15 Best Restaurants in Palmdale, CA

Best Restaurants in Palmdale, CA
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Palmdale was the first city to emerge in Antelope Valley, in Los Angeles County, on the northern outskirts of Los Angeles.

Today, it is famous for its rich heritage housing United States military aircraft, earning it the moniker “Aerospace Capital of America.”

Palmdale is also one of the largest and fastest developing cities in the United States, with many entertainment options you shouldn’t miss.

It also has the most breathtaking natural landmarks and the best urban spaces that will give you a glimpse of the culture in the city.

Given the size of this city, finding several mouthwatering restaurants serving delicacies from all over the world should be a breeze.

Keep reading to know more about the best restaurants in Palmdale, California.

Lee Esther’s Creole & Cajun Cooking

Pork at Lee Esther’s Creole & Cajun Cooking
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Lee Esther’s Creole & Cajun Cooking is a family-owned restaurant serving authentic Creole and Cajun delicacies native to Louisiana.

Gumbo, Jambalaya, and Po’ boys are just a few Louisiana delicacies you can order here.

Lee Esther’s Creole & Cajun Cooking also serves daily specials on specific dates until they sell out.

Rice meal at Lee Esther’s Creole & Cajun Cooking
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Famous American snacks with a twist are also available, such as southern-style Jalapeño Mac & Cheese Balls and Mac & Cheese Balls with Crab.

When visiting this restaurant, don’t be surprised to find your new comfort food.

The owner’s primary motivation for starting this business is to revive his mother’s recipe.

You can find this restaurant via Sierra Hwy along E Ave Q-6.

LU & PE Mexican Restaurant and Catering

If you’re looking for authentic homemade Mexican food in Palmdale, go to LU & PE Mexican Restaurant and Catering.

You can visit this restaurant along Rancho Vista Blvd.

Customers and food critics have praised dishes served in LU & PE Mexican Restaurant and Catering.

They even won the Best Tamales of AV Award from 2016 to 2017.

This restaurant's best-selling dishes are Cochinita combo, chile relleno burrito, huevos con jamón, and barbacoa de borrego combo.

You can also order famous Mexican comfort food, such as enchiladas and tacos.

Taqueria Y Birrieria Jamay Jal

Another restaurant serving authentic Mexican food in Palmdale is the Taqueria Y Birrieria Jamay Jal.

It is not as big as other restaurants in Palmdale, but it welcomes guests with the warmest food, perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Taqueria Y Birrieria Jamay Jal serves all your all-time favorite Mexican food, such as homemade tortillas, burritos, and tacos.

If you want a heavier meal, you can order the famous Menudo, prepared with a recipe passed on from generation to generation.

This restaurant also specializes in making the best birria, a traditional Mexican soup made from seasoned goat or beef.

You can find this restaurant in the city center, along E Palmdale Blvd.

Guadalajara Taco Grill

Locals recommend many highly-rated Mexican restaurants in Palmdale.

Guadalajara Taco Grill is a Mexican restaurant along E Palmdale Blvd, with its neighboring Mexican restaurant, Taqueria Y Birrieria Jamay Jal.

Like other restaurants, Guadalajara Taco Grill always uses fresh ingredients to provide quality food to customers.

Its unmatched Guadalajara bowl and taco set it apart from other Mexican restaurants.

This restaurant also offers exciting rewards for customers with enough points.

If you want to be a regular customer, get points and redeem rewards ranging from 5 USD off to free food.

Malhi’s Indian Cuisine

Interior of Malhi’s Indian Cuisine
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Malhi’s Indian Cuisine will satisfy your cravings for the most flavorful Indian cuisine.

Since 1988, this restaurant along Trade Center Drive has served the locals of Palmdale authentic Indian cuisine.

Malhi’s Indian Cuisine serves food from scratch to provide you with the depth of flavors of well-made homemade meals.

Its most popular item is the Alu Palak, a north Indian stir-fried dish made of potatoes, spinach, and Indian herbs and spices.

Malhi’s Indian Cuisine specialties include chicken Makhani, mango chicken, tikka masala, and chili Panner.

