16 Best Restaurants in Sunset Beach, NC

Best Restaurant in Sunset Beach, NC

Sunset Beach is a small town in North Carolina’s Brunswick County along the Atlantic Coast.

The town's very small population makes it a great destination for a relaxed and quiet family vacation.

It’s also a great stopover if you’re visiting the major cities of North Carolina; you get access to the scenic waters of the Atlantic Ocean along with other underrated tourist attractions.

The seafood joints here are some of the best in North Carolina, especially in terms of variety and freshness.

Here are the best restaurants in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, to get you started on your gastronomic adventure:

La Cucina

La Cucina is one of the most popular restaurants in Sunset Beach that specializes in Italian American cuisine.

La Cucina is located along Chandler Lane in the heart of the town and offers a quaint and intimate dining experience.

It offers signature dishes such as chicken parmesan, chicken marsala, and an assortment of classic pasta dishes.

It’s also great for dinner dates with its special menu items like scallops and shrimp in champagne cream sauce, veal picatta, and filet mignon.

Try their seafood entrees and appetizers, as they’re freshly caught straight from the waters of the Atlantic.

Although famous, the restaurant itself is small, so try booking a reservation before you visit.

La Cucina
1780 Chandlers Ln Ste 11 Sunset Beach, NC 28468

Fibber Mcgees

Another highly rated restaurant in Sunset Beach is Fibber Mcgees, an Irish-style pub and restaurant located at Queen Anne along Sunset Boulevard North.

Great for family and friends, Fibber Mcgees offers a variety of craft beers to go along with their classic Irish meals that’ll transport you to Ireland.

Some crowd favorites include Shepherd’s Pie, crab soup, and fish pot pies, available at affordable prices.

Try their shrimp and scallop dishes, as they’re some of the most flavorful renditions of shellfish recipes in town.

To complete the experience, Fibber Mcgees ensures there’s always live music and events in the restaurant, providing a constant festive atmosphere.

With great service and a nice ambiance, Fibber Mcgees offers you a fun and delicious place to spend quality time with friends and family.

Fibber Mcgees
1780 Queen Anne Unit 1 Sunset Beach, NC 28468

Crabby Oddwaters

Since Sunset Beach is right along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, so it’s no surprise there are a lot of restaurants here specializing in seafood.

Crabby Oddwaters is one of the experts in turning fresh catch into scrumptious comfort food.

Some of their bestsellers include crab dip, hush puppies, and flounder dishes.

They also have other classic favorites such as crab cakes, shrimp and grits, and seafood boil.

Crabby Oddwaters' location along May Creek in Sunset Boulevard North makes it an ideal place to enjoy surrounding nature views.

If you’re in the mood, give their full bar a try and pair your delicious entrees with a drink from their wide selection.

Crabby Oddwaters
310 Sunset Blvd Sunset Beach, NC 28468

Bill’s Seafood

Another popular dining spot in Sunset Beach when it comes to fresh shellfish is Bill’s Seafood.

With the same owners as Crabby Oddwaters, Bill’s Seafood has been serving the town for several decades, also serving as a wet market for fresh seafood.

The restaurant has retained a loyal customer base thanks to its fresh seafood that comes straight from the fishing boats that ply Sunset Beach.

They have one of the widest selections of fish and shellfish in town, like mahi-mahi, tuna, swordfish, crabs, oysters, and more.

Their menu features many seafood classics—from seafood Po’ Boys to steamed seafood baskets.

Drop by Bill’s Seafood which shares the same building as Crabby Oddwaters.

Bill’s Seafood
310 Sunset Blvd N Sunset Beach, NC 28468

Mavericks Pointe

Just across Bill’s Seafood and Crabby Oddwaters is Mavericks Pointe—a Sunset Beach icon for great drinks and food.

Known for its burgers and fries, the restaurant offers delicious comfort food.

Since it’s also a sports bar, Mavericks Pointe is a great place to enjoy an alcoholic beverage while you catch up on your favorite sport.

Try their creatively crafted cocktails offering interesting flavors.

The ambiance inside Mavericks Point is always lively, as they also have live music throughout the night.

It’s a great stopover for beachgoers and an even better place for sports and drinking enthusiasts.

Mavericks Pointe
307 Sunset Blvd N Sunset Beach, NC 28468

House’s Place at the Beach

House’s Place at the Beach is a hidden gem in Sea Trail Resort along Royal Poste Road.

Whether you’re visiting Sea Trail Resort or not, you’d be hard-pressed not to try House’s Place at the Beach for their homestyle flavor-packed meals.

They have clam chowders, chicken fingers, burgers, and wraps—all highly coveted by the town’s locals.

They also have plenty of options featuring yellowfin tuna, one of the tastiest fish in town.

It’s a great place to hang out during the evening, as it’s full of people and has live music performances.

House’s Place at the Beach
200 Royal Poste Rd Sunset Beach, NC 28468

Brassie’s Pub

Speaking of Sea Trail, there’s another neat dining establishment within the resort called Brassie’s Pub.

Brassie’s Pub serves as the resort’s clubhouse and bar for their golf course, Sea Trail Golf Club.

The place serves beers and finger food like mozzarella sticks, Po’ Boys, and wings.

They’re known for their wings and their varied flavors that range from classic American to more oriental variants.

Brassie's Pub on Clubhouse Road is a great place to unwind after hitting the golf course during your stay in Sunset Beach.

Las Palmeras

Las Palmeras is a must-visit if you’re searching for a delicious Mexican restaurant in Sunset Beach.

Their holistic menu offers classic Mexican dishes ranging from quesadillas to tacos and enchiladas.

