20 Best Restaurants in Wenatchee, WA

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Best Restaurants in Wenatchee, WA

From mouth-watering BBQ joints and classic American diners to authentic Mexican cuisine and cozy coffee shops, there's definitely something for everyone in Wenatchee

So, whether you're a fellow resident or just passing through, allow me to be your guide to the best restaurants in Wenatchee, Washington, have to offer!

Lemolo Cafe & Deli

I absolutely love hanging out at Lemolo Cafe & Deli.

This colorful, counter-serve cafe has been around since 1992 and never fails to impress me with its hearty sandwiches, pizza, salads, and a great selection of ciders and beers.

The extensive menu even offers a variety of vegetarian choices, which I appreciate as a health-conscious customer.

The decor of the cafe is a great conversation starter, and I find myself gazing at it while waiting for my pizza to arrive.

Cleanliness is another aspect that I admire about this place – it's always spotless.

Although the prices may seem a bit on the higher side, I can confidently say that the food is worth every dime.

I have tried a lot of sandwiches in my life, but the Italian cold-cut sandwich at Lemolo Cafe & Deli truly stands out.

It's one of the best I've ever had!

Lemolo Cafe & Deli · 114 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Pizza restaurant

Atlas Fare

Atlas Fare is a new American restaurant in town.

We had been trying to get reservations for a while, and when we finally did, we were not disappointed.

As a vegetarian, I often find it difficult to find a good selection of dishes at most restaurants.

However, Atlas Fare offered a variety of vegetarian options that were not only delicious but also beautifully presented.

My non-vegetarian friends had no complaints either, as they, too, found their meals to be scrumptious and satisfying.

Plus, their wine list and signature cocktails were a delightful addition to the meal.

Based on my wonderful visit, I can't wait to bring more friends to Atlas Fare in the future.

Just remember to make reservations, as it's quite a popular spot.

Atlas Fare · 137 N Wenatchee Ave #103, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · New American restaurant

Sweetwood BBQ

I remember the first time I went to Sweetwood BBQ with my friends, and I must say, it quickly became one of our favorite spots in town.

Located in a humble strip mall, this unpretentious eatery offers a wide range of BBQ sandwiches, plates, and some of the best sides you'll ever taste.

I was celebrating my birthday, and we were a group of six people.

The generous portions left us with plenty of leftovers that we took home, and I believe we could have fed a couple more people with the amount of food we had.

My friends and I were blown away by the quality of the meats - so tender, juicy, and full of flavor!

We ordered the two-meat combo with brisket and pulled pork, accompanied by cornbread and potato salad.

At first, we thought we would need more food, but by the end of the meal, we were all pleasantly full.

What really stood out for me were the smoked brisket and pulled pork, which was so good that I didn't even need to drench them in BBQ sauce like I usually do at other places.

The potato salad was excellent, and the cornbread with honey butter was simply to die for.

Another time, I went to Sweetwood BBQ at 3 pm after having a huge lunch at another restaurant earlier in the day.

I could only manage to eat two spare ribs, but they were absolutely amazing.

The ribs were meaty, tender, juicy, and cooked to perfection.

Sweetwood BBQ · 905 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Restaurant

Cuc Tran Cafe

Whenever I'm craving authentic Vietnamese cuisine, I head over to Cuc Tran Cafe.

Their menu is filled with classic Vietnamese dishes that never disappoint.

The dining room has a traditional feel with comfortable booth seating, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a meal with family or friends.

One of my favorite dishes to order is the Cashew Nut Combination.

The flavor is incredible, and the portion sizes are generous.

The service is always friendly and quick, and the prices are quite accessible.

Cuc Tran Cafe · 7 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Vietnamese restaurant

The Cook's Corner Diner

I've been living in this neighborhood for years, and I must say, The Cook's Corner Diner has always been a go-to spot for me.

I remember this one time when I tried their Spencer steak, and oh boy, it was divine!

My wife went for the Thai Chili Scampi, and she couldn't stop raving about it.

The freshness and balanced flavors were truly impressive.

Plus, they have a rotating selection of specials that always keeps me coming back to try something new.

The Cook’s Corner Diner · 200 S Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Eetcafé

Mission Burgers & Chicken

Visiting Mission Burgers & Chicken was an experience worth sharing!

The quality of the burgers and chicken at this place is exceptional, and though the prices may seem a bit high for a take-out joint, the premium ingredients used make it worth every penny.

The burger I had was simply divine, and the fries – made from real potatoes – were a delightful addition.

