16 Best Restaurants in Paramount, CA

Best Restaurants in Paramount, CA

Prepare your taste buds and dive with me into some of the best restaurants in Paramount, California.

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While this list showcases some remarkable restaurants, it's important to note there are many other exceptional dining establishments in Paramount that are not featured here. Our aim is not just to guide you to popular eateries but to encourage you to venture out and experience the city's diverse culinary landscape for yourself.


There are days when my heart craves a bite that transports me to the Mexican coast, and on such days, I find myself gravitating towards Callosmzt, a local sensation in Paramount.

From the first time I tasted their ceviche, my taste buds were awakened to a new world of flavors.

The seafood's freshness captivated me; each bite was a testament to the love and care put into the preparation.

I'm no stranger to seafood delicacies, but Callosmzt takes it to a new level.

The experience is not just about the food but also the warm welcome that greets you at the door.

But what keeps drawing me back is their outstanding ceviche.

I've traveled far and wide, but nowhere have I found a ceviche that compares to the one served here.

People journey from all corners of the country to experience the culinary delights at Callosmzt, and it's no surprise why.

Whether you're a seafood lover or a culinary adventurer, Callosmzt is a must-visit.

The aroma of expertly prepared dishes, the intoxicating taste of the ceviche, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere make it a Paramount favorite.

If there were a Callosmzt in every state, foodies would be lining up for a taste!

I'm fortunate to have this gem in my hometown.

Experiencing Callosmzt is undoubtedly a highlight of living in Paramount, a gastronomic treasure I always want to share with visitors.

It's not just a restaurant; it's a celebration of culinary artistry that tantalizes the senses and leaves you yearning for more.

Callosmzt · 15332 Paramount Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723, United States
★★★★★ · Seafood restaurant

Fatima's Grill

Who knew that a regular Tuesday night would be a culinary trip I will forever remember?

Tucked in the heart of Paramount, you'll find Fatima's Grill, a hidden gem that marries Mexican cuisine with halal food magnificently.

The moment I stepped inside, the aroma set the tone - I knew I was in for a treat.

I got the steak fries with cheese, and let me tell you, they were out of this world.

The fries had a perfect crunch on the outside and were soft on the inside.

The blanket of melted cheese on top was visually stunning and tantalizingly delicious.

The steak, a perfect accompaniment, was juicy, tender, and brimming with flavor.

But my favorite dish, and my go-to for comfort food cravings, is the hot Cheetos burrito.

A mind-blowing fusion of flavors that makes your taste buds dance with joy.

The heat from the Cheetos complements the Mexican flavors beautifully, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

My friends and I have found our perfect spot for pre- or post-movie meals here at Fatima's Grill.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a restaurant that serves halal Mexican food and does it so well.

And the queso birria tacos? They're to die for!

Fatima's Grill is the spot to hit if you’re in the mood for a food adventure.

Fatima’s Grill - Paramount · 7906 Alondra Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723, United States
★★★★★ · Mediterranean restaurant

Cascada Refrescante

Oh, the joys of living near Cascada Refrescante!

It's like having a mini vacation spot right at your doorstep.

The food is delectably tantalizing here, and their ambiance makes you feel like you're in a little corner of paradise.

The first time I stepped into this place, the vibrant colors and the array of refreshing drinks immediately caught my eye.

And, of course, the smell of the delicious food wafting from the kitchen was an instant draw.

Since then, I've been a regular there, visiting at least three times a week!

One of my favorites is their Ezquite - corn in a cup of mayo, butter, cheese, and Chile.

It's the perfect blend of creamy and spicy, and the portion size is just right.

Not to mention, their selection of raspados, diablitos, and smoothies is to die for.

I usually grab the green juice - it's fresh, light, and gives me the perfect energy boost for the day.

And when I need to indulge my sweet tooth, I reach out for the paleta de coco con chocolate.

Delightfully sweet, with the perfect mix of coconut and chocolate, it's a real treat that makes any day better.