If you’re a fan of curry, look no further since this restaurant offers different kinds of chicken and beef curries.

Note that vegan guests have various options since this restaurant serves over 15 vegan dishes and a few vegan pieces of bread.

Poke Junction

Salad at Poke Junction
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Large cities like Palmdale have more unhealthy fast-food chains and restaurants.

Poke Junction aims to change the game by serving healthier alternatives to the locals of Antelope Valley.

It offers fresh, healthy, traditional Hawaiian dishes with Southern California delicacies.

This restaurant’s meals come in carefully sliced ingredients served in a bowl.

Their meals follow the meaning of Poke (POH-keh), the word analogous to “cut,” or “slice,” in Hawaiian.

Its best-sellers are Spicy California Bowl, the 661 Bowl, and Dynamite Bowl.

Aside from meals in a bowl, Poke Junction serves Junction Wrap with sushi rice, spicy shrimp, crab, and salmon.

If you plan to change your diet, head directly to this restaurant along Tierra Subida Ave.

Kings Kabob

The best part of staying in Palmdale is finding a restaurant offering dishes from the other side of the globe.

Kings Kabob is one of those fantastic restaurants serving salivating international cuisine, particularly the Middle East’s famous kabob.

Kabob comprises grilled marinated beef chopped in cubes or stripes and paired with vegetables, suitable for meat lovers who still want a few veggies on their plate.

Other Middle Eastern dishes you can order are baba ghanoush and chicken shawarma.

You also shouldn’t miss the famous mouthwatering baklava, a savory pastry dessert.

Baracoa Cuban Restaurant

Inside the Baracoa Cuban Restaurant
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Appreciate Cuban heritage and culture at Baracoa Cuban Restaurant.

Since 2013, this restaurant has operated along Auto Center Drive.

It is a family-owned business that serves authentic Cuban delicacies following the traditional creole or Comida Criolla cooking.

You can find the best empanadas in this restaurant with stuffed braised chicken or picadillo.

Baracoa Cuban Restaurant also hosts a once-a-week event called Wine Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m.

You can purchase Sangria and a bottle of wine during this event with a 25% discount.

For orders of more than six bottles of wine, you can negotiate a 30% discount.

Jasmine Thai Restaurant

Soup at Jasmine Thai Restaurant
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Whether you’re a fan of Southeast Asian cuisine or not, you should consider dining at the Jasmine Thai Restaurant.

You can guarantee the authenticity of the Thai cuisine served in this restaurant since a Thai native co-owns the place.

He has also cooked Thai food for decades.

This restaurant follows the cooking philosophy of no substitutions, no add-ons, and no subtractions.

Delicious dish at Jasmine Thai Restaurant
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Customers will taste traditional Thai recipes.

Jasmine Thai Restaurant serves various Thai dishes, all made from scratch, to provide customers with the best quality flavors distinct to Thai culture.

Of course, the famous Pad Thai is part of the menu, but you can also try other dishes such as Pad See Ew, red curry, beef broccoli, and cashew nut chicken.

Shogun Sushi

Sushi at Shogun Sushi
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If you’re craving Japan’s excellent vinegared rice topped with various raw seafood or vegetables, don’t think twice about ordering at Shogun Sushi.

Located conveniently in the city center, Shogun Sushi is a family-owned restaurant that offers authentic Japanese sushi.

Sashimi platter at Shogun Sushi
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This restaurant has a traditional Japanese table setting, so guests can enjoy their sushi while having a whole experience of Japanese culture.

You can order well-crafted sushi, sushi rolls, sashimi, or salad made of fresh ingredients from local markets.

Shogun Sushi has been operating since 1986 and is still able to continue its legacy of making Japanese culture visible in South California.

Raizel Ramen

If you’re searching for more Japanese cuisine, you can try a hot bowl of ramen at Raizel Ramen.

It serves the most popular kinds of ramen known for its rich flavors, such as tonkotsu ramen and shoyu ramen.

Vegetarian ramen is also available for guests who do not want ramen with meat broth.

