apparel whenever you want to look stunning.

The Shisha Lounge

The Shisha Lounge is an excellent place to spend your night with friends and enjoy drinks paired with hookah shisha.

You can find this local nightclub along Wisteria Drive.

Many locals love hanging out, listening to good music, and smoking hookah shisha at this local nightclub.

For those unfamiliar with hooka shisha, it's a type of flavored tobacco smoked using a device.

Most of the time, the smoke is filtered through a glass water basin before you can inhale it.

Enjoy this club with great music and vibes.

Don't miss this one-of-a-kind experience at Shisha Lounge with your friends and enjoy a night with locals.

Pack Place K9

A dog being trained at Pack Place K9

Pack Place K9 has a broad set of pet services for your pup.

You can visit its office at Level Suite M in Wister Drive Lower.

If your pup needs grooming, this company is known for its affordable, safe, and excellent pet grooming service.

At the same time, it has a fascinating pet health club where you can bring your dog for some physical and mentally stimulating activities to keep them in tip-top shape.

It has an 8,000-square-foot climate-controlled facility with a grooming section, day camp, boarding section, training course, etc.

Your pup will have a blast with its top-notch grooming services, fun-filled day camp, and fellow dogs.

Drop by Pack Place K9 to give your pup quality pampering and training.

Beer on TAPz

Quench your thirst at Beer on TAPz, a local brewery that serves craft beer on tap.

This place is situated along Waters Road Unit 2.

It's best known for its 20 beers and eight wines on tap from both sides of the bar.

Spending your happy hour or evening at this bar lets you enjoy its famous beer on tap and its wide selection of wines.

In addition, it has a cozy interior with a sports bar theme, making it a perfect place to watch your favorite games.

It also serves beer-match food, which you can pair with its ice-cold beer or glass of wine.

Besides its famous beer on tap and wine selection, you can tour Beer on TAPz's microbrewery to see how the owners make their craft beer.

Esh Produce

Fruits from Esh Produce

Nothing compares to a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits on your table.

Resupply your home with locally sourced fresh produce at Esh Produce.

You can visit this store in the Lancaster County Dutch Market.

It's one of the vendors in the Dutch Market, which primarily sells farm-to-table products, particularly vegetables and fruits.

Amazingly, you can enjoy this fresh produce on the spot since they offer ready-to-eat salads and fruit platters.

Besides its fresh produce, it has preserved honey, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, and plenty more.

Whenever you're craving fresh fruits and vegetables, don't hesitate to drop by Esh Produce.

Century Auto Service

Those looking for a place to get their cars fixed can head to Century Auto Service.

This auto repair shop is situated along Aircraft Drive.

It has professional mechanics who check and fix even the slightest dent in your precious car.

At the same time, they also offer other car-related services for added convenience.

In addition, it has a fully operational mechanic bay and repair area, equipped with all the tools to fix your car.

Whenever your car conks out, bring it to Century Auto Service and let its mechanics work their magic.

Final Thoughts

Germantown has everything from farm-to-table products to diverse restaurants, shops, and services.

Whether you're going there temporarily or calling it your permanent home, Germantown is an excellent place to stay.

Satisfy your needs with the small businesses in Germantown, Maryland.

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