15 Best Restaurants in Victorville, CA

Best Restaurants in Victorville, CA
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The city of Victorville, located at the south edge of the Mojave Desert, is not one you should underestimate.

This city in Victor Valley in San Bernardino County, California, is best known for its stop along route 66.

Incorporated in 1962, Victorville excelled as a railroad historical community during its early beginnings.

The first European settlers of the city named the city Victor, but it was then changed to Victorville to eliminate the confusion with another city in Colorado.

Due to its abundance of natural resources, the city's agricultural aspect was its greatest source of success.

Now, it's also an in-demand city where many movies choose to shoot.

But perhaps what makes this city a delightful gem in California is its array of food chains and restaurants.

Below are some of the best restaurants in Victorville, California, that you won't want to miss:

The Vegan Vato

If you're looking for a vegan restaurant, The Vegan Vato doesn't disappoint.

This restaurant prides itself on being 100% plant-based while adding a Mexican twist to its menu.

More than that, it sources its products from local farmers and markets to ensure authenticity and support local businesses.

Keep things crunchy and crisp with the plant-based protein entrees they have onsite.

Then spice up and pair your usual order with a unique sauce.

Besides its dishes, Vegan Vato's charm also lies in its cozy ambiance.

You'll be charmed by the hanging succulents and modern-style decor.

Try traditional Mexican cuisine with a healthy twist when you visit The Vegan Vato on D Street.

The Vegan Vato
16838 D St Victorville, CA 92395

Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Café

Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Café takes you back to the 1960s when hanging out with peers at diners was all the rage.

However, this hamburger restaurant on North D Street offers more to its space than its vintage ambiance.

Built in 1947, this local rest stop has been a famous landmark for weary travelers going past Route 66 and residents who share their stories with the city.

It's also the oldest standing restaurant in the Victorville community, offering an interesting peek into what historical Victorville was like.

Even though the original owners already passed away, the restaurant's heritage continues through their son's leadership.

What's more interesting is how much the restaurant has solidified its presence in modern Hollywood and its movies.

On your visit, grab a bite of Brian's Grill Favorites or Homemade Briancakes and have a grand time reminiscing at Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Café.

Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Café
17143 N D St Victorville, CA 92394

Paulina’s Mexican Grill

Paulina’s Mexican Grill is a tourist favorite because it guarantees a fine Mexican dining experience unlike any other.

This Mexican food spot brings together traditional and homemade dishes.

You can never go wrong with its flautas or rolled flour tortillas.

For a hearty meal, try the ribeye steak or some Ranchero-style pork chops.

You can also order party trays and host a private gathering with friends while at this fancy restaurant.

Paulina’s Mexican Grill is on Monarch Boulevard beside 760 Sushi Bros and D'Vine Wine Bar.

Paulina’s Mexican Grill
14845 Monarch Blvd Ste G Victorville,, CA 92395

The Corner Café

Looking for the best hub to spend your early mornings?

The Corner Café is your best choice for breakfast in Victorville, no matter the time of day!

This restaurant on Roy Rogers Drive has a small-town corner food shop aura that allows you to eat peacefully, away from the bustle of the city.

With its amazing breakfast menu choices from omelets to sandwiches, you will surely find a heavy meal that suits your taste and keep you energized for a whole day of exploring.

Crepes are also a typical dish at this restaurant, available in various flavors.

Hang out at The Corner Café to catch up with a friend or enjoy the scenery.

Your comfort and privacy are always guaranteed here!

The Corner Café
15683 Roy Rogers Dr Victorville, CA 92392

Steer 'n Stein

Founded in 1967, Steer 'n Stein is a great go-to spot for food lovers traveling to Victorville.

This local steakhouse dates back to 1967 and has branched out to other locations in California.

What's the secret to its dining success, you may ask?

Why, it's their sizzling steaks, of course!

On Mariposa Road, this restaurant gives you various choices on how to eat your steak.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more subtle meal choice, there are non-steak dishes you can try, including burgers and fries.

Here, you'll feel like you've stumbled into a countryside barn, but you'll be surprised by its five-star quality meals.

Satisfy your steak cravings by adding Steer 'n Stein to your itinerary when you visit Victorville.

Steer 'n Stein
12224 Mariposa Rd Victorville, CA 92395

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

On Amargosa Road, you'll be blown away by what BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse has in store for you.

What started as a pizza place during its early years has evolved into this restaurant and brewhouse in Victorville.

While it still considers itself the ultimate place for delicious pizza, it also offers full-course meals that everyone loves.

Its pizzas feature Chicago-style inspired flavors with a California twist.

Over 18 signature pizza flavors and creations are available here, from deep dishes to double-proofed ones.

Some of the menu's highlights are the Double Bone-In Pork Chop and the handcrafted burgers.

Save time for some dessert and order their bestseller—Monkey Bread Pizookie®.

While at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, don't forget to check out the award-winning tap beer that has wowed the public since 1996.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse
11600 Amargosa Rd Victorville, CA 92392


When it comes to fine dining in Victorville, Chateau Chang is a must-visit.

Established in 1988, it specializes in seafood dishes and offers an exquisite dining experience.

This family-owned restaurant on Anacapa Road is a hidden gem you shouldn't miss in Victorville.

If you have a special celebration coming up, this place is ideal with its elegant catering services.

You can hold various events here—from intimate graduation parties to large wedding receptions.

Setting it apart from other restaurants is its gluten-free options, too!

