15 Best Restaurants in Smyrna, GA

Restaurants in Smyrna, GA
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Smyrna is one of the most charming cities in Georgia because of its serene atmosphere and beautiful areas that make visitors and locals want to stay.

Also known as the "Jonquil City" for the abundance of jonquils that bloom in the spring, Smyrna is in Cobb County, northwest of Atlanta.

It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state, and people consider it one of the best places to live in America.

Because of this, many businesses and restaurants bring color and flavor to the town.

Here are the best restaurants in Smyrna, Georgia:

South City Kitchen Vinings

Delicious food at South City Kitchen Vinings
South City Kitchen Vinings via Yelp.com

Start your culinary trip in Smyrna at the most popular restaurant in the city, South City Kitchen Vinings.

South City Kitchen Vinings is a restaurant serving traditional southern cuisine with an artful modern twist.

They offer the experience of eating contemporary and cozy meals in a warm, classy environment.

They're found at 1675 Cumberland Pkway, right in the heart of Smyrna.

Try out their signature dishes, buttermilk fried chicken and cold and creamy banana pudding.

Their menu has plenty of gluten-friendly options and select dishes that can be made gluten-friendly upon request.

Start your menu with their delicious she-crab soup or their smoked trout dip.

Enjoy their Springer Mountain Farms fried chicken & buttermilk waffle for your main meal, or if you're into seafood, there's shrimp & marsh hen mill grits and Carolina trout.

Don't forget to check out their extensive beer list, which is perfect to pair with fried chicken!

For dessert, get the delicious creme fraiche cheesecake or a unique selection of gelato or sorbet.

Old South Bar-B-Q

Pork Toast at Old South Bar-B-Q
Old South Bar-B-Q via Yelp.com

Old South Bar-B-Q is a charming little barbeque joint serving delicious barbecued meat here in Smyrna.

Founded in 1968, the Old South Bar-B-Q is a family-run establishment offering the best meat cooked over an open pit and wood fire that provides rich and flavor-filled bark.

The tiny cottage will make you feel cozy and comfortable while enjoying your order's rich and deep flavors.

Create your combo plate and make your meal by choosing the meats listed on their menu: pork, beef, chicken, and ribs.

Also, enjoy their fried chicken nuggets, hickory fries, sandwiches, and flavorful burgers.

Come over to the Old South Bar-B-Q and have a taste of the best bbq in the city.

Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant

Chicken Nachos at Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant
Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant via Yelp.com

Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant is one of Smyrna's Mexican food restaurant options and is a fantastic place for a casual lunch and dinner.

They offer delicious traditional Mexican cuisine in a charming diner-like interior with fiesta decor.

Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant is at 4480 S Cobb Drive.

You can order nachos and tacos. Quesadillas, burritos, and fajitas here are all the typical Mexican dishes you expect, so you should find your favorite Mexican dish here.

You can order vegetarian plates with quite a decent amount of options.

Their delicious meals are relatively affordable, and try out their popular Tacos de Carne Asada.

Don't forget to order fried ice cream for dessert!

L'Thai West Organic Cuisine & Wine Bar

Veggie Appetizer at L'Thai West Organic Cuisine & Wine Bar
L'Thai West Organic Cuisine & Wine Bar via Yelp.com

L'Thai West Organic Cuisine & Wine Bar offers a nourishing, holistic dining experience with the freshest, best, and most nutritious meal they can prepare.

Found at 4500 W Village in Smyrna, L'Thai West Organic Cuisine and Wine Bar serve delicious traditional Thai cuisine.

When you visit, try out their popular meals: crispy basic duck, three flavors of red snapper, Bangkok mango, and flounder princess, among others.

As a Thai restaurant, expect to see all the traditional dishes available.

Besides their famous dishes, you can't go wrong with their chef's specials.

Their L'Thai crabmeat fried rice, roasted duck curry, basic grilled salmon, and many more will leave you satisfied.

Their menu also has many gluten-free options and dishes conveniently translated into English which is a blessing if you aren't familiar with Thai cuisine.

Choose from their extensive wine list with organic options or fruity organic beverages.

Order their traditional Thai desserts: homemade coconut ice cream, L'Thai custard, durian coconut rice, and many more to finish your meal.

Mezza Luna Pasta and Seafood

Pappardelle with pesto and shrimps at Mezza Luna Pasta and Seafood
Mezza Luna Pasta and Seafood via Yelp.com

Mezza Luna Pasta and Seafood is a restaurant offering a combination of seafood dishes and authentic Italian cuisine.

Their bread, pasta, and sauces are sourced locally and made from scratch to ensure the freshness and their culturally driven chef's touch in their dishes.

