15 Best Restaurants in Rocky Mount, NC

Best Restaurants in Rocky Mount, NC
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Rocky Mount’s eponymous rocky mounds are among its most recognizable features, but so does its historical charm.

Located in the counties of Nash and Edgecombe, this city in North Carolina thrives with an abundance of theme parks and recreational sites.

It’s also home to rising industries, including pharmaceuticals and textiles.

Its architecture is also one for the books, as the city's lovely brick arches today reflect its interesting past.

Incorporated in 1867, the city’s early beginnings were built around the first post office at the Falls of the Tar River.

From being the home of tobacco farms in the early 1800s, it's become one of North Carolina's must-visit cities for its natural beauty.

And if you're planning to visit, you'll find its food culture just as impressive as its history.

Below is a list of the best restaurants in Rocky Mount, NC, that should help you expand your food adventure.

LouReda's: An American Table

Burger and fries at LouReda's
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Lou Reda's: An American Table makes it to this list because it promises hot and cold American comfort food.

Known as an "Oasis Off the Highway," this restaurant started serving the public in 2013 and has since done its own version of modern American cuisine.

It prides itself on its dishes made from scratch using innovative, fresh ingredients.

Unlike simple American restaurants, though, it also delves into Asian cuisine once in a while to spice things up.

It also has a Bourbon-themed bar that impresses the public with its signature cocktails.

Salmon at LouReda's
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Upgrading its comfort cuisine specialties is its contemporary-styled fixtures and cozy atmosphere.

It's the perfect place to gather with the whole family or catch up with old friends and colleagues over ribeye steaks and margaritas.

So, if you're looking for a restaurant that offers the best of many worlds—from seafood or steak, count on this eatery to get you what you need.

Lou Reda's: An American Table is on Sunset Avenue.

The Prime Smokehouse: Barbecue & Beyond

Sandwich and fries at The Prime Smokehouse: Barbecue & Beyond
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One of Mount Rocky's prized food hubs is The Prime Smokehouse: Barbecue & Beyond.

This steakhouse on Falls Road is a known Texas-style barbecue grill and restaurant for the whole family.

Built as a result of three people's dedication to Southern cuisine, this restaurant once had Raleigh branches before being exclusive to Rocky Mount.

But what makes The Prime Smokehouse: Barbecue & Beyond truly stand out is its incorporation of jazz music alongside delectable dishes.

Delicious dish at The Prime Smokehouse: Barbecue & Beyond
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Within its warm atmospheric location, you will find amiable companionship with your friends or other restaurant patrons.

The art carefully displayed within its walls also offers a subtle, homey feel to the overall ambiance.

While tapping into the rhythm of a local entertainer, try some gourmet soups and the famous pork ribs.

And if you find The Prime Smokehouse: Barbecue & Beyond's dishes up to your taste, have your favorite barbecue meals delivered to your door!

Chew N Chat Cafe

Chew N Chat Cafe on West Mount Drive is a remarkable restaurant specializing in Southern culinary expertise.

Since the 1950s, the original restaurant served southern Alabama, a local place for residents and travelers to dine around and dine.

In 2011, this restaurant officially opened in Rocky Mount.

And it perfectly continues the legacy set by its counterpart just a few years ago.

Its dishes epitomize seasonal greatness, all sourced fresh from local producers.

Set inside an unassuming brick exterior, it opens into a simplistic interior layout that keeps you focused on your food.

Order a monthly chef favorite for your lunch or dinner if you're feeling adventurous.

Your kids may also find eating at this restaurant enjoyable with its special kid's menu.

Chew N Chat Cafe also offers cakes and chocolate pies if you need a homemade dessert for an upcoming event.

Barley and Burger

Burger meal at Barley and Burger

Ready for some bold gourmet burger ride while in Rocky Mount?

Barley and Burger is a kitchen and bar that excels in American culinary eminence through everyone's favorite: burgers!

Its craft tap beers are also a massive hit because of their unmatched rich texture and taste.

Look forward to other meal options, including artisan sandwiches, handspun milkshakes, and traditional chicken wings.

