15 Best Restaurants in Tysons Corner, VA

Tysons Corner, VA
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Tysons Corner, the ultimate shopping destination in Fairfax County, Virginia, is a hidden gem for recreational and dining extravagance.

Nestled between the McLean countryside and the urban life of Vienna, Virginia, Tysons Corner bridges the two worlds.

Tysons Corner, also known as Tysons, was once Peach Grove before its designation as Tysons Crossroad after the Civil War.

In the 1950s, the community of Tysons Corner remained quiet and peaceful.

However, in 1963, a significant commercial change started changing the place.

Its two most prominent shopping centers are now premier spots for some quick-serve chains and eateries.

This unincorporated community is most notable for its variety of European and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Thanks to its urban environment, you should satisfy your cravings with a scenic, bustling view.

Below are some of the best restaurants in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Founding Farmers Tysons

Are you worried about where to go for your weekend brunch?

The answer you're looking for is Founding Farmers Tysons.

Founding Farmers Tysons, situated on Tysons Boulevard near Tysons Corner Center, is an all-day full-service restaurant and bar.

With its fresh food and diverse menu collection, it's the ideal place to gather with friends and family and bond over food, no matter the time or season.

Like the Founding Farmers chains all over the country, this restaurant specializes in American-inspired dishes.

Unlike the others, though, the Tysons branch fuses its culinary expertise with locally sourced ingredients and fruits from Virginia farms.

Virginia farmhouses heavily inspire its interior with a mix of sleek modernity in its furniture and layout.

Feel right at home when you order some waffles for brunch or a plate of ravioli for your dinner entree.

At the bar, unwind with some craft cocktails amidst the barn-inspired ceiling and lights.

Founding Farmers Tysons invites you for a grand memorable time!

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Founding Farmers Tysons
1800 Tysons Blvd Tysons, VA 22102


Are you craving an Asian-inspired meal with a loved one or by yourself?

With its Japanese menu cluster, Wren can keep you on the edge of your seat.

Borrowing the Japanese concept of the izakaya, this restaurant regards itself as a gathering place for everyone who wishes to enjoy good food.

Using a Japanese word that means "love," Wren wishes to evoke a bubbly and high-spirited atmosphere within its walls, making every patron's mealtime worthwhile.

Its cuisine combines Japanese street food and American modernity to highlight both cultures.

Your usual steak order may have a uniquely delectable flavor reminiscent of Japanese cooking.

If you prefer private dining for your most important celebrations, Wren can cater to your intimate venue needs.

You can go for the outdoor patio if you wish for a more natural ambiance for your event.

Wren is on Capital One Drive South, ready to accommodate you!

1825 Capital One Dr S Tysons, VA 22102

Chima Steakhouse

Chima Steakhouse surprises you with its Brazilian menu on Towers Crescent Drive.

Named after "chimarrao," the restaurant lives up to its namesake, a traditional drink in Brazil.

The first branch of Chima Steakhouse opened in Uberlandia, Brazil.

Then, in 2003 they arrived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Customers come back for more at this restaurant because of its "rodizio" style.

This restaurant uses a rotation style to serve its tables, delivered by the restaurant's authentic Gauchos.

Its wide array of plates in its gourmet salad bar is also one of its many delights.

Chima Steakhouse is the best place to get a fresh twist for your lunch or dinner.

Come with a group and find your usual good dining experience magnified by the restaurant's unique but comfortable atmosphere.

Chima Steakhouse
8010 Towers Crescent Dr Ste 100 Tyson's Corner-Vienna, VA 22182

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

Travel to South Brazil while staying in Tysons Corner, specifically at the tables of Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse.

This upscale, eat-all-you-can restaurant imports meats and artisan bread you should love after only a few bites.

Its Churrasco grilling heritage helps this restaurant thrive in the culinary industry.

Churrasco is a Brazilian culinary art that uses an open flame to roast high-cut meat directly.

The first restaurant served the community of Porto Alegre with its impressive wooden building in 1979.