Their beef-based menu items are some of the best, such as carne asada, beef steak ranchero, and steak Jalisco—rib eye steak cooked in paprika with lots of onions and mushrooms.

When you’ve had your fill, try their gigantic margaritas, too!

It comes in various flavors and packs a punch, a perfect pair to the meaty dishes.

Located along Chandler Lane next to La Cucina, Las Palmeras has a lot of delectable Mexican treats waiting for you.

Las Palmeras
1780 Chandlers Ln Unit 4 Sunset Beach, NC 28468

The Boat Landing Restaurant

The Boat Landing Restaurant offers delicious food and scenic views, thanks to its ideal location along Myrtle Beach.

It’s one of the most accessible restaurants after a day on the beach.

The food here does not disappoint, as it’s an all-rounder serving loads of fresh seafood as a tribute to its name.

Their shrimp and fish tacos are popular in town, along with their shrimp, grits, and fried oysters.

Even their sides and appetizers get a lot of rave reviews.

Their zucchini and squash sides are a must-try, along with the Brussel sprouts.

When visiting Sunset Beach Park, The Boat Landing Restaurant is a no-brainer choice when hunger strikes.

The Boat Landing Restaurant
102 Sunset Blvd N Sunset Beach, NC 28468

Beach House Cafe

The Beach House Cafe is one of the best places to enjoy a light breakfast or lunch.

It's a go-to place for vegetarian and vegan options, although an all-around menu is also available.

One of their best dishes is the acai bowl, made from frozen berries.

If you’re looking for something heavier, they also have meat-based sandwiches.

Shakes and coffee like lattes are also available to complete your meal.

With great interiors and a wide variety of menu items, Beach House Cafe is a fantastic place relax with good food.

Beach House Cafe
1780 Chandlers Ln Ste 7 Sunset Beach, NC 28468

Coastal Grounds

Coastal Grounds is an unassuming hidden gem located along Sunset Boulevard South near the beachfront area of the town.

It has some of the best brewed coffee in Sunset Beach and offers classics like americanos, lattes, and frappes.

Milkshakes and ice cream are also available for kids or non-coffee drinkers.

One of the best cafes in town, Coastal Grounds is a must-visit in Sunset Beach.

Coastal Grounds
424 Sunset Blvd Sunset Beach, NC 28468

Joey O’s Brick Oven Pizza

If you’re after scrumptious pizzas, Joey O’s Brick Oven Pizza has you covered.

The restaurant offers New York-style hand-tossed pizzas in various flavors, such as buffalo chicken, cheese, bianca, and bruschetta.

If you’re feeling adventurous, they also have uncanny pizza variants like Romano Ranch and Steak Bomb Pizza.

Those with dietary restrictions will appreciate the restaurant's gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Joey O’s Brick Oven Pizza is just a two-minute drive from La Cucina, located along Seaside Road Southwest.

Joey O’s Brick Oven Pizza
1637 Seaside Rd SW Sunset Beach, NC 28469

Sarah’s Kitchen

Just beside Joey O’s Brick Oven Pizza is Sarah’s Kitchen, a haven for breakfast enthusiasts.

Sarah’s Kitchen has everything you'll want for a proper breakfast meal, such as pancakes, toast, hash, and even breakfast burritos.

If you’re planning on having a heavy breakfast, the locals highly recommend the breakfast platters and Country Fried Steak.

Sarah’s Kitchen also offers a generous serving of coffee—a perfect way to perk up your mornings.

Overall, Sarah’s Kitchen is the best place to start the day if you’re an early riser who loves breakfast.

Sarah’s Kitchen
1649 Seaside Rd SW Unit 7 Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469


Hardee’s is a great option if you’re looking for a fuss-free fast food chain to grab a quick but delectable meal.

Right across Sarah’s Kitchen, Hardee’s is your classic American diner offering burgers, fries, soda, and more for an affordable price.

Their burgers, biscuits, and gravy are winners among the locals of Sunset Beach.

If you’re a seafood lover, try their seafood pasta too.

With excellent service and affordable prices, Hardee’s is a great option for any fast food lover or budget traveler.

1651 Seaside Rd SW Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

China King

If you’re craving Chinese fast food, China King is one of the few available in Sunset Beach, located along Seaside Road Southwest.

China King is known for its quick service and savory Chinese classics that are perfect for dinner or takeout.

Some of their mouthwatering dishes are General Tso’s Chicken, lo mein, hot and sour soup, and egg rolls.

China King is located north of Sunset Beach along Old Georgetown Road.

China King
925 Seaside Rd SW Unit 12 Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

Talk of the Town

On the same strip of China King lies Talk of the Town, an Italian restaurant offering great food, service, and wine.

Talk of the Town’s ambiance and menu are perfect for all sorts of occasions, whether dinner dates or casual meet-ups with friends or family.

They have a variety of Italian appetizers, entrees, and desserts, making it a great all-rounder if you’re looking for a complete meal.

When visiting, try their steak pasta and shrimp scampi.

The restaurant is also highly rated because of its fresh and delicious ricotta cheese and marinara sauce.

Complete with wine options and live jazz music, Talk of the Town is a great place for an Italian dining experience.

Talk of the Town
925 Seaside Rd SW Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

Final Thoughts

While Sunset Beach is a quaint little town with a small population, it has a lot to offer when it comes to attractions and food options.

There are a lot of interesting local businesses here specializing in a wide range of cuisines, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled as you explore the area during your visit.

Don't miss out on the abundant seafood options from various restaurants.

You’ll have the freshest seafood dishes cooked to perfection while enjoying a day on the beach.

So what are you waiting for?

The best restaurants in Sunset Beach, North Carolina are waiting for you!

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