Visit Cascada Refrescante to experience these mouthwatering surprises for yourself.

Cascada Refrescante · Paramount, CA 90723, United States
★★★★★ · Mexican restaurant

HOLDAAK Fried Chicken

I've always been a foodie, but my recent visit to HOLDAAK Fried Chicken took my taste buds on a flavorful journey to Seoul.

The first bite of the perfectly fried, crispy outside yet juicy inside Seoul Spicy Chicken Sandwich hooked me.

The spice level was just right, pleasant enough to satisfy the palate without overpowering the actual flavor of the chicken.

But what's a chicken sandwich without fries, right?

HOLDAAK's crinkle-cut fries, accompanied by their homemade sauce, were the perfect sidekick to the main hero.

With each bite, I could sense the thought and effort put into achieving the impeccable balance of flavors.

Then I shook things up on my return visit and opted for the Holdaak Spicy Chicken Sandwich with elote slaw.

The unique combination of juicy chicken and tangy slaw was a refreshing change.

Adding Takis chips on top of the slaw added an unexpected twist, making each bite a surprising delight.

And if you're unsure of what to order, don't worry.

The self-ordering display is there to guide you through their mouth-watering menu.

What sealed the deal for me, though, was the spicy sandwich I tried on a whim.

That sandwich single-handedly escalated my HOLDAAK experience from a 4-star to a 5-star.

So, if you're craving a flavorful adventure, HOLDAAK Fried Chicken is the place to be.

HOLDAAK Fried Chicken · 16279 Paramount Blvd #A1, Paramount, CA 90723, United States
★★★★★ · Fast food restaurant

Thai Fiesta Cafe

I still remember the first time I stumbled upon Thai Fiesta Cafe, a charming little cafe tucked away in my part of the city.

This unpretentious spot is a haven for Thai cuisine lovers.

It's a delight to have a place that offers classic Thai dishes without the hassle of overcrowded restaurants or inflated prices.

What caught my eye at first was the vibrantly colored food art adorning the walls.

It creates a lively atmosphere that perfectly complements the tantalizing aromas wafting from the kitchen.

But what truly made me a regular was the first bite of their seafood soup; it was nothing short of a revelation.

The chow mein was a delight, every bite steeped in authentic Thai flavors.

The place offers a variety of dishes, from curries to noodles, and the best part - each delicacy is freshly prepared.

The Pad Thai and fried rice are just as delectable as their soup.

And if you are a fan of tangy flavors but prefer them toned down, you can always ask for a lighter version of their lemon(y) soup!

Another highlight of this quaint cafe is its Thai iced tea, a refreshing accompaniment to its hearty meals.

And don't even get me started on their lunch specials, which come with a small mixed salad and an egg roll.

But the warm and friendly owner adds a personal touch to the experience and makes Thai Fiesta Cafe shine brighter than the rest.

This isn't your typical fast food joint.

It's a place that values quality and authenticity, takes time to prepare your food, and I promise it's worth the wait.

Thai Fiesta Cafe, you're a true gem, and I can't wait for my next visit.

See you soon!

Thai Fiesta Cafe · 8408 Alondra Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723, United States
★★★★★ · Thai restaurant

El Mazatleco

Regarding authentic Mexican cuisine, this place is a delightful secret - El Mazatleco.

Nothing matches the experience of biting into their exquisite ceviche.

With a unique twist on the traditional dish, El Mazatleco serves 'ceviche de sierra,' a variant worth every minute of the journey to this place.

Stepping into El Mazatleco is like being warmly embraced by family.

And the best part?

This place offers more than just a fantastic dining experience; it's also a culinary journey that will tempt your taste buds.

Their shrimp cocktail is a must-try – each bite brimming with flavor, leaving you longing for more.

But the star of the show is undoubtedly their ceviche.

It is fresh, tangy, and flavorful and truly lives up to the hype.

But it's not just about the savory dishes.

