15 Small Businesses in Apache Junction, AZ

Small Businesses in Apache Junction, AZ
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Apache Junction is a pocket city between Maricopa and Pinal counties in Arizona.

This city was formerly known as Youngberg.

Its new name came from the famous Apache Trail and the Old West Highway.

The city opened the junction in 1922 as a public scenic pathway and a historical landmark, eventually becoming a popular tourist destination.

Despite its size, Apache Junction is a popular tourist destination.

It boasts a gorgeous mountain range in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.

This city is 37 minutes east of the central city of Phoenix.

Apache Junction's thriving community relies on its tourism industry and other aspects, such as small businesses.

These businesses provide locals with their needs without traveling to Phoenix.

If you're curious about this small Arizona city's business scene, read this list of small businesses in Apache Junction, Arizona.

Beautiful Bow Wow Mobile Dog Grooming

A dog giving a high-five at Beautiful Bow Wow Mobile Dog Grooming

Beautiful Bow Wow Mobile Dog Grooming is one of the trusted pet services in the city.

This grooming service roams through the city with its mobile grooming facility on a trailer.

However, check out its grooming facility along W. Superstition Boulevard.

A happy dog in Beautiful Bow Wow Mobile Dog Grooming

This pet service specializes in grooming and pet care and has served Apache Junction locals since 2016.

You're guaranteed that your four-legged pets are in good hands since the owner is a certified dog lover.

Contact the Beautiful Bow Wow Mobile Dog Grooming for your dog's grooming needs.

Hitching Post Saloon

Hitching Post Saloon is a restaurant and an easy-going pub known for its mouthwatering pizzas, live country music, and other exciting offerings.

You can drop by this restaurant along N. Apache Trail.

Locals love to eat and have fun at this restaurant for its wholesome environment and fantastic food, especially its proudly made-from-scratch pizzas.

At the same time, locals love to order its broasted chicken wings and a wide array of other American comfort food.

Some of its must-tries include the Hitching Post Special Pizza, bacon cheddar cheeseburger pizza, cactus pizza, and South of the Border taco pizza.

While enjoying your food, you're guaranteed to get entertained by its live bands regularly performing country music.

Also, the restaurant has a mechanical bull ride for those who want an exhilarating experience.

So, whenever your stomach growls, head to Hitching Post Saloon for great food and entertainment.

Coffee Cantina Bakery

Coffee Cantina Bakery is a mini coffee shop and bakery loved by locals and tourists in Apache Junction.

You can visit this place along N. Mammoth Mine Road.

This coffee shop/bakery was inspired by the owner's extra service from its Apache Trail tour services by offering guests some snacks and refreshments.

This led to them opening their coffee shop/bakery from simple snacks.

They now serve over 500 iced and hot drink options.

They also serve a delicious selection of baked pastries and cakes to pair with its coffee and tea drink selections.

So, head to the Coffee Cantina Bakery to treat yourself to some coffee and delicious pastries.

Meanwhile... Ranch

Exterior of Meanwhile... Ranch

Meanwhile... Ranch is a bed and breakfast with a rich history.

You can visit this place along E. Teepee Street.

The Bishop family constructed this ranch in the 1950s as a homestead and a guest ranch site.

The ranch is adjacent to the Tonto National Forest, and from a distance is the Superstition Mountains, giving guests a taste of nature.

The homestead was converted into a bed and breakfast in the 1970s.

It eventually became a household name for lodging in Apache Junction.

Staying at this place doesn't just let you connect with nature.

It also offers guests cozy and convenient amenities such as televisions, clean rooms, air-conditioning, and other features to ensure a comfortable stay.

Also, Meanwhile... Ranch offers guests fun outdoor activities such as touring the Tonto National Forest through hikes and some historical tours.

Lucky Strikes Bar

Lucky Strikes Bar is an easy-going watering hole known for entertaining live music and karaoke nights.

This bar is situated along Apache Trail.

Locals love to spend their evenings or happy hours at this bar for its fun features.

It has pool tables, karaoke, live music, and televisions streaming live games.

It has a wide array of drinks, from beer to cocktails, wines, and other alcoholic beverages that are reasonably priced.

The bar is usually packed with patrons on Friday nights, where live music and karaoke are the main attractions.

For a cold bottle of beer and some entertainment to pass the time, head to Lucky Strikes Bar.

Momo no Hana

Momo no Hana is the only Japanese restaurant in the city.

It's situated at Unit 27 along Apache Trail.

Locals don't need to drive to Phoenix to taste authentic Japanese food since this restaurant is renowned for its mouthwatering ramen, sushi, and sashimi dishes.

Despite being located in the far corner of an open-air mall, this restaurant is always packed with customers who can't get enough of its authentic Japanese dishes.

Many of its loyal customers consider this restaurant a hidden gem.

Some of Momo no Hana's must-tries include okonomiyaki, pork tonkatsu, vegetable tempura, shrimp tempura, chicken curry rice bowl, and fresh sushi and sashimi with generous servings.

Apache Junction Flowers

Flower on a vase by Apache Junction Flowers

Apache Junction Flowers is one of the longest-operating flower shops in the city.

You can check out its shop along S. Idaho Road Unit 101.

This flower shop has served Apache Junction locals since 1974 with unparalleled service and quality products.

The shop owner's florist takes pride in her excellent floral arrangements for all occasions.

This flower shop offers over 120 flowers you can buy on-site or from its website.

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, thanksgiving, sympathy, or funeral, Apache Junction Flowers got you covered.

Roses on a basket by Apache Junction Flowers

The Cactus Shoppe

The Cactus Shoppe is a quirky gift shop full of exciting stuff and souvenirs.

