15 Best Restaurants in Pahrump, NV

Best Restaurants in Pahrump, NV
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Pahrump is an exclave 62 miles west of Las Vegas, at the southernmost point of Nye County, Nevada.

Pahrump is close to the Nevada-California border and an hour’s drive from the harsh Death Valley National Park.

The Southern Paiute were the first people to live in Pahrump, but the European settlers gradually moved there in the late 1900s.

Pahrump was reputedly named after the old Southern Paiute name Pah-Rimpi, which means “Water Rock,” due to its high number of artesian wells.

With its offerings of various dining styles, from gourmet culinary perfections to informal food, there is more to do in Pahrump than you might expect.

Below are the best restaurants you can find in Pahrump, Nevada!

Mom’s Diner

Chicken fried steak at Mom’s Diner
Mom’s Diner via Yelp.com

The vibrant, unpretentious restaurant Mom’s Diner serves classic American comfort food and vintage furnishings.

Mom’s Diner offers different dishes daily, posted on their whiteboard to inform diners of the day’s selection.

One of the bestsellers is the meatloaf with mashed potatoes, topped with a generous serving of gravy and corn.

Other dishes on different days include pot roast served with mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn, grilled ham steak with a pineapple ring, teriyaki chicken thigh with white Rice, and barbecue pork sandwich with eggs.

Soups also vary daily, with tomato, taco, chicken noodle, and clam chowder.

Desserts are also offered at Mom’s Diner, making your meal complete.

Stockman’s Steakhouse

Juicy steak served at Stockman’s Steakhouse
Stockman’s Steakhouse via Yelp.com

Stockman’s Steakhouse is a part of the Pahrump Nugget Hotel and Casino, which opens daily except Mondays and Tuesdays.

Pamper your family and friends with Stockman’s Steakhouse, which offers delicious steaks and delectable meals.

This restaurant, one of the best in Nevada, places a premium on the quality of its meat, utilizing only USDA-grade cores or better.

Savor the prime rib simmered to perfection for your dining pleasure, along with steaks like filet mignon and lamb chops.

Other dishes include seafood and chicken, with classic sides like hollandaise, mashed potatoes, and vegetables.

You can enjoy the soothing piano music playing in the background.

Stockman’s Steakhouse offers a large selection of wine and specialty drinks you can choose from.

Nicco’s Pizza Italian Restaurant

Pizza served at Nicco’s Pizza Italian Restaurant
Nicco’s Pizza Italian Restaurant via Yelp.com

Nicco’s Pizza Italian Restaurant is considered a gem in the area.

Nicco’s Pizza Italian Restaurant in Pahrump is the sole restaurant of its type in the region, famous for its Italian specialties.

Nicco’s Pizza Italian Restaurant is highly renowned for its delectable dishes, which are known for their delicious explosions in the mouth.

Everyone in Pahrump adores the overwhelmingly good number of toppings in the pizzas.

For more than 51 years, Nicco’s Pizza Italian Restaurant has become famous for its exquisite Italian cuisine, which doesn’t scrimp on toppings for their pizzas.

Pizzas are also available, with the usual toppings, such as pepperoni, mozzarella, provolone, beef, and bacon.

Aside from pizza, Nicco’s also offers other Italian dishes such as calzone, casserole, pasta, and salad, perfect for a hearty meal.

You can enjoy the Bella, Too Good to be Bleu, Double Decker, the Spud, and Hangover Burger for burgers.


Butter chicken with rice at Pourhouse
Pourhouse via Yelp.com

Pourhouse on Highway 160 is a foodie paradise with various cuisines, including American, Indian, and seafood.

The variety of meals on Pourhouse’s menu includes starters, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and entrees.

One of the favorites is their hand-punched pork tenderloin sandwich with a special sauce, lettuce, onion, and tomatoes on a fresh bun.

If you want to try Indian cuisine, try out Pourhouse’s unique menu that includes tandoori entrees, such as chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, paneer shashlik, and chicken seekh kebab.

You can also revel in the savoriness of lambs as the restaurant has a wide range of lamb dishes, such as lamb, spicy vindaloo, lamb jai farezi, spicy lamb haryali, and spicy coconut curry.

For those who love shrimp and fish, you can try out their shrimp karahi, shrimp or fish spicy coconut curry, shrimp or fish tikka masala, shrimp chili, and spicy shrimp or fish haryali.

You’ll never get tired of going back to Pourhouse with the array of choices from their menu.

The restaurant is cozy enough to enjoy your meal and catch up with friends and family.

Carmelo’s Bistro-Pizza-Fine Pasta

Pesto Pasta at Carmelo’s Bistro-Pizza-Fine Pasta
Carmelo’s Bistro-Pizza-Fine Pasta via Yelp.com

Carmelo’s Bistro-Pizza-Fine Pasta is a small place offering a memorable dining experience.

