19 Best Restaurants in Olathe, KS

Best Restaurants in Olathe, KS

Welcome to my gastronomic journey through the heart of Midwest America, right here in Olathe, Kansas.

Delighting in the culinary delights of this charming city has become a comforting routine in my life.

From freshly baked bread to the sizzle of locally-sourced steaks, the sounds, smells, and sights of Olathe's thriving food scene have been my constant companions.

In the following article, let's embark on a delicious adventure through the best restaurants in Olathe, Kansas, sampling the epicurean delights and hidden culinary gems that make its restaurant scene uniquely flavorful.

Whether you have an adventurous palate or prefer homely comfort foods, there’s a place for you at Olathe's table.

About this article: This article was written by a local contributor based on their own experiences and those around them. While this list showcases some remarkable restaurants, it's important to note that this is an opinion piece, and there are many other exceptional dining establishments that are not featured here.
Our aim is not just to guide you to popular eateries but to encourage you to venture out and experience the city's diverse culinary landscape for yourself

180 Room

When it comes to hosting gatherings or events, nowhere does it quite like the 180 Room.

This chic, private dining and event space, courtesy of the beloved Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que, has been my go-to spot for years.

My daughter chose it for her wedding reception, which was a first-rate experience.

The quality of the food matched the venue's splendor; the best Kansas City Bar-B-Que delivered with all the finesse you'd expect from high-end dining.

On another occasion, I was there for a company meeting.

Its spacious room, which can accommodate up to 100 people, its large monitors for presentations, and its comfort make it an ideal location for corporate events.

What makes the 180 Room even more remarkable is its flexibility.

When we had to plan a last-minute event, the coordinators at the 180 Room were more than accommodating.

They helped us realize our vision while ensuring we enjoyed the exquisite Joe's BBQ – a highlight of any event held here.

The food, as always, was phenomenal, and the reception has since been etched as one of the best moments of my life.

In a heartbeat, I'd recommend the 180 Room to anyone looking to host an event.

With their incredible venue, top-notch service, and mouthwatering food, your experience here will surely be unforgettable.

THE 180 ROOM · 11944 S Strang Line Rd, Olathe, KS 66062, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Barbecuerestaurant

Oscar's Authentic Mexican Grill

You wouldn't expect to find such a culinary treasure in a strip mall, but that's exactly what you'll discover at Oscar's Authentic Mexican Grill.

It might not look much from the outside, but don't let its humble appearance fool you.

Their no-frills approach is refreshing in a world where too many eateries focus more on aesthetics than food.

Oscar's, however, is all about the culinary experience.

The ordering process is a breeze thanks to their state-of-the-art electronic system, and the service is always friendly and efficient.

A robot might even deliver your food, which adds a unique and memorable touch to your visit.

The food, of course, is the star of the show.

Every dish is packed with authentic Mexican flavors.

From their homemade tortillas to their perfectly seasoned and tender carnitas and chicken, Oscar's lives up to its claim of authenticity.

Their charro/pinto beans are excellent, and their rice bowls, flautas, tacos, and quesadillas are all top-notch.

Even their salsas, especially the tomatillo green salsa, are delicious.

The only downside is they're closed on Sundays.

But this shows you that good things are worth waiting for.

So, don't let the location deter you next time you're in the mood for some authentic Mexican grub.

Oscar's Authentic Mexican Grill is a hidden gem worth visiting.

Oscar’s Authentic Mexican Grill · 2034 E Santa Fe St, Olathe, KS 66062, United States
★★★★★ · Mexican restaurant

Sweet Thang & Cafe

There's nothing quite like stumbling upon a gem in your town.

You know, those unexpected places that end up becoming your go-to spots.

For me, that's Sweet Thang & Cafe.

Nestled in a strip mall, this quaint ice cream shop has livened up many of my family evenings with its eclectic flavors and delectably creamy ice cream.

The kids adore it.

They pick from a vast range of fun flavors, a treat always followed by cheeky giggles and anticipation.

But what's an ice cream parlor without a banana split?

Their banana split is a customizable delight that you can tailor to your liking, and they're always upfront about the pricing.

No hidden charges, no sudden surprises!

It's not just about ice cream, though.

Sweet Thang & Cafe also serves some lip-smackingly good sandwiches.

There's nothing better than a cone of their creamy ice cream followed by a hearty sandwich.

The after-hour cravings are also sorted, thanks to their late opening hours!

