15 Best Restaurants in Monroe, NC

Best Restaurants in Monroe, NC
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Monroe in Union County is a thriving city in North Carolina and serves as Union County's seat of power.

Despite the city's fast-growing economy, Monroe has maintained its old beauty.

To see it, check out its downtown area, with its historic bell tower and streets with vintage vibes.

This city, part of the Charlotte-Fort Mill metropolitan region, has much to offer from a visitor's perspective.

One of its main offerings is its growing and diverse culinary scene.

Monroe is home to dozens of family-owned and chain restaurants, eateries, and classic diners.

Monroe's local food scene ranges from your classic comfort food, Asian, to Mexican and Mediterranean choices.

Monroe is an ideal place to consider if you're looking for a unique food destination.

So, check out this curated list of the best restaurants in Monroe, North Carolina, to see what it offers to satisfy your cravings.

The Smoke Pit

The Smoke Pit is a classic barbeque joint and smokehouse that's been in business for many years.

You can visit this place along W. Roosevelt Boulevard and taste its well-known barbeque menu.

Like most top-notch barbeque joints, this one smoked its meat using hickory for over 18 hours until it was perfectly charred and juicy to serve.

Don't miss trying out its sliced briskets, ribs, smoked turkey, sloppy pig, pulled pork, pit burger, smoked sausage, and dragon pork sliders when dining there.

Pair its delicious barbeque with the classic coleslaw, biscuits, or corncob.

Enjoy all these at The Smoke Pit's casual but cozy dining area and with your fellow barbeque lovers.

Main Street Bistro Inc.

Main Street Bistro Inc. is your go-to place for your favorite comfort food.

You can visit this family-owned restaurant along S. Main Street.

It serves food from scratch, mainly on neighborhood American classics, through its passionate owner and chef.

It primarily serves your favorite comfort food, such as cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, filets, chicken salad, and pasta.

Most of its menu items are light meals, perfect for those who want a quick lunch before returning to work.

Or perhaps for those who are too hungry to wait for their meals to get served.

Besides its signature menu items, you can also complement these dishes with a delicious dessert.

Main Street Bistro Inc. is your go-to place for a quick and hearty meal before proceeding with your tour in Monroe.

Franklin Court Grille

Pizza at Franklin Court Grille
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Franklin Court Grille is similar to what most restaurants in Monroe serve.

Situated along E. Franklin Street, this restaurant serves American cuisine for hungry locals.

However, it takes pride in the fresh and made-from-scratch dishes they serve daily to its regular customers.

It's your go-to place if you're seeking more choices to taste classic American food.

It mainly serves your favorite home-cooked meals, such as sandwiches, soups, salads, and burgers, using the freshest ingredients.

Soup at Franklin Court Grille
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To get ahead of other restaurants, Franklin Court Grille applied a bit of a twist to its menu to add flavor and uniqueness.

For instance, it serves buffalo bacon ranch fries which are way more delicious than your typical French fries.

In addition, it also serves fried yucca bites, salmon cake burgers, chipotle burgers, Carolina burgers, and other unique menu items.

You can enjoy all these delicious foods at the restaurant's outdoor patio dining set or perhaps its cozy indoor dining area.

East Frank Superette and Kitchen

East Frank Superette and Kitchen is a popular hangout spot in Monroe.

You can visit this place along E. Franklin Street in downtown Monroe and enjoy a wide array of beer, wine, coffee, snacks, and sweets.

This restaurant takes pride as a popular gathering area for locals who want to have a good time indulging in different goodies through its cozy indoor setting.

It has small tables, bookshelves, and merchandise that adds color and fun to this place.

However, locals love spending time at East Frank Superette & Kitchen for its classic American menu and Asian fare.

When dining there, you must try its plain jane turkey ham, its evil cheesesteak from shaved sirloin, or the trendy plant meat.

You can also order Thai peanut wrap, Peruvian, or Korean dawg and pair these with alcoholic drinks or coffee.

There are plenty more to order and enjoy at this restaurant, and you're likely to return for more on your next visit.

