15 Best Restaurants in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Best Restaurants in New Smyrna Beach, FL
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Florida's sleepy beach community of New Smyrna Beach is an ideal destination for families and those with furry loved ones.

It's fairly known for its sandy beaches and various recreational activities, including hiking and paddling.

Located south of Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach in Volusia County is also the second oldest town in the country.

Its origins trace back to its first settlers, the Native Europeans, who found a home in its community in 1768.

Its unusual name came to be because of the city's first residents, who would have hailed from Greece and Turkey.

Aside from its bayside adventure potential, it's also an ideal destination for some fine wining and dining.

Below are some of the best restaurants in New Smyrna Beach, Florida!

The Breakers Restaurant

Shrimps at The Breakers Restaurant
The Breakers Restaurant via Yelp.com

Along Flagler Avenue, The Breakers Restaurant is a burger-and-beer eatery that brings you to historic New Smyrna Beach.

Known as an iconic landmark of the city, this restaurant has been around since the 1900s.

With its exterior painted a beautiful pink, it directly stands out from other establishments in the area.

Its specialty lies in tasty burger recipes, from cheese and chili to more unique flavors like Hawaiian and salsa.

The Breakers Restaurant prides itself in offering a great snack avenue before or after a casual stroll at the beachside.

The place offers cocktails and other cold beverages to pair with your burgers.

To top it off, it offers a scenic view of the renowned New Smyrna Beach landscape.

Be sure to bring your whole family and enjoy the sunshine and the ocean breeze while savoring your snacks!

The Garlic

Seafood stew at The Garlic
The Garlic via Yelp.com

When it comes to aesthetically-pleasing locations in New Smyrna Beach, The Garlic is on top of the list.

This Italian restaurant and bar offer classic-style entrees, full-course meals, and a wide selection of wine.

Most specifically, it gives off an authentic Tuscan countryside atmosphere that other restaurants can never replicate.

From the seafood and chicken to the salads, you are sure to embellish your palate with nothing but only the most delectable dishes.

But perhaps what makes this restaurant a step up from others is its intimate setting.

Its outdoor dining area mixes vines with natural cooking with a huge outdoor brick oven.

Various rustic seating is a guarantee, so you can feel like you are in the middle of Italy.

Make sure to have some aromatic wine before you go.

Whether you choose Italian red wine, champagne, or other alcoholic beverages, you are in for a treat!

Find the fully-grown vegetation and twinkling lights of The Garlic at East 3rd Avenue.

Outriggers Tiki Bar & Grille

Grilled fish with tacos and wine at Outriggers Tiki Bar & Grille
Outriggers Tiki Bar & Grille via Yelp.com

Outriggers Tiki Bar & Grille brings you closer to Smyrna Beach with its bayside front seat view.

When you visit this restaurant, you are in for a local seafood surprise with its local catches.

Treat yourself to some poke bowl or shrimp and grits.

For brunch, try out some Belgian waffles or maybe its famous Boatyard Omelette.

When you want to loosen up, the tiki bar is ready to serve you!

Choose from a variety of drinks, including tequila and some whiskey and bourbon.

It's also a pet-friendly restaurant, so you can take your furry loved ones with you.

See what central Florida has in store for you through the local craft beers and live music of Outriggers Tiki Bar & Grille on Boatyard Street.

CorkScrew Bar & Grille

Skillet Mac at CorkScrew Bar & Grille
CorkScrew Bar & Grille via Yelp.com

For some classic American comfort food, you can never go wrong with a stop at CorkScrew Bar & Grille.

Situated along Canal Street, this brick-walled restaurant and bar hold more than stylish architecture.

Inside, you'll find hidden silver coins representing the owners' beloved family members.

Not only that but the CorkScrew Swamp mural has an interesting story to tell if you just give it a closer look.

Its outdoor patio can give you the feeling of Old Florida.

The fully curated bar is also primed to give you everything you may possibly need to let loose and meet new friends.

Its small bites menu and salads can leave you wanting more of the classic comfort food you've always loved but with a Southern twist.