And for those of you with a serious sweet tooth, their 'Bananalicious' and 'Brownielicious' are dreams come true.

One spoonful, and you're transported straight to dessert heaven.

If you're ever in town or even just passing through Olathe, Sweet Thang & Cafe is a must-visit.

It's a delightful nook that adds a touch of sweetness to everyday life.

Sweet Thang & Cafe · 1088 W Santa Fe St, Olathe, KS 66061, United States
★★★★★ · Ice cream shop

Carmen's Cocina II

There's a hidden gem nestled in our town, an unassuming little Mexican spot that has been serving authentic Mexican cuisine for years.

It's called Carmen's Cocina II.

My first introduction to Carmen's was through a friend who had been a loyal patron for years.

His glowing recommendation led me to this small, family-owned eatery, and I was instantly hooked.

The taste of their breakfast burritos is an explosion of flavors - eggs, sausage, chorizo, potatoes, and cheese all wrapped up in a warm, soft shell.

It's not just the taste but the size and the fair price that makes it a delicious deal.

One of the standout features of Carmen's Cocina II is their special food days.

Word of advice: it's foolish to miss these.

The family goes all out to prepare a unique and exotic menu that will leave you craving more.

Plus, they've got some cool swag for sale, which adds to the overall charm of this place.

Even when I'm just passing through town, Carmen's is a must-stop.

Their breakfast platters and burritos fuel me, keeping me powered through the day.

So, if you are ever in town, do not miss this little secret!

Carmen's Cocina II is a celebration of Mexican cuisine at its finest.

Carmen’s Cocina II · 15926 S Mur-Len Rd, Olathe, KS 66062, United States
★★★★★ · Mexican restaurant

Street Tacos

Trust me when I say I've found the true soul of Mexican cuisine tucked away at a quaint eatery named Street Tacos.

The moment you step in, you're welcomed by the tantalizing aroma of grilling meats.

A wave of nostalgia washes over me every time I visit, reminding me of those bustling lanes in Mexico brimming with tantalizing food stands.

The magic begins as soon as you place your order.

Every dish is made fresh, right in front of your eyes.

You can practically see the passion and dedication of the cooks, ensuring each taco, enchilada, and quesadilla is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Mexico.

Sometimes I have to take my food to go due to limited seating, but that doesn't detract from the burst of flavors that explode in my mouth with each bite.

They craft the most affordable, delectable street tacos I've ever had.

My favorite is the chorizo, but the carne asada and chicken aren't far behind.

The tacos are generously filled with meat and accompanied by four different kinds of salsa and fresh limes.

I'm still working through their mouthwatering selection of pastries.

They are so tempting, but I'm saving them for my subsequent visits, which I'm sure will be soon, as I find myself returning time and again.

Street Tacos are a culinary treasure every food lover should explore at least once.

STREET TACOS · 115 S Clairborne Rd ste a, Olathe, KS 66062, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Tacorestaurant

Fire Jerk Grill

Every bite I take at the Fire Jerk Grill whisks me away to the sunny shores of Jamaica.

The sharp aroma of spices and the colorful interior never fails to lift my spirits.

I have a soft spot for rice and peas; their version is simply out of this world.

The first spoonful brings an explosion of flavors, with the fresh coconut milk giving it a unique touch that can only be found at this place.

The brown stew chicken, a regular on my order list, is a sensory delight that instantly transports me to Kingston.

Meanwhile, the plantain and cabbage are always perfectly cooked, each bite a testament to the culinary expertise that goes into every dish.

Now, let me talk about their curried goat and oxtails.

They're simply divine.

A carryout order from this place can turn any ordinary day into a special occasion in my household.

And, if you’re in the mood for authentic Jamaican takeout, I'd recommend everything on the menu.

My top five list consists of cow foot and white rice, oxtails, jerk chicken, stew chicken, and curry goat.

Each dish is a hit.

Even though it’s takeaway, the flavors and authenticity remain uncompromised.

And to top it all off, they have my favorite Jamaican soda, Ting.

Don't forget the housemade fresh pepper that always adds just the right amount of zing to my meals.

Overall, Fire Jerk Grill is my passport to the heart of Jamaican cuisine.

Fire Jerk Grill · 119 S Mur-Len Rd, Olathe, KS 66062, United States
★★★★★ · Restaurant

Top Thai Restaurant

You haven't truly experienced Thai cuisine's rich, tantalizing flavors until you've dined at Top Thai Restaurant in Olathe.