I also tried their chicken strip basket, which came with three massive breaded strips and a tasty sauce.

It's safe to say that Mission Burgers & Chicken offers generous portions that make you feel you're getting your money's worth.

Mission Burgers & Chicken · 900 S Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Hamburger restaurant

The Wild Huckleberry

I finally had the chance to visit The Wild Huckleberry for breakfast.

The restaurant has a unique and cozy decor that adds to its charm.

Upon being seated, I couldn't help but notice the sheer size of the pancakes being served to nearby tables.

Intrigued, I decided to give them a try and was pleasantly surprised by not only their enormous size but also their perfectly cooked center.

The Wild Huckleberry definitely knows how to make a delicious and satisfying pancake!

The Wild Huckleberry · 302 S Mission St, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · American restaurant

Visconti's Italian Restaurant

Just the other night, I decided to treat myself to a delicious Italian dinner at Visconti's Italian Restaurant, a Northern Italian gem in our town.

I started my meal with the beet salad, steamed clams, dates, and shrimp from their happy hour menu, all of which were mouthwatering and perfectly portioned for sharing.

To complement my meal, I ordered a couple of glasses of wine from their broad list, which made the experience even more delightful.

The service at Visconti's was nothing short of excellent, and I particularly enjoyed their fantastic cocktails.

I made the mistake of ordering too much food, but every dish was so delicious I had no regrets.

I had a particularly memorable experience with their calamari, bread, beet salad, and lamb - all of which I highly recommend.

Visconti’s Italian Restaurant · 1737 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Noord-Italiaans restaurant

Saddle Rock Pub & Brewery

Saddle Rock Pub & Brewery is such an upbeat and family-friendly place, specializing in craft beer, cider, gourmet pizza, and appetizers.

The atmosphere is always lively, making it a perfect spot to unwind after a long day at work or to catch up with friends.

The beer selection is incredible; there's always something new and exciting to try.

They also have a great variety of ciders for those who prefer them.

The food is just as impressive.

My go-to meal is the pizza with apple balsamic—it's absolutely divine!

I've also tried their soup, which was probably the best soup I've ever had.

Saddle Rock Pub & Brewery · 25 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Brewpub

The Dilly Deli

One of my favorite lunch spots has got to be The Dilly Deli.

Their menu boasts a wide variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches that never fail to impress.

I've tried almost everything on the menu, and there hasn't been a single item that I didn't enjoy.

The prices are quite reasonable, too, so I don't break the bank when I treat myself to a meal here.

The Dilly Deli is also a fantastic place to meet up with friends or business clients, offering a welcoming atmosphere that makes every visit a pleasure.

One of the best features of The Dilly Deli is its outdoor seating area, which is just perfect on those beautiful, sunny days.

I love to sit out there and enjoy my meal while soaking up some sun and taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling neighborhood around me.

They even offer a fantastic vegetarian sandwich option, which I've found to be quite rare in most sandwich shops.

I tend to customize my order by adding turkey and ham, making it a truly satisfying meal.

Pair that with their tangy tomato soup and a chocolate chip cookie, and you've got yourself an unforgettable lunch.

The Dilly Deli · 903 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Sandwich shop

Taqueria La Cihualteca

Ever since I moved to this neighborhood, I've been on the hunt for the best tacos, and I've finally found them at Taqueria La Cihualteca.

One of the things I love most about this place is its commitment to freshness.

I went there on a busy Saturday night, and even though they were out of a few menu items, the tacos I had were 20% better than any I'd tasted before.

I tried their tacos al pastor, and they were delicious - they even had pineapple on them, just like they should.

Since moving here from Arizona last year, I can confidently say that Taqueria La Cihualteca is the best Mexican food I've had in the area.

Taqueria La Cihualteca · 1211 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Restaurant

Tropical Salvadoreño Restaurant

One of my absolute favorite spots in town is Tropical Salvadoreño Restaurant, a small but vibrant gem offering authentic Salvadoran cuisine.

I always make sure to order one of their natural drinks, which can be quite hard to find elsewhere.

We often end up sitting at different tables, but it's a small price to pay for the incredible flavors we get to experience.

The star of the show for me is, without a doubt, the pupusas.

They're thin yet filled with goodness, striking the perfect balance in each bite.

The love and dedication that goes into the food is evident as the sweet momma who runs the entire place by herself shares her well-kept recipes with her dining guests.

Tropical Salvadoreño Restaurant · 119 Palouse St, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Salvadoran restaurant

Iwa Sushi and Grill

I decided to treat myself to some delicious sushi at Iwa Sushi and Grill in Wenatchee.

