15 Best Restaurants in Rochester Hills, MI

This article was written by local contributor Rachel Polowski & edited by the Travel Lens team.

Best Restaurants in Rochester Hills, MI

Welcome to Rochester Hills, my beautiful hometown in Michigan!

As someone who has lived here for quite some time, I can personally vouch for the exquisite culinary scene this city has to offer.

From quaint little cafes to fine dining experiences, there's something for every palate, craving, and occasion.

In this article, I'm excited to share my insider knowledge of the 15 best restaurants in Rochester Hills, Michigan, you must try.

So loosen your belts and get ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure like no other!

Sushi Neko

Sushi at Sushi Neko

The other day, I was craving something delicious and decided to try out a sushi place I had never been to before.

I searched for nearby sushi restaurants and stumbled upon Sushi Neko, and I'm so glad I did!

The real star of the show here was, of course, the sushi.

I ordered spicy tuna and spicy salmon rolls, and I was blown away by their freshness and taste.

I can confidently say that this has become my new favorite sushi restaurant, and I'm already dreaming about my next visit.

Lipuma's Coney Island

Hot dogs at Lipuma's Coney Island

I absolutely love going to Lipuma's Coney Island whenever I'm in the mood for a delicious hot dog.

This no-frills roadside spot never disappoints with its variety of topping combinations and friendly atmosphere.

Last week, I decided to treat myself to their Chicago and Texan hot dogs, and as always, they were mouth-wateringly good!

The moment you walk into Lipuma's, you're greeted with the sight of your food being made right before your eyes.

Although the indoor seating area is a bit small, they have a fantastic patio with plenty of outdoor seating.

I particularly enjoy grabbing a seat next to the river, making for an enjoyable dining experience.

One thing that always brings me back to Lipuma's is its exceptional customer service.

Take Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Rolls at Take Sushi Japanese Restaurant

I must say, whenever I'm craving sushi, my go-to spot is Take Sushi Japanese Restaurant.

Their extensive roll selection and Japanese fare never disappoint, and the warm, vibrant atmosphere makes every visit enjoyable.

I've tried a good number of sushi rolls at Take Sushi, and I've yet to come across one that I didn't like.

Their Spicy Salmon Roll is simply to die for!

Even though they no longer offer free soup and salad as before, the food is still worth every penny.

My personal favorite is the Hamachi Kama - it's so delicious, you just have to try it.

And if you're not a fan of sushi, don't worry, they have plenty of great cooked options for you to choose from.

Take Sushi is not just a restaurant for me; it's practically an institution in our community.

Grant's Pizza House

Pizza at Grant's Pizza House

I've been living in this area for quite some time now, and I always love trying out new pizza places.

Recently, I decided to give Grant's Pizza House a shot since their website had such mouth-watering descriptions for their pizzas.

Unfortunately, my experience was far from satisfactory.

I ordered the Veggie Bliss and Peach and Pecan signature pizzas, along with Parmesan Romano Blend and Everything Bagel artisan breadsticks, a salad called The Delightful, and a chocolate chip cookie.

I preferred the Parmesan Romano Blend breadsticks because of the cheesy blend.

The salad was enjoyable, and I'd even added chicken, which was a great choice.

Downtown Cafe

Pancakes at Downtown Cafe

Downtown Cafe is a snug eatery with a patio that offers a welcoming atmosphere, making it my preferred spot for a lazy Sunday brunch or a quick lunch with friends.

The Michigan pancakes are a must-try!

They're loaded with walnuts, berries, and apples, creating a delightful medley of flavors.

I used to frequent Ram Horn down the road, but ever since I discovered Downtown Cafe's pancakes, I've made the switch.

Their toast is also a game-changer.

I'm not usually a fan of bread, but whatever they're doing with their toast is simply amazing.

The service is always outstanding, and the food never disappoints.

One of my recent favorites was the asparagus-stuffed omelet – it was incredibly tasty.

A Taste of Europe Crepes

Crepes at A Taste of Europe Crepes

I recently visited A Taste of Europe Crepes for a weekend breakfast, and I must say, the experience was delightful!

The restaurant itself is small and casual, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

When I walked in, I noticed how clean and recently renovated the place looked, giving it that chic European vibe.

Upon placing my order at the counter, I couldn't help but admire their extensive coffee menu, filled with authentic European espresso, cappuccino, and latte options.

When our crepes arrived, both the savory and sweet options were huge!

My partner, toddler, and I shared them, and we still couldn't finish the portions.

The taste was absolutely delicious, making it evident that the new owners have maintained the high standards of their predecessors.

Antonio's Cafe & Grill

Bacon and eggs at Antonio's Cafe & Grill

Every now and then, I find myself craving a good old-fashioned American breakfast, and Antonio's Cafe & Grill never disappoints.

This small diner has that classic feel, transporting me back to simpler times.

One of my favorite things about Antonio's Cafe & Grill is how well they cook their food – the eggs are always cooked to perfection, the ham is grilled just right, and the pancakes are always fluffy and flavorful.

Plus, the bacon and sausage are consistently delicious.

Even their toast has the perfect spread of butter, and the coffee is quite good too.

I've been going to Antonio's for years, and their service has remained exceptional all this time.

It truly has become my go-to spot for a quick, easy, and delicious breakfast.

Golden Eagle Bar and Grill

Steak at Golden Eagle Bar and Grill

I've been living in this neighborhood for a couple of years now, and I can say that the Golden Eagle Bar and Grill has been my go-to place for a quality meal.

Located in a seemingly unassuming strip mall, this family-run establishment has never disappointed me with its delicious offerings.

In fact, I usually take my friends and family here when they visit, and they always leave impressed.

