15 Best Things to Do in Hagerstown, Maryland

15 Best Things to Do in Hagerstown, Maryland

The county seat of the Washington County is a great destination to visit and is among the toppers on our bucket list.

This owes itself to the fact that it has abundant natural beauty and many parks. Other historical structures reflecting traditions and cultures also abound here.

Nicknamed the Hub city, it literally is a bustling metropolis and a hub for the culture and nature. It has been blessed with a beautiful topography and is surrounded by stone ridges.

The stone hedge limestone is quarried in a large quantity here and can be seen in the constructions of a lot of famous churches as well as local houses. This imparts a regal and old school charm to the otherwise modern city.

Learn exciting science facts at the Discovery Station

This Non Profit run museum is sure to enthrall you with its stimulating science experiments. These provide some serious hands-on knowledge without the boring parts.

Suitable for all ages, there are various exhibits that can interest people across all age groups. Complicated scientific concepts are explained through real life experiments which you and your kids can actually work on so that you understand these concepts for your entire life.

The museum charges a very nominal fee and is worth every penny. It remains closed on Mondays, though. The timings for Tuesday to Saturday is 10 AM-4 PM while on Sundays it is open only from 2 PM- 5 PM.

Gaze in wonder at the prehistoric fort at Fort Frederick State Park

Fort Frederick State Park
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This historic State Park houses one of the two colonial forts of Hagerstown and is a great place to visit.

It is located very near to the downtown part of the city and was built in the colonial period. It has stood testimony to many wars and battles waged on and across it.

Some of them were the very famous French and Indian war. Established in 1756, it has well stood the weather and other calamities. Recently, two of its barracks have even been re embellished back to its 1758 appearance.

It is the most fun to visit on the Labor Day and Memorial Day when volunteers adorned in colonial clothing spend a day at the fort doing the daily chores from back then giving it a great and lively feel.

The park itself is really beautiful too. It has many things in store like fishing, hiking, camping and boating as well. The fort is open to the public all days of the week.

Become one with nature at the Hagerstown City Park

Hagerstown City Park
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Watch as swans and geese cackle in the ponds amidst green lawns and trees around it. Pack a picnic mat and there you have a calm lunch waiting for you.

It is also home to various monuments of cultural significance like the Jonathan Hager House and Museum, the Hagerstown Railroad Museum.

Art lovers will also love the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, and the Mansion House Art Center.

The park itself has many playing fields, tennis courts, renting pavilions and playgrounds where you can play to your heart’s content. Dog trails are also present for you to meet cute little ”floofs”.

Look at art works at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

Washington County Museum of Fine Arts
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This museum showcases select works from all over the world by all kinds of local and international artists.

With more than 6,500 types of works on display, this museum will surely make you fall in love with it. It was owned by Mr. and Mrs. William Singer and later donated by them in 1929.

It today houses art works, paintings and sculptures exploring the 19th century European and American cultures along with other world cultures too.

Shopaholics rush to the Hagerstown Premium Outlets

Hagerstown Premium Outlets
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This mall is so airy and beautiful that you can visit it just for some relaxing window shopping too. But, we know you won’t be able to resist the amazing discounts and sales can be huge!

The open air Hagerstown Premium Outlet is the one stop shop for all famous brands like Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Spade New York, Under Armor and many more uber cool shopping stores.

Modern restrooms, cash services and various other shopping facilities are all available. The food court serves some very delicious food and American fast foods like burgers and more.

Watch a concert at The Maryland Theatre

This famous silent film house is located in downtown Hagerstown in the aptly named Arts and entertainment District.

It has a huge capacity of 1279 seats and hosts a variety of shows. The music shows like concerts and recitals are especially popular among the audience. Get some regal feels as you enjoy a musical night in this vaudeville.

Another attraction is the now very nicely restored Wurlitzer theatre organ.

Visit the Price-Muller House for some historical insights

This house was made in 1824 and has since come a long way as it kept a record of the development and growth of Hagerstown over the years.

It was converted to its local museum form only in 1966 but has various artifacts and exhibits. A special exhibit section is the many local clocks collected over the years. Also called as the Miller House Museum now, it is built in an authentic neoclassical style.

The theme reciprocates through the entire townhouse with its hanging stairway, Victorian style decorations and large bedrooms.

Shop till you drop at the Valley Mall

If Hagerstown premium outlet was not enough to satisfy you, then throng here. Moreover, if you don’t like open air malls, then its best to come here.

The great indoor mall in the busy Metropolitan area has all that you would look for in a typical mall. Shop at really fabulous brands at their outlet stores including famous brands like Bath & Body Works, Claire’s, Foot Locker, Victoria’s Secret.