Try out their recommended duck ragu with paccheri.

Begin with their tomato bisque with fresh basil soup and calamari fritti served with Pomodoro sauce for appetizers.

Then taste traditional Italian entrees such as parmigiana with your choice of eggplant, chicken or veal, and salmon piccata.

They also have pasta dishes, from traditional spaghetti alla Romana to gnocchi alla vodka.

After the meal, it's time for the highly sought-after dessert: the limoncello mascarpone layered cake, whose flavor feels like it came straight from Italy.

The Mezza Luna Pasta and Seafood is at 1669 Spring Road in Smyrna.

Jack's New York Deli

Combo breakfast at Jack's New York Deli
Jack's New York Deli via Yelp.com

Jack's New York Deli is one of Smyrna's most famous delis and restaurants, known for the best sandwiches in the city.

They offer New York-style classics served with a southern flair.

Jack's New York Deli started in 2002.

With only Reubens and cheesesteaks, they found success, and as their popularity grew, so did their menu.

Their grilled chicken Reuben is a must-try, and so are their crunchy fries.

If you want a fantastic snack or a hearty meal, Jack's New York Deli is the place.

You can find them at 4691 South Atlanta Road.

Blue Moon Pizza

Cheesy Pizza at Blue Moon Pizza
Blue Moon Pizza via Yelp.com

Blue Moon Pizza is the best establishment for cravings if you're in the mood for pizza!

The Blue Moon Pizza is a restaurant at 4600 W Village famous for serving its New York-style pizza.

Their dough is hand tossed and made fresh every day to ensure the quality and taste of each slice.

You can even ask them to make gluten-free pizza crusts.

Order from their wide variety of pizza topping options, from the classic pepperoni pizza to veggie pizzas and, of course, the bacon cheeseburger pizza.

There are pizzas for everyone.

You can also order a personalized pizza where you choose your crust.

Try the cauliflower, 12-inch personal size, gluten-free, large, and extra-large at 18 inches, and an overwhelming list of toppings of meat and veggies.

Don't forget their calzone and stromboli for a different experience.

Order extra mozzarella sticks, as you're sure to keep wanting more.

Wings are also available, a delicious combination of protein to your pizza.

Finish up your meal with their homemade sundae.

Zama Mexican Cuisine

Chicken Fajitas at Zama Mexican Cuisine
Zama Mexican Cuisine via Yelp.com

Zama Mexican Cuisine is a restaurant and bar serving the best Mexican cuisine here in Smyrna.

They offer flavorful Mexican food with various options alongside their top-tier margaritas in a cozy atmosphere.

Their menus serve the usual Mexican food: nachos, burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and enchiladas.

However, they also serve steaks, seafood, and other American dishes.

Try their popular southern chicken taco meal and their fajitas.

Order their tasty margaritas to make your stay at the Zama Mexican Cuisine memorable.

Zama Mexican Cuisine is found at 4600 W Village in Smyrna.

Drop by for the best Mexican food on your next trip!

Muss & Turner's

Steak served at Muss & Turner's
Muss & Turner's via Yelp.com

Muss & Turner's is a restaurant and bistro famous for its sandwiches and southern cuisine.

They've served fresh and seasonal food since 2005 at 1675 Cumberland Pkwy and have kept their quality and flavors for nearly two decades.

Their sandwich options can be fun.

First, choose your pickle option and then your sandwich, which ranges from Reubens to burgers, but both are delicious.

You can't go wrong with their la bodega sandwich.

It comprises Riverview Farm's grass-fed beef, sweet onion, peppadews, American cheese sauce, roasted red pepper, romaine, ketchup, sambal, and hoagie.

Other than sandwiches, you can also order southern cuisine entrees, the most notable being their seared duck breast and wood-grilled shoulder steak.

Their menu has a decent salad option and gluten-friendly meals.

Don't forget their fries, as they have a large variety of sauces and aiolis that should enhance your meals.

The Juicy Crab Smyrna

Oysters at The Juicy Crab Smyrna
The Juicy Crab Smyrna via Yelp.com

The Juicy Crab Smyrna is one of the top seafood restaurants, home to the best Cajun Seafood Boils in the United States.

They offer a variety of fresh and juicy seafood dishes, from crawfish to tender shrimp, succulent crabs, and more.

Their menus offer combos of seafood that complement each other.

Try out their nine combos: snow crab, crawfish, sausages, three eggs, corn, and potatoes.

You'll love their perfectly seasoned boils and seafood.

Besides their excellent boiled seafood, they also offer fried dishes, from chicken tenders to fried shrimp baskets.