Taqueria La Unica

Delicious dish at Taqueria La Unica
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Taqueria La Unica is an ideal place to munch on top-notch Mexican cuisine.

You can visit this Mexican restaurant along Walkup Avenue.

Like most Mexican restaurants, its ingredients are made from scratch daily.

With that in mind, it makes a worthwhile place to dig into your favorite burritos, quesadillas, and tacos.

Tacos at Taqueria La Unica
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Besides its famous burritos and tacos, it also serves classic fajitas with spicy peppers and sweet onions, best paired with corn or flour tortilla.

Order its fajita with your choice of rice, beans, or steamed mixed vegetables for a heavier meal.

You can enjoy your favorite Mexican food at Taqueria La Unica on its balcony dining area.

LongHorn Steakhouse

Fries at LongHorn Steakhouse
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LongHorn Steakhouse is a well-known casual steakhouse chain that serves top-notch steaks and American dishes.

This steakhouse along W. Roosevelt Boulevard is a convenient place to have your lunch or dinner since it's situated just across the Monroe Crossing Mall.

Its premium meat cuts are one of the reasons to book a table at this steakhouse.

Healthy meal at LongHorn Steakhouse
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These are expertly grilled and served with delicious sides such as fresh salads, freshly-baked bread, and signature desserts.

Some of its must-tries are Flo's filet, renegade sirloin, the Longhorn porterhouse, chop steak, and plenty more.

Besides delicious food, you'll also appreciate Longhorn Steakhouse's ranch-inspired dining area, offering you comfort and a lively atmosphere while enjoying its signature steaks.

Southern Roots

Southern Roots is a casual American diner famous for its classic comfort food cooked and prepared Southern style.

You can visit this diner along E. Franklin Street.

As you step inside, you'll surely appreciate its rustic but modern dining setting, usually packed with customers.

However, the main reason for Monroe locals to return to this diner is its freshly cooked Rockefeller oysters and mouthwatering hamburgers, cooked Southern style.

Since it boasts Southern-style cooking, expect classic dishes such as Cajun crawfish, gumbo, Po'Boys, and an exciting rotating menu.

Southern Roots also serve deep-fried frog legs with Cajun honey mustard if you fancy exotic food.

Chili's Bar and Grill

Broccoli dish at Chili's Bar and Grill
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Chili's Bar and Grill doesn't entirely require a lengthy introduction since it's one of the top chain restaurants in the world.

You can find Chili's in Monroe along W. Highway 74.

Like most Chili's restaurants, this one offers the same Southwestern-inspired dining setting with a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

This restaurant is your go-to place if you're looking for top-quality Tex-Mex and American fare cuisine.

Make sure to order its signature Big Mouth Burgers or Smokehouse combos when dining at Chili's Bar and Grill.

Also, pair these delicious signature dishes with its Chicken Crispers or famous tacos and quesadillas with a glass of margarita or sangria.

Hong Kong Number 1

Hong Kong Number 1 is a Cantonese restaurant that takes pride in serving fresh Chinese food regularly.

You can visit this restaurant along E. Roosevelt Boulevard.

If you're craving Chinese food, this one serves a wide array of fresh and tasty dishes.

Inside, it has a lively dining setting with a massive goldfish aquarium as its centerpiece.

When dining at this restaurant, try out its famous egg roll, shrimp roll, crab Rangoon, shrimp toast, or fried wonton as starters.

When you're ready for the main course, check out its sweet and sour pork, chicken, or Beef Lo Mein.

The other must-tries at Hong Kong Number 1 are its chicken with cashew, Cantonese-style chicken, roast pork with mushrooms, and plenty more.

McAlister's Deli

Salad at McAlister's Deli
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McAlister's Deli is renowned nationwide for its easy-going counter-service restaurant that serves a delicious quick dinner menu.

You can visit its Monroe location along W. Highway 74 and try out its famous sandwiches, sweet tea, and stuffed baked potatoes.

This restaurant which has 500 locations in 28 states, is best known for its sandwiches.