El Mazatleco also serves a strawberry creme with chia seeds and grated coconut, a heavenly blend of textures and flavors that will make your sweet tooth sing with joy.

And let's not forget their chamango - a sweet, tangy, spicy delight that's a love letter to your senses.

So, if you're craving exceptional Mexican cuisine, I'd highly recommend El Mazatleco.

It's a local gem that offers a unique and delightful dining experience.

El Mazatleco · 8446 Alondra Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723, United States
★★★★★ · Frozen yogurt shop

Mariscos Don Monchis

An old saying goes, 'Don't judge a book by its cover,' and I got to experience it firsthand when I decided to visit Mariscos Don Monchis.

It's a coach majestically perched in a car parts parking lot, an unusual setting that adds a unique charm.

From the first time I stepped foot into this place, I was welcomed by a surprisingly pleasant atmosphere, despite its unconventional location.

I decided to try the Tostada De Pulpo and a Coctel de Camaron for the first time, which was pretty good - a burst of flavor with every bite.

However, the standout was the Dos Banderas con ceviche de camaron y aguachiles and the Gobernador fries.

The fries were okay, but the ceviche and aguachiles were incredible.

Mariscos Don Monchis offered an experience with highs and lows, but the good moments were good enough to bring me back.

I’m excited to go back and explore more of their menu.

After all, there’s something about it that keeps drawing me in.

MARISCOS DON MONCHIS · 7331 Rosecrans Ave, Paramount, CA 90723, United States
★★★★★ · Seafood restaurant

Waikiki Hawaiian Grill

Imagine sitting on a sunny beach in Hawaii, savoring the local flavors, inhaling the rich barbecue aroma, and feeling the Aloha spirit.

That's exactly how I feel each time I walk through the doors of the Waikiki Hawaiian Grill.

Tucked away in a local strip mall, this casual counter-serve eatery brings the taste of Hawaii to the heart of my city.

The staff are super friendly and greet customers with broad smiles and a warm 'Aloha!' The food is prepared fresh on the spot and served piping hot.

There's something particularly satisfying about watching your meal prepared right before you.

One of my favorites is their Hawaiian BBQ, a taste sensation.

The meat is tender and juicy, with a sweet, smoky flavor that melts in your mouth.

They also offer family-style meals, which are perfect when my relatives visit.

We love to order and share various dishes around the table - it's a great way to sample everything this place offers.

For me, the authentic Hawaiian flavors shine through, which keeps bringing me back.

Remember to try their Chicken Katsu. It's a crowd favorite and never disappoints.

And, if you're a spice lover like me, don't forget to ask for their Volcano Chicken.

Just make sure to specify how spicy you want it. The 'spicy' version is for the brave-hearted only!

I recommend Waikiki Hawaiian Grill to anyone seeking an authentic Hawaiian dining experience.

The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, the food is tasty, and the warm Hawaiian hospitality is a welcome change from the usual.

The next time you find yourself in our neck of the woods, try it.

You won't be disappointed.

Waikiki Hawaiian Grill · 16280 Paramount Blvd A, Paramount, CA 90723, United States
★★★★★ · Hawaiian restaurant

Cafe Corleone

Every town has its hidden gem; where I live, it's an Italian bistro called Cafe Corleone.

You're transported straight to Italy when you step into this cozy establishment.

The aroma of simmering marinara sauce, fresh basil, and baked bread fills the air, making your stomach rumble in anticipation.

At Cafe Corleone, the food is a love letter to Italian cuisine.

I've never had pasta this good outside of Italy.

The manicotti is a favorite, stuffed to the brim with a rich, creamy filling.

Then, the lasagna is another must-try, with layers of pasta, cheese, and hearty Bolognese sauce that delight every bite.

Don't even get me started on their gourmet sandwiches - they're to die for!

I love the fact that Cafe Corleone isn't just another restaurant.

It's where you can enjoy fantastic food, listen to live music, and catch fresh air on the sidewalk seats.

It's no wonder that friends and families choose this place to celebrate special occasions.