Owner Leonardo Blundo started the restaurant in the 2000s and named the restaurant after his father, Carmelo.

For that satisfying start to your meal, feast on their starters, such as fried mozzarella, bruschetta, garlic bread, and Caprese.

The pizza dough in Carmelo’s Bistro-Pizza-Fine Pasta is made fresh daily to ensure the tastiness and freshness of the pizza.

Aside from pizzas, try their calzones stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella, and add salad and bread to complete the meal.

Try out the mouthwatering Capellini ala Pesto, which you can with chicken or shrimp, with no meat, made with garlic, diced tomatoes, and Pesto sauce.

The pasta dishes and the quality wine in Carmelo’s Bistro-Pizza-Fine Pasta will make for a memorable dining experience.

Johnny’s Restaurant

Fish and chips at Johnny’s Restaurant
Johnny’s Restaurant via Yelp.com

If you want to try the tastiest American and Mexican dishes, head to Johnny’s Restaurant.

Johnny’s Restaurant offers a wide range of options, including burgers, sandwiches, and fajitas, making it hard to decide what you want to eat.

You can enjoy Johnny’s Burger with grilled onion and bacon or go for the Croissant sandwich with lettuce, tomato, avocado slices, and Swiss cheese.

These sandwiches vary, so they numbered them from one to six on their menu.

For example, Johnny’s No.1 has sliced turkey and Swiss cheese, while Johnny’s No. 6 has smoked ham and American cheese.

For those who prefer Mexican cuisine, try out Johnny’s fajitas, where you can choose your chicken or steak protein.

Why don’t you get them both with Combo Fajita?

End your meal with Johnny’s tasty dessert options, such as deep-fried ice cream, churros, flan, and cheesecake.

Visit Pahrump and experience the delightful gastronomical journey in Johnny’s restaurant.

$5 $10 $15 Restaurant

Burger at $5 $10 $15 Restaurant
$5 $10 $15 Restaurant via Yelp.com

Offering budget meals like no other, $5, $10, $15 Restaurant is the go-to venue for affordable but delectable meals.

The restaurant offers a variety of appetizers, including tempura shrimp with cocktail juice, nachos served with chicken or beef and avocado cream, and chicken taquitos served with avocado and lime.

For a heavier meal, you can order hot or cold pastrami, the sliced club made of ham, turkey, and bacon, a turkey sandwich, pulled Pork, or chicken BLT.

House specialties, such as the taco platter, NY and sirloin steaks, tempura battered fish platter, and salmon fillet, are also available.

The $5 $10 $15 Restaurant also includes bottomless soda, coffee, or tea on all the $10 $15 meals, making it an even better deal.

Full bar service is also available.

With an array of options on its menu, you can repeatedly return to this restaurant and eat well without breaking the bank.

My Thai

Noodles at My Thai
My Thai via Yelp.com

One of the most well-loved cuisines globally, Thai food is also a must-try in Pahrump, with My Thai offering authentic Thai dishes.

Considered top-notch Thai Cuisine, My Thai is well-loved among Frump customers.

Grab a taste of Thai signature meals such as tom yum soup with shrimp or king prawns, Thai sweet chili chicken, and tom kha.

The whole family is welcome to eat at this restaurant, even the little ones, because My Thai offers kids’ meals such as sweet chili chicken and chicken nuggets.

The exotic taste of Thailand is also present in its curry dishes and stir-fried noodles.

My Thai emphasizes casual wear, so there’s no need to dress up when visiting.

Chatthai Bistro

Panang Curry at Chatthai Bistro
Chatthai Bistro via Yelp.com

Chatree “Chat” Soisoongnoen established Chatthai Bistro in 2013.

Chat hailed from Thailand and came to the US in 1996.

Experience the taste of Thailand at Chatthai Bistro, which got its name from the owner, meaning Born to Be Thai.

The restaurant offers authentic Thai cuisine, using only the freshest ingredients, spices, and sauces that will transport you to Thailand in a bite.

Chatthai Bistro takes pride in every meal, handcrafted and made fresh to order, guaranteeing a satisfying dining experience.

If you want to try Thai cuisine, don’t miss out on Chatthai Bistro’s classic dishes, such as tom yum soup, pad Thai, and sweet green curry.

Entrees include stir-fried mixed vegetables, stir-fried tofu, stir-fried with oyster sauce, stir-fried cashew, and Thai sweet basil.

Lunch specials are also available from Tuesday to Friday.

Try authentic Thai food such as chicken with Thai sweet basil, cashew chicken, and red curry with chicken.

Enjoy Thai cuisine at Chattai Bistro and let its flavors take you on a gastronomical journey through Thailand.