Fogo de Chao debuted in 1997 in the busy streets of Dallas, Texas.

In 2013, the Bar Fogo menu came to grace Tysons alongside a new seafood plate variety.

Today, visiting Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse allows you to indulge in the elegance of roasted meat with a flavored cocktail in hand.

Visit this steakhouse on Tysons Boulevard.

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse
1775 Tysons Blvd Ste 50 Tysons, VA 22102

The Palm Tysons Corner

Your fine dining experience in Tysons Corner is never complete without a stop at the Palm Tysons Corner.

This restaurant on Tysons Boulevard is next to the tailor's shop, the Tailored Man.

It is a convenient location for recreational centers and high-end shopping.

Palm Tysons first opened in 1926.

Its mission of treating guests like family has, until now, continued to serve as its guiding light.

Beyond a place for sophisticated dining, it's also become a refuge for including artists, tycoons, screen stars, and more.

Today, you can rely on grand wining and dining at the tables of this restaurant.

Its menu includes chic entrees and appetizers, including filet mignons and lobster bisque.

To fulfill your creative side, the upper walls of the Palm Tysons Corner contain fancy caricatures.

Indeed, nothing screams sophistication and simplicity than relaxing with a heavy dish on your plate and a glass of wine at this restaurant.

The Palm Tysons Corner
1750 Tysons Blvd Tysons Corner, VA 22102

Barrel & Bushel

Located on the plaza on Tysons One Place, Barrel & Bushel makes its friendliness known.

This neighborhood restaurant brings you fresh regional cuisine inspired by classical American flavors.

Its barrel-forward, rustic design offers a distinctive feel that's both comforting and inspiring to others who choose to dine inside.

It offers 30 craft tap beers and 65 bourbons.

Its dining space is the best venue to chill with the warm breeze during warm seasons.

Visit Barrel & Bushel with a loved one and try the Power Bowl for breakfast.

Share a plate with your order of shrimp toast or roasted tomato soup.

Bring a cocktail by the fire pit, share secrets with your group, or learn to love the solitude.

Join Happy Hour at Barrel & Bushel if you've got the time and revel in the leisure and comfort at Tysons Corner.

Barrel & Bushel
7901 Tysons One Pl Tysons Corner, VA 22102

Ruth's Chris Steak House

In 1965, Ruth's Chris Steak House opened its doors to the public.

Despite significant setbacks, like a hurricane that hit the same year, the restaurant grew to serve 21 countries.

Thanks to its warm atmosphere, this restaurant fulfills its promise with its interior design.

Its excellent customer service also appeals to a formal but intimate dining experience.

Enjoy the finest cut steaks you won't find anywhere else.

Join Tastemaker Dinners and enjoy premium steak and wine combinations inspired by French cuisine.

Visit Ruth's Chris Steak House on Leesburg Pike in Tysons Corner.

Ruth's Chris Steak House
8521 Leesburg Pike Tysons Corner Tysons Corner, VA 22182

Fish Taco

For a few jolly laughs and casual conversation, Fish Taco is the ideal place to go for a snack.

This family-operated restaurant keeps its success partly because of its locally-sourced ingredients.

Its Baja-inspired cuisine and flavors bring its uniqueness to the maximum level.

Moreover, its light and vibrant setting helps you share mealtime memories with loved ones.

Choose outdoor dining and enjoy the scent of the high buzz of the streets of Tysons Corner.

Whether you prefer simple chips and sauce or heavy taco platters, you will find something you like here.

Fish Taco on Boro Place awaits you.

Fish Taco
1644 Boro Pl Tysons, VA 22102

Tasty Kabob

Regarding ready-to-eat Halal food, find the best of the best lunch servings at Tasty Kabob.

Tasty Kabob started in 2010 as a father-and-son food service effort.

Their aspiration to bring authentic Afghanistan tang to classic American-style lunch orders brought the restaurant to life.

Serving the Washington DC and Virginia areas, this restaurant brings good food to America through its fleet of Clean Green Machines.