Enjoy the hors d'oeuvres at your table and match them with a cool glass of wine.

15425 Anacapa Rd Victorville, CA 92392

Goody's Family Restaurant

For satisfying Victorville group meals, Goody's Family Restaurant is the best place to go.

Be sure to bring your family to celebrate with excellent food at this restaurant!

Order excellent portions of lunch choices and discover why it's a local favorite among groups and families.

The restaurant's patio dining or outdoor seating allows you to enjoy the Victorville breeze and skyline while munching on treats.

Goody's Family Restaurant also offers a child-friendly menu, so if you have your little ones with you, it won't be a problem!

You can drive down Green Tree Boulevard to find this family-style restaurant.

Goody's Family Restaurant
14096 Green Tree Blvd Victorville, CA 92395

Down Home Grill

Down Home Grill is among the best American restaurants in Victorville.

Nothing screams more American than heavy breakfast dishes like bacon, hash browns, and eggs, which this restaurant offers.

There's also a separate menu for kids and seniors who may be picky eaters.

At the same time, there are Mexican dishes to whet your appetite.

The restaurant is ideal for enjoying a fine sandwich on a fair day with a close friend or on a casual date.

Down Home Grill is on Ridgecrest Road, next to Jerscheid's Men's Apparel.

Down Home Grill
12120 Ridgecrest Rd Ste 101 Victorville, CA 92395

Molly Brown's Country Cafe

A Victorville fine country dining bonanza is never complete without Molly Brown's Country Cafe.

Right on Hesperia Road, this restaurant offers a vintage atmosphere that most small locales give off.

Labeled the "Best Breakfast" by high desert residents, it continues to offer a warm, friendly welcome with its breakfast menu.

Try a hobo skillet and sit by the booth to enjoy Molly Brown's Country Cafe's privacy.

For a pleasant dining experience, come by this place!

You will surely step out with a satisfied palate and a full stomach.

Molly Brown's Country Cafe
15775 Mojave Dr Victorville, CA 92394


Make sure your Victorville weekend is as enjoyable as ever by stopping by Republic on Spring Valley Parkway.

This American restaurant is known for its top-selling offerings, such as meat and fresh greens.

But more than its array of tacos, sandwiches, and burgers, Republic offers a friendly environment where you can enjoy the company of other diners.

While waiting for someone or just spending alone time with your ordered snack, watch a sports game or a fun show on the televisions perched at the top of the counters.

Venture out of your comfort zone by trying Republic's daily specials.

Who knows, you might even meet a new friend while staying for lunch or dinner at this pub.

13261 Spring Valley Pkwy Victorville, CA 92395

California Classic Cafe

Keep your mealtimes casual but fun when you visit California Classic Cafe.

This restaurant on Amargosa Road is a regular stopover for hungry travelers, with good reason.

California Classic Cafe mixes American tradition with a homestyle touch.

You can enjoy delicious breakfast and lunch options here, perfectly complemented by excellent service.

Newly established in 2016, it has already proven itself as a big shot for those with particular palates and preferences.

California Classic Cafe
14196 Amargosa Rd Victorville, CA 92392

Manny's Restaurant

Are you a fan of burgers?

If yes, Victorville offers an extraordinary dining option for your burger craving: Manny's Restaurant.

Manny's Restaurant is a local treasure that fuses breakfast and burgers in a distinct, mouth-watering way.

The restaurant is among the 10 Best Burger Joints in America according to the magazine Money.

Its burgers without limits menu sets the bar high for how much you can add to your ordinary burger combination.

Whether you want a lot of cream, cheddar, or patty in your burger, you can be confident that Manny's Restaurant has something for you.

There's even a pizza burger dripping with pepperoni that you might want to try.

Savor extreme burgers and other heavy snacks at Manny's Restaurant on Bear Valley Road.

Manny's Restaurant
14120 Bear Valley Rd Ste 100 Victorville, CA 92392

El Charro Oaxaca Restaurant

El Charro Oaxaca Restaurant is your ideal stop for Mexican food that leaves you wanting more.

This restaurant boasts authentic Oaxacan flavor.

Try the chapulines or the mole negro con pollo, which are popular Mexican specialties.

You can find El Charro Oaxaca Restaurant on Atstar Street.

El Charro Oaxaca Restaurant
14464 Atstar Dr Ste 202 Victorville, CA 92395

Las 3 Maria's

The best form of cuisine doesn't only awaken your senses; it also takes you places.

At Las 3 Maria's, indulge in authentic Mexican food that makes you feel like you're in the center of the festivities and celebration.

Its quality food comes at fast food prices, so you get to savor good food without breaking the bank.

The restaurant offers a family pack, which consists of 20 tacos that you can share with your loved ones.

Be sure to try out the restaurant's pizzabirria or street tacos while you're there.

The colorful wall and table decorations at the restaurant give off a lively Mexican vibe.

Though it may feel like you're in the streets of Mexico City, Las 3 Maria's is on 7th Street in Victorville.

Las 3 Maria's
15080 7th St Ste 2 Victorville, CA 92395

Final Thoughts

With its many food delights, Victorville is the best place for adventures and cultural discovery.

Its restaurants offering local and international cuisine make it an ideal city to discover new dishes and bond over food with your travel buddies.

Whether you choose to visit the city alone or with a group, it surely has a unique meal surprise awaiting you.

Have you taken notes on the best restaurants in Victorville, California?

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