15 Best Restaurants in West Bend, WI

Best Restaurants in West Bend, WI
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Whether for business, traveling, or visiting a friend, you will love the food scene in West Bend, Wisconsin.

You won’t have to travel far to find great food.

Since West Bend in Washington County is famous for manufacturing tiny kitchen gadgets and cookware, the city’s restaurants and bars are some of the best in the country.

It's also home to some of Wisconsin’s finest eateries and watering holes.

Here are the best restaurants in West Bend, Wisconsin:

Dooley’s Restaurant

Dooley’s Restaurant, by Gordon Goggin and his wife Tricia Dooley, opened its doors in the space vacated by West Bend Tap + Tavern in March 2021.

It offers a casual dining experience in downtown West Bend on Main Street, where everyone is welcome, and strangers become friends.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of food for lunch or dinner, plus 16 local craft beers on tap.

They have a wide variety of menu options, like shareable dishes, tacos, finger food, and more.

On your visit, ask your server about the beer options.

In addition, there is a large patio for outdoor dining.

Nosh Nook Restaurant

Nate Schultz felt it was finally time to pursue his lifetime dream of owning and operating his food truck after nearly two decades of working in the hospitality industry.

In 2019, he opened the Nosh Nook food truck.

In 2022, Nate transformed the kitchen of his commissary into a quaint little café where customers could buy their favorite Nosh Nook foods throughout the year.

The restaurant, located on Main Street, has 28 seats, a menu with well-known food truck standards, and some intriguing new dishes.

In addition, the restaurant features soups prepared from scratch, monthly specials, and a rotating selection of local beers.

Keep watch on social media for any updates regarding the location of the Nosh Nook food truck.

Otherwise, stop by the Nosh Nook café to sit in one of their cozy booths.

The Nosh Nook foot truck may be the answer if you are hosting an event and want to enjoy delectable food at affordable prices.

Krimmer’s Restaurant

When it opened in 2015, Krimmer’s Restaurant immediately established itself as one of the most popular destinations in West Bend for fine casual dining.

You can find steaks, seafood dishes, and hearty sides on the menu, along with an extensive wine selection.

Krimmer’s Restaurant on Main Street is the ideal neighborhood spot for gathering friends for a casual supper at the bar or celebrating a big event.

It's also the perfect place to unwind and enjoy exceptional food in an elegant atmosphere.

The restaurant is ideal for hosting various events, from business dinners and holiday get-togethers to wedding rehearsal dinners and other social gatherings.

The Braising Pan

Breakfast at The Braising Pan
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The Braising Pan on Main Street is one of West Bend’s unique charming restaurants providing a relaxed and sophisticated eating experience for families and friends.

A husband and wife duo owns the restaurant.

The recipe archives kept by the Klumb Family in Germany date back 150 years, making it possible to trace the origins of food and German culinary influences.

Allow the culinary team to astonish your taste buds with something novel and exciting to eat.

The cuisine emphasizes contemporary versions of traditional dishes associated with Germany, such as sauerbraten, schnitzels, and roulades.

Sandwich and fruits at The Braising Pan
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Have a specialty drink at the full-service bar or a German import before settling down to a supper crafted with refined aesthetics.

In addition, the Braising Pan is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week, with a more casual menu.

The restaurant operates under the principle that good fundamental ingredients are essential.

Whether you’re in the mood for traditional bratwurst or a rich, creamy Alfredo dish, the Braising Pan is ready to satisfy your cravings.

In addition, you can find gluten-free diets and other dietary modifications, ensuring every single consumer has a positive experience.

Omicron Family Restaurant

Mashed potato and sandwich with gravy at Omicron Family Restaurant
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Over 50 years ago, two Greek brothers started Omicron Family Restaurant in the West Bend area on Main Street.

At the Omicron Family Restaurant, you can choose from over 200 items in addition to the daily specials.

Some options for homemade soup, salad, breakfast items, and dishes inspired by Greek, Italian, and Mexican cuisines are available.

At the Omicron Restaurant, everyone can discover something they like.

Silver Lake Country Inn

Interior of Silver Lake Country Inn
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The Silver Lake Country Inn Restaurant on Peters Drive is in a rustic home and serves classic Southern dishes, homemade desserts, and Friday fish fries.

About 30 years ago, Dan Rau and Dawn Robarge opened the Silver Lake Country Inn in the West Bend neighborhood not far from the coast of Silver Lake.

The inn has an extensive menu, including options for kids, sandwiches, steaks, and an excellent Wisconsin fish fry on certain nights.

The restaurant and bar grew due to word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.

Today, it continues to operate with the same commitment to providing a one-of-a-kind, relaxing atmosphere.

Customers can enjoy the high-quality, reasonably priced fare that has never changed since the restaurant opened.  

Billy Sims BBQ

Mac and cheese and sandwich at Billy Sims BBQ
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Billy Sims is a fantastic athlete and a great entrepreneur, with numerous high school, university, and professional records that he still holds today.

In 1985, Sims retired from professional football after suffering an injury.

His retirement gave him time to pursue his passion for BBQ.

