15 Best Restaurants in Strasburg, PA

Best Restaurants in Strasburg, PA
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Strasburg is a historic town in the middle of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The borough of Strasburg was incorporated in 1816 and grew into a strip town about two miles long.

The town clustered along what was then called the Great Conestoga Road but is now called the Strasburg Road.

The French gave it the name "Strasbourg" in honor of the cathedral city of their native Alsace.

It has a rich history, including a thriving Amish community in the early 1700s.

It grew into an essential crossroads town and became the commerce center and stagecoach stop on the road between Philadelphia and Lancaster.

Strasburg has five fantastic train-centric attractions, making it a mecca for locomotive enthusiasts of all ages.

It has a rich culinary history due to the presence of both Amish and French residents.

Here are the best restaurants in Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

Fireside Tavern

Steak at Fireside Tavern
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The Fireside Tavern is a friendly neighborhood tavern and restaurant with a 16-seat bar, high-top tables, and plenty of space for informal dining.

Its walls are adorned with gorgeous framed prints and hand-painted wooden signage.

It has excellent cuisine, friendly service, and a warm and inviting pub.

You can see the peaceful fields of Lancaster County from every room of the Fireside Tavern.

This restaurant has three working fireplaces and an exposed brick oven that creates a cozy atmosphere.

Beer at Fireside Tavern
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The tavern is great for after-work drinks with friends or a budget-friendly dinner with family.

Their prime rib sandwich is to die for, so don't miss it.

The apricot salmon is well-grilled and tastes excellent.

Enjoy a great meal with the whole family at their historic Dr. Strasburg, Pennsylvania location.

Strasburg Pizza

Strasburg Pizza is a family-owned and operated pizzeria that serves thin-crust pizza, sandwiches, wings, and pasta meals.

Despite the emergence of other pizza joints, Strasburg Pizza remains a favorite among residents.

Try them out and see for yourself why they are so popular.

They offer great, freshly made pizza at a fair price.

All ingredients, from the dough to the sauce, are produced in-house daily.

There's an excellent harmony between the cheese and sauce on their pizza, and the crust is nice and crisp.

Don't leave town without trying their round Neopolitan cheese pizza.

They also have tasty stuffed and white pizza.

Speckled Hen

Latte at Speckled Hen
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Strasburg is home to the Speckled Hen, a cafe and eatery.

The Speckled Hen is known for its artisanal fare and specialty coffee.

They have delicious choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast meals at Speckled Hen
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They work closely with local farmers and producers to source the freshest ingredients possible for each dish.

They also serve omelets for breakfast, including the farmers' best, speckled hen, Lancaster, and western.

They are located at E. Main St., Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

Pizza City

Since 1981, Pizza City has operated as a low-key, family-run pizzeria known for its selection of New York-style pizzas.

Every item on the menu is top-notch, and it's undoubtedly the best Italian restaurant in the area.

You will love their pizza, subs, chicken, fries, and salads.

Their hand-tossed pizza is fantastic, and the pricing is unbeatable.

Vegetables of all shapes and sizes fill their amazing salads.

Their calzones are highly recommended due to their ample size and tasty ingredients.

You can relax here with your loved ones while feasting on delicious Italian food.

Pizza City is at E Main St, Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

Other Restaurants Nearby

Hershey Farm Restaurant

Meals at Hershey Farm Restaurant
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Enjoy traditional Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine and contemporary creations at Hershey Farm Restaurant in Ronks, Pennsylvania, four minutes from Strasburg.

Indulge in mouthwatering appetizers, entrées, and desserts baked from scratch every day.

They also provide a hot carving station, fresh salads, and homemade soups.

Have a hearty, home-cooked breakfast to kick off your day.

Waffle at Hershey Farm Restaurant
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You can get omelets and eggs cooked to order, along with other breakfast items like thick pieces of French toast, waffles, and pancakes.

Try one of their daily made-to-order specialties like char-grilled chicken breast, alfredo, parmesan, or a Philly cheese steak.