To make your dining experience more memorable, there are also live events you can look forward to.

What's stopping you from stepping foot inside CorkScrew Bar & Grille?

Off the Hook Raw Bar & Grill

Oysters at Off the Hook Raw Bar & Grill
Off the Hook Raw Bar & Grill via Yelp.com

For a little bit of casual snacking, you can trust Off the Hook Raw Bar & Grill to get you what you are looking for.

This casual hub spot on 3rd Avenue provides a family-oriented bar and a wide array of seafood dishes straight "off the hook."

Join in on the oyster madness by ordering a dish or two.

Diners of all ages can chill by the bar and watch a sports game with friends.

Add the usual comfort snack of fries and chips to Off the Hook Raw Bar & Grill's most-prized seafood bestsellers.

Burgers and sandwiches are also the preferred choices.

Come hang out at this local hub and bar when you travel to New Smyrna Beach!

The Grille At Riverview

Shrimp scampi at The Grille At Riverview
The Grille At Riverview via Yelp.com

The simplistic modern setting of The Grille At Riverview is not something you should miss.

This waterfront restaurant mixes elegance from nature with its wide menu options.

Its intimate ambiance is ideal for a romantic get-together, family bonding time, or even a dinner out with a friend group.

If you've got time to host a party in New Smyrna Beach, the venue is spacious enough for the best celebrations.

Its daily menu consists of all your favorite selections for some light bites or a full meal course.

Stay by the deck to watch the sunset aglow when the day ends.

You might just be lucky to get a glimpse of some dolphins, too.

Head to Flagler Avenue to get your casual dining journey started at The Grille At Riverview.

Norwood's Eatery & Bar

Cheesy pasta served at Norwood's Eatery & Bar
Norwood's Eatery & Bar via Yelp.com

In 1929, Norwood's Eatery & Bar served as a Pan Am gas station and general store.

In the following years, its building has served various purposes, including a piggy bank factory.

Then, in 1946, Earl Norwood bought the establishment and transformed it into the restaurant it is today.

When 2015 came around, the Treehouse Bar found its bearings and became open to the public.

Now, this restaurant offers specialized entrees that come in gluten-free and vegetarian options too.

The treehouse bar is also a great place to smell the scent of nature while listening to live music and trying out some wine.

You can find Norwood's Eatery & Bar on East 2nd Avenue.

The Baker's Table

Tres Leche at The Baker's Table
The Baker's Table via Yelp.com

The Baker's Table on South Atlantic Avenue is your best bet for some German desserts and specialties.

Owned by husband and wife chefs Jaime and Jeanette, this bistro offers fresh dining with a preference for organic desserts.

Start your day with a heavy breakfast favorite, like smoked salmon or French toast.

For lunch, you get to pick from a wide selection of pasta and other meat dishes.

Complete your day with a look at The Baker's Table's extensive wine collection.

There's never a dull dish you shouldn't taste at this casual and intimate bistro.

McKenna's Place

Chicken wings at McKenna's Place
McKenna's Place via Yelp.com

Keep the festive spirits high when you're at McKenna's Place—your local friendly sports bar.

Leaning more towards seafood dishes, this bar keeps you entertained with more than just a sports match.

Its menu also includes draft beers, special roasts, and some sandwiches and wraps, among others.

More than that, it also specializes in catering services and community help.

In fact, since its inception in 2002, McKenna's Place NSB has consistently reached out to local organizations for fundraisers and other programs.

So, while you're eating your chicken tenders, you know you are helping a business help others in turn.

Celebrate your favorite football wins while at McKenna's Place on South Dixie Freeway.

SoNapa Grille

Bread pudding at SoNapa Grille
SoNapa Grille via Yelp.com

Have an affinity for wine?

Don't forget to add SoNapa Grille to your must-visit restaurants in New Smyrna Beach.

This wine bar and full-service restaurant have captured many hearts in the community with its upscale interior and rustic design layout.

Whether you are a beer type or a cocktail person, there's more waiting for you at this restaurant.