Billy Sims met his current business partner, entrepreneur, and retail specialist Jeff Jackson, in the early 2000s.

Sims and Jackson opened the first Billy Sims Barbecue business in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Farm Shopping Center in 2004.

The restaurant opened after several successful creative meetings to perfect its recipes and procedures.

Today Billy Sims BBQ operates 45 locations in Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Iowa, Colorado, and Michigan.

It also has a branch on West Washington Street in Westbend.

Every day, Billy Sims BBQ serves nine different types of smoked pork.

Ribs, brisket, pork, chicken, turkey, and bologna are the meats smoked over pecan wood on the menu.

Side dishes, such as potato salad, barbecued beans, and corn on the cob, are also available.

Don Ramon Restaurant

Don Ramon Restaurant opened in 2018 and has become one of the state’s most outstanding Mexican dining establishments.

Visit both locations in Westbend and Mayville.

The Don Ramon Restaurant has earned a reputation for delivering authentic Mexican cuisine.

The excellent margaritas and original homemade tastes will undoubtedly win you over.

Bring your loved ones and have a great time discussing deep topics over delicious meals.

Take your time and savor your food, whether dining in or ordering for takeaway online.

The Norbert Bar & Kitchen

Soup at The Norbert Bar & Kitchen
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The Norbert Bar & Kitchen opened its doors in 2021 in a historic building built in 1858 in West Bend.

At the Norbert Bar & Kitchen, you may enjoy your meals and drinks in a chic and relaxing setting.

In addition to a broad menu of tapas and an urban storefront bar with an old-timey vibe, it also provides weekly specials on food and drinks.

Sandwich and cheese at The Norbert Bar & Kitchen
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There are many alternatives available for vegetarians on the menu.

In addition, there is always something new and exciting to sample on the menu because they change it daily.

Celebrate your milestone event here at the Norbert on Main Street, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Brazen Head Pub

Chicken and sandwich at Brazen Head Pub
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The official grand opening of the Brazen Head Pub took place in 2003, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

The Brazen Head Pub on Main Street is not your average drinking establishment.

Exciting things take place regularly at this restaurant.

Every day, the items on the menu are cooked from scratch using the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

Chicken and fries at Brazen Head Pub
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A gorgeous pint of Irish beer awaits you, plus a selection of traditional Irish cuisine.

Brazenhead Pub takes immense pride in providing its patrons with high-quality food and top-notch service.

Stop by the inviting restaurant and bar, where you'll be greeted with kind smiles and treated to mouthwatering meals.

Pizza Ranch

Pasta at Pizza Ranch
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In 1981, when Adrie Groeneweg was only 19, his dream began in Hull, Iowa.

Because he believed that you shouldn’t have to travel outside of town to get pizza, he started the Pizza Ranch with just six specialized and single-topping pizza recipes produced at the kitchen table.

Afterward, locals rushed to the new eatery for the freshly prepared dough, sauce, and other components.

Pizza and salad at Pizza Ranch
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Pizza Ranch grew when the word got out; it has 210 sites in 14 states as of 2022.

With the Buffet Your Way, Pizza Ranch offers an outstanding experience for the entire family, including Cheesy Ranch Stix and whatever pizza you choose.

You can also phone for takeout or place an online order.

Chinatown Restaurant

The Chinatown Restaurant on West Washington Street serves authentic and tasty Chinese cuisine.

It's a community staple known for its superb Chinese cuisine, good service, and friendly employees.

This place is popular for its affordable rates and ideal location.

In addition, Chinatown Restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and high-quality, locally sourced fresh ingredients.

La Cabaña

Delicious dish at La Cabaña
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La Cabaña on E Paradise Drive is the third of four family-run restaurants that opened in 2020.

It welcomes groups of all sizes for dinner, with a varied menu to accommodate even the most finicky eater.

The restaurant takes great pleasure in delivering your cuisine quickly while maintaining high standards when it comes to the ingredients' freshness.

Tacos and other ground beef Tex-Mex staples are available here.

There are also tasty beverages, such as margaritas, Jack and Cokes, and Mexican sodas.

The Idle Hour

Christmas design at The Idle Hour
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Idle Hour on North 6 Avenue began as a stationery store in 1890.

Greg transformed the basement into an office and renovated the two-bedroom apartment, dating back to the building’s construction in 1890.

In 2006, Greg and Edie began devoting all their time and energy to building the restaurant.

Today the tin ceiling and old wooden floors of the apartment building remain.

In 2009, Idle Hour began serving Wisconsin-produced beer, wine, coffee, and tea.

Hot choco at The Idle Hour
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Its carefully crafted small menu aims to provide a unique dining experience.

They start from scratch when making any of their soups.

Roasted meats include beef, pork, chicken, and turkey.

Even the Wisconsin cheeses used by Idle Hour come directly from producers.

Idle Hour is an excellent choice for events such as birthdays or baby showers.

Final Thoughts

West Bend’s restaurants and bars are some of the best in the country because the city is known for making kitchen gadgets and cookware.

On your trip, your most challenging task will be deciding where to eat, given the extensive dining options.

Check out these best restaurants in West Bend, Wisconsin and let us know your favorite!

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