Their buffet is well-organized and offers a wide variety of delicious food.

Hershey Farm Restaurant is located at Hartman Bridge Rd.

Katie's Kitchen

The menu of Katie's Kitchen features a wide selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, including several traditional Pennsylvania Dutch dishes.

Amish people run this family-run business in Ronks, Pennsylvania, three minutes from Strasburg.

For the past six years, Katie's Kitchen has served the wonderful people of Lancaster County with pride.

They have soft-serve ice cream and traditional Amish sweets.

They have a sizable dining area with booth seating and a lunch counter offering views of our kitchen.

Picnic tables with covers are available for those who would rather eat in the open air.

This restaurant is known for its delicious home-style food and excellent service by hard-working Amish young women.

Taste their homemade meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, and mixed vegetables.

It's the ideal location to relax after touring the nearby Amish community.

Katie's Kitchen is in Ronks, three minutes from Strasburg.

DJ's Taste of the '50s

Milkshakes at DJ's Taste of the '50s
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DJ's Taste of the '50s is the best spot to go if you're craving classic American dishes.

The restaurant first welcomed customers in June 2008.

This diner serves up 1950s-style dishes like burgers, fries, and shakes.

Breakfast at DJ's Taste of the '50s
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The decor, menu, and service will take you back to the good old days of the 1950s, and you'll love it.

Popular American dishes like hot dogs, cheeseburger subs, chicken fingers, and grilled cheese are also on the menu.

DJ's Taste of the '50s is only an eight-minute drive from Strasburg at Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Huckleberry's Restaurant & Tavern

Huckleberry's Restaurant & Tavern is known for its warm ambiance and excellent service. ​​

It is ideal for families and couples because of the welcoming atmosphere and extensive menu.

Dine on some of Lancaster's best classic dishes with a contemporary twist.

The chefs whip up various traditional and house specialties from the ship's galley.

If you want a great place to have a family dinner, retirement party, or other celebration, go no further than Huckleberry's Restaurant & Tavern.

Indulge in delicious chicken corn chowder soup, pot roast, salad with grilled chicken, tavern fries, or burgers.

There's also a lovely dining hall that can host events for up to 80 people.

Taste their trademark dishes and classics while in a steamboat.

They are located in Fulton Steamboat Inn at Hartman Bridge Rd, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, six minutes from Strasburg.

Agapē Cafe & Grille

Latte at Agapē Cafe & Grille
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The Agapē Cafe & Grille is an unpretentious eatery that serves up heaping portions of wraps, burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

The restaurant is named from a Greek phrase commonly used to describe Christ's love for humanity.

The interior design is stunning and provides a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Their dishes are creative and excellent.

The pleasant ambiance and excellent service make for an enjoyable stay.

You can find anything from smoked meats, gourmet pastries, specialty coffee, charcuterie boards, and more at Agape Cafe & Grille.

Their Smokehouse Board is out of this world and comes with smoked pastrami, burned ends, cheese, smoked gouda, greens, red peppers, and other tasty ingredients.

You can dine with the whole family at the Agape Cafe & Grille on Hartman Bridge Rd., Ronks, three minutes from Strasburg.

C'est La Vie Bistro

If you want to try authentic French food with a twist, C'est La Vie is the place to go.

It is a fantastic place to reconnect with old pals and make some new ones while enjoying great food.

Enjoy your weekend lunch or dinner with their delectable dishes.

Their filet mignon, mussels in white wine butter, and beef bourguignon are all excellent menu options.

Their salmon, crab soup, or stuffed crab are a must-order.

Get a bottle of wine to share if you want to keep the party going.

If you're looking for authentic French cuisine, head to N Market St in Lancaster, 15 minutes from Strasburg.

Dienner's Country Restaurant

A meal at Dienner's Country Restaurant
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Dienner's Country Restaurant is a must-try for fans of traditional, mouthwatering Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine.

Dienner's is well-known for its excellent buffet, which is continually stocked with new dishes.