The prices are great and the stores are filled with all sorts of modern stuff like great tops and shorts.

So indulge in some in house shopping and flaunt these new clothes as you spend the remainder of your vacation in Hagerstown.

The food court also boasts of many famous eateries and restaurants like Auntie Anne’s, Tacos Carlitos, Primanti Brothers, and Noodles & Company. The huge 40,000 square foot arcade is another must visit area.

Watch baseball at the Hagerstown Suns Municipal Stadium

This huge stadium was built in 1930 and is one of the hotspots of the city to watch some exciting live games for all kinds of sports.

With a 4600 members seating capacity, you are surely going to enjoy the match as well as a big cheering crowd.

This municipal stadium is home to Hagerstown Suns minor league baseball. It also has a special Hall of Fame that showcases some of the best players that played ever.

Fret not, if you don’t love baseball, the stadium also hosts a variety of other sporting events like football, wrestling and professional boxing.

If at all, you don’t like sports at all, the stadium can still be visited for attending other events if they are being held at that time. These include exciting events like competitions, concerts and dog shows.

Attend the 4th July celebrations at Fairgrounds Park

Fairgrounds Park
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Fireworks abound the skies on the 4th July all over the USA. United States skies light up and there’s a mood of joy all over.

The event at Fairgrounds is a very huge and momentous celebration, so if you are around luckily then set that evening aside for a visit here.

Other than this, it has all the recreational facilities in any good, modern park. Basketball courts, playgrounds, and walking trails are present in its beautiful periphery.

Other great facilities are the ice skating rink and volleyball courts where you can play to your heart’s content with some locals or friends.

Other than the afore mentioned celebration, various other events are also conducted at this kid friendly park all year round. So, don’t despair if you are planning to visit someday else. If nothing, the dog park is sure to fill you with happy vibes.

Have drinks at Bulls and Bears

This unique restaurant founded by Jone and Don Bowman in 2008 is unique in its quirky stock-market theme.

With a posh ambience and warm atmosphere, it will be a fun evening. The in-house bar has a well curated menu of the choicest wines, cocktails, craft beers and more.

Enjoy your glass sitting on the beautiful tables and soft, warm lighting. Accompany it with some great starters and meats like ribs, juicy beef or succulent chicken and pork. Fish lovers will also love the food.

As implied by the name, Just Lookin’ will definitely keep you Just Lookin’ at all its beautiful artworks.

All the paintings and drawings showcased are original pieces by people of various ethnicities and backgrounds.

Though there are artworks by renowned artists, you might find some really amazing work by some unknown names. This gallery specializes in keeping a bird’s eye view of various distinct art styles from various cultures all over.

Skating at the Turner’s Skate Palace

This skate palace is great for skating across all ages. Whether you are an amateur or expert, you will all have fun skating on this rink.

Safety and precautions are taken well and people across all ages can enjoy skating, dancing or more inside the rink. Many people also rent it out for local celebrations like birthdays.

So, if by chance, your kid’s birthday is coming up while you are planning the vacation, you can check in with them and have a really brilliant and unique birthday!

Try out some amazing restaurants serving great food

From typical American cuisine to Bavarian German style food, Hagerstown has a vast array of restaurants serving some amazing food.

Schmankerl Stube Bavarian Restaurant is a restaurant serving authentic German style food right here in the American lands. Sauerkraut, pork shank, Bavarian bratwurst with spätzle are some of the dishes it serves.

Don’t forget to end on a sweet tooth with the Apple strudel. Locally sourced beer from Munich is also available to get some authentic feels.

Rik’s Café and Nick’s Airport Inn offer some great casual dining with your authentic American Fare on sale. Local and fresh produce is used to create some great and unique dishes in house at Rik’s.

These include salmon cakes with cusabi sauce, and puttanesca meatballs pasta among others.

Nick’s Inn gives you a delectable array of drinks to choose from alongside some filling starters to fill your bellies. It is also a great place for a nice lunch date.

You can also explore eating some good old pizza and pretzels at the Pretzel and Pizza Creations. Do try their signature pretzels and wood fired pizzas while at it!

Thus, foodies and sports lovers will surely love visiting this town of Hagerstown for their vacations.

With so many types of sporting grounds and family friendly parks, Hagerstown will surely be a vacation to remember.

The restaurants we have mentioned will surely awaken all your inner foodies so don’t forget to eat to your heart’s fill.

Forget to keep a check on your calories for a few days and try out all the awesome restaurants for sure!