I have a few favorite dishes, but the 10 oz Prime rib special on Mondays and Saturdays is simply to die for.

Priced at just $23, it's a steal for the tenderness and flavor you get.

Paired with their great clam chowder and salad, it's a complete meal that leaves me satisfied every time.

For those who have a sweet tooth, their homemade desserts are definitely worth trying.

I can personally vouch for the peanut butter pie, which was absolutely delightful.

Val's Polish Kitchen

Pierogi at Val's Polish Kitchen

One chilly day, I found myself craving some comforting, home-cooked food, so I decided to head over to Val's Polish Kitchen in our town.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the cozy, relaxed atmosphere that made me feel right at home.

I started my meal with their absolutely fabulous dumpling soup, which really hit the spot on that cold day.

For my main course, I decided to try Val's Combo, which included a variety of delicious Polish dishes.

The pierogi were perfectly fried and filled with flavorful beef and potato.

While I wasn't a huge fan of the schnitzel I ordered on a whim, I truly enjoyed the goulash served over a potato pancake.

It was my first time trying pork goulash, and I must say, it was fantastic.

To top it all off, their service was attentive and friendly, making the whole experience even better.

Griffin Claw Clubhouse

Burger at Griffin Claw Clubhouse

I've been living in the area for years now, and one of my favorite spots to hang out with friends is Griffin Claw Clubhouse.

This sports pub has a fantastic atmosphere that's perfect for any get-together, and its dark-wood decor gives it a cozy, welcoming vibe.

One of the things I love most about this place is its unique beer selection.

They brew their own beer and even make their own liquor on-site, which is pretty impressive.

The last time I visited, we started with some drinks and appetizers, and I was blown away by the quality of their food.

The PVR tacos with fried bang bang shrimp are simply amazing, and my husband loves their burgers and fried fish.

The Port of Peri Peri

Chicken at The Port of Peri Peri

One of my favorite places to eat in the area is The Port of Peri Peri, a delightful Portuguese restaurant with a great selection of dishes.

I was thrilled to find that they have vegetarian options, and I couldn't resist trying their paneer wrap and peri potato chips.

I love that you can choose your spice level for the wrap, and the hot sauce and garlic sauce they provide on the side made it even more delicious.

The potato chips were a bit too salty for me, but I'll definitely ask for less salt next time or maybe go for the fries instead.

As someone who loves spicy food, I went with a group of friends on their opening day and ordered the Medium chicken in the family-style shared meal, which came with two sides - peri mayo corn and rice.

The chicken was tender and perfectly seasoned with their signature peri peri sauce.

I ended up adding some of their hot sauce to satisfy my spice cravings.

My friends tried the sizzler sandwiches, which were tasty but could have been slightly warmer and saucier.

I'm sure that if you ask, they'll be happy to accommodate your preferences.

I also appreciated that the meat served at The Port of Peri Peri is halal, making it an inclusive dining option for everyone in our diverse community.

The restaurant is clean and has ample seating, making it a great spot for gatherings.

La Collina Ristorante Italiano

Ravioli at La Collina Ristorante Italiano

I can't believe I've been living in Rochester for years and only recently discovered La Collina Ristorante Italiano.

It truly is a hidden gem in our town, offering the most authentic and delicious Italian cuisine.

The moment I stepped inside, I felt transported to a cozy café in Rome with its warm and intimate atmosphere.

The food at La Collina is simply incredible, with each dish showcasing fresh ingredients and a true taste of Italy.

I remember trying their mushroom ravioli in a mushroom cream sauce, and it was absolutely divine.

I've also had the pleasure of tasting their Linguine Nere Allo Scoglio, which is a squid ink linguine dish that blew my mind with its rich flavors and succulent seafood toppings.

Thai Inn

Pad see ew at Thai Inn

The other day, I decided to check out this Thai Inn restaurant I've been hearing about.

I must say, it was one of the best Thai meals I've had in a long time!

The place itself is small, but it's spotless and has that cozy, family restaurant feel.

The service was friendly and polite, and I barely had to wait 10 minutes for my food to arrive.

I ordered the Pad Se'ew with tofu, and it was absolutely delicious.

Not to mention, their Thai Tea was really good as well!

I've heard mixed reviews from others, but my experience was definitely a positive one.

I also noticed that they use biodegradable drinking straws, which is a huge plus for their environmental efforts in my book.

I'm looking forward to going back and trying out more dishes on their menu.

RH House

Scallop pasta at RH House

Let me tell you about my recent experience at RH House, a restaurant that has quickly become my favorite spot in town.

I had heard so many good things about it and finally got to visit during happy hour when it wasn't too crowded.

The interior was amazing, and the food was delicious.

I couldn't help but rave about their bubbly booze, as it has become my go-to drink.

We loved the fresh and warm bread, while their truffle fries were an absolute delight.

My kids enjoyed their chicken tenders and fries, which were a generous size.

I ordered the pasta with scallops - it exceeded my expectations!

The second time I went to RH House, it was even better than the first.

The atmosphere and food were simply amazing.

Ping's Chinese Restaurant

Food at Ping's Chinese Restaurant

I have been living in the area for my entire life and have been going to Ping's Chinese restaurant for years now.

I still remember when their son used to hang out in the front lobby or behind the front desk when he was just a young boy.

It's a great family-owned business that's worth visiting if you're in the area or live nearby.

The food at Ping's is always hot, fresh, and delicious.

The portions are generous for the price point, and they never disappoint.

I've never had a bad meal here.

Final Thoughts

Rochester Hills truly offers a diverse and delightful dining scene.

So, if you ever find yourself in Rochester Hills, make sure to give these spots a try – you won't be disappointed!

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