So, next time you crave authentic Italian food, you know where to go.

Cafe Corleone is the place to be!

It's certainly a dining experience you won't want to miss.

Cafe Corleone Italian Restaurant · 15337 Paramount Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723, United States
★★★★★ · Pizza restaurant

Ají Verde

Ají Verde always impresses me with its authentic Peruvian flavors.

A few years back, I stumbled upon this place, which has since become a treasured spot for my gastronomic adventures.

Every dish here is cooked to perfection, with the Lomo Saltado being my personal favorite.

On the other hand, my partner is a fan of the Saltado de Pollo.

Each bite is packed full of flavors that transport you straight to the heart of Peru.

Ají Verde is a beloved hotspot for the locals and out-of-towners who chance upon it.

The diversity in LA's food scene is immense, but this restaurant offers a unique and delicious surprise.

As soon as you step into this place, you feel at home.

The food is always excellent, and a must-visit spot whenever my friends visit from the Bay Area.

From Lomo Saltado to Ceviche de Pescado, Ají de Gallina, Tamales de Pollo, and Pan con Chicharrón con su café con leche, every dish is a testament to the authentic Peruvian culinary experience that Ají Verde offers.

Ají Verde · 8527 Alondra Blvd UNIT 150, Paramount, CA 90723, United States
★★★★★ · Peruvian restaurant

Japanese Castle

One bite and I was hooked.

The sushi at Japanese Castle is a revelation.

It's been a while since I've tasted this fresh and delicious sushi.

Every roll I've tried is a culinary masterpiece – picking a favorite is hard.

Their takeout service is just as exceptional, with sushi meticulously arranged to look as good as it tastes.

The seafood miso is another crowd-pleaser.

I've found myself craving it on cool evenings—the perfect comfort food.

The staff at Japanese Castle is always one step ahead, and their service is impeccable and kind.

It's the place that makes you feel at home, even as you indulge in a sophisticated sushi dinner.

The first time I sat down for a meal at the Japanese Castle, it was on a whim.

I was stuck in traffic and hungry, so when I saw the restaurant, I decided to wait it out with some sushi.

Also, I was impressed by the restaurant's cleanliness and the ambiance's authenticity.

The food was served swiftly and was fresh as can be.

On date nights, Japanese Castle sets the perfect scene.

It has all the charm of a swanky LA sushi spot, minus the long drive.

The miso soup is an excellent start to the meal, and the samurai roll, with its buttery baked salmon, is a must-try.

Even though the place is quite far from where I live, it's worth the drive whenever I'm nearby.

I can't get enough of that Japanese Castle magic!

Japanese Castle · 16222 Paramount Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723, United States
★★★★★ · Sushi restaurant

Treasure Pot Thai Restaurant

When the cravings for authentic Thai food strike, I know where to go: Treasure Pot Thai Restaurant.

Nestled in a bustling strip mall, parking is never an issue, making it the perfect spot for a quick lunch or a family dinner.

I remember my first visit like it was yesterday.

A friend introduced me to the place, and I've been a regular ever since.

Over the years, I have tasted various dishes, and none have ever disappointed me.

If you're a fan, I recommend the super spicy options - a compelling experience.

The restaurant, though small, is cozy and has a charm.

I specifically recall an evening when my order of soup and the pad see ew outdid the other dishes on the table.

The large Thai iced tea is a must-try if you visit. It's huge and a refreshing complement to the spicy dishes.

Recently, I took my family there for the first time.

The portions were generous, enough to share between two people, and the overall experience was stellar.

As a frequent diner at Treasure Pot Thai Restaurant, I vouch for the excellent service, delicious food, and warm, inviting atmosphere.

It's my little Thai haven in the city.

Treasure Pot Thai Restaurant · 8540 Alondra Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723, United States
★★★★★ · Thai restaurant

Smoke and Fire Social Eatery

Have you ever had those days where you crave some excellent, smoky barbecue?