Rubalcaba Mexican Restaurant

Soup at Rubalcaba Mexican Restaurant
Rubalcaba Mexican Restaurant via Yelp.com

Rubalcaba’s Mexican Restaurant, situated at Red Butte Street, serves a variety of fresh foods, including tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, and hamburgers.

For the most excellent quality and flavor, Rubalcaba’s Mexican Restaurant only uses the freshest ingredients in its cooking.

Try some delectable meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, such as beef torta, Carne beans, cheese burrito, chicken or beef roll tacos, and Camarones a la diablo.

Rubalcaba’s Mexican Restaurant also offers soups, such as pozole, menudo, and caldo de res.

If you only have time in the afternoon, you can go for their snacks, such as taco salad, Asado nachos, and chicken wings.

Visit Rubalcaba’s Mexican Restaurant to savor authentic Mexican cuisine in Pahrump.

Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse

Beef ribs at Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse
Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse via Yelp.com

Established in June 2010, Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse is a favorite among Pahrump customers for its authentic Japanese cuisine.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of teppanyaki cooking as professional chefs prepare your meal before your eyes.

Ohjah’s Teppanyaki menu includes salmon teriyaki, filet mignon teriyaki, pork katsu, and spicy chicken.

The Chef Specia includes Kani nachos, oyster shooters, Japanese spring rolls, salmon kama, and sashimi salad for that authentic Japanese taste.

In addition to teppanyaki, Ohjah’s menu includes yum yum hotate and tamago.

Some popular options at Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse are sashimi salad, holy moly, Jalapeno sashimi, and tuna tartar.

Golden Harvest Cafe

Pie at Golden Harvest Cafe
Golden Harvest Cafe via Yelp.com

Golden Harvest Cafe in Pahrump Nugget will not disappoint if you want to eat a level-up breakfast.

Golden Harvest Cafe’s menu includes appetizers such as chicken fingers and wings, mozzarella sticks, and Sriracha Chicken Bites.

The cafe also serves sandwiches and burgers for lunch, such as Golden Harvest clubs, Philly cheesesteaks, and Reuben sandwiches.

Customers can enjoy the hearty Eggs Your Way, corned beef hash, eggs benedict, country-fried steak, and Denver omelet for breakfast.

Golden Harvest Cafe also offers desserts, including fresh-baked fruit pie, chocolate cream pie, lemon meringue pie, and cheesecake.

Mountain Falls Grill Room

Burger at Mountain Falls Grill Room
Mountain Falls Grill Room via Yelp.com

Located on Clubhouse Drive, Mountain Falls Grill Room serves American cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Mountain Falls Grill Room’s dining area has a high ceiling, a large room with a beautiful view of the surroundings.

For breakfast, try the Classic Breakfast, corned beef, country fried steak, waffle and two eggs.

Otherwise, you can Build Your Omelette with ham, sausage and bacon, and other toppings, such as tomatoes, onions, and cheese.

Mountain Falls Grill Room has options for lunch and dinner, including the grill room fish dinner, crispy fried fish platter, prime rib, and grilled top sirloin.

Farinata Italian Style Pizza

Cheesy Pizza served at Farinata Italian Style Pizza
Farinata Italian Style Pizza via Yelp.com

For a tasty Italian treat, Farinata Italian Style Pizza in Pahrump will satisfy your cravings.

Farinata Italian Style Pizza has renovated room that can accommodate 60 persons for your private events and business meetings while munching on pizzas and other Italian treats.

If you’re craving some camaraderie, you can go to the restaurant and join the Farinata football day on the large television screen while savoring the four-cheese pizza, pizza Bianca, calzone, and Cardinale.

Farinata Italian Style Pizza offers beverages, including homemade teas.

One of the most featured teas is the Arnold Palmer Fresh Brew Tea.

Aside from great pizzas, Farinata Italian Style Pizza also has friendly staff and reasonably priced food.

Roberto’s Taco Shop

Fresh tacos served at Roberto's Taco Shop
Roberto's Taco Shop via Yelp.com

Roberto’s Taco Shop has served the Pahrump community for half a decade.

Roberto’s Taco Shop became a pioneer of traditional Mexican cuisine thanks to a passion for high-quality ingredients, pleasant service, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Roberto’s Taco Shop, which currently operates 70 shops, started as a family-run business in 1964 and has always remained committed to serving traditional Mexican food.

Enjoy Mexican fare, such as burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and tortas, at Roberto’s Taco Shop.

There are also seafood dishes, including Camarones a la diablo and Camarones al mojo de Ajo.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Pahrump has a diverse selection of restaurants to satisfy any craving.

Whether authentic Japanese cuisine or traditional Mexican fare, everyone has options.

Visiting these best restaurants in Pahrump allows guests to enjoy a delicious meal and supports and celebrates the local community.

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