Let me tell you, there's something exceptional about this place.

When you step in, you're greeted with the warm, inviting ambiance and friendliness that makes you feel right at home.

Their excellent customer service makes you feel appreciated as a valued guest.

Rest assured. They know how to treat their customers right.

Now, let's talk about the food.

It’s delicious!

I vividly recall the flavors of the pad thai beef and the drunken noodles with beef.

Both dishes packed a delightful punch.

The pad Thai balances sweet, sour, and savory notes, while the drunken noodles had this fiery kick that left me wanting more.

Oh, and don't get me started on the crab rangoons.

Those little pockets of heaven were the perfect appetizer for the main course.

But the real standout for me was the heat in their dishes.

I am a fan of spicy food, and this place truly delivers.

For instance, I tried their Grapow, and it was a revelation.

The blend of spices and chilies was just right, offering a satisfying burn without overwhelming the palate.

And throughout it all, the quality of service remained top-notch.

I can confidently say that I'll be returning to Top Thai Restaurant.

It's a local gem that serves authentic and satisfying Thai cuisine.

If you're in town craving some good Thai food, do yourself a favor and try this place.

The flavors, the service, and the overall dining experience are truly worth it.

Top Thai restaurant · 1103 E Santa Fe St, Olathe, KS 66061, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Thais restaurant

Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que

Have you ever had hunger pangs that only a heaping plate of barbeque can quell?

Well, I know just the place to satisfy that craving.

Our city has Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que, a mecca for many a meat-lover.

One of the first things you notice when you walk in, besides the mouthwatering aroma of meats smoking, is the line.

A constant procession of local and out-of-towners alike eagerly waits to dig into their succulent slabs of ribs, mouthwatering pulled pork sandwiches and delectable sides.

But worry not; the line moves quickly, and it's worth every second!

Plus, you'll likely converse with some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.

The menu is a carnivore's dream.

My personal favorite? The burnt ends.

They're flavor-packed, juicy, and cooked to perfection.

It's a heavenly meal paired with their excellent dirty rice and corn.

Trust me when I say it's worth every calorie.

But it's not just the food that makes Joe's a standout.

It's the relaxed, cozy vibe that makes everyone feel at home.

They're kid-friendly, too, with plenty of high chairs and a menu that even the fussiest eaters will enjoy.

And if you're in a rush, no problem.

Despite being super busy, they have a well-oiled system that ensures you're served quickly.

It's one of the many reasons why Joe's is my go-to place for a good old-fashioned BBQ feast.

So you know where to head next time you're craving finger-licking good BBQ.

See you there!

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que · 11950 S Strang Line Rd, Olathe, KS 66062, United States
★★★★★ · Barbecue restaurant

Casa Volovanes LLC

I was just strolling around town one day when I stumbled upon this little gem, Casa Volovanes LLC.

It was one of those peculiar yet delightful serendipitous encounters.

Don't let the location fool you, though!

While it's not a restaurant supply store, as many might think, it's even better.

With every visit, I find myself impressed by what they offer.

The ambiance draws you in and makes you want to stay.

Moreover, there's something so comforting and satisfying about their menu.

It's the kind of food that leaves you feeling happy and content.

It's not just me who thinks this way.

I've seen others who landed there by accident but decided to stay and dine.

And most of them seem just as pleased as I was.

So, if you're ever in the area, drop by Casa Volovanes LLC.

Casa Volovanes LLC · 909 S Parker St STE A, Olathe, KS 66061, United States
★★★★★ · Mexican restaurant

Sake Lounge

Every time I crave a delicious roll of sushi, my heart and taste buds immediately lead me to Sake Lounge.

This place is an experience that leaves you wanting more each time.

Entering this hip spot, you're greeted by an inviting ambiance, a fusion of sophisticated, modern decor, and a warm atmosphere that perfectly sets the tone for an extraordinary culinary experience.

I appreciate their extensive menu knowledge and their willingness to offer suggestions or clarify any menu queries.

But what stands out most at Sake Lounge is the sushi.

Every bite is a testament to the chef's dedication and prowess in their craft.

The freshness is always guaranteed, impressively prepared, and served in no time.

Moreover, the presentation is a feast for the eyes, with intricate sauce drawings on the plate and even glow cubes adding a whimsical touch.

