15 Best Things to Do in Amelia Island

15 Best Things to Do in Amelia Island

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Presenting the very best of Florida’s culture- Amelia Island is one of those places that you might miss out on your trip to Florida. But, let us give you an idea of how incredibly beautiful the place happens to be.

Covered with the best beaches, pretty coastlines, and marshy lands- Amelia Island should be given a chance. Go horseriding on the beach during the sunset or just enjoy the waters on a kayak- no matter what you do, you are bound to enjoy Amelia Island.

These are the top 15 things to do in Amelia Island.

Explore around Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach
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We’d like to start off the first day of our trip by taking you to the oldest community of Amelia Island.

Yes, there are many communities here, but Fernandina Beach happens to be among the oldest, and you can say that by taking a look around. It does play a huge role in the life of the Greater Jacksonville region.

Have you seen the iconic movie- The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking? Yes, it was here in the community of Fernandina Beach that it was shot.

Also, nicknamed the "Isle of Eight Flags,” the place is indeed filled with history. We shall be showing you around the downtown region in a bit.

The coastline here is among the very best, and you do get access to some pristine beaches. The Fort Clinch State Park is also located here.

Take a walk in Fernandina Beach Historic District

Victorian Architecture in Fernandina Beach Historic District
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We’d mention the Fernandina Beach Historic District before, and now we will be going to explore it to get the very best of it. It extends across almost 50 blocks.

Did you know it even has its name among the National Register of Historic Places? Well, it does make up a big part of Amelia Island.

The place is filled with history. You can see a lot of old buildings that have huge historic significance.

And, even the old courthouse and several other government buildings are located in this region. The Amelia Island Museum of History is located here.

There are a lot of restaurants in this area. If you happen to be in town during May, do not miss out on the Eight Flags Shrimp Festival. This area also happens to be the shopping district of town.

Go kayaking in the lovely waters of Amelia Island

Kayaking in Amelia Island
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Amelia Island is blessed with some of the best waters in Florida. It’d be a shame if you don’t spend a day going around, enjoying, and exploring those waters.

Yes, there are a lot of water-related activities that can be pursued here, but if you ask us- we’d recommend going on a kayaking trip in the gentle waters.

There are a lot of water bodies inside the island too, and those often get missed out. There is no way you could skip hidden gems like them.

So, you might come across a lot of tour operators who execute these kayaking trips. Book a trip for exploring the inland waters, and have fun!

Visit the Amelia Island Museum of History

Amelia Island Museum of History
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The Amelia Island Museum of History works too hard to tell stories about the island. Located in the historic downtown of Fernandino Beach, the museum even has its name enlisted on the National Register of Historic Places.

Are you looking for a way to know about the cultural aspects of Amelia Island? Here in the history museum, there are displays that beautifully portray all of the past activities of the island.

The building in which you now see the museum was actually a Nassau County jailhouse.

You can even learn about the Spanish rule that went on here at the beginning. Did you know Timucuan Village was the first place on Amelia Island where people came and settled down?

Check out the Fort Clinch State Park

Fort Clinch State Park
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Fort Clinch State Park is one of the top attractions of Amelia Island. As we stated before-  Fort Clinch State Park is located in Fernandina Beach Historic District. Built on a land of almost 1000 acres, the park attracts a lot of tourists.

If you want to be alone with nature, this will feel like paradise to you. Located near the beach, you get a pretty view of the ocean.

Also, there are a lot of trails where you can hike. If you are up for biking around- there are paths that stretch for six miles providing the best biking experience.

You can even get to experience some of the best wildlife around here. Dolphin sightings are a must when you visit the park.

Enjoy the Amelia Island State Recreation Area

The Amelia Island State Recreation Area comes next on our list of the best things to do in Amelia Island.

Till now- we were roaming around the Fernandino Beach area, but this destination might be a bit far. If you are around the Talbot Island State Park, this area is quite near.

But, we do recommend checking out the Talbot Island State Park, and we will be guiding you about that later.

If you want to explore marshlands and forests along with a scenic coastline- Amelia Island State Recreation Area is the area you’d want to head over to.

You’d get some of the best views of the Atlantic Ocean from here. The coastline is too majestic, and don’t forget to catch the sunset in this location.

Go on a guided tour to know more about the waters in the region

As we mentioned before there are a lot of waters to explore inside the island. Backwater Cat Adventure is such a company that is rated highly among the tourists and locals to provide some good trips.

They lead several guided tours throughout the different inland water bodies of Amelia Island, and you get to have a first-class experience.