Taste a bit of culture and stimulating flavors as soon as you take a bite of your rice and potato combo.

Solidify your cultural exploration by trying the baklava, too!

There's always fun at every corner of the Tasty Kabob restaurant on Boro Place.

Tasty Kabob
1624 Boro Pl Tysons, VA 22102

East West Restaurants Tysons

Located on Chain Bridge Road, East-West Restaurants Tysons sheds light on Turkish food in its best form.

Make your breakfast as extravagant as possible with a usual Turkish dish and some cut vegetables for the sides.

Its farm-to-table specialties are best eaten at its lounge-inspired dining area.

Bring together the best of Eastern and Western food cultures as you try the pastries with a cup of coffee.

Sip a glass of wine for good digestion and all-around flavor for mealtime refinement.

East West Restaurants Tysons is your best bet for some casual relaxation and homely feels.

East West Restaurants Tysons
1992 Chain Bridge Rd McLean, VA 22102

Falafel Inc

Falafel Inc brings you original falafel and hummus for some Middle Eastern goodness.

Providing fresh and locally produced ingredients makes your dining expedition healthier with its vegetarian menu options.

Its affordable bite-sized meals serve as an energizer snack for your trip to Tysons Corner.

Bring your meal to a satisfying finish with some barbican, coconut water, or vimto.

Try their fry options, such as Habibi or Mazbout.

Check out Falafel Inc on Chain Bridge Road.

Falafel Inc
1210 Potomac St NW Washington, DC 20007

CHA Tea House

Nothing beats the burst of Pakistan spice CHA Tea House offers with its menu collection.

It's almost like you're walking around Pakistan's busy, aromatic streets as soon as you enter this restaurant.

Situated in Tysons Corner Center, Cha signifies family.

Thus, the restaurant strives to bring the love for family and culture together in its neon-centered interior.

Connect with friends while admiring the cultural paintings hung on the walls of the CHA Tea House.

CHA Tea House
8056 Tysons Corner Ctr Tysons, VA 22102

District Taco

Take a short trip to Mexico when you come by District Taco.

District Taco started operations in 2009.

The owner's dedication to combining his mother's homemade cooking with his newfound American lifestyle helped push the restaurant off the ground.

In Yucatan style, its menu options are authentic and delicious.

From the tacos to the burrito mojados, there's not a meal you wouldn't like.

Likewise, the restaurant's green, red, and yellow decor and simplistic dining space give the restaurant an edge.

It's time to hang out at District Taco on Cornerside Boulevard with friends and family.

District Taco
1500-C Cornerside Blvd Tysons Corner, VA 22182

Bento Box

There's always something to taste and savor at Bento Box.

Bento Box keeps your hunger pangs at bay with affordable protein dishes.

You can never go wrong with a teriyaki plate or meat-combined bento boxes.

Make your meal worthwhile with some add-ons, like spring rolls or shumai.

Bento Box, located in Tysons Corner Center, is one of the must-visit food spots at Tysons Corner.

Bento Box
1961 Chain Bridge Rd McLean, VA 22102

MOD Pizza

Build your pizza at MOD Pizza, where your pizza preferences are always respected.

MOD Pizza, on Leesburg Pike, is a striking counter-serve pizza eatery because of its menu variety.

Its artisan pizzas, alongside its finely-decorated walls and furniture, make the restaurant shine as a pizza frontier.

Founded in 2008, MOD Pizza has come a long way, thanks to its individually-sized pizzas and over 40 topping choices.

You can take your pizza enjoyment to the ultimate max with some draft beer, too.

This pizza place is more than just a pizza place.

It also promises a chill and comfortable hang-out place for you and your travel group.

MOD Pizza
8399 Leesburg Pike Tysons, VA 22182

Final Thoughts

The shopping and dining elegance of Tysons Corner is one of the reasons why this community should be next on your travel list.

With its wide range of cuisine inspiration and novelty, it should become your new favorite place for restaurants.

Did this list of the best restaurants in Tysons Corner, Virginia, help you decide where to eat next?

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