This restaurant is one of the best-kept secrets in all of Lancaster County.

There is a wide range of delicious, inexpensive, and home-style options.

In addition, they offer customized dishes that are served to order.

Dienner's hosts breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the week except Sunday.

This restaurant will provide a wonderful setting for creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

Visit Dienner's Country Restaurant at Lincoln Hwy, Ronks, seven minutes from Strasburg.

Pasquale's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

Pasquale's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria is a casual restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisines such as pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and burgers.

They take great pride in offering their customers only the finest cuisine and atmosphere.

It has become a local favorite since 1997 because of its food quality and the warmth of its service.

They use only freshly prepared ingredients, from hand-trimmed meats to homemade dough.

Enjoy some of their classic pasta meals like lasagna, spaghetti, fettuccine, and more.

You can also get steaks, seafood stromboli, eggplant parmesan, and Limone shrimp cooked to order.

If you want to try authentic Italian fare, stop by Pasquale's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria on Old Philadelphia Pike in Lancaster, ten minutes from Strasburg.

Casey Jones' Restaurant

Stack of pancakes at Casey Jones' Restaurant
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There isn't a restaurant like Casey Jones' Restaurant in Lancaster County.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily and can seat 175 people.

This one-of-a-kind establishment provides indoor dining and outdoor deck seating with views of farmland and passing trains.

A petting zoo and train pass nearby, so eating there is like a mini-adventure.

The restaurant's two historic dining cars, each weighing 80 tons, were initially used by the Pennsylvania Railroad, making for a memorable dining experience.

Burger and fries at Casey Jones' Restaurant
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Rest assured that you will be satisfied regardless of the size of your appetite.

Don't pass up Grandma Peiffer's Crumb Cake, winner of numerous prestigious awards.

The staff is highly professional, quick, kind, and efficient.

Visit Casey Jones' Restaurant at Paradise Lane in Ronks, Pennsylvania, four minutes from Strasburg.

Dessert at Casey Jones' Restaurant
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Flora's Restaurant

Flora's Restaurant is a cozy spot for Latin American fare and local art.

You can sample some of the most delicious dishes in Latin America at this eatery.

They pride themselves on providing Lancaster with its "Latino experience," which includes a wide variety of foods served in a stylish setting.

The menu varies daily and showcases a wide selection of "Latin fusion" foods.

The restaurant serves various Latin American and Caribbean dishes from Colombia, Peru, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Puerto Rico.

Their lobster paella with chorizo, shrimp, mussels, chicken, and rice is to die for.

The salmon fillet, pan-seared to perfection and topped with sautéed onions and peppers, is a must-try for seafood lovers.

Check out Flora's Restaurant in Lancaster, 18 minutes from Strasburg.

Miller's Smorgasbord Restaurant

Pie at Miller's Smorgasbord Restaurant
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Miller's Smorgasbord Restaurant is a cozy Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant serving an all-you-can-eat buffet of regional specialties.

The tradition began in 1929 when Anna Miller served truckers chicken and waffles while her husband worked on their vehicles.

They served simple dishes, but their service with a smile never wavered.

Today, Miller's Smorgasbord Restaurant uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in all their dishes.

The restaurant relies on the locals and Amish who cultivate the land around them for produce such as cabbage, sweet corn, broccoli, tomatoes, watermelon, onions, and other ingredients.

It has alternatives such as Anna Miller's Chicken & Waffles, Tender, roasted turkey breast, and a flame-broiled burger.

Visit them at E Lincoln Hwy, Ronks, seven minutes from Strasburg.

Final Thoughts

Strasburg is home to trendy boutiques, charming bed and breakfasts, and world-class theater.

This charming historic town has something for everyone.

Enjoy a gorgeous drive across the countryside by jumping in an Amish buggy, taking a steam train, or hitting the back roads.

Sample regional specialties influenced by the town's many French and Amish residents at the best restaurants in Strasburg, Pennsylvania!

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