To aid you in your wine-savoring galore, there are rice and potato entrees you'll want to try.

SoNapa Grille also has other locations, namely in Ormond Beach and Jacksonville Beach.

In New Smyrna Beach, you can find it on South Atlantic Avenue.

Third Wave Cafe & Wine Bar

Huevos Rancheros at Third Wave Cafe & Wine Bar
Third Wave Cafe & Wine Bar via Yelp.com

For a fruity and coastal dining experience, Third Wave Cafe & Wine Bar has your back.

This colorful and finely-decorated hub is confident in providing customers with a flavorful dining experience that's as enticing as its exterior.

It borrows a lot of its crafted menu options from both local and international cuisine favorites.

Third Wave Cafe & Wine Bar’s cafe also offers gourmet coffee within a Brooklyn-esque coffee shop arrangement.

Its garden arbors feature chandeliers and enchanting lights that can turn your meals into memories you'll treasure forever.

How's that for your next meal on Flagler Avenue?

Cafe Verde

Chicken bowl at Cafe Verde
Cafe Verde via Yelp.com

On Flagler Avenue, prepare to have yourself blown away with the profound vegetarian dishes up for your taste at Cafe Verde.

Established in 2012, this restaurant has been serving the people of New Smyrna Beach with all-natural dishes.

Tacos and tortas are the most eye-catching orders at this place.

But you can never go wrong with a classic Mediterranean salad or a pork gyro.

Stay for some craft cocktails while you're there!

Whether you're planning a quick bite or some slow chewing while in engaged conversations, Cafe Verde can help you find your place.

The Taco Shack

Burrito at The Taco Shack
The Taco Shack via Yelp.com

On North Dixie Freeway, The Taco Shack may surprise you with a Puerto Rican delight you have been waiting to taste while in New Smyrna Beach.

Opened in 2010, this local Mexican restaurant takes your usual dining to the next level.

Because of its window-serve set-up and patio, it offers a secret haven of tasty delicacies within a tight-knit atmosphere.

Go simple with a taco dish or maybe a wholesome burrito meal.

If you wish to go all out, there are Latin Treats, including empanadas and pastelon, that you can indulge in.

The Taco Shack is sure to bring you and your family closer with a shared love for Mexican food and dining.

River Deck Tiki Bar & Restaurant

Shrimps at River Deck Tiki Bar & Restaurant
River Deck Tiki Bar & Restaurant via Yelp.com

For some summer fun while staying by the sandy beach, River Deck Tiki Bar & Restaurant goes all out for you and its customers.

Its location on North Riverside Drive makes it an ideal spot for a tropical dining escapade.

With Caribbean flavors, you can find relaxation with its meal menu and alcohol servings.

Enjoy seafood while feeling the sea tickle your senses, whether in the morning or at night.

Venture into the open air at the tiki bar with a few drinks on hand and amiable company by your side.

Have fun at River Deck Tiki Bar & Restaurant—not that you need the reminder, of course!

AA Garden Fusion

Fried rice with dumplings at AA Garden Fusion
AA Garden Fusion via Yelp.com

New Smyrna Beach isn't only home to Caribbean or Mediterranean cuisine.

Find yourself amazed at the Asian fusion that AA Garden Fusion has planned for you.

With its multiple awards to boast of, this indoor-outdoor cafe brings you to different places in Asia with just a single bite.

It specializes in Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Korean cooking.

Though it's newly opened in 2014, it has already checked off every box in your Asian-centered food discovery.

Feel like you've traveled a thousand miles away with the outdoor dining area and its fenced comfortable seating opportunities.

AA Garden Fusion is on Flagler Avenue, should you wish to visit.

Final Thoughts

From international cuisine to local offerings, New Smyrna Beach offers only the best of the best when it comes to restaurants.

With its varied for-everyone menus and dishes, it's no wonder it should be the next destination spot for food lovers.

For those who aren’t foodies, there's always a bar nearby to help you enjoy the night with some tasteful wine and liquor.

Did the list of the best restaurants in New Smyrna Beach, Florida help you pick out the best stops for your next trip?

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