18 Best Restaurants in Ubud

18 Best Restaurants in Ubud

Do you think you need something heavenly beautiful? A trip to Bali is what you exactly want! Cool, calm, an absolute paradise is all that Bali is! Famous for its black sand beaches, rice paddies, temples, and many historical places, Bali is an exclusive choice for the ‘much-needed’ vacation. Moreover, Ubud which is in the uphills of Bali is also a beautiful place to visit. It has some of the most amazing restaurants which give you the exclusive taste of indigenous flavours of Balinese food. Here, we present you with a few restaurants which offer a perfect blend of Indonesian and many other flavours around the world. It is a promise that these on the list are sure to lure your mind over the food!

Fivelements Sakti Dining Room

Fivelements Sakti Dining Room
Djuna Ivereigh / Fivelements

Known for its plant-based, organic cuisine made with various tastes, textures, and vibrant colours, this restaurant is known for its eco-luxurious setting. The guests can have the most amazing salads like the Asian Tomato Caprese and the very special Fivelements Superfood Salad. Dishes like the Tropical Garden Pizza and Zucchini Tomato Lasagne are included in the main course. It is one of the restaurants which promises vegetarian, healthy, and high energy gastronomical cuisine.

BLANCO par Mandif

With delicacies decorated on the table, BLANCO par Mandif provides the perfect menu for all diets including vegan, Gluten-free, etc. With all its dishes savored by garlic, onion, and shallot it promises its guests with the true Indonesian taste. The Aged Smoked Duck is one of the dishes that you definitely cannot miss. It is spiced and cooked with tamarind, beetroot sauce, and lemon. The dish is included in the A la Carte which offers its guest the complete list from Starters, Appetizers, Main course, and Dessert at the end. The very variety and quality of authentic Indonesian cuisine make this restaurant a fine dine experience.

The Grill at LUXE

If sea-food is what you live for, Grill at LUXE is a place you can call the ‘cooked to perfection’. Serving chicken and fish blended with seasonal ingredients of the local farms and rice paddies that Bali is famous for, this restaurant promises to offer the best culinary experience. The lobster ravioli and rosemary-scented lambs are one of the most famous signature dishes. And for the chocolate lovers, the Manjari Chocolate Brownie made with the Valrhona chocolate is indispensable. More than the menus of breakfast, lunch, and dinner the restaurant gives exquisite choices over chocolates and cheese for the desserts.

Api Jiwa

Api Jiwa
Capella Hotels

The name, originally derived from Sankrit means ‘fire to the soul’. The cuisine here exactly justifies the meaning and the guests feel what the finest dining experience means! It is an open-air restaurant that serves the most authentic Asian cuisine. You will find one of the finest menus is in the Mortel & Pestle Bar of this restaurant. The variety of juices, especially the ‘Slow Pressed Juices’ like the Cholesterol and Dehydration Boosters show the very taste and freshness of these ingredients. The menu also includes coffee which is fermented and naturally processed. One of which is Espresso Based Coffee with a legitimate taste of the Balinese café.

Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique

This restaurant provides you with a magical blend of Indonesian and French cuisine. The term they give to this blend comes from a philosophy called ‘Cuisine du marche’ meaning the marriage of Indonesian ingredients with modern French techniques of cooking. The gastronomy comes from the wines of flavours and brands from all over the world which elevates the overall dining experience. For the dessert, you cannot miss on the White Mango Sorbet and the very tasty Chocolate and peanut mousse.

Casa Luna

The perfect Balinese custom, the authentic Balinese cuisine, and the warm Balinese hospitality are all found in one place; Casa Luna. Its paella and lime tarts are famous and the restaurant is home to Ubud’s most delicious coffee. With the Ubud market in its close proximity, the ingredients are fresh and always ready to relish. From Rose and White wines to Chocolates and Pizzas, the menu of Casa Luna provides you with the most excellent ranges of delicacies. In case you hit this restaurant on a Sunday, you will be welcomed to the ‘Sunday Donut Day’ of Casa Luna. You will be offered donuts with the incredible coffee and there will be no other snack as luscious as this!

CasCades at The Viceroy Bali

The Viceroy Bali
The Viceroy Bali

Due to its amazing interior consisting of the typical Balinese thatched roofs houses, this hotel scores the best in its vibrant and ambient atmosphere. Its major produce includes the Australian Wagyu Beef, Canadian Lobster, and French Fois Gras. This itself shows the gastronomical experience the guests in this restaurant are provided with.  The menu is the perfect amalgamation of Indonesian and Western cuisine. You can order dishes like Prawns curry which is personal favourite and the most liked. Also, do not miss the ‘Balinese Urab’ which is made of Bayam Spinach and Bali Bem Jackfruit.

Restaurant Nusantara by Locavore X

Nusantara can be rightly called the storehouse of all Indonesian Ingredients. All these ingredients add up to the taste of the amazingly flavoured meat. It brings about famous recipes of Indonesia and the entire world making the dishes on the table tempting to the guests. Its big dishes consist of regional cuisines combined with rice and vegetables. One such dish is called the Udang Bakar Kecombrang which is made of prawn sauteed with shallots, garlic, chilies, and coconut oil and is worth ordering. The typical Indonesian chilli sauce named Sambal is also served with coconut sugars, lemongrass, candlenuts, and various other ingredients.