It's evident that the chefs of Sake Lounge are proud of their work, and this passion is reflected in every dish they serve.

Now, if sushi isn't your thing, no worries. They have a range of Pan-Asian entrées.

And if you are a sushi lover like me, don't miss out on their Kani Salad (Spicy crab), which is beyond comparison.

And I must add, their hibachi chicken and bento boxes are a must-try!

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just in the mood for some good sushi, Sake Lounge never disappoints.

With their exceptional service, enchanting atmosphere, and a menu to die for, it's no wonder it's the go-to sushi spot for many in town, myself included.

Sake Lounge · 11953 S Strang Line Rd, Olathe, KS 66062, United States
★★★★★ · Sushi restaurant

Yuva Eats

One of the joys of living in Kansas City is stumbling upon culinary gems like Yuva Eats, an unassuming Nepali restaurant tucked between two larger venues.

The smell of exotic spices wafted through the air, tantalizing my taste buds and building my anticipation for what was to come.

Nepali cuisine is a fusion of flavors, textures, and colors.

The Lamb Saag was a revelation, with tender, slow-cooked meat paired with a delectable sauce that was both spicy and aromatic.

The Chili Paneer was a delightful appetizer that kicked things off perfectly.

However, the star of the evening was the soupy chicken Momos.

These dumplings, a Nepali staple, were nothing short of addictive.

Their savory filling and flavorful sauce had me reaching for seconds, thirds, and even fourths.

And let’s not forget the Assam tea – a soothing blend that perfectly matched the spice-laden fare.

If you find yourself yearning for the taste of Nepal in your dining room, Yuva Eats does carry out too.

But nothing beats the experience of dining in and soaking up the ambiance.

As the saying goes, ‘The best journeys take you home.’

For me, the journey to Nepal begins and ends at Yuva Eats.

Each visit is a culinary journey that leaves me eager for more.

So, stop by the next time you find yourself in my neck of the woods.

Yuva Eats · 14967 W 119th St, Olathe, KS 66062, United States
★★★★★ · North Eastern Indian restaurant

Aoyama Ramen

You know you're in for a treat when you spot Aoyama Ramen in a nondescript strip mall, a beacon of rich flavors and robust aromas.

As you step inside, you're welcomed by a clean, urban-hip ambiance that immediately sets the mood for a delightful culinary journey.

The first bite of their Japanese corn transports you to the Land of the Rising Sun, with its perfect seasoning just tantalizing your taste buds for what's to come.

Their delectable gyoza is an explosion of taste and texture, a testament to what the humble dumpling can transform into with expert craftsmanship.

But their true magnum opus is their ramen.

The Aoyama spicy tonkotsu ramen has a rich and flavorful broth that is an experience.

Moreover, the ramen noodles, perfectly cooked, and the beautifully crafted egg add layers to the gastronomic symphony.

Aoyama Ramen embodies efficiency with its thoughtful service and swift food delivery.

Even during peak hours, you're assured of prompt service and a hot bowl of ramen within minutes of ordering.

The takoyaki and tempura are some of the surprise stars, enhancing the overall dining experience with their extraordinary taste.

If you're ever in Kansas, do yourself a favor and visit Aoyama Ramen.

It is a testament to how a modest ramen shop can leave a lingering impression with its high-quality food and service, all at a reasonable price.

So, buckle up for a quick express train journey to the best ramen in town!

Aoyama Ramen · 14960 W 119th St, Olathe, KS 66062, United States
★★★★★ · Ramen restaurant

Toni's Italian Restaurant

One evening, after a long day's work, hunger pangs hit me hard.

I walked past several eateries along the streets of Olathe, Kansas, but my palate craved an authentic Italian meal.

Suddenly, I remembered a place tucked away in a corner - Toni's Italian Restaurant.

I had passed it countless times, but I decided to step in that night.

I can safely say it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Once inside, the aroma of housemade pasta and fresh pizza wafting from the kitchen made my mouth water immediately.

The restaurant wasn't flashy or overly decorated - it had a simple, unassuming feel.

Despite its modest interior, the warm and inviting smells from the kitchen made me feel at home.

The menu was a parade of traditional Italian dishes, each promising a delicious experience.

But what caught my attention was the Chef's Special - tortellini with shrimp, chicken, and capers in a creamy Alfredo cheese sauce.

I'm a big tortellini fan, and this dish exceeded my expectations.