Upon entering, I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed, brick-lined space, complete with a sushi bar.

I ordered four different rolls, and they were all scrumptious.

The total cost was $55, which I found to be quite reasonable for the quality of the food.

Iwa Sushi and Grill · 8 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Sushi restaurant

VN Pho

Recently, I decided to try out a new place in town, VN Pho, a Vietnamese restaurant that caught my attention.

I'm not usually into Pho, so I opted for the B3 dish, and let me tell you - it was amazing!

The chicken was incredibly juicy and tender, and the serving size was enormous.

My friends, on the other hand, went for the classic Pho dishes.

They ordered large bowls and seemed to enjoy them quite a bit.

VN Pho · 1010 Springwater Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Vietnamese restaurant

Inna's Cuisine

Inna's Cuisine is one of my go-to spots whenever I'm in the mood for some delicious European food.

The food here is simply divine - every time I visit, I find myself torn between trying out classic Ukrainian and Russian dishes or indulging in their unique Captain Crunch chicken strips.

The portions are generous, and I often find myself leaving with leftovers for the next day.

And don't even get me started on the desserts!

Their Tiramisu is hands down the best I've ever had outside of Italy.

It's the perfect way to end a satisfying meal at this lovely European restaurant.

Inna's Cuisine has become a local favorite for special occasions, too - my partner and I spent our last Valentine's Day here, and the special dinner they prepared for us was nothing short of phenomenal.

Inna’s Cuisine · 26 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Europees restaurant

La Fuente

La Fuente has a homey vibe, perfect for family gatherings or just a casual dinner.

Their salsa is one of the best I've had – it's the perfect balance of flavors and has just the right amount of kick.

My usual order is a beef burrito, which never disappoints as it's always generously stuffed.

I sometimes get chicken enchiladas to go, and I appreciate that they bring it right as I'm about to leave.

La Fuente · 816 S Mission St, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Mexican restaurant

The Paradise Restaurant

One of my favorite places to grab a meal in town is The Paradise Restaurant.

I've been there a few times, and I've never been disappointed.

Last time I stopped in for breakfast, and let me tell you, it was hard to choose from their extensive menu options.

I ended up going with the blueberry pancakes next time, and I can't wait to try them.

The restaurant itself is very clean and inviting, making it a perfect spot for a cozy meal.

I particularly enjoyed my French toast with bacon and scrambled eggs - the bacon was cooked to perfection, something many places struggle with.

During one visit, I only had pie and coffee, which cost me a little over $10.

Although their dinner options are a bit pricier, I believe they're worth it for the quality of the food.

They offer a unique mix of Mexican, Greek, and Chinese dishes, which all look absolutely scrumptious.

The Paradise Restaurant · 334 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Restaurant

Om Cooking

Om Cooking is a small and cozy Thai restaurant in town.

As soon as I walked in, I was captivated by the new decor and warm atmosphere.

The Crab Rangoons were delightfully crunchy, and the soups really hit the spot.

If you love spicy food like me, you must try level 3 spice!

During my visit, I enjoyed an appetizer of vegetable fried egg rolls, followed by entrees of Pad Woon Sen and Yellow Curry.

Both dishes were outstanding and had the perfect level of spice.

Despite being quite full, I couldn't resist trying the Mango Sticky Rice - and I'm so glad I did!

The mix of flavors and the freshness of the mango made it a real treat for my taste buds.

Om Cooking · 749 Riverside Dr, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Thai restaurant

Monitor Hot Rod Cafe

I've always been a fan of classic cars and themed restaurants, so when I first visited Monitor Hot Rod Cafe, I was instantly hooked.

The entire place is filled with cool decorations, and the menu items even have fun names like the "63 Pontiac" and the vegetarian "Prius" burger.

I usually go for the #6 with fresh-cut fries, and I must say, their fry sauce is incredibly tasty with a sweet flavor and a hint of chili powder.

Their gluten-free bun option is a great alternative for those with dietary restrictions.

I've brought my family here several times, and it's always a hit.

My dad, an automotive tech, gets a kick out of the food names and the atmosphere.

Monitor Hot Rod Cafe · 2960 Easy St, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States
★★★★★ · Hamburger restaurant

Final Thoughts

Living in Wenatchee has truly been a delight, especially when it comes to the diverse and delicious food scene.

The restaurants in Wenatchee never fail to satisfy my cravings, and I am always looking forward to my next culinary adventure in this wonderful town.

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