And best of all, you can build your own burger!

From the bun to the protein and cheese, your burger's composition is entirely to your flavor preferences.

Every day is a packed, cheesy delight and mouth-melting meat goodness in one when you choose to dine in this restaurant.

Its chill black-and-white interior palette brings an aura of calmness—great for unplanned dates, hangouts, and family bonding.

Visit Barley and Burger on Zebulon Road, next to the women's clothing store, Clair de Lune.

Moe & D's Restaurant Grill & Bar

In Rocky Mount, a surplus of local restaurants await your story and your empty stomach.

At Moe & D's Restaurant Grill & Bar, a heavy meal is not just promised, it's a possibility.

This family-operated restaurant on South Church Street offers classic comfort food in tasty portions and plates.

Whether you like Philly cheesesteaks or a regular cheeseburger for your food break, this restaurant's got you covered.

Satisfy your appetite with a hotdog on a bun that comes in Moe, Classic, and Sausage options.

Come for the weekly live music to elevate your food experience even further.

It's time to make more memories when you visit Moe & D's Restaurant Grill & Bar in between stops in your Rocky Mount exploration.

The Tipsy Tomato

Pizza at the The Tipsy Tomato
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You can never go wrong with a bite of pizza for your lazy afternoons and suppers.

The Tipsy Tomato can help fulfill your pizza yearnings with its Italian artisan cheese and topping collection.

This restaurant takes great pride in fire-forged local pizzas and craft beers on the side.

Set in a lively home-style venue with a clear view of the brick oven used for food creations, it offers just the space for you and an SO to get to know each other.

Or if you've got family with you, even better!

Small pizza at The Tipsy Tomato
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Sit on one of the stools at the server and order a craft beer to match your entree of the night.

Casual dining is The Tipsy Tomato's specialty, and it is inviting you to a festive meal of your best interest!

If you find yourself in Rocky Mount, drive down East Elm Street and find The Tipsy Tomato!

El Jimador Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Missing a taste of Mexico while backpacking across Rocky Mount's monumental attraction?

Take a break from the American-style excellence of most restaurants with a visit to El Jimador Authentic Mexican Restaurant.

This restaurant, as the name suggests, has been providing authentic Mexican snacks and meals since 2017.

Its cantina-style setting adds to the appeal of the place.

With its cove-like entrance and a massive, enchanting chandelier at the center, your meal becomes more intimate and memorable.

Come with a date and try out some salads made the Mexican way.

Burritos and enchiladas are the bestsellers on the menu, so try those out when you come by.

There are vegetarian options, too!

If you ever need a refilling meal, El Jimador Authentic Mexican Restaurant on Lawrence Circle is ready to welcome you!

D Chill Spot

The Jamaican dishes served at D Chill Spot are almost second to none.

And this is why this restaurant deserves to be on this list.

D Chill Spot makes itself known through its Mediterranean specialty dishes within a rustic setting.

The wooden-filled decor and furnishings give the restaurant a more charming authentic feel—a direct parallel to its food and service.

Its superb must-try dishes include the oxtail stew and the jerk chicken.

More than your usual dine-in experience, D Chill Spot also offers catering services so your next event is a guaranteed success!

Keep your stomachs filled and your smiles wide for every meal at this authentic eatery on East Thomas Street.

Saku Sushi Thai & Hibachi

Fine dining the Asian way, you say?

Situated on Benvenue Road, Saku Sushi Thai & Hibachi brings Japan to you without leaving Rocky Mount.

Prepare to be amazed at the deluxe choices for sushi and sashimi.

Its lunch menu also has Thai and Vietnamese-inspired dishes for that overall spice-induced food culture.

This restaurant, on top of a wide array of sushi and hibachi dishes up for tasting, is an industrial-design restaurant that wows your eyes as much as your taste buds.

The neutral tone of the place, as well as its modern seating options, is a delightful addition to your much-awaited Asian food takeover.

If Saku Sushi Thai & Hibachi isn't on your itinerary yet, it should be!

El Mariachi

Make your usual mealtime a fiesta when you come by El Mariachi.