The portion was incredibly generous, and the flavors were out of this world.

It wasn't only the food that left an impression, though.

When I thought my dining experience couldn't improve, I tried their Tiramisu.

It was heavenly - so light yet full of flavor, the perfect way to end my meal.

Toni's Italian Restaurant is now one of my favorite spots.

It's a lovely hidden gem that offers housemade pasta, pizza, and other Italian standards.

So if you're in Olathe, Kansas, don't just drive by.

Stop in at Toni's Italian Restaurant and experience the magic yourself.

Toni’s Italian Restaurant · 1808 E Santa Fe St, Olathe, KS 66062, United States
★★★★★ · Italian restaurant

Jasmine Pavilion

Something about the familiar aroma of sizzling stir-fry and the vibrant colors of freshly cooked Chinese cuisine always brings me back to the Jasmine Pavilion.

Nestled within a local strip mall, this unassuming gem is my go-to when comfort food cravings hit.

When you step inside, you can feel the casual and inviting atmosphere, an ideal setting for a quick lunch or a family dinner.

My first visit to Jasmine Pavilion was a delightful surprise as I was drawn to the vast selection of Chinese dishes for dine-in or takeout.

I remember savoring every bit of their signature Jasmine Honey Walnut Shrimp and the Kung Pao Triple Delight, a dish that doesn't shy away from spice.

Each plate of food served here is an art piece for the eyes and the palate.

I particularly love the whimsical touch of their cute plates, adding a dash of charm to every meal.

And let's not forget their portions, generous enough to fill your belly and still have some left for your next meal.

But let's talk about value for money.

The lunch specials are priced around $6.50, an absolute steal for the quality and quantity of food you get.

Take it from me, if you're a fan of Chinese food, Jasmine Pavilion will not disappoint.

Jasmine Pavilion · 15040 S Black Bob Rd, Olathe, KS 66062, United States
★★★★★ · Chinese restaurant

Chico's Taco Shop

With one bite of the empanadas from Chero's Taco Shop, I was instantly transported back to my roots in Texas.

These empanadas are a different spin from the traditional ones I'm used to, but they hold their own in terms of taste.

For the price, they are an excellent option for a quick, delicious bite.

Service at Chero's is pretty impressive.

Despite ordering takeout, I received top-class service that was quick and efficient.

My partner, a harsh critic of Mexican food, surprisingly enjoyed the empanadas.

They couldn't stop raving about the tortillas, which reminded them of the 'puffy' taco shells we relished in San Antonio, Texas.

And they were all praises for the beef picadillo filling!

I also gave their sopes and tacos a try.

The sopes were decent, but the tacos were a bit of a letdown.

The tortillas had been doused in a little too much oil, causing them to be soggy.

The meat fillings and the salsas were average.

Nonetheless, the empanadas are a must-try at Chero's.

It shows that you can find some real gems even with a few misses!

Chero’s Taco Shop · 907 S Parker St, Olathe, KS 66061, United States
★★★★★ · Restaurant

Sarpino's Pizzeria Olathe

Every week, without fail, you'll find me at Sarpino's Pizzeria Olathe, indulging in their mouthwatering pizzas.

I've been a pizza connoisseur for years, sampling pies from all over the country, but nothing quite compares to Sarpino's.

The fresh ingredients, the perfect crust, and the unparalleled flavor make it my absolute favorite.

One of the most surprising delights at Sarpino's has to be the Chicago Hotdog Pizza.

I know what you're thinking, "Hotdogs on a pizza? Mustard and relish?"

But it was a gamble that paid off, even winning over my pepperoni-loving wife.

Our first-time order was nothing short of a feast.

We got the 16" Double cheese breadsticks, 14" Alfredo chicken, 12" New York Deli, 12" House Special, and the 10" Pieroge Pizza.

Each pizza boasted its unique flavor, and the Double cheese breadsticks were a hit, so much so that we quickly ran out of marinara sauce.

Yes, the price might be on the higher side.

Our first order was around $104, roughly $25 per pizza.

But let me tell you, every bite was worth the money.

Feeding five adults isn't cheap, but it's hard to complain when the food is this good.

So if you're in town and want pizza, drop by Sarpino's Pizzeria Olathe.

Sarpino’s Pizzeria Olathe · 1235 W Harold St, Olathe, KS 66061, United States
★★★★★ · Pizza delivery

El Panzote

You know that moment when you randomly stumble upon a place, and it ends up being one of the best culinary experiences of your life?

