15 Best Small Businesses in Binghamton, NY

Small Businesses in Binghamton, NY
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Binghamton, New York, is the home of a long-running zoo and is the world's "Carousel Capital."

However, Binghamton is known for many other things.

This small city is four hours northwest of New York City and two hours south of Syracuse, New York.

It is also known for its jolly locals, unique traditions, and festivals.

From a tourist's perspective, Binghamton is an exciting place to explore.

On the opposite side, this small city in New York's upstate area has plenty of business opportunities, especially for small-time entrepreneurs.

Historically, Binghamton and its neighboring cities and towns have a rich industrial past.

Many factories once produced shoes, lumbers, and cigars, among others.

As the years passed, this region became home to several defense and technology firms.

Binghamton continues to grow, so its locally-owned businesses provide locals with essentials and specialized and unique products and services.

Here's a list of small businesses in Binghamton, New York.

Mabel D' Orr

Storefront of Mabel D' Orr

Mabel D' Orr is a charming resale boutique that offers new clothing and apparel.

You can visit this shop along Washington Street or Binghamton's downtown shopping district.

This shop technically carries clothing and accessories in all styles and sizes for men and women.

You can choose from its wide selection of clothing, from contemporary to vintage fashion.

Many locals love to browse this shop's rare finds, such as Carsisle, Oscar de la Renta, Yves Saint Laurent, Banana Republic, and many more top-notch brands.

This shop opened in 2013 and sold local artists' handcrafted jewelry and paintings.

Its owner is a second-generation fashionista who inherited her grandmother's passion for clothing.

Today, she continues to provide locals with a great selection of fashion items.

So, drop by Mabel D' Orr whenever you want to upgrade or expand your wardrobe.

Strange Brew Café

Strange Brew Café is a locally-owned coffee shop known for its freshly-brewed coffee drinks and breakfast menu.

You can visit this coffee shop along Washington Street.

Hungry locals love to drop by this coffee shop to grab their favorite coffee drink and fill their tummies with delicious breakfast items.

It serves freshly baked bread and pastries.

At the same time, its menu has salads, soups, sandwiches, and mac & cheese to satisfy everyone's cravings.

This coffee shop which started operating in 2016, has become a regular place for many in Binghamton to drink coffee, eat, and unwind.

Check out Strange Brew Café for some delicious food experiences.

The Goldsmith

Gift card at The Goldsmith

The Goldsmith is a beloved jewelry store operating for over 40 years.

You can visit this jewelry store at the Kilmer Building on Lewis Street.

This jewelry store has been a local favorite for years regarding fine and exquisite jewelry.

Now under new ownership, this store has reimagined itself for better service and products to everyone.

A custom ring by The Goldsmith

Its new ownership expanded its inventory.

It now includes high-end fashion accessories and chic clothing for its customers to choose from whenever they visit the store.

In addition to jewelry and fashion items, it also offers housewares carefully selected from renowned artists from other countries.

So, if you're searching for brand-new necklaces, earrings, or clothes, head to Goldsmith and browse its splendid collection.

Necklace by The Goldsmith

Pho Nomenal

Pho Nomenal is a Vietnamese restaurant serving authentic comfort food.

You can visit this restaurant along Hawley Street.

This restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese dishes such as your favorite pho, bahn mi, spring rolls, and more.

It has high-top tables and chairs with a rustic industrial interior, giving diners a cozy yet lively atmosphere.

Many locals love to grab their lunch or dinner at this restaurant.

Meanwhile, most go there to satisfy their cravings for Vietnamese food.

Besides your favorite Vietnamese dishes, this restaurant also serves fusion dishes to excite its delicious menu.

With all that in mind, check out Pho Nomenal to taste authentic Vietnamese food.

Social On State

Food at Social On State

Social On State is Binghamton's first tapas restaurant and is highly recommended for its small plates and cocktail drinks.

Check out this restaurant along State Street in Binghamton's downtown area.

Unlike your typical restaurants with a cozy atmosphere, this one has a lively speakeasy environment that is unique to experience.

It serves mouthwatering fusion dishes and creative small plates meant for sharing.

Salad and wine at Social On State

These are perfect to be paired with its craft beers on tap, cocktail drinks, and other specialties.

Instead of your average entrée and appetizer courses, its tapas dishes are made to order and served to your table throughout your time at this restaurant.

After it opened in 2014, many locals and visitors turned this place into a regular meeting spot for excellent food and drinks.

Reserve a table at the Social on State for a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

A cocktail at Social On State

Comfort Inn Binghamton I-81

Comfort Inn Binghamton I-81 is a locally operated bed and breakfast.

It's situated along Upper Front Street.

Conveniently, it's within walking distance from Binghamton's famous attractions, such as Ross Park, NYSEG Stadium, Veteran's Memorial Arena, and Binghamton Zoo.

This inn is probably one of Binghamton's longest-operating bed and breakfasts, welcoming visitors since 1939.

It was initially constructed as the "Days Inn."

Still, it was changed to Comfort Inn Binghamton in 2006, with the same local ownership.

Besides its historical significance, the Comfort Inn Binghamton I-81 offers excellent amenities.

It includes access to its outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, fitness center, and access to its meeting space, and business center.

Also, guests are served a morning breakfast, making their stay extra convenient.

So, look no further in Binghamton for a comfortable place to stay.

Riot Act

Interior of Riot Act

Riot Act Bookstore is a one-stop shop for books and magazines related to society and politics.

You can visit this unique bookstore along Main Street.

Unlike other bookstores, this one is run by community volunteers.