You can visit this shop along N. Mammoth Mine Road.

Many customers drop by this shop since it's in one of Apache Junction's famous tourist spots, the Goldfield Ghost Town.

The shop mainly offers customers souvenir items, novelty items, and refreshments, making it a nice place to browse for quick shopping and snacks.

You're guaranteed to have fun looking at its fantastic artwork, home decor, and cactus plants on pots at this shop.

So, check out Cactus Shoppe for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Toast Gio's Breakfast & Lunch

Toast Gio's Breakfast & Lunch is another unique coffee shop serving not just your typical caffeinated drinks but delicious breakfast meals.

This coffee shop is situated along E. Broadway Avenue.

Locals and visitors love to hang out at this coffee shop, not just for its freshly-brewed coffee and tea.

It's also known for its brunch and breakfast menu.

It's one of Apache Junction's go-to places for those who want to treat themselves to excellent breakfast meals.

Dining at this coffee shop lets you create your scrambled egg by choosing the ingredients from its menu.

Also, it has all your favorite breakfast meals, which include breakfast burritos, pancakes, French toast, and a wide array of coffee mixes.

Regarding top-notch breakfast, brunch, and coffee, look for Toast Gio's Breakfast & Lunch.

Desert Discount Thrift Shop

Exterior of Desert Discount Thrift Shop

Desert Discount Thrift Shop is a merchandise reseller featuring high-quality thrift clothes and other items.

You can visit its shop at Suite 119 along W. Superstition Boulevard.

This family-owned thrift shop is an excellent place to pre-loved items in pristine condition.

It's a haven for thrift shop enthusiasts who love to score rare finds.

Interior of Desert Discount Thrift Shop

Besides thrift clothes, you can also buy other merchandise such as collectibles, homewares, and plenty more items.

Most of the items displayed at this shop came from donations.

Amazingly, shopping at the Desert Discount Thrift Shop also helps the veterans in Apache Junction, as parts of the proceeds will be used to support them.

Clothes in Desert Discount Thrift Shop

Mad Taco AZ

When you're craving street-style tacos, look for Mad Taco AZ.

This food truck is famous throughout the neighborhoods of Apache Junction for its authentic Mexican street-style tacos.

They usually park their food truck along W. Apache Trail.

This family-owned and operated taco food truck is known for its delicious birria quesatacos, burritos, and quesadillas.

It's been serving Apache Junction locals its delicious street-style tacos since 2021.

It remains one of the most popular food trucks in the area.

Moreover, Mad Taco AZ uses fresh and locally sourced ingredients, guaranteeing its customers quality food regularly.

Arnold Auto Center

Arnold Auto Center is your one-stop shop for all your car needs.

You can visit its shop along Apache Trail.

This shop is family-owned and operated, offering various vehicle repair services.

At the same time, it also takes pride as an independent car dealership offering pre-owned vehicles.

This shop has been operating in the city since 1950, making it a household name in this business.

It has in-house mechanics and experts that guarantee an efficient and quick fix to your car needs.

Also, it has a sales staff that can recommend you bang for the buck used cars from its dealership.

Arnold Auto Center is the name to remember for quality car care services and used cars.

Apache Trail Tours

People on a Apache Trail Tour jeep

Apache Trail Tours is one of the most trusted tour companies you can reach out to explore Apache Junction's tourist attractions.

This tour company is renowned for its exhilarating off-road 4x4 tours.

It takes you to some of the most scenic and exciting locations in Apache Junction and Sonora Desert.

Its proud owner has provided visitors with excellent tours for many years.

A Apache Trail Tours along the road

Besides the 4x4 tours, they offer scenic tours through the famous Apache Trail Highway.

You're taken to sparkling desert lakes, jagged mountain peaks, and breathtaking canyons.

While touring, your guide narrates the history and other fascinating information of the places you visit, making it a more worthwhile experience.

With all that in mind, the Apache Trail Tours is always on top of the list for five-star Apache Junction tours.

Chicago's Number One Gyros

Chicago's Number One Gyros has lived up to its name, serving everyone with its excellent Greek, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern dishes.

You can check out this restaurant along S. Ironwood Drive.

This counter-serve restaurant is known throughout Apache Junction for its delicious gyros wraps and other Mediterranean dishes.

It features a small but charming dining space serving authentic gyros in chicken, lamb, and beef options.

At the same time, it has many other authentic Mediterranean dishes such as falafel, shish kebob, chicken kebob, souvlaki, Greek Salad, and freshly-made hummus dip.

Besides its delicious menu, you can pair your order with an ice-cold beer from its full bar.

Overall, Chicago's Number One Gyros is a must-try restaurant, especially if you have a taste for exotic dishes.

Lugo Handyman Services

Curtain installation by Lugo Handyman Services

Lugo Handyman Services is one of the go-to experts in home improvements and installations.

This small but capable company operates in Apache Junction and neighboring towns and cities, including Phoenix.

Its specialty services include furniture assembly, door installations, minor plumbing and fixtures, drywall repairs, light paintings, lighting fixtures, etc.

Vanity installation by Lugo Handyman Services

This home improvements and installation business opened in 2022, but its owner and staff have been in the industry since the 1990s.

Its owner is a certified and experienced expert in the field, guaranteeing quality work and services despite being new to the business.

So, contact Lugo Handyman Services whenever you need repairs, installations, and other home improvement needs.

Final Thoughts

One thing in common among these small businesses is that they're owned by locals and families with long experience in their chosen field.

At the same time, these places go above and beyond in giving customers what they need.

Support these small businesses in Apache Junction, Arizona!

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