I certainly have, and let me tell you, my cravings have led me to some fantastic places around town.

The Smoke and Fire Social Eatery is one of those places that will surely satisfy your meaty cravings.

When I first stepped into Smoke and Fire Social Eatery, I was greeted by a refreshing mix of industrial style and warm hospitality.

The tender brisket on the potato, drizzled with two unique sauces, was a heavenly combination!

Not stopping there, I ventured into their other offerings.

Their mac and cheese with brisket is seriously crazy good.

My partner had the salad and brisket plate and couldn't stop raving about it.

The Smoke and Fire Social Eatery isn't just about food.

The atmosphere is animated with a nice variety of music, making your dining experience more enjoyable.

They surprised us with pretzel bites with cheese, a soft and delicious treat.

But save some room for dessert.

Their coffee-style ice cream cake with fudge and caramel was an absolute delight to end our meal.

If you're ever in the mood for some hearty, smoky goodness, remember - Smoke and Fire Social Eatery.

You won't regret it!

Smoke and Fire Social Eatery · 8009 Alondra Blvd, Paramount, CA 90723, United States
★★★★★ · Family restaurant

Other Restaurants Nearby

Pizza By Georgios (South Gate)

Living in this city, I've visited almost every local restaurant.

But let me tell you. There's nothing quite like grabbing a bite at Pizza By Georgios.

It's not just a pizza place; they serve various dishes that will have you returning for more.

Their customer service is truly top-notch.

Whether I'm picking up a quick lunch or enjoying a leisurely dinner, the staff is always friendly and attentive.

Sandwiches are a must-have here, and while I've tried many, the Italian Sub remains my top choice.

The Steak Teriyaki also deserves an honorable mention.

What sets Pizza By Georgios apart is their food's freshness and the menu's diversity.

One day I'm feasting on a pizza; the next, I'm sinking my teeth into a delicious cheesesteak sub.

The cleanliness of the restaurant is evident, and the ambiance is just right for enjoying a meal.

And if you're worried about not being able to finish your sandwich, then fret not.

The staff will happily wrap it up for you to take home.

So, whether you're a fellow local or just passing through, Pizza By Georgios is a culinary treasure waiting for you to discover.

Pizza By Georgios · 13323 Paramount Blvd, South Gate, CA 90280, United States
★★★★★ · Pizza restaurant

Yoguis Restaurant (Bellflower)

Nothing beats the experience of finding a hidden gem in your backyard, and Yoguis Restaurant is precisely that for Bellflower residents.

Its tucked-away location in a small strip mall may not immediately grab your attention. Still, once you step inside, you're welcomed with a quiet, calming ambiance that instantly sets a comfortable dining tone.

Looking at the beautifully decorated walls and the Spanish TV shows playing on a screen at the center makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a bit of part of Mexico.

You occasionally see people come and go for takeouts, but that does not disrupt the serene atmosphere of the place.

Now, let me take a moment to talk about the food - oh, the food!

The nachos serve as a perfect starter, tiny, crispy triangles covered in nacho cheese.

If you want something more substantial, go for the caldo de res, a hearty Mexican soup my partner swears by.

For my vegetarian friends, fear not. There are plenty of options for you too.

Yoguis is also my go-to place when I yearn for comfort food, particularly their tacos.

The tacos al pastor are a must-try.

It's as if each bite teleports you back to Mexico with its authentic flavors.

Ah, the nostalgia!

So, if you find yourself in Bellflower and want to experience authentic Mexican cuisine, make sure you don't miss out on this local favorite.

Yoguis Restaurant · 9208, 1/2 Alondra Blvd, Bellflower, CA 90706, United States
★★★★★ · Mexican restaurant

Final Thoughts

Paramount, California, offers a diverse and vibrant culinary scene that satisfies every palate.

Whether you're craving Asian, Mexican, Italian, or anything in between, there's always a restaurant ready to cater to your cravings.

It's a privilege to explore such a diverse food landscape in our backyard.

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