Sandwich at McAlister's Deli
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Thus, if you're looking for a quick snack or some light lunch before heading out to continue exploring Monroe, McAlister's Deli is your go-to place.

When dining there, don't miss trying out its wide array of sandwiches, such as McAlister's Club, McAlister's Club Wrap, King Club, Grilled Chicken Club, or the Black Angus Club.

Of course, plenty more delicious food awaits you at this famous restaurant, so remember to include this on your list.

AJ Family Restaurant

AJ Family Restaurant is the perfect place in the city for authentic Greek cuisine with a modern American twist.

You can visit this restaurant along Old Charlotte Highway.

Its dining area has a casual but welcoming atmosphere.

When dining there, never forget to order its gyro dinner meal which consists of seasoned lamb and beef topped over a fluffy plate of pilaf rice.

Complete your Greek dining experience by trying a Mediterranean chicken or Souvlaki dinner at AJ Family Restaurant.

Lastly, order the famous Baklava as your dessert to complement your satisfying dinner.

Ron's Restaurant

Ron's Restaurant boasts of having the best burgers in Monroe.

You can visit this restaurant along Old Charlotte Highway and check out its counter-served classic diner setting.

It's your go-to place if you're craving some juicy double patty cheeseburgers.

Besides its fantastic burgers, it's also renowned for its generous portions in each serving.

Of course, when dining at this restaurant, your main order should be its double cheeseburger or perhaps its bacon sandwich and a wide array of subs.

In addition, it has barbeque platters, hamburger steaks, and a full menu of breakfast meals, making Ron's Restaurant one of Monroe's must-eat places.

Village Grill

Village Grill is best known for its diverse menu that serves home-style American classics and Italian and Greek dishes.

You can drop by this old-fashioned diner along Dickerson Boulevard.

Inside, you'll easily get comfortable with its straightforward setting where you can relax and enjoy your favorite dishes.

Despite its plain interior, Village Grill serves some of the most delicious meals you can find in Monroe.

It serves sandwiches such as burgers, classic subs, Philly subs, beef subs, and Italian dishes such as lasagna and spaghetti.

Likewise, its Greek dishes comprise lamb gyro and different variations of Greek salad.

Overall, this diner is a delightful place to enjoy your favorite comfort food without being too fancy.

Takara Sushi & Steakhouse Inc

Outside the Takara Sushi & Steakhouse Inc
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If you're a fan of Japanese cuisine, check out Takara Sushi & Steakhouse Inc.

You can visit this casual Japanese restaurant on W. Roosevelt Boulevard.

It has a strip-mall setting with fascinating hibachi-cooked fare, sushi, and maki rolls.

Bring your appetite to this restaurant because of its extensive menu featuring your favorite Japanese cuisine.

Sushi platter at Takara Sushi & Steakhouse Inc
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If entertainment adds satisfaction to your dining experience, you will enjoy hibachi-style cooking in front of you with its in-house chef.

Some of Takara Sushi & Steakhouse Inc.'s must-tries are its chef's special rolls, sashimi plate, fried rice, yaki udon, yakisoba, and its famous hibachi dinners.

Shake Shake Seafood Monroe

Before returning home, drop by the Shake Shake Seafood Monroe for some delectable crabs and prawns.

You can visit this seafood restaurant along W. Highway 74 and try its famous fried prawns, crab legs, and sausages.

This place is recommended if you're a fan of seafood boils or fried seafood.

When dining there, try its shrimp and sausage combo or its snow crab, shrimp, and eggs combo.

The other must-try combos at Shake Shake Seafood Monroe are the shrimp, snow crab, mussel combo, lobster combo, and the Dungeness crab combo.

Plenty more seafood choices and combos await you at this seafood restaurant, making it an ideal place to satisfy your appetite for seafood before returning home.

Final Thoughts

Those are the best restaurants to try out for your Monroe, North Carolina food tour.

Monroe's food scene continues to grow along with the entire city.

It continues to serve locals with its home-cooked meals and fusion cuisines to add more spice to the local food scene.

Of course, there are plenty more hidden gems, and local favorites await you in Monroe.

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