These volunteers aim to provide affordable and relevant reading materials to inspire positive change.

Most of the reading materials at this bookstore have something to do with equality, injustice, and other relevant social issues for awareness and learning.

Besides selling books, it also organizes community events for local activism.

Riot Act is the perfect place if you believe in raising awareness of various societal issues that must be addressed.

Joe's Garage

Joe's Garage is a general automotive repair service.

Its shop is situated along Robinson Street.

It specializes in car repairs from minor to extensive works and has served Binghamton's locals since 2001.

This shop, one of the longest-running repair shops in the city, has an expanded service besides repairs.

It includes 24-hour towing and roadside assistance, vehicle checkups, oil change, minor detailing, etc.

The shop has in-house mechanics that guarantee your car will be fixed in no time at a fair price.

Remember to bring your car to Joe's Garage for much-deserved repairs when it doesn't work correctly after a short drive.


Bagels at Nezuntoz

Nezuntoz is one of the coffee shops locals frequently visit.

You can visit this coffee shop along Pennsylvania Avenue.

This coffee shop was named after the famous nursery rhyme, "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes."

The owners, who have German and Swiss descent, borrowed a phrase from that nursery rhyme to name their coffee shop.

Sandwiches at Nezuntoz

Today, this coffee shop is one of the go-to places for Binghamton locals to grab their daily caffeine fix.

Its coffee is best paired with delicious sandwiches, wraps, homemade salads, soups, and pastries.

It has a welcoming and cozy café setup where you can enjoy a cup of your favorite espresso and Nezuntoz's favorite treats.

Amimonami Cleaning Services

Amimonami Cleaning Services is a trusted all-in-one home and office cleaning service in Broome County.

This cleaning service company based in Binghamton offers cleaning services.

It includes deep cleaning, move-out/move-in, one-time, post-event, maid, fridge, and recurring home cleaning services.

Its owner is a confessed germophobe obsessed with cleaning and organizing things.

They're the people you need when you're too busy to get rid of the stuff you don't need in your office or home.

Plus, they have cleaning professionals who can spot even the tiniest spots that need cleaning.

Contact Amimonami Cleaning Services to clean your home.

Barton and Lyles

Interior of Barton and Lyles

The locally owned Barton and Lyles is a furniture expert.

This furniture dealership is along Upper Front Street in North Gate Plaza.

They offer a wide array of mid-century furniture pieces, which you can add to your collection or use to upgrade your home interior.

Dining chairs in Barton and Lyles

Its owners promise their products are genuine vintage pieces, including couches, wall units, coffee tables, chairs, bullet planters, art glass, glass wares, and lamps.

Hidden gems are displayed at this furniture store, making your shopping experience more exciting.

Drop by Barton and Lyles and check out their excellent vintage furniture collection.

Chairs at Barton and Lyles

Lost Dog Café & Lounge

Lost Dog Cafe & Lounge is a restaurant known for its upbeat speakeasy environment that serves delicious food all day.

You can visit this restaurant along Water Street.

It originally opened in an old garage in 1994 along Main Street.

It eventually became a haven for Binghamton University students to grab meals.

Meanwhile, others loved this spot whenever they skipped classes until more customers came in.

The owner decided to transfer it to Water Street in 1997.

Today, this restaurant is famous for its fusion dishes such as the Rigatoni a la vodka, Greek chicken, beef short ribs, Caesar salad, and plenty more.

It serves lunch and dinner and also offers delicious desserts and coffee.

Lost Dog Cafe & Lounge's popularity among Binghamton's locals and visitors is reflected by its delicious menu and commitment to providing excellent service.

Livingston's Animal Kingdom

Dog treats in Livingston's Animal Kingdom

Livingston's Animal Kingdom is an excellent place for pet supplies.

You can check out this pet supply store along W. State Street.

Unlike your typical pet supply stores that only offer dog and cat essentials, this one goes beyond the ordinary.

It has pet supplies for reptiles, aquatic pets, and other small animals, whether food, nutrition, or other items.

It has an expansive inventory of pet essentials in its welcoming store, serving Binghamton locals since 1997.

Whether you have a pet lizard, hamster, bird, or fish, Livingston's Animal Kingdom got you covered.

Gennarelli's Flower Shop

Gennarelli's Flower Shop is one of Binghamton's best places to grab the freshest and most gorgeous flowers.

You can visit this flower shop along Court Street.

It mainly features a wide selection of flowers used for flower arrangements for various occasions.

This family-owned flower shop has the finest florists for floral arrangements willing to go the extra mile for the best service.

Besides excellent floral arrangements, they do same-day door-to-door delivery service throughout Binghamton.

Contact Gennarelli's Flower Shop whenever you want to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings.

Mr. Joe's Roof Cleaning and Home Improvements

Porch renovation by Mr. Joe's Roof Cleaning and Home Improvements

Mr. Joe's Roof Cleaning and Home Improvements is a trusted home improvement company based in Binghamton and operating throughout Broome County.

You can visit its office along Homer Street.

This locally owned business is known for its professional work in roof cleaning and interior and exterior remodeling services.

It also offers numerous installation services for custom tile works and siding.

With years of experience, its professional contractors guarantee flawless work with their roofing and other services.

Contact Mr. Joe's Roof Cleaning and Home Improvements for Binghamton's best roof cleaning services.

Final Thoughts

These businesses may be small, but their commitment and service to everyone deserve recognition and should inspire future entrepreneurs.

They continue to cater to the evolving demand of Binghamton's local consumers.

Support the small businesses in Binghamton, New York!

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