Even if you are not well-versed, the guide that will be accompanying your group will show you around, and tell you everything there is about the different locations.

There are a lot of pretty marshlands that you might miss out on if you are on your own. But, if you take a guided tour- there is no chance of that happening.

Try horse riding on the sandy beach

Amelia Island Horseback Riding is one of the coolest things to do while you are on a vacation to Amelia Island.

Want to experience how the sea breeze feels on your face while you are riding all the beach? This might be a rare experience that you absolutely need to treat yourself to.

The riding generally starts from the Peters Point Beachfront Park and goes along the pristine beaches.

If you are an amateur rider, they will even provide you with an expert on your horse! Riding during the sunset feels especially gorgeous. So, try to get a booking at that time.

Get amazed by the beautiful Bosque Bello Cemetery

Bosque Bello Cemetery
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Did you know that Bosque Bello Cemetery goes by another name here in Amelia Island? It is nicknamed the ‘Beautiful woods.’ So, the fact is already evident how gorgeous it is going to be. Come on, we will show you around for a bit.

Did you know this cemetery is older than even 300 years? Yes, it was set up during the time of the Spanish colonization here in Amelia Islands.

The graves also date back to a couple of hundreds of years back. Most of them are in ruins now.

But, the place is still beautiful. Some of the graves even belong the soldiers that fought during the Spanish-American War and gave up their lives. You could even find some graves from the time of the Vietnam Wars.

Have a fancy dinner with your date at Salt

Are you here with your spouse? Want to treat them to a fancy dinner here? If you are planning for a romantic date night dinner here in Amelia Island, we could provide you with a lot of options. But, the one great restaurant that immediately comes to mind has to be the Salt.

Salt is favored by locals as well as tourists. And no matter who has been there- they had nothing but good to say about this restaurant. Did you know this is one of the AAA 5 diamond restaurants?

Yes, there are only 3 such restaurants in Florida! The menu is flavorful and is something that will surely impress your date for the night!

Treat yourself to some golf at Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort

Are you a gold aficionado? Yes, we have a little something for you. Enjoy a luxurious stay here at Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort.

Not only does it have some of the best golf courses here in Florida- but it also has some of the most breathtaking views of the ocean.

Did you know you could even find coastal dunes and marshlands inside the hotel property? Yes, it is vast and has some of the best relaxing spots for you to get in the vacation mood.

Play some golf here, and have the best vacation of your life in the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort.

Learn about the history at the Maritime Museum of Amelia

The entire region of Amelia Island is famous for its rich and vast maritime history. And, Fernandino Beach plays a special role.

Did you know that the building in which the museum is now situated used to store ice for the fisheries? The island was once home to eight nations. It saw the rise and fall of them. And, the maritime history of this island changed over time with these nations.

Everything is portrayed beautifully through the various exhibits and displays. You can even find some ancient weapons that were used back in the day.

Enjoy the pristine coastline of Little Talbot Island State Park

Little Talbot Island State Park
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If you want to enjoy a place that is less crowded and not known to many, we recommend you going to Little Talbot Island State Park. The coastline is among the prettiest ones of this area. And, also the area is under-developed when you compare it to the others, so you could say that you’d get a lot of alone time here.

Surfing and fishing are the best options here. The waves are nice, and you’d really have an incredible time here.

Take a break at American Beach

American Beach
Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The American Beach in Amelia Island is an important icon for many reasons. The initial reason has to be the fact that it was founded by an African-American businessman.

Did you know he also happened to be the first man of African-American descent here in Florida? It just got exciting, right?

You might have heard of the name Abraham Lincoln Lewis. Yes, he is known to the public for being the great man who founded Afro-American Life Insurance Company.

Did you know that American Beach was founded just for his employees? Yes, the employees used this spot as their retreat! But, later it became something more important.

It became the perfect haven for all African Americans so that they could have some fun without being disrespected by certain racists. Celebrate the cause of this community and enjoy your time here.

Experience the smallest state park

When we talked about the smallest state park, we meant the Fernandina Plaza Historic State Park. And, it is indeed the smallest one here. Did you know it is built on a land of n .08 acres?

Yes, this tiny park is indeed a topic of interest here among the visitors of Amelia Park. Most of them check this place out to take some pictures for their social media and let others know how tiny a state park can be.

This is one of the best picnic spots here in the Fernandino Beach area, and you could pack a picnic basket for your last day on the trip.

The area is close to Old Town Fernandina, so you can take a walk after you are done strolling around the park.

These were the top 15 things to do in the Amelia Beach area. We hope this list convinced you to take that vacation that you deserve! Bon Voyage.