Located in Westridge Shopping Center on South Winstead Avenue, this Mexican restaurant brings flavorful fast food to the extreme.

On top of that, it's also a household name for unique, homemade delicacies, from the plates to the glasses.

To make your meals all the more satisfying, end them with some freshly squeezed margarita!

El Mariachi also has imported beer if you aren’t a big fan of margaritas.

Most importantly, there's a place for every person in the family—from the oldies to the little ones.

And if you've got the time, stay for Happy Hour, where your wishes for a colorful meal journey are as good as fulfilled!

Amano's Pizza

The Rocky Mount hospitality is at its peak at Amano's Pizza, not to mention its Italian-influenced cuisine.

This restaurant on Stone Rose Drive is an ideal stop for solo travelers, couples, and even large groups.

Within the venue is a lovely art rendition of the streets of Italy, with its heritage and scenery.

But what truly takes your breath away is the pizza, subs, and sides from its extensive menu.

Whether you opt for a cheesy bite, a meat indulgence, and a bit of herb and spice, Amano's Pizza has a pizza for every craving!

Geek out with some buffalo wings and turnover strombolis, too.

And for that American twist, there are cheesesteaks for your enjoyment.

Come by yourself or even with someone special, and you'll find there's more to celebrate in life with good food!

Smith's Red & White Restaurant

Chicken and veggies at Smith's Red & White Restaurant
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Smith's Red & White Restaurant started as a grocery store business in 1954 by a man named (Sherwood) Smith.

In 2010, the newly-built restaurant officially opened to the public to serve old-fashioned cooking at its finest.

This diner specializes in lunch and breakfast menus.

Should you order large platters, salads, or other sides, this restaurant gets you everything you may need for a meal.

Signage of Smith's Red & White Restaurant
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Smith's Red & White Restaurant's sandwiches come in various options, too!

The dining area is at a limited arrangement, so be sure to come by early to save your and your company a seat.

Head over to North Halifax Road for this restaurant and grocery store.

Tasty Crab House - Rocky Mount

It's time for some under-the-sea extravagance at Tasty Crab House - Rocky Mount!

This seafood restaurant on Benvenue Road is a dining masterpiece with its Cajun-style eats.

It takes your tastebud places from heavy platters to regular dish portions with only a single spoonful.

Go all-out with a rounded plate steamed oyster dish or the mouthwatering crawfish and lobster tails.

Don't forget the shrimp, too!

Tasty Crab House - Rocky Mount is awaiting your arrival!

Westridge Grill

Westridge Grill makes it to Rocky Mount's travel guide for the best restaurants to try.

This restaurant goes down the usual neighborhood food route with wraps and sandwiches to start your meals.

But perhaps what makes this restaurant a local favorite is its airy atmosphere—literally!

It has outdoor seating options with cozy table umbrellas to shield you from the raging heat.

Stay for a beer or two underneath the vibrant lights of the server bar.

Or better yet, watch a sports game while at it!

Westridge Grill is on Sunset Avenue for those interested in stopping by for a visit!

Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse Sushi Bar

Explore centuries-old Japan through the innovative cuisine served at Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse Sushi Bar.

This restaurant prides itself in bringing Japanese heritage “forged with fire,” not only with its astounding menu but also with its show.

Watch as superior chefs prepare your meal in front of you in a spectacular performance with blazing fire.

For your lunch, choose from a variety of meat and seafood Japanese-prepared dishes.

From ribeye steak to lobster tails, there’s nothing quite like the Ichiban food experience at Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse Sushi Bar.

You can find this Japanese restaurant on South Wesleyan Boulevard.

Final Thoughts

Rocky Mount's family-friendly and cultural cuisine offerings can make even your unplanned trips worthwhile.

From classical dishes to delectable tastes not found anywhere else, this city gathers food best prepared and served by passionate chefs and restaurateurs.

Is Rocky Mount one of your must-travel spots in North Carolina?

If so, the enumerated best restaurants in Rocky Mount, NC, should help you find the best spots for your next memorable food excursion.

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