Suka Espresso

An Australian style café with tasty food and mellow vibes is the Suka Espresso. One thing exciting about the café is its ‘Buddha Bowls’. With chicken and fish, especially tuna combined with white rice, it becomes one of the best dishes in the entire menu. Among the dessert, one can not afford to miss the carrot cake made with grated carrots, lemon cream, cheese frosting, and cinnamon. With all rich ingredients, it makes sure to pamper various types of diet including vegan and gluten-free.


Moksa Bali

A plant-based restaurant-maintaining a complete balance between extraordinary Balinese culture and its indigenous ingredients-is Moksa. The plant-based ingredients are usually fresh from the gardens of Ubud. It also specializes in teas and coffees produced from their farms which provides the guest with the taste of the traditional Balinese café. You cannot miss the special Moksa made ‘Moksa Mocktail’ which consists of drinks like Ginger Mimosa, Moksa Lassi, Tropical Fizz, etc. Moreover, the Asian Spring sauteed with the piquant Almond Curry Sauce is greatly pleasing to the taste.


Known for its Asian cooking, the restaurant proves to be a treat for vegetarians and vegans. It is a local café and specialises in Japanese and various other cuisines. You will  be served the most delicious Avo Gado Gado which is Balinese, the Japanese Avo Miso Egg plant, and the Italian Kraken Pasta. The coffee made of hand-roasted coffee beans is fresh and comes from the tradition of the very authentic Balinese Café. One thing that unfortunately misses the menu of this restaurant is the roosters. Cockfighting being one of their traditional (Balinese) ceremonies, roosters are not killed and are in Bali to stay!

Aperitif Restaurant

Aperitif Restaurant
Aperitif Restaurant

Do you want to experience what kind was the cocktail in the 1920s? Make Aperitif your ultimate destination! The drinks are made with keeping Bali’s tropical climate in mind and the chef makes sure to combine them with ingredients that authentically are Balinese. The meal includes the eight-course degustation menu which provides the most appetizing experience worth trying.  The Seared Foie Gras, Canadian Lobster, and the Cheesecake are some of the many amazing dishes worth trying in this restaurant.

Tanah Gajah

Want to choose a place to give a treat to your loved one? Tanah Gajah is definitely the right place for you! With an exclusive dining experience provided with an overview of the beautiful rice paddies of Ubud, this place becomes attractive with its special atmosphere. The ingredients are brought and produced from the neighboring islands and hence are definitely fresh. In case you decide to dine here on Sunday, do not miss the ‘Sunday Barbecue’ which is a special recipe of the roasted pig. The guests are offered a culinary experience which is the perfect mix of indigenous Balinese and modern global cuisine.

Bridges Bali

With Tuesdays and Sundays filled with Jazz, Bridges Bali offers the most delicious experience. From Seared Salmon to the most flavoursome Balinese Spiced Duck Leg, the restaurant provides its guests with an enormous range of varieties. One of the fascinating things about the dinner menu is the chef’s personal suggestion of the specific wines that go best with your dinner dish. Apart from dinner, the desserts are just infallible. One dish named Chocolate – Espresso Lava Cake is made with rich chocolate cream and vanilla gelato. There is also a menu to pamper just the kids! With House-made potato salad and Chicken Fingers, your little ones are promised with lovely food and happiness.

Kubu at Mandapa Bali

‘Kubu’ means huts. These huts are where the farmers store their rice harvest. Inspired by their designs, this restaurant has a similar interior which includes dining in a cocoon for a private meal. The degustation and dinner menu has four specific parts consisting of Gourmet, essentials, appetizers, Main course. It has a range of delicacies, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The Grilled Balck Cod and Pok Belly Confit are few of the many recipes worth a shot. With excellent reviews, this restaurant provides you with food and atmosphere which is worth the money you spend!

Seniman Coffee Studio

The most elaborate coffee studios in Ubud, Bali id the Seniman Coffee Studio. It provides the mingle of international, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly ingredients to give you a rich episode filled with supreme delicacies. One of the famous and most likely ordered is the Cold Brew served with cake. This is your ultimate option if you are a coffee lover. It is served in the rawest form and tastes supreme! You also have customized sandwiches where you are the one who decides the layers and ingredients that go within it. This café is nothing but delightful in all the ways you perceive it.

Café du Monyet

This restaurant is the definition of the 1980’s luxury. Located in the centre of Ubud, amidst the scenic beauty of the rice fields. It offers you a gastronomical experience with all dishes and flavours of French, Spanish, and European styles. The Mojito made with mint and lemon from the farms of Ubud is refreshing and is a must-try. The ‘Ocean Delight’, a dish prepared for the celebration of the Chinese New Year is prepared with chilli lime beurre-lime sauce and offers you the taste of the most authentic French cuisine. As it is situated near the Monkey Forest, you may hope to find some monkeys accompanying you for dinner!