For dessert, they have cakes, such as molten chocolate cakes, red velvet, carrots, and cheesecakes, perfect for post-savory meals.

Visit the Juicy Crab Smyrna at 2524 Cobb Parkway Southeast and have the best seafood dining experience in the city.

Atkins Park Tavern

S'mores Chocolate Lava cake at Atkins Park Tavern
Atkins Park Tavern via Yelp.com

Atkins Park Tavern is your go-to brunch establishment with a New Orleans-style pub in Smyrna.

Located at 2840 Atlanta Road, the Atkins Park Tavern is Smyrna's oldest continuously-licensed tavern, starting in 1922 as a small deli.

Atkins Park Tavern remains a local favorite due to its delicious food and a fantastic selection of alcohol.

Start your meal with Mac & Cheese Bomb appetizers with panko crust, tomato marinara, and poblano queso drizzle.

For the main course, try out their crowd favorite, their fantastic drunken pork tenderloin.

Then, finish your meal with unique desserts: choco peanut butter biscuit pudding, New Orleans-style beignets, strawberry pound cake, and key lime pie.

Kuroshio Sushi Bar and Grille

Delicious food served at Kuroshio Sushi Bar and Grille
Kuroshio Sushi Bar and Grille via Yelp.com

Kuroshio Sushi Bar and Grille is a locally owned and operated Japanese restaurant serving fresh sushi daily.

They serve superb fresh Japanese cuisine such as udon, fried rice, katsu, and other dishes, with their specialty being fresh sushi!

With their great selection of various sushi and non-sushi items, you should find a meal you like and leave it whole.

Try their famous, flavorful rolls: the rhumba roll, the cherry blossom roll, and the mega crunch roll.

If you want something hot, try their udon, they have amazing Tokyo pork ramen and seafood ramen.

Visit Kuroshio Sushi Bar and Grille at 2700 Cobb Pkway and have a delicious evening eating some of the finest sushi in Smyrna.

Minato Japanese Restaurant

Chirashi at Minato Japanese Restaurant
Minato Japanese Restaurant via Yelp.com

Minato Japanese Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Smyrna if you're craving Japanese cuisine.

They offer an experience of eating at a humble, quiet and unassuming place that looks like a traditional sushi restaurant from Japan.

They have an extensive menu and have every Japanese dish you can think of.

Try their famous California maki and other sushis that are surprisingly "big."

You can have delicious rolls and seafood, but you should ask them if the meals involve raw or cooked seafood.

People also enjoy their donburi and udon.

You can't go wrong with dishes the locals enjoy.

Finish your meal with Japanese-style desserts, their ice cream that comes in three flavors—tempura, green tea, and red bean.

Taste the freshest Japanese-grade seafood and dishes at the Minato Japanese Restaurant at 2697 Spring Road.

Siam Square Thai Cuisine

Special curry served at Siam Square Thai Cuisine
Siam Square Thai Cuisine via Yelp.com

Siam Square Thai Cuisine is one of Smyrna's most popular Thai restaurants.

They offer the most delicious, traditional Thai food in a contemporary, casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Try out their special Siam Square's Curry or Gang-Ga-Ree-Gai, their "mom's" recipe."

You can never go wrong with soups.

They have coconut and spicy herb soups with your choice of either chicken or tofu, or shrimp.

Also, try their stir-fried dishes that range from meats to vegetables, fried rice, and noodles with the most popular pad-thai dish.

Siam Square Thai Cuisine is at 1995 Windy Hill Road.

Chicago Pizza and Sports Grille

Cheesy pizza served at Chicago Pizza and Sports Grille
Chicago Pizza and Sports Grille via Yelp.com

If you're looking for a relaxing day out with your buddies for a cozy and casual meal, the Chicago Pizza and Sports Grille is the place to go.

The Chicago Pizza and Sports Grille is a popular game-day restaurant and hangout spot offering excellent American meals.

They serve unique deep dishes and thin-slice pizzas with myriad toppings and kinds of pizzas.

If you want to try something unconventional, try the white pizza.

They also have many other items on the menu, from wings to salads, wraps, tacos, and even steak.

There is truly something for everyone here at Chicago Pizza and Sports Grille.

You can find them at 3150 Highlights Pkwy.

It'll make you wish you stayed at Smyrna for longer.

Final Thoughts

Smyrna has such a surprising amount of diversity in its cuisine and flavors.

It's genuinely not only just beautiful because of the jonquil flowers, but also beautiful in terms of taste!

From American to Japanese and Mexican cuisines, they all still have that southern flair and will make you feel at home.

This list of the best restaurants in Smyrna, Georgia, will help guide you to your next favorite meal.

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