That's precisely what happened with me and El Panzote.

This authentic Mexican eatery in our town has become my favorite go-to spot for a quick, sumptuous meal.

On my first visit, I was immediately impressed by the speed and efficiency of their service.

The freshness of the food they serve is unparalleled.

One Sunday, my partner and I decided to give El Panzote a shot for a leisurely lunch.

What a decision that turned out to be!

The steak was a revelation in flavor and had us raving about it for days.

If you're a steak lover, this place is worth a try.

The standout moment of my El Panzote experience was visiting with my family.

The food was phenomenal: freshly handmade tortillas, delicious fried plantains, and my favorite, the fresas!

We washed down our hearty meal with their signature Horchata while my Dad ordered a refreshing pineapple drink.

Each visit to El Panzote turns out to be a delightful surprise.

So, the next time you're around, visit them.

El Panzote · 1100 S Payne St, Olathe, KS 66061, United States
★★★★★ · Mexican restaurant

Hong Kong Star Chinese Restaurant

As soon as you step into the bustling city, the aroma of authentic Chinese cuisine wafts through the air, drawing you to the Hong Kong Star Chinese Restaurant.

Nestled in a little corner of the city, this place might initially strike you as an unassuming hole in the wall.

Once you cross the threshold, you are greeted with a clean, neat interior and warmth that only a place brimming with good food and merry chatter can provide.

The restaurant boasts an extensive menu of Cantonese-style dishes, which holds a special place in my heart.

What leaves a lasting impression is that each dish boasts unique, rich flavors and carries a cultural significance.

A prime example is the steamed whole flounder, a must-have for any New Year's Day dinner, symbolizing prosperity and well-being.

The dish, delicately prepared with classic Cantonese-style soy sauce and ginger, truly encapsulates the essence of Cantonese cuisine.

Their clay pot dishes are a hit among regulars and for good reason.

The beef brisket, tendon clay pot, and tofu pot celebrate flavors in every bite.

The succulent, juicy roast duck served with a particular house dip is another dish you wouldn't want to miss out on.

And if you're looking to try something different, the pork belly and roasted duck are a must-try.

For all those comfort food lovers, the walnut shrimp and crab Rangoon are my go-to picks for a perfect end to a day.

This place is ideal for a leisurely dinner with great company.

It never fails to amaze me how beautifully the restaurant embodies the spirit of Hong Kong while being nestled in a corner of our city.

This hidden gem is the sparkle of our local dining scene.

So visit Hong Kong Star Chinese Restaurant, whether you're a local or just passing through.

It's a culinary experience you wouldn't want to miss.

Hong Kong Star Restaurant · 918 Old 56 Highway, Olathe, KS 66061, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Chinees restaurant

Johnny's BBQ Olathe

"Is there anything better than the hickory-smoked aroma of a BBQ joint?" I often ask myself as I step into Johnny's BBQ in Olathe.

I have a soft spot for this lively, retro-themed establishment.

Johnny's BBQ is my go-to spot for lunch after a long morning at work.

Their fiercely famous ribs are the best in town, so much so that they regularly sell out, particularly on occasions like Mother's Day.

And it's not just me who thinks so.

The long lines outside and packed dining area at lunchtime are a testament to the quality of their food.

Their homestyle sides are equally enticing.

Their Mac and cheese, in particular, is a local favorite.

Even my vegetarian friends rave about it.

It's creamy, decadent, and the best I've ever had locally.

This place also has a certain charm about it.

The shelves above you are lined with BBQ sauce and other items, some of which look old.

It feels a bit like stepping back in time.

And did I mention that this place was even featured on the Food Network?

How cool is that?

I enjoy a few things in life more than taking home some of Johnny's ribs and sharing them with my family on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Despite the changing roads and times, Johnny's BBQ in Olathe remains a beacon of comfort and deliciousness.

This local gem is a testament to what good, old-fashioned, hickory-smoked BBQ should be.

Johnny’s BBQ Olathe · 1375 W Old 56 Hwy, Olathe, KS 66061, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Barbecuerestaurant

Final Thoughts

Olathe, Kansas, boasts an eclectic food scene that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

With such a diverse food landscape, every meal in Olathe is an adventure.

Whether a lifelong resident or a first-time visitor, you're in for a treat.

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