Unlike other ramen shops, this restaurant allows ramen for takeout so that you can enjoy it at home.

Raizel Ramen also offers other Japanese specialties, such as buns and rice bowls.

Love Ramen

Wall with designs at Love Ramen
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Of course, there’s no such thing as too much ramen.

Love Ramen is another authentic ramen house in Palmdale.

It takes pride in its tonkotsu ramen with a broth that undergoes a 12-hour boiling process.

It also serves vegetable ramen, cold ramen, and Tori Ramen with chicken broth boiled for over eight hours.

Love Ramen also offers a variety of Japanese rice bowls such as gyudon, Kaiden don, and teriyaki chicken don.

You can find this restaurant along 47th Street E.

Ponia’s Palace

Ponia’s Palace is one of the few African restaurants in Palmdale.

If you’re interested in trying African cuisine, there’s no better place to visit than Ponia’s Palace.

It is famous for its rice combo meals, including the Ghana Jollof and Nigeria Jollof plates.

You can also order flavorful traditional African delicacies, particularly famous in Ghana,  such as Banku with Okro Stew, Tuo Zaafi, and Ampesi.

To taste authentic African sweets, you can get the black-eyed pea known as Akara and steamed or boiled bean pudding known as Moin Moin.

Other American snacks and meals are also available in this restaurant to satisfy guests’ craving to explore African cuisines.

Belizean/Jamaican Cuisine

Belizean/Jamaican Cuisine offers Caribbean and Central American dishes along E Palmdale Blvd.

It specializes in making flavorful Jamaican cuisine that will provide you with a refreshing Caribbean experience.

This restaurant also offers unforgettable seafood meals with a Jamaican twist.

Some of its house specialties are fried fish, jerk chicken, and oxtails.

Jamaican oxtail is a famous delicacy made of nutritious and healthy cow tails.

If you’re a US resident looking for a more familiar taste. go to Belizean/Jamaican Cuisine.

The restaurant offers a variety of barbecue dishes, still with a twist of Jamaican flavors but with a more recognizable taste.

Fire Island Grill

Shrimp dish at Fire Island Grill
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Fire Island Grill serves local delicacies often found on the islands to give customers a tropical island getaway.

This restaurant offers meals with refreshing twists, which you’ll have a hard time finding at other restaurants in Palmdale.

Sushi at Fire Island Grill
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Try the chili lime tilapia with rice, pineapple mango salsa, and a side dish, volcano salad.

Tilapia is a freshwater fish that you can mostly find in Florida and Texas.

Fire Island Grill also offers delicious North Shore Pipeline Sandwiches paired with macaroni salad, coleslaw, chips, or veggies.

Crazy Wing’s Restaurant

This list cannot end without listing any wings restaurant; wings are an American favorite, after all.

Crazy Wing Restaurant is a fast-food restaurant that will set the standard for your weekly cravings for wings.

It offers the classic Buffalo chicken wings with carrots and celery.

You can also choose the dressing you like, ranch or blue cheese.

This restaurant serves other salivating American meals such as burgers and sandwiches.

Mexican foods are also available, including burritos, tacos, and quesadillas.

This is the place to go for American comfort food.

Other Restaurants Nearby

The cities and towns near Palmdale also have notable restaurants you shouldn’t miss. Take a short drive to enjoy more food in these restaurants near Palmdale.

Third Place Barroom and Kitchen

The Third Place Barroom and Kitchen is in Lancaster, California, 12 minutes from Palmdale.

The restaurant’s name embodies the philosophy that humans must exist fully in three domains to live a well-balanced life.

According to the philosophy, the first is home, the second is the workplace, and the third is a place to socialize.

You can make the Third Barroom and Kitchen your third place.

Hang out with friends while enjoying classic American fares such as burgers, sandwiches, and wings.

Final Thoughts

Palmdale welcomes many cultures, which is why this place offers many dining options.

Whether you want American, Asian, Caribbean, or Middle Eastern foods, you can taste them all without the hassle of leaving Palmdale.

Try dining at the best restaurants in Palmdale, California, to discover unfamiliar or comforting flavors.

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